The Imposter, Goliath and the THREE Kings.


No Offense to Jack


Goliath in the bible represents your EGO, he was killed with five stones by David the higher mind) when one shuts down the five senses in meditation, the Christ child can overcome the Ego, and David has prevailed. The city of David in the Bible is referred to as the Higher mind where god dwells.

In the bible Three Kings or wise-men brought the infant Jesus gifts.

Also in the Bible there's Four Horses that ride out of heaven at the opening of then seventh seal.

The First three horses represent The physical, The Intellectual, and The Emotional. the Fourth Horse is of course Jesus overtaking the other three.

This is a mythological story telling you that the lower three kings must be killed out, because these lower three cannot go to Heaven.

Meschac, Shedrach and Abendego went into a furnace heated seven times in the book of Daniel.

This story is talking about the earth, The Ego being destroyed by fire, by the furnace heated seven times as the Kundalini moves through the spine and blows open the Seven seals on the backside of your spine.

In the Bible story it says, the three went into the fire heated seven times, now there was no real furnace in the literal sense, it's talking about the seven seals, and the energy culminating in the fornix of your brain which means furnace, and once the furnace was heated seven times, the fouth spiritual man appeared.

This is the energy from the solar plexus changes it's vibrational wave to a higher octave, as it passes the seals or chakras, then enters the furnace (fornix), you have overcome.

The fourth, is you and I, once we are operating from the Christ consciousness, or renewed mind.

The three , the physical, the intellectual and the emotional are melded into one, and then the fourth appeared and they were seen walking in the midst of the fire, and none were hurt.

The three represent the EGO, the three are the personification of the ego, and they feed off of each other, thereby insuring that the world will continue to experience the wrath of these three kings.

It was the physical that has killed and murdered since the dawn of recorded history, it is the physical that has brought the world to the brink of nuclear destruction, it was the physical that imprisoned and tortured men and women throughout history in the name of God.

Two great men who's lives were destroyed by the Physical

It was the physical that concerning giordano Bruno

In autumn of 1592 Mocenigo denounced him to the inquisition for his heretical theories. Arrested he was transferred to Rome in 1593 where he remained imprisoned for seven years.

Bruno argued that his ideas were not theological but philosophical. The Church did not accept this. He was twice given 40 days to recant. After a long trial Pope Clement VIII ordered Bruno to be sentenced as an impenitent and pertinacious heretic.

He was burned at the stake on 17th February 1600.

The importance of Giordano Bruno's books was acknowledged by being placed on the forbidden list on August 7, 1603!


In the 1633 trial of Galileo, two worlds come into cosmic conflict. Galileo's world of science and humanism collides with the world of Scholasticism and absolutism that held power in the Catholic Church. The result is a tragedy that marks both the end of Galileo's liberty and the end of the Italian Renaissance.

Galileo was brought forward in 1633, and, there, in front of his "betters," he was, under the threat of torture and death, forced to his knees to renounce all belief in Copernican theories, and was thereafter sentenced to imprisonment for the remainder of his days.

in 1633 Galileo is sentenced to prison for twenty seven years for the high crime of saying that the sun was not the center of the universe, The church imprisoned Galileo, under the rulership of the physical nature. the EGO/Beast

The Physical, not the Spiritual caused and causes all of the ills brought down on mankind, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Until the appearance of the fourth spiritual man/woman in the fire, we can never rise above the physical/Beast

It's the physical that does this to other human beings, not the spiritual.

The Imposter walks down in the earth, through the earth, under the earth and on top of the earth, hidden from man, because he feels he acts like everyone else, and assumes that the others are normal, and he is too. This is the Illusion called Maya.

He's afraid if he's not like them he won't fit in, he won't be able to buy and sell. Even in trying to rid the EGO from his nature he creates more Ego's all waiting in Que.

Fitting in (buying and selling) becomes the most important thing to the human animal, and that's why in the book of revelations, it says "And no one can buy or sell in the last days", lest he has a mark in in his right hand or forehead. The last days, is referring to the last days of the EGO control over your mind.

Of course that is all Mythology, referring to fitting in. So what's more important to you? Finding your place within a group, or finding the spiritual center within you?






JOHN 8 52





Raja Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The flow of Energy in Meditation Energy Enhancement does not directly cause natural evolution; it just removes the obstacles, the Energy Blockages and sub-personalities, as a farmer (removes the obstacles in a water course running in his field)

A Yogi's egoity alone is the cause of (other artificially) created minds.

When something bad happens, particularly when we are children, the pain causes the ego mind to split and a sub-personality inner child is created which selfishly uses all the strategies to GET WHAT IT WANTS!

We teach how to heal these minds by grounding their initial pain cause and then absorb them back into the central soul stem. There can only be One!.

Although the functions in the many created minds may differ, the original mind-stuff of the Yogi, the Soul, is the director of them all.

This finding the director is one of the aims of Enlightenment. As we evolve we naturally create strong sub personalities in our minds. Eventually we have to integrate them back into the even stronger director, the soul which is higher than the mind.

However, many people so far have not met the director and are evolving through the subpersonalities. Thus Gautama Buddha said he was there only for those few who had the possibility of change.

We ask the Koan, "Who is in charge?"

The ego is subtle, its ways are subtle, its working is very complex. It is a puzzle, and a puzzle that cannot be solved that can only be seen through and through, but cannot be solved.

There is no solution for it, because the puzzle is not anything accidental to the ego. Ego itself is the puzzle. If it were accidental, then there would be a way to solve it. Ego itself is the puzzle, it is its nature to be puzzling. So all the efforts that are made to solve it make it more complex, make it more difficult.

If you fight with it, you are fighting with yourself. There can never be any victory, you cannot defeat it by fighting. Because by fighting you will be dividing yourself into two the fighter and the fought.

And from where will you bring the fought? It will be just ego dividing into two parts, playing the game of fight. Sometimes one part can pretend to win, sometimes the other part can pretend to win, nobody ever wins. The struggle becomes infinite and meanwhile energy is dissipated, meanwhile life is wasted. Remember, you cannot fight the ego.

Can you repress it? People have done that too. It has not helped. If you repress the ego, it goes deeper into your being. Rather than getting rid of it, you become more and more poisoned by it, because what will you do when you repress?

You will force it into the unconscious; it will start going underground. But the Unconscious is far more powerful than the conscious. Ego in the conscious has not much power. Once it enters into the unconscious it becomes nine times more powerful than it was before.

Rather than getting rid of it, you will be more and more in its control. And one thing more: once the ego has become unconscious, you don't know anything about it. It has gone behind you.

Now you cannot even watch it. Now you are completely a victim. Now you cannot protect yourself against it. Now you cannot make any arrangements to save yourself from it. It is there pulling your strings from behind.

You will become a puppet, and you will be in the hands of the ego. And you were thinking that you had repressed it. Fight does not help, repression does not help.

The the third thing that has been tried down the ages is sublimation. Sublimate it let it be identified with higher goals. Then it becomes very decorated, it becomes enthroned. And naturally it again becomes very powerful.

Identify it with your church, identify it with your country, identify it with your colour, identify it with ideology socialism, communism, fascism, Christianity, Hinduism.

Identify it with some high value, some utopian value, or you can even identify it with God. Then it rules suprememost. Then it rules in the name of God. God is just an excuse. The real sovereign becomes the ego.

And these are the three available ways: either fight or repress or sublimate. And nothing helps. Nothing can help because by its very nature the ego is such that solutions are not possible.

I have heard

A mother is standing in a toy shop, and she says 'Isn't this a rather complicated toy for a small child?

The toy salesman says This, Madam, is an educational toy, specially designed to adjust a child to live in the world of today: no matter which way he puts it together, it's always wrong.

And that's how the ego is. No way will ever bring you out of it. There is no remedy. To see it is to be on the right path. To see the complexity, the riddling nature of the ego, the puzzling nature of the ego, to comprehend it in its totality, is the beginning of wisdom. Otherwise it will come, and it will come in more subtle forms, and you will be deceived far more deeply.

The religious, the so-called religious person is deceived by it, because it comes hiding behind religious curtains. Sometimes it becomes humbleness, sometimes it becomes humility. Sometimes it can even pretend egolessness: it can say 'I am absolutely egoless.

And it is there, and now it has protected itself perfectly. You will not even suspect its existence. Watch the so-called religious people, and you will see a great game of the ego. The ego is there. It has become pious. But when the ego becomes pious it becomes more poisonous. It is pious poison. It corrupts you deeply.

The ordinary gross ego is not such a big problem. You can see it, it is there. Even the person who is its victim knows it is there the disease is known. But when it becomes pious, takes religious garb, then even the victim is unaware. He lives in its imprisonment and thinks that he is free.

Start finding a remedy and you will be in more and more trouble. Why? because most remedies are imposed. Why most? ALL remedies are imposed. You find them from somewhere outside, you find the clues from somebody else.

You see a Buddha. He looks so humble he is. His humbleness is there. You see his face, his simplicity, his utter innocence, and a clue is found maybe this is the way to get rid of the ego. This is not the way! It is a consequence, something has happened in him which has made him ego-less. You cannot copy his behavior and become ego-less.

Copying the behavior will simply make you a carbon copy. The ego will not disappear. You can eat the same food Buddha takes; you can walk the same way Buddha walks; you can imitate him perfectly.

You can become very skillful in imitation, and still the ego will be there, because there is no way to see what has happened in Buddha's innermost core. All that you can watch is behavior.

That's why a certain school of psychologists, the behaviorists, go on saying that there is no soul in man; man is only behavior. They are following a certain logic. The logic is that only the behavior can be watched, observed.

The soul has never been watched, never has been observed; nobody has seen it! Then how to accept that it exists? Anything that exists must be seen. Only that which is seen exists. Have you ever seen any bodies soul? All that you see is his behavior, and still you know that your behavior is not you.

But that is inner, an introspection. Inside you know 'My behavior is not me' because many times the behavior is there, and you are totally different from the behavior. You see a man coming to your house and you smile, and you know that you are not smiling.

That smile is false, just polite, just part of etiquette. You have to smile, so you smile but deep down there is no smile. Now from the outside you are smiling: that is your behavior; the behaviorist is finished there.

But from the inner you are not smiling at all: that is your soul, that is you, the more real you, not just a show, but authentically you.

You go on doing a thousand and one things on the outside, and the inside may be different, may be far more different, may even be the polar opposite to your behavior.

But this is introspection, it cannot be an objective observation.

You look at the Buddha, you watch his behavior. From his behavior you start taking cues. You see Jesus, you watch, you start taking notes in your mind: This is the way to sit, this is the way to stand, this is the way to walk, this is the way to sleep and eat and these are the things to eat.

This is how Jesus prays on his knees so you kneel down. These are the words that Jesus speaks when he prays. He looks at the sky and says 'Father, ABBA. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.

And you say So I know prayer. You can kneel down Millions of people kneel down every morning, every night all around the globe, and they repeat the same words that Jesus said ABBA, give us our daily bread. And they go on repeating, and nothing happens.

Millions of people who pray are simply wasting their time, because it is pretension, it is not prayer. They have learned a behavior, but their soul is not in prayer. And the question is not HOW to pray, the question is not WHAT to pray.

Just the other night Gramya was telling me that since she has become a sannyasin, she does not know whom she is praying to, but the prayer is there. Now she was a little puzzled. She asked me whether I am praying to God, or I am praying to you, Osho, or to whom? I don't know anything about God now. And I told her This is a far better prayer vague, cloudy, but more alive.

Now the prayer is not addressed to anybody in particular. It is not even addressed to God, so how can it be addressed to the Christian God? It is unaddressed. It is simply an overflow of joy, thankfulness, gratitude gratitude to the whole, to the total. It is a kind of thankfulness.

Now it will not matter much what words you use, or whether you use words at all. Silence will do, sometimes gibberish will do what Christians call talking in tongues that will do. That will be far better. Sometimes just enjoying sounds like a small child ga ga that will do.

The whole question is of the prayerful attitude, the inner quality of prayer, that you are surrendered, that you are no more separate from the whole. Now this remedy cannot be imposed from the outside, otherwise you will be simply doing empty postures, empty gestures perfect from the outside and not at all breathing from the inside, not at all vital and alive.

Prayer is a state, not a ritual. Prayer is a state of inner silence, humbleness, love, gratitude, surrender, let-go. It has nothing to do with the outer formulations of it.

But all remedies come from the outside. And people go on changing remedies. One fails, they immediately jump to another; that fails, they go on from one guru to another guru, from one remedy to another remedy, from one scripture to another scripture, from one temple to another temple they go on and on.

And not seeing real fact: that no remedy is possible, that no remedy exists, that to search for the remedy is to search in vain.

And why? because remedies are imposed from the outside either by somebody else or by yourself. And whatsoever is imposed from the outside is an intrusion, interference on your natural being intrusion on your natural self. They are manipulations.

That creates three selves where previously there was only one self. Previously there was only one ego. If you use some remedy, there will be three egos.

You have multiplied the problem, you have made it more difficult. Now it will be far more impossible for you to get out of it. And if you bring another remedy, you will have nine egos instead of three. Each remedy will bring three egos instead of one.

People have used many remedies, and they have become many egos. Mahavir has used the right word for it. He calls man BAHUCHITTAVAN polypsychic; man is not one mind but many minds. And that is the research of the modern psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, too.

Man is polypsychic. It is not one ego that you are carrying inside, you are carrying many egos. Egos upon egos they are standing in a queue, they are surrounding you from every side, they are like a crowd.

You are lost in the crowd, you don't know who you are, because there are so many pretenders around you who say 'This is you. I am you. Where are you looking? I am your self. Every desire, every fragment of your mind claims to be the master, and that's how your slavery is created.

(Satchidanand) The Pain of the past and all your past lives creates fear which creates these Inner Selves, Inner Children, Sub-personalities which create the selfish strategies of the EGO.

Each remedy brings three egos into your being instead of one. How does it happen? In accepting a remedy you become the one who you are plus the one who is helping you become other than the one who you are, plus the one who you hope to become.

The one that you were, now the goal that you-want to become ego-less, and the remedy, the help that you are using to try and pull yourself towards the goal: you are divided in three. And this division is not going to help, it will confuse you, it will make you more and more dull, insensitive, insane, neurotic, schizophrenic.

The remedy proves far more dangerous than the disease itself.

So the first thing to be understood: the ego is the basic problem that anybody who is searching for his real self has to face. Now it cannot be countered by anything outside. No remedy is going to help, no medicine is going to help, no method is going to help. Then isn't there any way to get out of it? No Religion, no prayers, noo churches or synagogues will help you, with your delema.

There is a way, but it cannot be imposed from the outside. And the way is not like a remedy, the way is clarity, transparency, to look through and through, to watch how the ego functions, to see its subtle games. You throw it out from the front door and it has come back from the back door.

You throw it from one side, it starts imposing itself from another side. You think you have got rid of it, suddenly you find it is there sitting inside. So without any condemnation, the ego has to be looked into through and through, with no idea that you want to drop it. That conclusion will be a hindrance.

That conclusion means you have decided before you have looked into it. So go into the ego with no conclusion, with no idea of what you want to do: with just one idea that you would like to understand this mystery of the ego, what it is.

All the religions say it is the hindrance, all the great Masters say it has to be got rid of, all the mystics say nothing is barring your path except your ego. But you don't know what this ego is. It is the Satan or devil spoken of in the Christian scriptures, the adversary in all religions is the EGO.

So, first thing: go innocently into it. Just watch its ways; its ways are very mechanical. The first thing that you will come across is its mechanical-ness. The ego is not an organic whole, it is mechanical because it consists of the dead past. Your ego consists of your past.

And if sometimes your ego thinks of the future, that too is nothing but the projection of the past and from the past maybe a little modified, sophisticated, decorated, but it is the same thing.

You desire the same pleasures that you have had in the past. Of course you hope to make them a little better. Your past goes on projecting itself into the future, and the past is dead, the past is just memory and that's all that ego consists of.

So the first experience, if you go into the ego without ally conclusion, will be this: you will be able to see that it is mechanical. And you are an organic unity! You are an alive phenomenon and ego is dead, and the dead is ruling the alive. That's why people look so heavy, dragging. Their life seems to be nothing but a long story of boredom, monotony.

It is not the quality of life boredom is not the quality of life boredom is there because life is too burdened by death, life is too burdened by the dead. And the grave goes on becoming bigger and bigger, and life is encroached from every side.

The first experience, and a great revealing experience it is, is to see that ego is your past, it is not your present. Ego is never found in the present. If you go into it you will be surprised. Right at this moment, if you go into yourself, you will not find any ego.

The bible says, woe to you scribes and Pharisees, for you have shut up the KINGDOM of God, for ye have not gone into YOURSELVES. And if you do find, they will just be fragments from the past floating in the present consciousness.

The present consciousness is always ego less, and THAT IS your reality, that's where God is, that's where Buddha is to be found.. But the pact consciousness, which is not consciousness at all but memory, is dead and that's what your ego consists of Your nation, your family, your education, your experiences, your certificates all that is no more there. It has gone down the drain, it exists not, but it goes on influencing your mind.

It can destroy your whole life

I have heard a future story:

Male Robot: 'Hello I64259.

Female Robot: You can call me I64 if you like. I'm sorry I'm a bit late but I was screwing on a new face.

Male Robot: That's A OK, I was a bit late too. I blew a sprocket.

Female Robot: How nasty!

Male Robot: Might have been worse I thought my big end had gone. My own fault, though. I went out last night and got oiled.

Female Robot: 'Still you'd better go down to the garage for a check-up. You might have a dirty sparking plug. I've some trouble too. My employers programmed me to do the wages but I gave out the horse racing results I've got a new operator now.

Male Robot: Was the other one sacked?

Female Robot: No, retired on his winnings. Hope it doesn't happen again.

Male Robot: I expect one of your woggles worked loose. And talking about woggles, what's this about your sister?

Female Robot: We don't talk about her. She's eloped with a petrol pump.

Male Robot: That's the spirit. Not as bad as my brother, though. He fell in love with a robot with three eyes. We didn't have the heart to tell him it was a traffic light. Eventually she blew a fuse, and he did not know whether to stop or to go. Actually now we're alone, I've got a present for you.

Female Robot: It's wonderful; what is it?

Male Robot: I bought it at the geiger counter.

Female Robot: But what is it?

Male Robot: A geiger counter. It comes in useful if you go geiger hunting. They say it's made especially for girls. It's a girl geiger!

Female Robot: 'Oh you're so wonderful, so magnetic.

Male Robot: 'You're only saying that because you're attracted to me! Let's run away and get married.'

Female Robot: But I've had my heart broken before. Look, you can see where it's been soldered.

Male Robot: But this time it will be different.

Female Robot: How do you know?

Male Robot: I can feel it in my transistors.

So they were joined together in welded bliss and lived mechanically ever after.

This is a future story, but the past also and the present too. This is your story. This is the story of the ego, the mechanical robot-like thing that has overpowered you. You are not alive, or only so-so alive in a lukewarm way, because the ego does not allow you to be alive. It goes on pulling you towards the past.

And remember, the past is growing bigger every day, because every moment that passes becomes the past. So the ego goes on becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. The child has a smaller ego, the old man has a bigger ego, and that's the difference between a child and an old man.

The child is closer to God, the old man is far away. And if he wants to be closer to God, the old man will have to become a child again. And what does the Bible say, unless you become as a child you cannot enter the kingdom of God Do you see the truth in this statement?

Why does Jesus say again and again 'Unless you are like a child, you will not enter into my kingdom of God. Why?

He is saying that unless you become alive again like a child, which has no past. A child means one who has no past: an 'old man' means one who has nothing but the past. The more you Oh old, the more the past goes on becoming bigger and bigger and the future starts disappearing.

The Ego Dissapearing

The child has future, the old man has past; the child thinks of the future, the old man simply remembers his past, goes into the nostalgia of the past. He always remembers how things were in the good old days' and always goes on fantasizing that his past was tremendously beautiful. It is more or less imagination, consolation.

As you become older you will be getting more and more burdened by the past and then, even before death happens, you are dead. Those who know say people die near about thirty, then they are buried near about seventy. For forty years they live a dead life.

The hippies are right when they say Don't trust a man above thirty. There is some truth in it, because the man who is above thirty is less and less alive. His investment is more in the dead past. He is no more a rebel, he is no more free, he is no more responding to the present.

His spontaneity has gone; everything has become fixed. He has become very knowledgeable. He goes on repeating his knowledge, and he goes on behaving in the past old ways which are not in context at all, which are not relevant. But he goes on. And nothing works in his life, because nothing can work.

Each moment life is new and you have to respond from your inner newness, you have to be available TO the new AS the new. And you have to respond, not out of your knowledge, but out of your present awareness.

Only then life works, otherwise life stops working. If your life is not working, remember, it is the ego that is hindering, the mechanical has encroached upon the organic. To be free from the mechanical is to be in God, because it is to be in the organic unity of existence.

What has to be done? You have to watch, you have to learn the ways of the ego. Walking on the road, watch how the ego comes in. Somebody insults you, watch don't miss that opportunity how the ego raises its head, how the ego swells up suddenly.

Somebody praises you, see how you become like a balloon and you go on becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. Just go on watching, in different situations, in different moments, what happens to your ego.

And there is no hurry to conclude. It is a complicated matter, it is one of the greatest problems the greatest in fact, because if it is solved, God is available immediately. That very moment you are in God and God is in you.

So it is a serious problem, and you cannot be in a hurry. You have to go very slowly, very carefully, so that nothing is missed. Just for a few months watch your ego, and you will be surprised. You will be surprised that the ego can control you only if you are not aware of it.

The moment you become aware of a certain functioning of the ego, that function disappears. Just by sheer awareness that functioning disappears.

Wherever you put your light of consciousness, ego disappears. Then you have got the real key. Now go on bringing more and more light to your ego-functioning, and one day you will see it has disappeared from everywhere.

You have not repressed it, so it cannot bubble up again. You have not been fighting with it, not at all, so you are not giving any energy to it. In fight you give energy. You have not been sublimating it; you were not making a divine ego. You have not done anything with it, you were simply watching.

Watching is not a doing. And the miracle is that by non-doing, the ego disappears. Only by WATCHING can the Ego dissolve into the nothingness of the mind, that's why the Buddha said watch, that's why Jesus said, what I say to all I say WATCH.

The Pain of the past and all your past lives creates fear which creates these Inner Selves, Inner Children, Sub-personalities which create the selfish strategies of the EGO. ALL THIS CAN be Grounded by using the Light of the Soul. The Light of Consciousness, by Watching in Meditation.

In fact, to say it disappears is not right. I have to use language, so many times I have to use incorrect expressions because they are prevalent and there is no other language.

When I say it disappears, I mean it is not found. It was never there, it was invented. It was just our ignorance, it was just our unawareness that had allowed it to exist.

Now the Sutras:


And this is an ugly story an ugly story about Jesus' disciples, or maybe the story of all kinds of disciples that have existed in the world.

The disciples of Jesus were continuously arguing about who was the greatest amongst them, who was the topmost, who was closest to Jesus. Not only that, but when Jesus would die and go to his Father who is in heaven.

When we die, who will be there with Jesus the closest? Of course, he will be standing at the right side of God, he will be the right hand of God, the right side of the brain. Who will be at the right hand of Jesus? Who amongst us?

Those twelve were continuously arguing. Cranial nerves and Zodiacal light, angles of light.

This is a subtle ego game. Even when you are around a man like Jesus, you go on thinking about your ego. How are you going to meet this man Jesus? It is impossible.

Your ego will function like an iron curtain.

These disciples are not enjoying the presence of Jesus. Their whole worry is who is the topmost of them all. The same old ambitious mind, the same old games of the ego, the same old politics.

Nothing has changed it seems. They are the same people. If they were in politics they would have been thinking 'Who is going to become the president of the country?'

It is the same old game. Now they are thinking, who is to become the first? Who is the closest to Jesus? Who is his chief disciple?

The same ambition, the same cut-throat competition, the same fight, the same violence of course, now in the name of religion, in the name of disciple-hood, in the name of spirituality. But nothing has changed: ego has entered from the back door.

And Jesus has said many times to them. but they won't listen. Even on the last night when Jesus is taking leave forever, this is the last time that they will see him. Tomorrow morning he will be crucified.

The last supper but still they are arguing. They are going to lose Jesus forever. They may not be able to find such a man again for millions of lives, but they are not worried about that.

They are not worried about Jesus' death; they are worried about their positions in heaven. 'Jesus is leaving, now what about us? What will be our position? The last thing they ask Jesus is this! That's why I say it is an ugly story.

But ego is ugly: it is a monster. And if you are under its impact, you become ugly, you become a monster.

I have heard

One day a man dashed into the Space Police Station, threw himself onto the counter and gasped 'Officer! Officer! We've just been attacked by a creature from outer space!

Officer: Now, sir. Can you describe what happened?

Man: 'Well, it was like this, Officer. I was out for a walk on the common with my mother-in-law when he it, the creature suddenly appeared in front of us and made a grab for my mother-in-law.

Officer: 'Could I have a description, sir?'

Man: Well, er that is green, glaring eyes, two big yellow-fang teeth, hair like knotted barbed wire and an ambling, fat, ugly, sloth-like body.

Officer: How terrible!

Man: Yes, and wait until I tell you about the monster!

Just now he was telling about his mother-in-law.

That monster of the ego is making you ugly. That monster of the ego is possessing you from everywhere. Your life is not beautiful because of it. And it goes on and on in new ways, in new shapes, in new sizes.

Remember, the ego comes in all shapes and all sizes to everybody's requirement. Whatsoever fits you, the ego is ready to fit with you. It is very very adjusting. If you become religious, it becomes religious and adjusts with you.

If you become humble, it becomes humble and adjusts with you. If you become a disciple, it becomes a disciple and adjusts with you; it is very cooperative. It never creates any difficulty for you in that way.

Wherever you go it simply follows you. It does not create any sound, it is very silent not even the footsteps are heard. It goes on working very silently, but goes on poisoning you.

Now think of these disciples


On the road he must have thought 'It is not right to ask my disciples in front of other people; it looks so ugly. My disciples and thinking about who is the greatest, and who is the topmost and who is the real disciple and the chief disciple.

"Who is next to Jesus?" And remember, the person, who wants to be next to Jesus, if he is made next to Jesus, will try to become even more important than Jesus. That's what really happened.

Judas was the most knowledgeable disciple. Judas was the only sophisticated and educated disciple of Jesus. All the others were very common and ordinary men. Only Judas was of any worth. Naturally, many times in life he tried to CORRECT Jesus.

Many times he argued with Jesus, many times he advised Jesus Do this, don't do that. He was deep down, the competitor.

And this is what every student does with every Master.

And this has happened always. One of Buddha's brothers was initiated by Buddha. Devadatta was his name; he is the Judas of Buddha's story. He was very educated as educated as Buddha. He came from the same family royal blood, great heritage, noble family.

He was as educated as Buddha and as much cultured, sophisticated, philosophical maybe even more than Buddha. Now it was very difficult for him to think of himself as second to Buddha.

He created the rift. He started making his own group, he started initiating people himself; he betrayed.

He tried to kill Buddha so that he could dominate the Buddha community the disciples of Buddha; he wanted to become the leader. Buddha was poisoned once by him.

Once a rock was thrown from the mountain underneath which Buddha was meditating just by inches he was saved. Then a mad elephant was brought to Buddha and left alone with Buddha.

The elephant was so mad, he had killed many people. But even elephants are more loving, more compassionate than Devadattas and Judases. The elephant looked at this silent man; something happened in him. He bowed down and touched the feet of Buddha. Even the mad elephant was not as mad as the ego is mad.

Judas was always feeling that he could be the leader, and be the leader in a far better way he 'knows better than Jesus'. Maybe that rivalry, that ego conflict created the desire in his mind to destroy Jesus. Once Jesus was removed, he would be the topmost man.

But the others are also not very different. Of course, they don't say 'We are bigger than Jesus', but they certainly want him to say and let it be decided before Jesus leaves who is the greatest among them.

This is our whole life's struggle: Who is the greatest? And we waste our life in this struggle. This is politics, this is not religion.

Wherever ego is, there is politics. Once the ego goes, then there is no politics, then you don't compare yourself with anybody, because each individual is incomparable.

Each individual is unique, so unique that comparison is not possible. You don't put yourself higher and you don't put yourself lower: you are simply different. There is no question of putting yourself higher or lower.

You are you and somebody else is somebody else; there is no question of comparison. Remember, when ego disappears, comparison disappears. And when comparison disappears, competitiveness disappears, and there arises great peace.

What is your anxiety? What is it that creates anguish, competition, comparison, conflict in you? the effort to be the greatest, to be the first. And everybody is trying to be the first, WILL BE LAST.

hence the war-like quality that surrounds society.

EVERYBODY is your enemy! Even those who are your friends are your enemies, because they are also fighting for the first place as you are fighting. How can you be friendly? With the ego there is no possibility of friendship.

Then friendship is just a mask. The real nature of life is that of the jungle: the big fish goes on eating the small fish.

Even if you pretend to be friendly, that is just show, strategy, diplomacy. Nobody can be a friend here unless the ego disappears. Once the ego disappears the whole life has a quality of friendship, of love.

Then you are friendly, simply friendly and to everybody, because there is no problem. You are not trying to be the first, so you are not more a competitor. this is real dropping out.

You can drop out from the school, from the college, from the university. That is not going to help. In your hippie community you will try to be the first to be the hippiest amongst the hippies.

But then it is the same, it makes no difference. You have created another society, and you have started playing the same games again: the same comparison, the same competition.

Just see Jesus' disciples they were so fortunate to be allowed to live with Jesus so closely, but yet the old mind continued. That's why I say ego is very subtle.

They remained silent. Not that they were silent how can the egoistic mind be silent? They were full of turmoil; there was no peace in their mind, their mind was in pieces, there was no peace. They were not together at all.

But why did they keep silent? Because it has happened many times before too, and each time they are caught Jesus says something which hurts. But again and again they fall back into the trap: the ego comes back in subtle ways.

It is so subtle that you may not even be aware that it comes. You have to be very very careful, then only will you know, because it comes like a whisper, it does not shout. It raises its head so silently that nothing stirs. Once it has taken possession of you, then it is very difficult.

Those disciples must have felt embarrassed again and again. But again and again they would forget Jesus. Jesus was walking with them on the road.

Maybe he was a little ahead and they were following at the back, or maybe they were a little ahead and he was following but there must have been a little gap, and that gap helped them to discuss their basic problem again: Who is the greatest? Jesus must have seen it, must have seen it on their faces. And when they kept silent, when they remained quiet, Jesus spoke.


Jesus knew what they were discussing. It was not necessary for Jesus to listen to what they were discussing, he knew it.

That was their basic problem continuously. And as the days were coming closer to Jesus death, they were becoming more and more agitated: 'Who will be the head when Jesus is gone? As if deep down they wanted Jesus to go so that somebody among them could be the head.

The mind is very cunning, the mind is very violent.



This he was saying again and again but who listens? This he was repeating every day, but people are deaf. And they have seen this man Jesus who has become the first because he has become the last. He has come to the top because he has become capable of remaining the last.

He was saying again and again 'The first will be the last in my kingdom of God, and the last shall be the first.'

But mind has its own calculations. Sometimes the mind says O-kay. If the first should be the last in your kingdom of God, and the last shall be the first then I will try to be the last sol can be the first. But this is the same game. You have missed the point.

Logically you have understood, but spiritually you have missed. Now, a person can even TRY to be the last, can make all kinds of endeavors to be the last, can torture himself to be the last IN ORDER to be the first. Then he is not the last, because it is the same desire and the same ambition.

When Jesus says those who are the last shall be the first he is not giving you a strategy, he is not giving you a technique how to be the first; he is simply stating a fact! This has to be understood.

Sometimes people come to me and they want to go into meditation, they REALLY want to go into meditation. But they have motives.

They say If we go into meditation, shall we see God? I say to them that if they have a motivation like that, meditation will not happen, because a motivated mind can never be meditative. Motivation is desire, desire is disturbance.

How can you meditate with disturbance? Meditation is possible only when you are unmotivated: you don't have any desire. When there is no desire, there is meditation. Meditation is a state of desireless-ness. Or meditation of Death.

They understand logically, and they say O-kay. So we will drop the motive. Now if we drop the motive will it be possible for us to see God?' They are ready to drop the motive but the motive is still there. It has slipped deep down the unconscious.

They say O-kay, if you say so, if this is the condition to be fulfilled, we will fulfill it. But are you certain that then we will see God? So where has the motive gone? It is still there; it has gone underground.

Jesus was saying again and again Those who are the last will be the first. This is simply a statement, a simple statement. It is not a question of cause and effect. He is not saying that if you want to be the first be the last.

He is saying 'If you are the last you will be the first. And there is a great difference between these two. Linguistically, not much; logically, not much. You will say 'What is the difference whether you say it this way or that?' But existentially there is such a big difference.

Be the last. Enjoy being the last and not because by being the last you will be the first. By being last with such joy, you are already the first! Now where else can you be? What higher state can you be in?

Standing last, enjoying it because to stand last is a very very beautiful space, because nobody competes for it, nobody comes to struggle with you. You are the last already.

Lao Tzu used to say I am the last, that's why I am the most peaceful, because nobody comes to fight with me. Who is ready to fight with the last? Everybody has compassion for the last; everybody feels Poor man. And who is ambitious to be the last? Nobody comes and throws him off his place.

If you are the last you are left alone, then you are never disturbed by anybody, then you can simply be yourself. And when you are ready to be the last, you can be in the present never otherwise.

If you want to be the first you will have to remain in the future, because you will have to think how to be the first? How to drag people who are already there out of their places so I can make some place for myself?

How to fight? How to manage? What to do? What not to do? You will be in the future. To try to be the first is to be in the future: if you want to be the first you will have to project, worry about the future. And from where will you get your ideas? from the past. So you will remain in the past and in the future, and you will go on missing the present.

And the present is the only thing that really is. Now is the only real time.

A man who is ready to stand last not as a strategy to go first, but just as an understanding that it is foolish and stupid to compete. What is the point of it all? Why not enjoy life? You can only do one thing: either you can compete or you can celebrate.

If you compete you cannot celebrate, IF YOU celebrate you cannot compete; it is the same energy. Either you can enjoy or you can fight. Either you can love or you can struggle; both together are not possible.

So the person who stands last not as a desire to be first, but as an understanding that to be first is just the stupidity of the mind, the mediocre mind, the foolish mind.

Seeing the foolishness of it, seeing the uselessness of it, seeing the people who are standing first and looking like hell in that very understanding one has become the first. Can you see it? Do you understand it?

In understanding that, one has become the first. This is the meaning of Jesus.


Now, the language creates trouble. You can misinterpret Jesus' language.


he says


Then he has to become the last.

But the language can be dangerous. He uses the word 'desire' IF ANY MAN DESIRE TO BE FIRST. And all those twelve are desiring to be the first. They can again get a clue from it.

They can say 'O-kay, so l will be the last because I want to be the first. Jesus says "one who wants to be the first" so this is the way to be the first. I will do all that I can do I will do all that I can do to be the first, even if it is needed to stand last, I will stand I will suffer that But I have to be the first ' Then the message is missed.

To be the FIRST means: no desire for being first. That is the meaning. All comparison has been dropped, all competition has been dropped, all aggression, arrogance has been dropped. One starts enjoying this moment the peace, the bliss of it, the benediction of it.

One is in sheer delight because one can breathe, because one can see the flowers, because one can watch the birds, one can listen to the song of the birds or the rain falling on the roof, or the smell of the wet earth small things.

Jesus says 'Look at the lilies in the field. They toil not, they think not of the morrow and how beautiful, how incredibly beautiful they are. Even Solomon was not so beautiful attired in all his precious dresses, sitting on his golden throne studded with diamonds.

And these poor lily flowers just standing alone in the field Look how beautiful they are: how silent, how blissful, how meditative, how prayerful.

What is the beauty of the flowers? they are non-competitive. What is the beauty of the stars? they are non-competitive. What is the beauty of existence? it is not competing. It is not going anywhere, it is not trying to be something that it is not.

That is where man has gone wrong, has gone insane. To exist with the ego is to exist in a kind of neurosis. It is a state of madness. It is the original fall. To be in the ego is to be a sinner. Not to be in the ego is to become a saint.

But remember again, I am not saying become a saint. Otherwise ego comes back and says Look, I am such a great saint. Look! I don't think of the morrow. Look! I am no more worried about any competition.

Then the ego has arisen again. Then there can be a competition! If somebody else is trying to be the last you will fight with him What are you doing? I am the last! You cannot be the last. You can be second to me but you cannot go ahead of me.

I have heard

A great king was praying in a synagogue early in the morning. The rabbi was there to accompany the king. It was dark, and a beggar had also entered.

The king prayed, and said God, I am nobody. I am just a nothingness.

And the rabbi also prayed. And he also said God I am nobody. I am just a nothingness.

And then they heard the beggar who was just standing there. And he also prayed and he said 'God, I am nobody. I am just a nothingness.

And the king said to the rabbi, Look who is trying to be nobody! Look who is pretending to be a nothingness! a beggar? How dare you before a king? When I am saying I am nothing, a nobody and a beggar dares to pretend that he is also nothing, a nobody? This is offensive.

This can happen, then you can start fighting about who is the last. And it is the same game, only the names have changed. Be very careful when you listen to a Buddha or Jesus; be very careful because they have to use your language.

It is a necessary evil. But try to be very careful so that you don't misunderstand them.

Jesus says


And Christians missed it: they started becoming servants of all. Service became the key word, and the Christian missionary has become a servant.

He runs the hospital, the school, the orphanage; he goes on serving people. But look into his eyes, look, and there on his nose is sitting the ego. I am the servant of the people. Nobody is serving the people as I am serving.

A story I have heard a very beautiful story.

In China, in some village, there was a great fair. And a man fell into a well, because there was no protective wall surrounding the well. So he shouted from the well, Save me!

And there came a Buddhist monk. He looked down, and the man was crying he said, what are you looking at? Do something! I am dying.

And the Buddhist monk said 'Listen to me. Buddha has said "Birth is suffering, life is suffering, death is suffering. All is suffering." So what is the difference whether you are suffering in a well or somewhere else? Accept it. Buddha has said "TATATHA accept. In acceptance there is deliverance."

But the man prayed, and he said I will listen to your sermon, but first please take me out, then you can bore me as much as you want! But this is no moment right now I am not in a state to listen to your great philosophy.

But the Buddhist monk said Buddha has said "Don't interfere in anybodys life." I cannot interfere. You must be suffering because of your past KARMAS. It is not a question of there being no wall and that's why you have fallen in because there are so many people and nobody else has fallen in.

It is because of your past KARMAS! You must have thrown somebody in a well in some life. You are suffering for that, and I don't want to interfere, because if I take you out you will have to fall in again somewhere, some time. Buddha has said "Never interfere in anybodies life."

And he went on his way perfectly calm and quiet. He thinks he has understood Buddha's message. And he is quoting rightly. All the words are Buddha's; this also can be the interpretation. And it is not just a story.

In India there is a Jain sect TERAPUNT. They say: If you find somebody dying by the side of the road, thirsty, go on your way, don't interfere. Even if he is dying of thirst and you have a thermos flask and you can give him a little water, don't give it, because he is suffering from his past KARMAS.

Let him finish it, let him go through it; otherwise he will have to go into it again. And you will be responsible then: you will be prolonging his suffering.

Look at the logic: You will be prolonging his suffering. This time maybe two hours more and he would have been finished with the KARMA. YOU give him water. Now those two hours have remained; he will have to account for them.

On some other day, in some other life maybe again he will have to fall by the side of the road, thirsty. You have disturbed his life pattern, and not only that, because you have disturbed his life pattern, you have accumulated a wrong karma for yourself; you will have to suffer. So you have not helped.

That's why you will not find a Jain monk running a hospital or a school, no. That is impossible. 'People are suffering from diseases because of their past KARMAS. They have to suffer. Help them to accept. The Jain monk will say Please be silent and meditate. And he has the thermos and he can give the water, but he will not give it.

So this is not just a story. It has happened in the East.

And then comes another man: a Confucian monk. And he looks into the well, and the man says take me out! Take me out, sir, otherwise I will not survive. A few minutes more and I will be gone! And he is shivering and he is cold.

And the Confucian says Don't be worried. We will create a revolution in the world. We will not leave a single stone unturned. We will force the government to make protective walls around every well!

He says, But what is the point of that? That will take years and I will die!

And the Confucian says "You are not the question the society! Individuals come and go, society remains. Social reform is needed! Every well should have a wall!"

This is what the communist says. He says If you are dying, there is nothing to be worried about. If you are poor, there is nothing to be worried about. Wait! When the revolution comes and communism comes, everything will be okay.

You will say I will die, that is not the point. You are not the question, the question is of society. The society has to be changed first. Only when the society is changed, the economic structure is changed, the state, the law is changed, then only will people be happy. Nothing can be done about you.

And the Confucian goes, stands on a high stage, and gathers people around him and says to them A revolution is needed! Every well should have a wall. And the man is dying.

Then there comes a Christian missionary, as if he was in search of somebody who has fallen into the well. He looks and says 'My God! Good! I was in search. I wanted to serve somebody.

You did well! He pulls a rope from his back. He is carrying it ready-made he is in search, because it is through service Jesus has said that you have to be the servant of all. He throws the rope in, takes the man out.

The man is very happy. The man touches his feet, and he says You are the real religious person. The Buddhist monk came and he started preaching, and the Confucian came and he has gone.

And look! there he has gathered a big crowd and he is teaching people about reform and how society has to be changed and the law.

You are the only religious person. If you had not come I would have died. But tell me one thing: why were you carrying the rope? That is strange.

And the Christian missionary is very happy because he has done a good work. He says I always carry a rope. I carry many things, because I am always ready. I am a servant.

And the man says How should I thank you? I would like to do something for you, you have saved me.

And the Christian says you do only one thing. Teach your children also to go on falling into wells, because that is the only way to go to God. If people stop falling into wells, if this Confucian fool succeeds, then there will be no opportunity to serve.

If this Buddhist monk succeeds in teaching people to accept everything, then there will be no need to serve them. They will not accept service. So just do one thing: go on falling into wells. Teach your children too.

You will be surprised. You will think that this seems to be a little far-fetched. No, it is not.

In India, there is a Hindu MAHATMA Karaptraji Maharaj. He has written a book against communism. And the basic, the most fundamental question he has raised is: If there is nobody poor then religion will disappear.

The poor are needed because only if the poor are there can you donate and open hospitals and DHARMASHALAS and things like that.

If ALL poor people disappear, if communism succeeds, then what will happen to religion? Because Hinduism says to donate is the greatest of religions, to share your riches is the greatest thing.

But if everybody is rich, then nobody would like to share your riches; and you won't have riches to share if everybody is equal. If the society becomes communist, then religion will disappear. And this man thinks that he is a religious man.

It is not far-fetched; that's how people have understood things. He quotes the Vedas and the Gita and the Upanishads where to serve the poor is praised because that is the only way: If you serve the poor, you serve God.

But if there is nobody poor, then how will you serve the poor and how will you serve God? Then the bridge will be broken. So the logical conclusion is: Keep poverty, keep people starving. They are needed, otherwise what will MAHATMAS do? They won't have anything to do.

Down the ages, words of Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir have been misunderstood, because they have to use your language. And when they use your language it is always inadequate and they have no other language. And even if they have another language, they cannot speak it to you because you won't understand.

Jesus says


He is simply stating a fact: that the man who has understood the ugliness of the ego, the ugliness, violence, poisonousness of ambition in that very understanding will not compete, will be happy wherever he is. And in that happiness he will see that God is everywhere. And in that very experience that God is everywhere, he will become a servant.

Not that he will have to practice, not that he will have to search where to go and how to serve. Wherever he is, all is God, and the part is the servant of the whole. There is no deliberate effort to serve. Service comes when you are silent. Service flows from your being when you are happy, when you are so full of energy that wherever need arises, you serve. Religion keeps you from this silence, they close the gate, they shut-up the kingdom within.

Religion feeds the animal nature (EGO), said Joseph Campbell.

A dog is dying and you serve. A tree is drying out and nobody has given it water, and you give water. And you don't go on pretending and posing that you have served. You don't go on shouting to everybody Look how great a servant I am! I have helped this tree to become green again.

That is not the point. In helping the tree to be green, you have made your life green. It is already the reward, there is no other reward. In helping the dying dog you have helped yourself because it is all one. No religion was needed, you did your duty as human being, and that's it.

When you hit somebody, you are hitting yourself. When you kill somebody you are killing yourself because we are all one. And when you serve you serve yourself, so there is no need to brag about it.

You don't become a great missionary, a great servant of the people, and things like that. You don't become anybody, it all comes naturally. When a person is happy his compassion is natural, out of happiness he is compassionate.



And then Jesus takes hold of a small child. A child is a symbol of helplessness and of innocence.

And he says


Wherever you find somebody helpless, help. And wherever you find something innocent, embrace it, love it.


Jesus says 'He has received me, he has opened his heart to me. In love you become close to Christ. Jesus is saying, not through competition, not by being the first, but in receiving, helping innocence, in receiving life energies that surround you, and in pouring yourself wherever the need arises, you come close to me.


And Jesus said "you don't know about God, you have known me". And you don't know this child, that the innocence of this child is my innocence. In his innocence my innocence is hidden. And if you go into my innocence, you will find in my innocence God's innocence is hidden.

Look into a flower, penetrate deep into the heart of the flower and you will touch Christ. And when Christ is touched, go a little deeper still, and you will touch God.

'You can touch God in every leaf and in every drop of water and in every pebble, in every stone God is everywhere. Hew a piece of wood and there he is, lift up a rock and you will find him, Gospel of Thomas. Just a penetration. And it is not a question of being first, it is a question of being last, it is a question of being ego less.

Only then can you respect a child; otherwise you will respect a king, not a child. You will respect a rich man, not a helpless child. Have you ever respected a child? If you have not respected a child, you don't know how to respect Christ. You will say, For what?

We respect people because they have some capacity. He is a great painter, you respect him. He is Picasso, you respect him. Why, because he is world famous? Because he has a very famous ego? Because he is somebody and you would like to be associated with Picasso?

This man is a great musician, this man is a great poet, this man is a great philosopher; this man is a great man of God a Christ, a Buddha. You would like to respect them, because you would like to come closer. By coming closer you will feel satisfied in your ego, you are so close to Christ, you stand by his side.

This is not real respect. A real respect is not for fame, for name; a real respect is a totally different thing. You respect a flower because God is there fully alive. You respect a bird because God is on the wing.

You respect a child because in those eyes is innocence, those eyes are exactly like Christ's. You respect animals, trees, stones, because God is hidden everywhere; his signature is everywhere.


Listening to such words as 'If you love a child, respect a child, you have loved me and respected me. And if you have loved me and respected me, you have loved God', the Jews that were standing there must have felt offended.

So what is this man claiming? Is he claiming that he is God? Who is this man the son of the carpenter Joseph or the son of Mary? And one is not even certain whether he is a legal son, legitimate or illegitimate because people say he was born out of the virgin Mary. Maybe he is illegitimate.

This illegitimate son of a woman, of an ordinary carpenter is saying If you come close to me you come close to God. He must have looked like a pretender, a deceiver. The Jews must have felt offended.


Because even Abraham has not said that. Even Abraham said I am just a servant of God. And Jesus says I am the son of God, not the servant. Jesus really says I am God; I am in God and God is in me. If you have seen me you have seen my Father who is in heaven.


Are you greater than our prophets?


Who do you think you are?

Jesus answered


Now again there will be difficulty with the language. He is saying exactly what the truth is, but the language becomes very very inadequate.

He says


Just think: If I say to you that Jesus rejoiced to see my day, and he saw it and w as glad.

Now somebody who is a Christian here will feel offended. So who do I think I am? And naturally the question will arise that Jesus' days two thousand years have past. How could he see MY DAY, and how could he rejoice?

There is something very symbolic in it. Whenever anybody becomes enlightened, all the enlightened persons, all that energy which has become enlightened before rejoices, because one more person has come back home, one more person has bloomed, one more person has entered into God.

In India there are beautiful stories:

When Buddha became enlightened all the gods showered flowers from the sky, all the enlightened people sang songs around him. That day was the day of great rejoicing. The whole forest bloomed; trees bloomed out of season, dead trees sprouted again.

There was music and song, and gods sang and danced, because one more had become enlightened. Enlightenment is such a great phenomenon that this should be so, the whole existence should rejoice. But Jesus is saying something which the Jews cannot understand.



Now, two different planes talking to each other dialogue seems to be impossible. The Jews are talking about time, and Jesus is talking about eternity. The Jews are talking about the past, and Jesus is talking about the present.

He says


Now, he is not talking about Jesus, he is talking about Christ-consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Krishna consciousness, which is Universal conwsciousness.

The Jews are talking about time, he is talking about eternity. The Jews are talking about Jesus, and he is talking about Christ!

That's the whole difference: two different planes. Christ-consciousness is eternal, timeless. It knows no beginning, no end, it is not confined to time or to periods. Christ-consciousness has always been there. Jesus has participated in it NOW, but once you participate in it you disappear .

It is like a drop of water entering the ocean. The moment the drop enters the ocean it is no more there. Now the drop can say I have been always' because now it is the ocean saying it not the drop.

The river has fallen into the ocean. Jesus has fallen into Christ-consciousness that oceanic feeling. Now he is no more there, now he is not the son of Mary or Joseph, he is not the carpenter of the village, he is not young, he is not the body, he is not the mind. Now he is the transcendental, the fourth state of consciousness: TURIYA. He is Christ, he is Buddha. That's why he uses two different tenses.

He says


He does not say Before Abraham was, I was that would be wrong. That's why this statement is really great. He says, Before Abraham was, Abraham he uses as a past tense.


Before Jesus was, I am.

Abraham participated in Christ-consciousness and disappeared. So Jesus participated in Christ-consciousness and disappeared. Now there is no question of time, now time exists not. Now there is no more any time and no more any space. This state is what Buddha calls NIRVANA, and Jesus calls the kingdom of God.

Meditate on these Sutras. They are incredible. Go into them, and you will be immensely benefitted. Great will be your grace if you can understand them.

When a man/woman writes on a blackboard, that the Ego must be diminished, that person just created nine more EGOs waiting in Queue.

When a person writes down words, trying to make other people think he's smart and has a lack of EGO, he has created nine more EGOs waiting in Queue, when a person PRETENDS to be humble, he will be last, because he is masking his ego, BUT ONLY UNTO HIMSELF, because others can still see It's UGLY head.

Just observe such a persons actions, watch them still lose their temper, watch them still pretend they are smart and intelligent, The EGO wears the mask layers upon layers like an onion, and like an onion, the EGO brings many tears, as evident by the condition of the world, run by all the Goliaths, and three kings of the scribes and Pharisees.

The Ego is the most crafty of all the entities in the humans make up, an entity is an emotion, it is the intellect, it is the physical, it is the THREE KINGS. And it's EVIL.


The bible says that God is not subject to the carnal nature, neither can he be. Because God doesn't reside in the realm of the physical, the intellectual and the emotional, but the SPIRITUAL.

The bible says that God is not subject to the carnal nature, neither can he be. Because God doesn't reside in the realm of the physical, the intellectual and the emotional, but the SPIRITUAL.

The Ego less mind is the only mind that see Gods face, it is the only mind that can go to HEAVEN, all else are living in their own hell, brought to them by their own EGO/DEVIL.

Hang onto your EGO by Frank Black

"Religion is only there to keep your EGO alive!!!

Like The Matrix with Neo and Morpheus, "Humanity is a Virus" and Mythically, the kiss of the holy Trinity bringing one who was asleep (sleeping beauty) or dead like most normal un-evolved human beings (like Lazarus), to life and Enlightenment. Yet another symbol of Enlightenment.

Wake UP!! "Wake UP!!!!"

From Rage against the Machine.

1. There are other levels of existence above and below our own.

2. Agent Smith is the Ego Entity who can take you over.

ME, ME , ME, ME, ME , ME !!!

This Earth Level is a only a training ground to teach us how to get to the next Level.

A Factory for the production of Enlightened Beings.


This whole World is just a big Video Game of Levels and we need to learn the real rules of this Game of Levels. The Opening of the Heart, of Enlightenment

It is by Death that Life is Known.

Royalis' "Religion for everyone"

Comodus the Emperor is totally selfish, has no connection with a spiritual Element called Dharma, Soul Path, or The fantasy (real) part of the film showing the Elysian fields, unlike Maximus who does his unselfish duty.

MAXIMUS believes in a Higher Principle. He is trained by his adopted Father the old Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who historically taught meditation the training for enlightenment, to work for the good of others.

Maximus gets into alignment with the energy of God. Maximus wants nothing for himself except that Justice for which he becomes the tool of a higher power.


Written by the same writer as Gladiator.

In a world powered by Greed and Ambition we need to add Honor, Integrity and Meditation. Somehow, the Emperor must be informed, changed to allow this Energy to WORK WITHIN HIM.In the scene where Tom presents the Sword of the Samurai to the Emperor, You are the Emperor.

The Empire is also every Empire on this Planet.


Envy, Desire and Ambition limit a man to the Universe of Maya. And what is his Universe? It is only a projection of his Envy, Desire and Ambition.

Sayings of the Abodes

To control something, one must be capable of stopping it, said Karl Popper the famous philosopher who wrote, "The Open Society and its Enemies" and Frank Herbert who wrote the DUNE series of Science fiction.

In American Beauty. Kevin Spacey becomes Enlightened by saying STOP!! to his selfish desire and moving into universal Love, thereby getting out of his "desire box" or The happy dreams of when he was 18, marijuana, getting laid, to which he had become addicted.

It shows how his wife, Carol Benning is trapped by wanting, being addicted to, Power and success (Her desire box) which bring her to think of murdering him.

It shows how his murderer clings to limits, rules and structure, the army, the right, by being afraid of his unconscious and his homosexual nature which he has repressed all his life.

All this causes him to murder Spacey because He showed his real nature to him, "Spacey Knows" and could, with a word, destroy that horrible world which he created and to which he clings and is attached, addicted.

All of the above people enter into these addictions which destroy them by thinking that this is the way to be happy.

Every Human Being is in search of complete Freedom!! Every Human Being is in search of that which will make them truly happy. They explore every way, all that, before they know deep inside that these are all paths which lead to unhappiness.

But paraphrasing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

"After trying out all that, here are complete instuctions on Energy Enhancement!!"

Alec Guiness, Obi Won Kinobi, from Star Wars

Each of these and many other spiritual Movies have been charged with spiritual energy. To a normal Film Critic they seem just the same as other movies of their Class. They do not understand the Spiritual Nature of their Teaching!

These critics cannot feel the Energy of these films. They cannot understand and therefore hate the nature of their success. Only evolved people can start to feel these energies inherent in great art. They know that there exists "Something more" or that symbol of it, "The Matrix". So only they search for it.

THERE IS Another Dimension to SPIRITUAL films, and to LIFE ITSELF. Not Writing. Not Acting, Not Directing, Not Filmography, although all these are, have to be, GREAT!. But that extra component is SPIRITUAL ENERGY. SPIRITUAL ENERGY IMPRESSED BY SOME GREAT SOUL. AND THIS ENERGY IS BEAUTY, THIS ENERGY IS ART!!

And here is that something more, The way out of the Matrix,

Quotes from "The Matrix"

"Do you want the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?" Find out how Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes.

In Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, where each of the Rings is a powerful symbol of a Chakra, one of the energetic centers within a human being, one of the 10 parallel processors of the mind, only one of which is intellectual, he says.

"One Ring to Rule them all and in the Darkness Bind Them." The only way to control these energy centers is by throwing the One controlling Ring to the bottom of a deep volcano.

Gandalf the Grey, Wizard, and Ring Bearer of the "Ring of Fire," one of the lesser Rings.

There are things we have forgotten (or that have become dormant). I think at one stage, before modern culture reared its ugly head we were much more in touch with "god" and True Reality as I've come to call it.

In other words "god" is the holographic film that contains all the information required to form the holographic image (and the laser beam is the Zero-point field Jesus said I am the light now there may be much more to that than what Christians believe.)

Thus "all exists in God" as the Christians explain it. Thus "Tat tvam asi" (I am that) as the Hindu says. Thus "There is only one God" as the Muslim say. Thus "Life is a dream: AWAKE!" as the Buddhist says. Thus "The Way exists and does not exist" as the Taoist says. Thusâ, ahhh, you get the point. (couldn't think of one for Jews.)

The universe arises from a blueprint, which is "god" (a Consciousness without personality it is not "wrathful" nor "loving" except as how we interpret how it behaves), and we are a part of this blueprint.

Not a separate part, but an indivisible part of a whole. I would say that the entire Holographic Universe is conscious, the difference between people, the animate and the inanimate, being their levels of awareness. A rock is conscious, but minutely so, with little awareness. Humans, on the other hand, are more aware they are even more aware than they themselves know.

We go to our graves denying we are magical beings; our agenda is to service the ego instead of the spirit. Before we know it, the battle is over we die squalidly shackled to the Self. Don Juan Made us made an intriguing proposition: What would happen if Castaneda redeployed his troops?

If he freed the energy routinely engaged by the aggressions of courtship and mating, if he curtailed self-importance and withdrew from the "defense, maintenance, and presentation" of the ego if he ceased to worry whether he was liked, acknowledged, or admired? Would he gain enough energy to see a crack in the world? And if he did, might he go through?"

The Great Ego of Satan

Suppose you read a response to me that says "I agree with you". Now if I was Vain Glorious and full of Ego I would respond "if you agree with me then you will receive the Kingdom" (Suppose the teaching was based on just for agreeing with me/stroking my ego).

Doesn't matter if he does nothing for humanity or does bad things like lie or con his way through life taking advantage of people, just accept him because he agrees with me/bows to me/says my name a zillion times.

While at the same time if I was egotistical I would say those who don't call my name or believe in me or agree with me will be sent to some burning lake of fire.

It doesn't matter if they selflessly improved the world and discovered and attributed great works and deeds, and doesn't matter if their heart was of Gold, just by them not agreeing or bowing then they die a horrible Sadistic eternal fire.

Now you all would say that's so evil and sick and wrong and even mirrors Hitler, yet people accept this logic in their faith they call Christianity. Who is more vain glorious than the man who says he's the only way while exposing this unfair and non just way of accepting and not accepting people?

Gotta admit you all would have toasted me if I made those same gate keeper rules, so people should admit to themselves what they truly follow. GIANT EGOS & the greatest deceiver.


the biggest joker of all time

It has been suggested (Dianne Longley, 1999) that "the Joker is the 'wild-card', or the card of opportunity, not unlike the ethos of opportunity and individuality that has been the driving force behind America's pursuit of greatness."

The fool in the tarot deck is also indicative of the Ego mind. see the description

Carefree, foolish, indescrete, vague.

This card represents inexperience.

It is the direction of the unknown, but eventually the fool gains wisdomand the whole 22 cards of the Major Arcana are seen by some interpretators as the Fool's journey, which ends with the World, key 21, which is about successful completetion, accomplishment and fulfillment.

Sometimes you have risk, to go against everything society says is 'sensible' or 'wise', to act rightly. It means the inner forces, the inner certainty, intuition no, less tangible than intuition even which is at the heart of great endeavours or right action.

It says that in some things, you must trust your inner voice, not those of the many people in your surroundings and society willing to tell you 'the smart thing to do'.

Indeed, to many people, the Tarot itself seems 'foolish'. To them the whole idea of shuffling some pieces of cardboard with pictures to reveal hidden truths is in itself a pretty silly thing to do (I've met quite a few myself!) So in their eyes all who use the Tarot at all may be 'fools'.

I think we're pretty wise fools, myself.

If one cannot find someone greater than himself

To help him on his journey of life, it is better to travel the road of life alone, because a fool cannot help him on his journey!

When the ego is cornered and has nowhere to go, the only thing one can do is to put it down. And when one puts down the ego, then that is enlightenment." One of the world's most respected Buddhist masters a lineage holder in both existing schools of Chan Buddhism speaks about the joy of liberation, the pitfalls of the path and the one-pointed desire required to see through our attachment to a false sense of self/Ego.


Mt 4:8; Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. "All this I will give you," he said, "if you will bow down and worship me."

Jesus said to him, "Away from me, Satan! For it is written: Worship YHWH your God, and serve him only."


I, me, mine

That's the problem. The one and only REAL problem

Then came Marshall McLuhan in the 1950's McLuhan said, in a Socratic sense, the medium is the message the words you use, the modes of communication you use, determine the realities you inhabit most of our lives, most of us live in realities determined by others, imprinted in our brains by education, by religion, by politics, by the authorities.

McLuhan said, if you want to change your mind, change the medium, change the words your use, change the mode of communications you change the medium, you change yourself.

You change your society in the 1960's a new mode of communication developed television, kids growing up in the 1950's, learned how to tune in, turn on, fine tune, turn off, select, determine, what hits your eyeballs you control your eyeballs, your eardrums, you direct and manage the media to program your brain McLuhan said, who controls the media, is programming your mind and your brain."

"we are using in this tape, the new media of digital, multimedia, audiographic overload, attempting to create a state of open mindedness, pleasant vulnerability, in which we will in-form, imprint the messages of the sponsor, use your head, learn how to operate your brain."

"to operate your brain, you must understand how to use your eyes oh say can you see oh say can't you see, what's being done to your eyes who controls your eyeballs, controls your mind imprints, to your brain oh say can't you see, that the messages that hit your eyeballs in modern television are creating realities, imprinting messages from the sponsors, who are not usually interested in you learning how to design your own realities."

"warning! warning! who controls your screens, controls the programming of your mind your eyes are the windows of your brain the eyes are made up of hundreds of layers of neurons, rods, cones, your eyeballs deal with one energy it's light.

Through your eyes come illumination, vision, perception, enlightenment, illumination, your eyes are the windows of your soul who controls your eyeballs, controls your brain learn how to dial, fine tune your eyeballs learn how to unfocus your eyes, dilate your pupils, learn how to open up to the illumination of light, and then re-focus and re-design your own new order, your own designs, your own language."

"in the sixties, we said power to the people in the nineties, in the digital multimedia nineties we say, power to the pupil."

envision light waves sound waves open eyes open mind open your brain learn how to send messages using electrons your brain loves light?

"we're also passing on in this demonstration, the message of Ralph Waldo Emerson the first, and and probably the greatest American philosophy.

Who said, divinity lies within don't look to the churches, or to the big marbled institutions
your divinity lies within you must learn to operate your brain, operate your soul learn how to communicate, brain to brain, soul to soul, with other people your divinity lies within."

"The brain is designed to design realities if you operate your own brain skillfully, and learn to design your own realities, learn how to communicate in the language of the brain electrons & photons we are doing this now.

We are sending messages from our brains, using the vehicle of electrons & photos to your eyeballs as we watch this screen, our minds are bedazzled, our minds have softened, our linear sharp logical thinking is gentle, and we're linking brain to brain we're using the electrons, computer circuits, to feed each others brains with light."

"this is the first paragraph, the first attempt, the first child's primer, in how to communicate using both the orderly left brain and the chaotic confusing language of photons & electrons your brain, my brain, our brains, live on light, just as the body needs air and carbohydrates our brains are starved for light, for illumination for revelation, use your head learn how to operate your brain."

"Marshall McLuhan made the prophecy he told us, the aim of evolution is for us to use media, to create what we all want the global village. the language that can be understood by every human being, by every brain the basic language of humanity, the language of the brain lights, sounds, rhythms, pulsating your bones, moving your body, we all know this language, we can all sing and dance, this language the electrons, the radio waves, the rhythm now we have digital communication.

We can create our fantasies, we can create our rhythms design, on screens, the new language we develop, a global language not based on letters, not based on grammars a language we all understand based on clusters of waves, light, sound, we all understand.

we all celebrate, we are glory, in the light, the illumination contact, the intersection, the interaction, around the world the language of form we will create a language of international global brain link up.

Anyone from any culture watching this screen, will get the general picture this one global village , this one global human spirit, one global human race as we link up through screens, linked by electrons & photons we will create for the first time, a global humanity not separated by words or minds or nationalities or religious biases now listen the message, from the sponsor there is one global human race, who are just now learning to communicate brain to brain, soul to soul."

"we now have the thumbnail chip, that in ten years they tell us, will have a billion transistors costing a few dollars what that means is that the inner city kid can walk around with more information processing and transmitting ability than ABC or CBS right now, for less money than a pair of Nikes which they're killing for in the inner city right now so this is going to be decentralization, it's going to mean ultimate democracy.

who controls the press controls the people; who controls the tube controls the people in the future we will all be controlling our own screens and zapping our messages around."

"listen, to the sound of stars open ear drums dilate eyeballs turn your receivers to star sound human brain universe within 100 billion neurons each neuron, tangled web of electric meaning limitless galaxies of meanings within brain power star light illumination enlightenment tune brain to star sound turn brain to pulsing rhythms of star light turn brain into star brain listen let brain resonate resonate to star sound your brain is a galaxy within."

by Timothy Leary & Liquid Mind

samples: "now, energy becomes here it is nameless timeless speed of light float beyond fear float beyond desire into this mystery of mysteries through this gate of all wonder open naked high drift within by the thread of sound light radiant puzzling vibration light waves eternal note trembling web of light sound waves merge into the sea spin slowly round, eternal, note glittering energy whirlpool of light drift within on the thread of sound focus love center down vibration thread you are light you are sound drift within this is your body, can you flow?

Throb through each tissue corridor throb to the pulse of life float beyond life and death time "I stumbled upon the philosopher's stone I had the veil of illusion pulled out and was confronted by the many levels of energy and many realms of consciousness which were available to man.

I opened the Pandora's box of multiple realities. I became tuned in on a network of neurological signals; on a cellular resonance that radiate hundreds of millions of times per second within my body" Timothy Leary

you are the Buddha
you're two billion years old come on, beloved traveler sit down center go back down, the ladder of genetic memory find your divinity return, to the source you are the Buddha return, to seed beginnings embrace this ancient serpent coil of mothers and fathers back to the source magical helix of life curling back to primeval beginnings unbroken chain of life unceasing continuous tree of life branching out in fleshly leaves, innumerable twist back beyond mind return, to the source eternal law of seed endless chain of life oh seed, father, I remember you mother of memory.

I remember you our father, who art in cellular heaven within, hallowed be thy names from whose loins we have sprung tissue mother, I remember you take me back, fleshly parents back to the temple, back to the cave, back to the desert, back to the jungle oh fanged & furry father, from whose loins I sprang, I remember you our furry fathers, who are in ancient heaven.

Hallowed be thy names in shallow jungle pools hail Mary, mother hail mother of flesh blessed is the fruit of thy womb I remember back, back beyond flesh & bone many cellular mother colloidal globule father, origin of my life our slimy protozoan fathers in moist cellular heaven, hallowed be thy tissue name, in shallow brothy tropical pools beyond life now I lay me down to sleep in cold crystal patterns amino acid ancestors, and now I die before I wake in silent void galactic space.

Shimmering, molecular design of energy beyond life empty bowl of radiance and stars silent, shimmering, void atomic vacuum ancestor of all things out here, out here, all sharpness rounded all wheels glide along soft tracks of light preface to life, galactic play belted radiance, lethal spectrum, jeweled indifference jeweled indifference where's home?

I want to go back, get me back, get me back, warning solar shutters closing, opening, lethal, fusion, love, danger, radiance, fusion, bliss, fusion slide into fusion. goodbye. slide. into fusion."

samples: "think for yourself, and question authorities it is my job to corrupt young people [cheers] with a contagious, infectious idea of individual freedom. chaos

engineering chaos

wow! it was the CIA and the military that brought LSD to America they thought what a way to fuck people's heads up "you're equipped with a 100 billion neuron brain that's wired and fired and is a reality generating device but YOU'VE got to do it free yourself.

I have probably used my brain, explored my brain, operated my brain, navigated my brain psychedelics to cybernetics, my brain has been inundated my brain has been through A LOT; "wow"; "one individual, with electrons in his hand, can bring down an empire go for it all!" From the mind of Timothy Leary

Socrates said, the aim of human life is to know thyself create and design your own order out of chaos Socrates did not give commandments, Socrates did not impose order, Socrates asked questions, lack of EGO

You have the master key, it is locked up within you, You are the holder of the key to heaven, where the micro and macro become one. Where the EGO is squashed under the FOOT of god. But you have to manifest the energy from the stars.

The mind in meditation is the KEY, as you can see the dark matter coming from the Reflection Nebula in OR-ION, Orion is the star gate. Orion, means Electron Gate.

It is where dark matter enters our physical universe, and our brains, if we go into meditation. Can you find the Key? Can you unlock the door, to your mind? The Universe is waiting. The Electron is passing by, did you grab it? The light enters, and opens the gates, for the great electron flow of the universe, to the minds of those who are at the same frequency as that above. "So above, so below".

"SO above so below", that which happens in the Universe, happens within you, if you allow it to, and quit going to church, because church is inside of you.

Seek within your self

The meaning of Life

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