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Kabalistic understanding from the Zohar

I have read that the Coptic key of the Messiah is 4555, which speaks of azozeo - the cosmic light located in the constellation which is mother and child. In the symbolic language of Kabbalah, what could that number mean?

"Discover" magazine reports on many new sources of light that have been forming in our Milky Way Galaxy - and now reaching our planet. If we are to interpret "Light" from the Bible literally - as God, then what can you tell us about this obvious metaphor? Is enlightenment upon us literally?

According to the Kabbalists, we are in the Age of Enlightenment, of our Final Redemption. However, if we just let it play out, as innocent bystanders, then this extra infusion of power often burns us. The pressure becomes too intense.

However, as we become more spiritual (which means jumping into the chaos of life and transforming ourselves and the chaos into order) then we enlarge our internal "vessel". This increased vessel allows us to hold the extra surge of Light that is penetrating our world. Thus, instead of burning us, it warms our soul.

This is the secret of behind the concepts of judgement and mercy. In truth, they are often the same force. If we are negative, the force causes judgement upon us because we cannot handle the extra energy.

If we are positive, our soul has been enlarged and we can handle the extra Light.

Thus, here, in the End of Days, we will see chaos and order exist side by side. We will see Judgment and Mercy dwell on the same plane.

Negative people will become even more negative and evil, and positive people will reach extraordinary levels of goodness.

Corruption will become more penetrating and pervasive
And goodness and kindness will expand to heights never before achieved in history.

Our free will is to choose which side we will be on.

What is Kabbalah water and where does it come from? How is it charged?

Kabbalah Water comes from special springs in the United States and Canada. The water is then infused with ancient Kabbalistic meditations, prayers and blessings, as taught by the sages of long ago.

The water helps heal and regenerate the soul and the cells of the body, and the entire planet.

Interestingly, the great sages of History and the Biblical writings say a special water will come to purify the putrid waters of the earth in the time of the Messiah.

Read and meditate upon the Portion called Pinchas vol 20. Specifically, passage 38 with the heading about Smoke, Fagrance and Incense.

What the Torah is trying to teach us is how to rise ABOVE the negative influences of the planets.

What does that mean?

All of our negative traits are conferred to us by the stars, based upon our birth date.

A soul actually chooses the body that will be born on a particular date and the family that will give birth to the soul. The idea is, the soul knows which negative traits it must "inherit" from the stars and the parents in order to achieve its own spiritual correction and transformation.

This is all based upon a previous life.

So, for instance, if in a last life i committed various negative deeds and actions, i will choose a birth date and family that will give me those negative characteristics so that i may correct and transform them into positive qualities.

This is what the Torah means by rising above the influences of the stars. if we remain under their influence, it means we are robots and slaves to our reactive inborn impulses.

The idea is totally transform ourselves.

Kabbalah gives us the tools to ascend over the influences of the stars and our ego.

Simply by saying to yourself "From here on in, i accept total responsibility for the chaos in my face" When you live your life with this kind of consciousness and mindset, you acquire the power to change anything and everything.

If you feel you are a victim, then chaos and hurt will continue to disrupt your life.

According to the Zohar, no one is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves and learn to love one another. When enough love flows, then the Messiah will appear as a sign and seal (not as a savior) that we, individual people, have accomplished our most profound goal and deepest need -- the need to be the cause and creators of personal and world change.

Its up to you. Its up to me. Its up to each of us.

If someone has stolen a large sum of money from another, does it mean that the one who was wronged had it coming even though he has seen this person steal from others? Is this something one should just let go and watch as this person steals from others too?

If you see a wrong being committed, you should try to prevent it and fix it. You can stand by and say the other person had it coming. the only time we say that is when nasty stuff happens to ourself. But we can never stand in judgement of others.

In the Zohar is there reference to the number 7. If so, does it complete a cycle of some sort?

7 is very important. There are 10 dimensions in our world, according to both Kabbalah and Physicists who speculate upon String theory.

However, only 7 dimension directly affect our world, according to the Zohar.

For this reason we have 7 musical notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7seas, 7 continents etc.

The tools of Kabbalah connect us to the various 7 dimensions so that we may draw a particular ray of Light into our life.

For instance, there is a Light called Mercy. If there is heavy judgement looming over the horizon, headed our way, we can draw upon the Light of mercy to sweeten or even deflect this judgement.

All the joy, wisdom, energy and fulfillment that we seek from life dwells in these Upper 7 Dimensions.

If you believe that someone is evil, or carrys evil or darkness with them and in their life - is it better to try to avoid them and keep them out of your life, especially if you feel they may influence you or others around you?

Because I was always told as a child to stay away from trouble - because it would find me on it's own. So I am apt to try to stay away from others I feel will not be a positive on me and others in my life - is it wrong to feel this way? To try to avoid people like this?

The Zohar agrees. Totally. We are always influenced deeply by those around us.

Would you please clarify the difference if there is any between light and Divine Light, as you refer to Light? Light is energy, and increased Light within can snuff our CURSE. What if the devil isn't real?

What if the devil is the shadow of the Divine the human ego, fear? If the devil died, then churches would be out of business and people would be accountable for their own human mistakes. Perhaps that would be better.

Then, people would realize their own plans and prayers are not as grand as the Lord's. Surrendering to the Lord's Will would happen sooner, and people would realize that is the path to happiness and fulfillment.

When i speak of Light I refer to a Divine radiance that flows from the Creator. According to Kabbalah, the Light is infinite. Thus, it can fulfill our endless desires. The source of this Light (God) is beyond comprehension. To describe It, or Name it, is to Limit It (G-d Forbid).

Thus, Kabbalah only deals with the Divine Light that shines from this unknowable Source.

In truth, the human mind cannot really conceive or understand the concept of infinitely. So it is pointless to try and grasp where infinity might come from.

But it does not matter. Because your infinite questions and endless desires can be fulfilled by the Light. While we play this temporary Game of Life, we do not really need anything more than "infinity".

Are different events in life related to the stars? Just like each person has an astrological sign, do marriages or inauguration of companies have a determined behavior depending on the day they started?

Yes, there is an influence. A Kabbalist chooses dates very carefully.

I have always looked upon Jesus as the Christ, he came in the office of the Christ and was a Master does Kabalah view Jesus..and will the Christ come again as a master on the earth plane (not necessarily Jesus, perhaps another master?)

His name was Joshuah. He was a Kabbalist who taught the basic teachings of the Zohar - Love thy Neighbor. This concept was first taught by Rabbi Akiva, who lived at the same time, and was another great Kabbalist.

If you look at the Dead Sea scrolls and read various scholars and ancient writings, you will know that he and his brother James said the Torah is the only path to the Light. Moreover, they said "not one iota of the Torah's laws should be changed".

It was another Jew, named Saul (who changed his name to Paul) who did away with the Torah's laws.

Second, according to Kabbalah, no one can heal us. We must learn to heal ourselves. We cannot surrendor responsibility to another person.

There were many great Kabbalistic healers throughout history, including the Baal Shem Tov, but they tried to teach their students how to heal and bless themselves. When we connect to the Light, we can use that Light to heal anything.

Learning how to connect is the purpose of Kabbalah.

Because the people have not participated in this process, of learning how to connect personally to the Light, we have had 2000 years of pain, suffering and slaughter. The evidence tells the story.

It's time to reclaim the power that was destined for each person, no matter who they are -- each of us has the right and duty to establish a personal connection o the Light and receive endless Joy and Happiness.

This is all that the Creator wants to give us.

Are we the images of individual stars in the firmament? It says "All those Supernal Lights exist in their images below on earth"

Yes. Each person, each blade of grass has a corresponding star somewhere out there in deep space.

Thank you for the explanation! Re: judgement and mercy dwelling on the same plane - I thought mercy was time? We are running out of time, so does that mean that time perception will change?

Mercy is time its the time we need to change our ways before judgement appears. If we use this time to become a better person, a different person, then this "person" does not exist anymore and the judgement cannot find them. Get it? If we only change a little, then the judgement is not has harsh (sweetened). So we are both saying the same thing.

Wouldn't the Red String help protect you from witchcraft and spells?

It protects from Evil Eye, the envious stares of others.

Why are the eyes considered the mirrors of the soul? Can you explain this for me?

They are the windows to the soul. That says it all.

Oh! I want to tell everyone this. I went to my first Shabbot (i hope I spelled that right) last week and everyone was soooooo helpful but this is the kicker! When I raised my hands during the opening of the scrolls, I FELT ELECTRICITY ON MY PALMS!

Now just imagine what your soul felt

Hi, this is Leah, I am a jeweler/ enamalist/ designer. My question is does this teaching have forms or structures that we can use to align ourselves with our soul purpose and remind us of the way we can best make a contribution in this life?

Totally. Read the Power of Kabblah and you will know "who you are, where you really came from, and why you are in this world".

You can order it right now at Amazon.

Billy, Protection is an obvious theme in your response to me. Are we talking about good and evil, light vs. darkness? Will I feel a pretection deep in my soul? Will the mini Zohar be the best place to start? My synagogue library has older versions should I go ther
Thank you!

You must do what you feel. I will paste a few Zohar stories into this response from an article that i wrote a while back. Here it is.

Arlene Speigal was on a flight from Newark to Anaheim, California on September 11, 2001. Departure time was 8:45 a.m. As the plane taxied down the runway, picking up speed, Arlene opened one volume of the Zohar and started meditating upon the text.

Literally, a moment before take-off, the engines shut down. The Captain said he was returning to the gate because of an accident involving the Twin Towers. The next day, Arlene was contacted by airport security officials for questioning.

Her plane was targeted for hijacking. Box cutters and knives were found on her plane. Five people on board were on the FBI's suspect list.

"I know the Zohar not only saved my life," Speigal says, "but I know it saved the lives of all the people on my plane, and all the people who were targeted on the ground." Speigal adds, "There is power in being connected to the Zohar.

It is a power that we cannot see, a power that we cannot always touch and feel in a sensual way. But it is a power that creates a security shield around you and the people around you."

Nader Ghiam, a student of the Kabbalah Centre, had a strange dream a few years ago about his brother Mansour. Nader saw his brother without any clothes on. Kabbalistically, this can be intepreted as a negative sign. Nader told his brother to purchase a set of the holy Zohar.

His brother was always skeptical of the Zohar. However, after Nader told him about the dream, Mansour finally agreed to purchase a set. Three days later Mansour was rushing to LAX airport in Los Angfeles to catch a flight to Paris via New York. His luggage was checked in, but somehow, he missed the flight to New York. He then missed his connecting flight from New York to Paris, so he caught a later flight and arrived safely.

The flight that he missed was TWA Flight 800 to Paris which crashed moments after it left Kennedy Airport on July 17, 1996. All 230 people on board perished in this terrible tragedy. All of Mansourís luggage was on that doomed flight.

When Andrea Foreman was going to her office at the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, something told her to go back home and meditate on the Zohar. She did. As she returned late to her office, she saw the Twin Towers crumble right before her eyes.

"I learned that even when buildings are falling all around you you are protected when youíre connected to the Zohar. I always knew that intellectually. Now I had experienced it in my own life. Unfortunately, there is chaos and terror in our world, but the Zohar gives us the ability to change things. To protect ourselves. To control our lives."

When Raffi Feig of Los Angeles was struck down with a massive heart attack, he meditated daily on his Zohar as part of his healing process. Weeks later, in a follow-up exam at Cedars Sinai Hospital, his doctor nearly fell out of his chair. Raffiís chart showed zero damage to his heart.

The doctor ordered another round of tests. Not a trace of damage was visible. "No one believed me", Raffi remembers. "I had to request a copy of my chart and cardiogram to show family and friends, who thought I was crazy. I finally started to realize that healing miracles are not crazy. It is pain and suffering that are crazy."

Dr. Artur Spokojny is a cardiologist in New York City. He studied medicine at Harvard and graduated summa cum laude at Düsseldorf University. When a patient was rushed in the ER at New York Hospital, Dr. Spokojny saw that the patientís right coronary artery was completely blocked by a massive blood clot. The situation was hopeless.

The patientís heart kept stopping. Dr. Spokojni began meditating upon a passage of Zohar that deals with healing. "I could feel something happening", he recalls. "Suddenly, the blocked artery opened! It was unexplainable.

And there was no damage to the heart. No evidence of a heart attack. The other doctors had no idea what happened. I did not tell them what I did so the reason for this remarkable turn of events remain unsolved."

I was in a terrible situation some time ago where my faith in G-d was tested, while praying intensely I began to hear stones pelted at my bedroom window, yet they were not breaking i continued to pray more earnestly the the stoning abaited. Does the forces of the other side truly have the power to commit such acts , or is there another explanation?

Sometimes we tend to read into things. Other times, we are blind to the messages and signs that are being given to us.

I cannot tell which is which.

Only you can find that answer.

Gee I glad someone on this planet has some answers I've been around the block more than once and have yet to find a tangible answer to ANYTHING about this life I've felt like I've be surrounded with lies! until now (smile)

Billy> That's the power of Kabbalah

Billy do you believe in the concept of "original sin" that is emphasized in some of the Christian Churches, whereby Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. As a result there is the stain of sin that has pervaded humanity ever since and made him mortal. Being that this story is in the Torah how do you interpret the story of the Garden of Eden?

Too complicated to answer in an email. But what i can say, is that all of us, all humanity, past, present and future, we included in one Infinite Soul called "Adam and Eve".

But its a code.

In other words, why the term "Adam and Eve" if the original soul was one unified soul?

Two examples will help us understand this mystical insight.

White sunlight includes all the colors of the rainbow. Each color is an individual color, like red, blue, green, when they are separated and divided. But when they are united, they become white light.

So the colors are many, but they are also one.

Second, imagine a simple battery.

ONE single battery as TWO poles a plus (+) and a minus (-) pole.
Two "charges" but one battery.

The one unified soul that existed prior to the Creation of the world contained all the colors (souls of man) as one, and it had two poles A plus (+) called Adam, and a minus charge (-) called Eve.

This one unified soul connected PREMATURELY to an incredible amount of Divine Energy all at once (How and why takes months of studying). This is the code of the "sin" of the Eating of the Apple.

When this extra surge of energy entered Soul, it was too much. It shattered into pieces. Like sunlight refracting into individual colors when shone through a prism.

This is us. Mankind.

Our purpose is to reunite all the colors into one white Light, one soul. We still keep our identity, just like blue is always blue. But when we unite (Love thy Neighbor) we create White Divine Light that heals all the world and creates Immortality.

What i just wrote is a very, very brief insight from Kabbalist Rav Ashlag, and it is the greatest of all secrets and should be reread over and over again until it becomes emblazoned in your mind.

Is the devil the shadow side of G_d - the human version, the ego; the fear of being all that we could be?

No, the Devil is not part of God.

never a great truth has been uttered. Love healeth all wounds.


Hi Billy I have a question about the Soulmate search. I've heard that you shouldn't turn anyone down, when an opportunity presents itself, because you never know what can open up out of it. Even if you think the person's "not for you", you should go, or at least be WILLING to go. My question is what if the person is a different religion or not spiritual at all but you are, should you still be willing to go??

Sure. why not?

what is the best time of the day to scan the zohar

Anytime. But after midnight is extra powerful.

I've studied EVERYTHING! for 25 years! I got so fed up! It's also elusive! I found a common thread but I couldn't reach the heights I was panting I trashed it all! Figured God didn't want me I want in the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico and was prompted to go south ended up here in Florida and found the center just since I started going to the center only 2 weeks ago my life has taken a dramatic change for the better!

At the lecture I noticed that I was already practicing a lot of the fundamental of Kabbalah like what you were saying Billy, about the illusion of right and wrong...and unconditional love.

Great. Read Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg. It will blow your mind.

Go to to order.

ZOHAR it is then! Thank you!


I have read several books on Kabbalah but do not know Hebrew. What books will teach me the tools on how to transform my life so that I am more consciously creating it?

The book Power of Kabbalah Yehuda Berg and The Way by Michael Berg. At

biily, what if you are now willing to admit the chaos is your responsibility but have trouble taking new actions.

That's where the tools of Kabbalah come in. they give us the courage and might to embrace the challenges and the fire to follow through and succeed. Just sitting here tonight, listening and reading about Kabbalah's wisdom, gives you unimaginable power and strength on a soul level.

The kabbalists revealed a very cool secret

The wisdom of Kabbalah, its teachings, its lessons, its ideas, are the actual substance of spiritual Light and energy.

Each time a new idea or concept enters your mind, you are empowered not just with knowledge, but more important, with Light!!!!!

Thank you for your answer on astrology Billy.


One of my university mate in Egypt once asked what do I think of the Isralites I said I think you are all brothers and should learn to get along, I also mentioned that Abraham would turn in His grave to see the cruelty among his generation. My Friend was mad. Did not see that picture.

What I do know that Islam has a Zeal for God and it is fired. I really felt close to God living in the Muslim community. I can therefore relate to Islam been the Positive charge.

All paths contain the spark of God. The fire. The truth. But those in the establishment tend to suck out the fire and create religion. This happens in Judaism throughout history.

A Kabbalist and a spiritual Muslim would create such Light together that it would shine all over the world.

But an unspiritual Jew and an unspiritual Muslim only create Darkness.

However, according the Zohar, the Jews, using kabbalah, must take the first step and bring Light to all the nations. We must give unconditional love.

When the muslims and all people feel our Light and fire, they will respond with love and cherish us. This is what the Zohar teaches. But if we are not spiritual, if we ignore the Zohar and its teachings, the Zohar says "Woe" in regards to the children of Ishmael.

They will wage war with the Jews.

People want our Light. Our warmth. Our fire. Our spirit. Only Zohar and Kabbalah can deliver that.


Because the Zohar is the soul of the Torah and the soul of man.

What happens when a body does not have a soul?

This is what happens to Torah and all religions when there is no soul.

Are you all ready for a harsh and controversial Kabbalistic truth?

If we do not give the world the warmth of spirituality that comes from the Zohar and our soul, then the Zohar says, that, in effect, the world will burn our bodies to get that warmth.

The choice is ours.

This is not about the Zohar being a sect or path or an aspect of Judaism.

That is a corruption.

The Zohar is the essence and be-all and end-all of Judaism and all spiritual paths.

The Zohar itself says, there will be people of darkness (rabbis, scholars etc.) that will try to keep the Zohar from the Jews and all the world.

They will discredit it. Or they will Call it mysticism. They will Make it complicated. Or call it dangerous. They will say it makes you crazy. Or label it esoteric knowledge. Or bad-mouth and slander the Kabbalists who try to share it. They even killed many Kabbalists in history who tried to share it.

They will do everything in their power to keep it from the people.

Because in truth, its everything. The Zohar is the seed and DNA of all spirituality, it is the root of your very soul, the stuff that you are made of. And it is quite simple Love Your Neghbor as Yourself, Love your enemies, give love unconditionally, use the tools to uproot your own selfish negative traits, and share it with others.

This will remove darkness from the world, thus, the people of darkness fear it because it means their own demise.

Did you plan to have a chat session on the coming ofMessiah and the meaning and implications of such a time?

Cool idea.

If Torah alone could not redeem us and the prophesy of Isaish says that "the laws will be written on our hearts could there be two comings of messiah ONe to bring us a spiritual rebirth as a new creation with the laws written on our hearts...and second to create a new world governed by those who have learned the meaing of righteousness and lawlessness.

The Torah with its soul Zohar will redeem us. But stop clinging to the idea of a saviour and redeemer. You are the redeemer. Using Torah/Zohar to cleanse and purify yourself will redeem you.

When enough people have achieved personal redemption, then a messiah appears as a sign that its over. Imagine lighting candles in a pitch dark room. Eventually, there will be enough candles where there is more light than darkness. that flashpoint is called by the code term "messiah".

There is a potential messiah in EVERY generation. He is not coming twice. He is always here,he comes every generation waiting for US to do the job.

But we have been duped into sitting passively by waiting for someone to do the work for us. We are not ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACKS in the game of life, sitting in our easy chair watching the TV screen of life.

We must get off the chair, jump into the game and do some hard spiritual work.

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