Chi is the missing link

The mysterious substance that causes and sustains creation.

This universal life energy called qi (or chi) in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India circulates throughout the body and in an energy field surrounding the body. It's actually what people turn to religion to find, because it is GOD, all is ENERGY. Visualiztion exercises draws CHI to the body, because ENERGY follows THOUGHT.

"Throughout history, many cultures have believed in the existence of some sort of energy that permeates all living organisms, including human beings. This universal life energy called qi (or chi) in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India circulates throughout the body and in an energy field surrounding the body. Health, according to this model, is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in this flow (due to unhealthy habits or emotions, for example) may result in illness "

Andrew Weil, MD

"There are numberless energy rays in the Universe All rays come from the subtle nature of the Universe The interwoven energy net influences the lives of individual human beings, whole societies and entire race A virtuous individual who responds to the high, pure, harmonious subtle energy rays and integrates them with the positive elements of his own inner being may strengthen his life, enhance his health and power, and lengthen his years. "

Lao Tzu, Hua Hu Ching, 500 B.C.

Ancient science and medicine had detailed knowledge about energy flow and energy centers in the body. All ancient cultures had their own name for this energy. The Chinese called it "chi", the Japanese called it "ki"; the Indians called it "prana". The Jews practice Kabala, and visualize the CHI moving through the tree of life (the spine).

All the traditional Eastern methods, such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, are examples of using Chi for the maintenance of human well being.

Practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine use acupuncture to influence the balance and flow of energy in the human body. This practice has unequivocally demonstrated that subtle energy plays the role of "energetic software" for the processes in our body on all levels: physical, emotional and mental.

That is why the knowledge of how to regulate the flow of subtle energy in the body can be used for the maintenance of good health as well as for helping to overcome dysfunction on any of these levels.

The primary purpose of these methods is the prevention of disease through a system of balancing the energy flow in the body. A balanced energy system is the best defense against disease.

A balanced energy system creates harmony in the dynamic interactions of all organs of the body.

In modern life many outside influences push us out of balance: chronic stress, environmental pollution, lack of nutrients in the food, emotional pressures, etc. All these things can cause disharmony in our energy system, and as a result, leave the body energetically depleted and thus vulnerable to disease.

The usual reaction of the human body to stress is, at first, agitation and over-activity of all systems. Chronic stress causes exhaustion and depletion of the entire system, leading to the degeneration of all functions right down to the cellular level.

Depletion and dis-balance of the "energetic software" of the body diminishes the effectiveness of any treatment, no matter how good the remedies and methods used.

We need tools in these modern times to help us restore and maintain the flow and balance of subtle energy in our bodies.

With his innovative breakthrough technology Dr. Yury Kronn has created Energy Tools for this purpose. He has invented a tunable subtle energy generator that works on the same energetic principle as acupuncture. This breakthrough technology makes subtle energy available to everyone by making it an ingredient that can be added to almost any product as well as infused into a wide variety of substances.

Basic Principles of Vital Force Technology

The building blocks of everything in the physical Universe are only three stable particles: the proton, the neutron and the electron. They comprise all the substances of the physical world, including those of which human beings are made. Modern science discovered that these three particles are made up of so-called subatomic particles: quarks, neutrinos, etc.

Sub-atomic particles don't interact with the physical world directly, revealing themselves only in nuclear reactions.

On the other hand, science knows that 90% of the Universe is comprised of invisible substance which they call "dark matter", discovered via astrophysical measurements. Dark matter is invisible to modern scientific equipment because electromagnetic energy does not interact with it.

"Dark Matter is strange stuff. It's all around you but you can't see it. It's whistling by your ears but you can't hear it. It is arguably the most important material in the Universe, but until recently scientists had no idea that it existed. It will decide the fate of the Universe but we have no idea what it is. How can scientists, after so many centuries, still know so little about the workings of the cosmos?"

Chi is actually dark matter, not normal electromagnetism. Chi is a more subtler form of energy, it is this energy that our physical bodies rely on. Scientists call it wimpy energy, weak interactive particles.

James Trefil, Smithsonian,
"Dark Matter" p. 27, June 1993

CHI, Dark matter coming from the reflection nebula in OR-ION which mean Electron gate.

"Science doesn't realize yet that in fact the 'substance' of the subatomic world and dark matter are the same. The subatomic world has it's own energy, subtle energy, different in nature than electromagnetic energy, which is the basic energy of the physical world. Of course, it is only a hypothesis, but if this hypothesis is not correct, then my equipment would not work," says Dr. Kronn.

As electromagnetic energy does not interact with dark matter (subatomic substance), so subtle energy does not interact directly with physical matter. That is why science cannot detect it directly.

Subtle energy has an influence on physical matter through the dynamic process of creation of the basic particles of physical matter. In other words, influencing subatomic particles during that process, subtle energy can affect the properties of the resulting physical substances.

With his invention Dr. Kronn has created an "indirect" technological interface between physical matter and the subatomic world of subtle energy.

Despite the fact that science can't measure subtle energy, it is the force which influences the processes of the body on all levels: mental, psychological, and physiological. This takes place through a complex system of energy centers and channels (acupuncture meridians) delivering energy to the organs of the body.

Dr. Kronn found a way not only to generate subtle energy, but also developed a "language" for creating specific energy patterns for the "energetic software" of the body. These patterns can be imprinted into many substances: liquid minerals, water, powders, and other compounds capable of storing information. In other words, subtle energy can now be captured, recorded, stored, amplified and transmitted.

Applications of the Technology

Now, for the first time ever, it is possible to add a Subtle Energy Formula to an existing product, enriching its properties or adding new ones. Custom formulations can be designed to enhance the properties of almost any product. Specific patterns of energy help restore balance and harmony in the human energy system.

For instance, trace minerals infused with a specific energy pattern work on stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness, emotional and physical tension, and anger. This pattern helps adjust emotions to a balanced level, helps to remove blockages from the liver meridian, and improve the sleep process.

Trace minerals infused with a different energy pattern strengthen the immune system by supporting glands involved in immune response. There is also an energy pattern that influences the Thymus gland energetically. A healthy thymus is an important part of the immune defense mechanism and is an indication of longevity.

On the other hand, trace minerals infused with another energy pattern support the heart, small intestine and the meridians of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas. This pattern has a slow warming effect like a glowing ember and fights with "dampness" in the body, one of the main results of modern lifestyles.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, "dampness" is a major cause of many degenerative conditions, such as disruption of the metabolism, diabetes, immune deficiency, and the premature degeneration and aging of tissues.

Another example of how subtle energy can enrich the properties of a product is a topical cream infused with energy patterns. The skin is the largest organ of the body, responsible for many important functions like absorption, respiration, and elimination. All the acupuncture meridians are connected to the skin.

Creams have been infused with energy patterns designed to regulate and balance the energy of this organ, especially when it is damaged. Some patterns are particularly beneficial for soft tissue damage where they go to work to re-establish the energy flow, essential for the regeneration of damaged tissues. Cream infused with this energy pattern relieves the pain caused by trauma amazingly fast.

These examples illustrate just a few of the possible applications for subtle energy patterns relative to the processes of the body. Since subtle energy influences all functions of life, it is only a matter of time before we understand more about how energy patterns can be used to help us solve many of the problems we face both individually and as a global community.

(For the purposes of this article the words "subtle energy" and "chi" are used interchangeably.)

Chi Tao (Energy Way)

Chi Tao means Energy Way. This is the study of how energy flows within our body and within the Universe, with special emphasis on how we access and direct that energy. Life force energy pervades the whole Universe and is called by many names; Ki (Japanese), Chi (Chinese), Prana (Indian) etc. It is abundant in every area of the Universe and is freely accessible to everyone.

There are innumerable teachings around this energy and how to access it, the most recently popular is Reiki. I have made a study of many religions and philosophies, and of course have found many similarities in the teachings and presentations of how we as humans relate to and access this life giving energy.

Not surprisingly, one of the similarities among these different perspectives on this essential, universal and free energy is that it has always been a rather complicated and difficult to connect with this energy.

I have had the good fortune to be blessed with teachers of great wisdom and integrity, and have come to know and can demonstrate that accessing this energy is the easiest and most natural thing we can do. This is Universal Life Force Energy, meaning it is everywhere and freely accessible to all.

Chi Tao is primarily a martial art, because it allows for a direct experience of this energy and a natural growth through it's many possibilities. This is a martial art for the New Age, a respectful self defense that conforms to spiritual truths and our new awareness of the unity and oneness of all things.

There are no hits or kicks or blocks in this martial art. We use the extreme situations of self defense to help us observe the movement of Chi in others, and it's availability to us in our daily lives. We learn through experience that through oneness with the natural ways of harmony with the Universe we can access unlimited energy. We discover that harmony and unrestricted Chi flow is our natural state of being, Of course the natural extension of learning to use this "Chi" or "Ki" energy in our daily lives is to use it for healing ourselves and others.

I have also chosen to continue to teach other modalities of accessing this energy. There are many ways to say the same thing and many people with different ways of listening. To achieve communication, there must be an agreed upon language or vocabulary. Perhaps among these pages, you will find something that speaks to you.

Chi - the vital energy

Chi can be freely translated as 'vital energy' or 'life force'. Every living thing in the universe is said to possess chi. it is that which gives us life, the vital spark which lets us live, move and function. When the term is applied specifically to human beings, it refers to the energy freely circulating around the body.

This concept is shared by many cultures, notably the indian Yogis, who call it prana, the Tibetan timmo, and the Japanese ki. In the West the notion of a circulating life force within the body is no longer fashionable but, in the past, it was a generally accepted idea and was widely ascribed to in the cures of Anton Mesmer. Prior to Mesmer the ancient Grecks referred to this energy as pneuma.

In Chinese medicine and chi kung (chi cultivation arts), chi is designated as a 'Yin' or insubstantial energy - it can be felt but has no obvious form, whereas the human body has form and is a gross energy that is classified as 'Yang'.

The ancient philosophy of Taoism divided everything in the universe as either 'Yin' or 'Yang', and the universal symbol represents that idea (fig. 1). Yin is anything which has a female quality - caring, yielding, softness, night, are examples of what may be described as Yin. Its symbolic colour is black. Yang is the exact opposite, representing male qualities of strength, aggression, hardness, day, and whose colour is white.

When chi is strong, the body is vibrant and active; when weak, the opposite occurs. In order to be strong and healthy, chi must be abundant and flowing smoothly.

An explanation of how chi circulates is now in order. The body has 12 main channels or 'meridians', which function like rivers distributing chi throughout the body. There are eight extra channels whose function is to store and regulate the energy, and generally act as reservoirs.

Each channel is connected to an organ and runs to a foot or hand, ending at the fingers or toes. The energy passes along the channel to nourish and give life to that organ, and on through the channels feeding the other organs. Between every one of the major routes there are a countless number of tiny tributaries or canals. These interconnect all of the main channels and supply chi to the skin.

When the chi is low, stagnating or blocked at a point, ill health and weakness will result. At this time one of three options could be used to rebalance the situation. An acupuncturist could diagnose the problem and insert needles at the appropriate points to regulate the energy flow.

A herbalist could administer specific combinations of herbs after diagnosis. This would be to readjust the behaviour of the energy within the organ and the smooth flow of energy along the channel. In turn this would affect all of the channels through which the chi passes.

The third method would be to practise one of the three internal exercises and martial arts of tai chi - pa kua, hsing yi, or chi kung. The combination of the movements, breathing and calm relaxation could restore the energy back to normal.

The use of exercises such as these is usually as a preventive against ill health, rather than a cure. When the malfunction in the body has reached a critical point, medical treatment is usually called for to redress the balance. This is then followed by the exercise therapy to reinforce the treatment and maintain the return to balance.

The ageing process is also governed by the quality, strength and smooth flow of vital energy in the body. if the organs are not functioning at their peak, the body will never reach its potential, shortening the life-span of the individual. Until the early part of this century there were longevity schools in China, where old masters would train their followers with the aim of a vastly extended life expectancy.

To reach the goal the internat martial arts, chi kung exercise, dietary control and the taking of specific herbs and extracts were followed. The results, apparently, could be spectacular, with schools full of centenarians in some instances. The students must have possessed a great deal of dogged determina- tion to follow such a spartan regime, while also being able to afford the extremely expensive herbs and extracts required.

In the practice of acquiring chi, certain points of the body are of special interest. At these points chi can be regulated and strengthened. The most prominent is the tan tien, which is situated two inches below the navel. This is the hub of all tai chi activity, and the place where energy circulation starts and finishes.

By building up energy at this point, the chi can be made to flow into the main meridians, and strengthen the body. Almost as important as the tan tien is ming men (or the 'life gate') which is situated on the spine in the small of the back. This is sometimes called the 'back lan tien' and is a very important point not only in chi kung, but also in acupuncture.

The major point in the foot is called yong guan ('bubbling well'), which is situated on the sole and is the starting point of the kidney meridian.

The kidney chi plays a major role in the health of the body; being at the beginning of the channel is of great significance. At the other end of the body you will find the point called bai hui, which can be found on the top of the head. At this junction the energy flow of the head and the onward flow of energy can be controlled.


Chi is the universal energy all around us that we can tap into in order to heal and balance our bodies. Our body is like a prism or lens capable of focusing and directing this energy for various uses. The teaching of Chi, or Chi Gong, is focused in on Ba Gua and T'ai Chi.

Chi Gong is the ancient Chinese practice of healing and energy balancing. Although not as well know as T'ai Chi Ch'uan in the West, it is literally the power behind the form. Without Chi Gong, the teaching of how to use our internal energy, the form is but an empty dance.

The Chi of one person is not separate from the energy of the planet and the universe, and as an individual, you are affected by the quality of energies around you.

When your own internal Chi is strong, you can lessen the effect of the Chi of the environment, and increase the power of your immune system. With Chi Gong, you learn how to connect your energy with the energy of the outer environment in a way that is more harmonious and balanced,


"The people of ancient times who knew the Tao, used the concepts of Yin and Yang and methods of Chi Kung. They had proper food intake, a well-regulated daily life, and did not overwork, so their body and mind remained healthy. They died at age one hundred."

Yellow Emperor's Classic on Internal Medicine (2,690 - 2,590 B.C.)

CHI KUNG (pronounced "chee-gung") means "energy exercise," a powerful ancient Chinese healing art that cultivates the intrinsic natural energy within the body that the Chinese call "chi," or vital life force, to impart many profound health benefits-- both curative and preventative. Since time immemorial, Chi Kung has been practiced to provide good health and increase longevity.

Asian cultures Chinese and Indian in particular have long recognized the paramount importance of breath-related energy to health and longevity, and developed yogic techniques to heal and strengthen the body.

In India, these techniques were collectively called yoga. In China, breath-power techniques are called "Chi-Kung", and they evolved to become the secret "generator" that has empowered the Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine, and served as the meditative vehicle for all Chinese philosophical and spiritual insight.

For more than 5,000 years, Chi Kung has been practiced for:
Prevention of disease, Treatment of chronic disease, Strengthening the body, Improving intelligence, Extending longevity, Developing latent powers, and Spiritual development.

A person might wonder how one discipline can be so versatile. Chi Kung is a foremost holistic therapy imparting such a remarkable range of benefits because it brings the body's organic functions under the regulation of the subconscious mind. By conditioning and perfecting the nervous system's regulatory function, Chi Kung balances the internal energies throughout the body and so enhances every physiological function: respiration, circulation, metabolism, skeletal strength, posture, neuro-muscular function, endocrine function, and most notably, the immune system.

Chi: Internal Energy

In Chinese, the term ch'i means air, breath, power, effervescence, combustion, electricity, energy. It is the fundamental bio-physical energy that sustains life and is associated with breath, blood, and nerve. What the Chinese call ch'i is the same vital life force that the ancient Indians termed prajna, that the ancient Greeks termed pneuma, and the not-so-ancient French call elan vitale.

The ancient Chinese sages saw all of human existence in terms of ch'i, and human health as a delicate balance of subtle energies conducted throughout the organism through specific channels or meridians. Just as Albert Einstein demonstrated the elegant unity and constant inter-relationship of all matter and energy, the ancient Chinese intuited a correspondingly delicate and interdependent web of energy patterns flowing through and forming the basis of all that exists.

One of the great contributions of ancient Chinese culture was the discovery of precise patterns of vital energy within the body--and the means to direct these energy flows in specific ways. Internal energy (ch'i) could be nurtured to prevent disease and premature aging.

It could be made to flow from one person to another to heal injuries. It could empower the martial arts to supernormal capabilities. It could also be tempered and purified through ascetic practices and moral devotion to heighten awareness and develop spiritual potential.

Chi Kung is an esoteric practice that induces internal energy to manifest in awareness, and then ingeniously focuses the mind to strengthen the chi by increasing its promoting circulation throughout the body.

The famous philosopher Mencius wrote long ago:

Our willpower can control the flow of energy, When we think of a certain organ or area of our body,
energy will flow to that part.Energy is the basic ingredient of our whole body. All our organs,tissues and cells as well as all our physiological functions and mental activities are the products of energy.

Chi Kung: Exercise of Internal Energy

Chi kung is a generic, far-reaching term that represents an enormous range of disciplines that develop ch'i. There are many, many techniques that induce chi flow, each giving rise to a distinct style of Chi Kung. All methods of chi kung involve regulating the mind (consciousness), or "Yi", the body (shape-posture"), and the breathing process, or "Chi".

Chi Kung styles vary greatly from one to another according to esoteric formulas by which they regulate these three processes. Chi Kung styles are characteristically described as Quiescent, Dynamic, and Quiescent-Dynamic, as they utilize sedentary postures (ching), or movement (tung), or, as in most systems, both static postures and movement.

Any particular style of Chi Kung is distinguished by its unique formula combining breath control, relaxation, mental concentration and bodily movements to achieve powerful synergistic effects. Within this universe of chi kung, there are three general forms: (1) therapeutic or medical chi kung, (2) martial chi kung; and (3) spiritual chi kung.

The most popular and widely practiced styles of chi kung in China and in the west are medical forms. This is because the martial and spiritual chi kung systems are jealously guarded within China's martial fraternities and spiritual orders--as they have for thousands of years, while medical chi kung knowledge has been widely disseminated and its practice strongly encouraged by the Chinese government.

As a result, over the last two decades, (medical) chi kung has become a mass phenomenon the exercise rage throughout China that has spread to many neighboring and foreign countries. Today, it's marvelous benefits to health are being discovered by more and more people in the west.

Taoist Roots

Chi Kung's wide range of benefits is due to its fundamental principles of natural balance and cyclical polarization: stasis and movement, creation and destruction, death and rebirth, exhaustion and rejuvenation--as expounded in the indigenous Chinese philosophy known as Taoism.

The cosmos is a body of chi. Chi has the properties of yin and yang.

When chi is spread out, it permeates all things; when it coalesces it becomes nebulous. When this settles into form, it becomes matter. When it disintegrates it returns to its original state.

- Zhang Dai, (11th Century)

While innumerable schools of philosophy and natural science were active during China's long history, all forms of Chi Kung have, to varying degrees, an underpinning of Taoism. The workings of Chi Kung is thus classically described as developing three aspects of human potential Jing, (metabolic essence), Chi (energy), and Shen (spirit). The ancient Taoists saw human existence in terms of this triune nature and developed means to nourish and cultivate these essential components of health and longevity.

The esoteric processes by which Jing, Chi, and Shen are refined and strengthened (involving the regulation of eyes, mind, movement, breath and shape/posture) are based on natural law and are best described as "alchemy," or "all-chemistry."

They utilize and are governed by the same laws of cyclical polarization that determine energy transformations at every level in the universe. Because of this fundamental view of man's nature his life and health held in relation to the cosmos, chi-kung directly taps into the universal, world-creating power.

For this reason, advanced Chi Kung methods are carefully guarded by its preservers, and transmitted through a private oral tradition between master and apprentice, in the same manner as the Chinese martial and healing arts.

Recent scientific research has shown that Chi Kung works by conditioning the human respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems to effectively accelerate and increase the supply of oxygen to and the elimination of carbon dioxide from the human system. Specifically Chi Kung's patterns of deep breathing, postures and movements are designed to maximize vital capacity of the lungs and their efficiency in gas exchange; and the circulation of blood throughout the body.

The gradual conditioning of daily Chi Kung exercise permanently expands the vital capacity of each breath (called tidal volume by medical researchers) while decreasing the frequency of breathes over any period of time (measured as breath cycles per minute, or MRC for "minute respiratory cycles"). This increase in respiratory efficiency directly enhances human metabolism the process by which the body converts nutrients into energy and does so on the cellular level.

After several decades of long-term medical studies conducted in China and the West, Chi Kung is now considered "scientific breathing therapy", for it has been found to be effective in curing many chronic and degenerative diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, insomnia, migraine, asthma, diabetes, neurasthenia, ulcers, hypertension, "chronic fatigue syndrome", lupus, sexual impotence, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, and some forms of cancer in their early stages.

All Is Mind

While modern science can observe, measure, and explain some of the physiological effects of Chi Kung primarily the increased efficiency of respiration, circulation and metabolism it cannot fully explain how Chi Kung imparts such a remarkably wide range of health benefits. It is also at a loss to accept let alone explain the super-normal capabilities consistently demonstrated by some high-level masters of the art.

Some of the most commonly demonstrated energy skills include numerous types of spontaneous healing, healing-at-a-distance, hei-gung (martial dexterity), nei-gung (internal kung-fu), telepathy, psychokinesis, levitational movement, astro-projection, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, aurory, mind control, lucid dream-works, and exorcism.

These latent powers can only be understood in terms of the alchemical nature of Chi Kung. Alchemy, be it Asian, European, African, Australian or Native American, operates on the premise that forms of energy can be determined by the mind. In other words, the principles of physics are on the plane of mental control, and can be used to regulate the energy system of the body or of any life form.

Unlike the western (Aristotelian) philosophy of science that semantically distorts the universe by creating an artificial duality based on the supposed struggle of mind over matter, the art of Chi Kung and all the world's hermetic philosophies start from the basic premise of mind and form.

Once health is mastered, the Chi Kung practitioner can apply these same principles to regulate energy processes outside of one's body. This is the nature of healing in traditional Chinese medicine. Thus the entire tradition of Chinese healing and martial arts is a science of mind.

The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears as an accidental intruder into the world of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the world of matter."
Sir James Jeans, The Mysterious Universe, 1937

All Chi Kung systems thus begin and end with regulation of the mind's power ("Yi"), for it is the mind that can regulate bodily posture and movement, as well as control the breathing process. For the intrinsic energy to flow unimpeded through the human body, certain natural postures are assumed and perfected over a long course of training.

Breathing must be regulated according to natural rhythms in order to muster and strengthen the chi flow. Most importantly, the mind must be quiet and calm yet focused, in order to perceive the subtle flows of internal energy, and to ultimately direct its movement.

Chi-Kung is thus pre-eminent in training the mind, and its practitioners develop a mental clarity and focus far beyond the norm. People lacking in concentration have untrained minds, which the Chinese say are like "monkeys and wild horses," running everywhere. Chi Kung calms the mind through discipline, integrates it with the body, and thereby cleanses the nervous system so that erroneous thinking is reformed, obscuring passions are subdued, and common sense and wisdom arise to guide one's actions.

For thousands of years, Taoists and Chan Buddhists have known that calmness (mental quiescence) and wisdom is like a lamp and its light. Along with its great health benefits, the deep, meditative practice of Chi Kung is an invaluable means of achieving this essential calmness throughout one's total being. Total calm leads to inner awareness, outer awareness and spiritual insight.

Life is imbued with a structural sensitivity an integrated awareness that experiences one's being as a conscious energy process continuous with all life, and this universal awareness operates from the celestial to the cellular level.

This experience of continuity as at the heart of Chinese philosophy and culture, for it raises man's existence to the transcendent planes of universal consciousness and harmony. By becoming one with universal laws, one attains true personal power and gains mastery over one's fate.

Take emptiness to the limit; Maintain tranquility in the center.
the ten thousand things-side-by-side they arise; And by this I see their return.

Things come forth in great numbers; each one returns to is root
This is called tranquility. "Tranquility"-this means to return to your fate.

To return to your fate is to be constant; To know the constant is to be wise.

Not to know the constant is to be reckless and wild;
If you're reckless and wild, your actions will lead to misfortune.

To Know the constant is to be all-embracing;

To be all-embracing is to be impartial; To be impartial is to be kingly; To be kingly is to be like Heaven; To be like Heaven is to be one with the Tao.

If you are one with the Tao, to the end of your days you'll suffer no harm.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

The fruit of diligent Chi-Kung training and life-long meditative works and is the unified mind-body-spirit, the fully actualized, creative totality of oneself, and is symbolized in Chinese culture as the "peach of immortality".

The New age concept of energy is the same as the Occult worldview. They believe there is an energy that flows through all things (which they believe is God as a force) and it is in man as well. This energy needs to be channeled and balanced for it to function in its optimum level. this is the basis fro Pantheism as well as panentheism.


KUNDALINI WITHIN THE SPINAL COLUMN IS SAID TO EXIST AN ENERGY CONDUIT. IF It flows through the body through 12 invisible channels called meridians 10 of which are associated with known organs, the other two are named for non existent organs (circulation and triple warmer).

CLAIMS ARE THAT ILLNESS OCCURS WHEN THE FLOW OF CH'I THROUGH THE BODY IS OBSTRUCTED OR EXCESSIVE IN ANY AREA. Chinese medicine teaches that illness occurs when the chi’ is blocked disrupting the balance of the yin and yang. When the flow of chi’ is regulated and balanced yin and yang are restored and healing occurs.

Mary Coddington's book In Search of the Healing Energy correlates a variety of these energy concepts, including the Huna (Polynesian shaman) energy called "Mana," (life force), Mesmer's "animal magnetism," Cayce's "psychic energy," Hahnemann's homeopathic "vital force," D. D. Palmer's chiropractic theory of "innate intelligence," Reich's "orgone energy" and the energies in kundalini yoga, and psychic healing. By whatever name it is called "the healing energy always displays a remarkable similarity" and is frequently portrayed as having an intelligence of its own.

Some of the practitioners claim this energy has intelligence but in practice it is the opposite. We are in control, so if it does have intelligence it is not a high degree or at least not as high as mans. If it does have a high intelligence and is divine as some claim, then it is surrendering itself over into man’s control, a lower life form.

Chi, from the Zodiac

This would be equivalent to man putting himself into the hands of an animal to dictate how he is to act. What we need to ask is where does this God energy come from? What is its source, since it is in everyone and everything. While it first appears to be controlled by the one dispensing it, nothing could be further from the truth. It comes from the stars.

Further, this energy can act independently, display intelligence, enter a person, and cause the development of psychic powers, radical occultist personality transformation, and spirit possession. Ankerberg and Weldon document quotes in numerous texts such as Swami Muktananda's spiritual autobiography, Play of Consciousness (187), or Da Free John's Garbage and the Goddess (188).

For example, ACUPUNCTURE-is based on the Chinese tradition that one’s body functions are controlled by the flow of life energy called Chi’ that runs through the body. Disease and pain are traced to one having either excessive or restricted blockage.

Acupuncture tries to restore the free flow of the Chi by stimulating specific points on the body by inserting needles or with small electrical charges to stimulate the energy. Also high and low frequency sound waves are used or a low powered laser.

Acupressure- Is based on the same principle except this is done by finger pressure. Other names of this type of acupressure are Myotherapy, which uses what is called trigger points. Orgonomy uses sexual orgasm to free the flow of chi’.

Reflexology uses pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to the internal organs of ones body. Rolfing-manipulates Chi’ by intense massage techniques. Zone therapy manipulates pressure points on the body.

Those offering these teachings are practicing Occultists or adopted this practice unaware of its metaphysical connection. They are teachers who may never have thought through the implications of the practices they advocate.

They are unaware of the similarities between certain aspects of positive confession and Occultic practices of affirmations and tapping into the spiritual to bring something physical. When someone who is a Christian gets involved in the new age world view they start to believe it is the Holy Spirits working to align energy. But His work has never changed, it is still to convict man of sin and give one understanding in the word.

John Ankerberg's issue of News and Views, (June 1988, p.1) reports that these words are used in religious rituals to influence both the spirit world and the material world. Quoting Occult magician David Conway discussing the power of magical words to affect these worlds:

"Unseparable from magical speculation about words is the theory of vibrations, which supposes that certain sounds have a powerful acoustic impact on both the spiritual and astral worlds. Like the spiritual world and astral plane can in some circumstances be affected by sound, so that verbal magic may be said to derive its power not only from the idea contained in certain words, but from the peculiar vibrations these words create when spoken" (Magic: an Occult Primer, pp. 74-75).


Massage & Bodywork - Spring 1997: Revised 10/5/98,
By Mark Lamm

Ouch, my shoulder! My elbows are stressed! As massage and bodywork practitioners, we are required to use our own bodies, our own energies to effectively facilitate our clients. I am often asked by practitioners how they can alleviate and avoid stressing their anatomy and how to be more efficient in doing massage and bodywork.

How would it be if we could use ourselves in a totally integrated, coordinated, and empowered way by tapping into the universal energy called Chi (in Japan and Korea, Ki) and having that energy flow through us? What is this mysterious Chi?

Actually, it is not mysterious at all, it is the rhythm of the Universe, the lifeforce, the intrinsic energy inherent in every human that in most of us is dispersed, unfocused, and uncoordinated. It is like having a genie in a bottle, carrying that bottle wherever you go and never taking the cork out to allow the genie to present you with boundless gifts. Where are the instructions that come with our body?

Let's take the cork out of the bottle and apply some simple concepts for using this marvelous gift. Chi is directed by your focus and intention, and flows from your Chi center, physically located just below your navel point through the focal area (contact point between practitioner and client).

Chi is not muscular strength and just like water flowing through a hose, causes the hose to be firm, yet not rigid, so also when using Chi the body is firm and in total balance. Become aware of using your body in circular, spiral ways so we don¹t restrict ourselves to only linear movements.

Let's consider the diversity of possibilities from center with each radius and spiral, like the proton-electron of an atom, the orbits of planets around the sun, let¹s give ourselves permission to explore all this freedom in our own multidimensional bodies.

There are certain observances to open the door to Chi flow. Body integrity is called for with feet comfortably and naturally apart, shoulders even, chin tucked slightly down, elbows and knees need to be unlocked. For example, if you feel excessive tension or shaking in your arms, you are using muscular force-soften and transfer your focus into the Chi point and generate energy from there.

In energetic terms, Chi is both soft (Yin) and hard (Yang), whatever is called for in the moment. A client's tissue may resist a hard approach, yet melt with a firm, soft Yin Chi, and as the tissue softens the Chi flow becomes stronger or Yang to effect a positive change. So, there is an electro-magnetic shift that occurs organically.

There are many Chi generating exercises, one of the simplest and most effective is the "Standing Wave,". Simulate pulling a blanket up and towards your chest in a circular manner (wrists loose) and then tucking it under (palms vertical) finish the movement by returning to the original position making a complete circle. Slowly, in rhythm, all motion generated from your Chi point, let the breath flow naturally. To vary this movement, switch legs, face different directions, etc.

In terms of somatic therapy, foot movement generally precedes the generation of Chi. To keep body integrity, move the feet when repositioning your therapy moves, allow them to turn on the ball or heels as naturally and easily as needed. I like to use the analogy of a spinning top so that my center is the generating force and the client point of contact is close to this center, this way you¹re not working at extension but with body integrity. The more you use Chi the more it integrates and becomes a totally natural expression.

Once you start using this simple and profound resource you'll wonder why you didn't utilize it before. To further develop your Chi power the practice of Tai Chi Ch'uan and especially Aikido will produce excellent results.

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