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Diamond buyer and seller, world traveler extraordinaire.

An extraordinary man with extraordinary talents.

You will have to decide for yourself, whether or not the following is true or not, I'm just preventing facts.

The Leonardo DiCaprio of Folsom, Ca. Yes we have one here in Folsom, a real swashbuckler of a guy, an Indiana Jones type of diamond merchant, a world traveler bon vivant, a man that actually dines with the Sultan of Brunei and hangs out with the Hong Kong royal family.

I never thought I would meet anyone like him, especially here in Folsom, where he lives in his Nanny's apartment. 

He also has a private jet at Mather field, standing by to fly him all over the world and to Sierra Leone where he buys diamonds to sell in Brussels, England and elsewhere. What a guy!

He told me he also carries a gun everywhere he goes, so watch out, he's very dangerous, he probably knows kung fu too.

He like to use big words like DARE, he obviously has a huge vocabulary.

He has a KP to prove his diamond merchant authenticity! That's a Kimberly Process certificate, you can't buy diamonds without one.

 His is REAL! The real deal! I know, because I saw all the diamond and gold pics on his ipad and his KP similar to the one above.

  Below are some pics of diamonds that I got from google images, the thing thing is they like the ones name removed has on his Ipad.

This guy is so good he can grade a raw diamond from a picture and tell whether or not it is a VVS or VVS1 etc..., anyone that can grade a raw uncut diamond like that is one hell of a man.

His company is also buying billions of dollars worth of diamond mines in various African nations.

He was in the US Army special forces and has 126 kills behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, and has PTSD, he's a world traveler diamond merchant, the holder of a company buying up diamond mines in various African nations, who dines with Sultans and Royal families.

If you ever get the opportunity to meet this wonderfully fantastic man, who travels the world, buys and sells diamonds from Sierra Leone, make sure and enter into a rock solid business deal with him, he's 100 percent legit. He will bring you big returns on your investment. He's a real people person, he also gives lectures in front of thousands of people all over the world.

name removed is a diamond hunter just like me!

Nobody does Diamonds better than me, NOBODY!

A world traveler diamond merchant, the holder of a company buying up diamond mines in various African nations, who dines with Sultans and Royal families, but he lives in his nanny's apartment in Folsom.

 If you ever meet him in Safeway and he he runs this diamond buying stuff on you, well all I can say is proceed with extreme caution. In fact run away as fast as you can.

I presented here nothing more than facts, you decide!!!!

Some people are great, and some people are just great inside of their own minds.

It's called sociopathy

 He should go underground already and inspire the cabbages and turnips down there, because he's useless on top of the ground.

Why don’t you get a webcam, an ironing board, and a donkey and employ those three items in a creative manner which will generate income for you on the Internet.

I know I shouldn't be so hard on the guy, I actually feel sorry for him, he's operarating from an mental deficiency called sociopathy, but he's extremely dangerous, and people ought to know.

Beware, he's a master liar, he has tales that make Marco Polo look pale in comparison.

 I understand that he has lawsuits against him, he has one more now!!!!

The only photo we could find of him was recently discovered on the internet, his mere presence in that great town of Folsom lowers the IQ of the whole city by 10 points.

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