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"Welcome to the real world."

Can we escape from the matrix

Escapism is a common response to the nasty side of life. The different forms of escapism seem endless: movies, novels, sports, computer games, pornography, alcohol, sex, drugs, crosswords, and music to name but a few.

Now, these activities are not inherently ‘bad’ for us, but looking closely at how we use them can reveal the motives behind why we often resort to them when the going gets tough.

All these various forms of entertainment are used to shy away from life’s negative side, to avoid confronting those aspects of living that we find distasteful. Worried about paying the rent or the mortgage, concerned that our love life has lost its spark, or niggled by our over-demanding boss at work, it’s understandable that we hide away in a bottle of beer or the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Life is not only often a nasty experience however; it can also be very boring! Who amongst us would rather sit and watch the nondescript nature of breathing than an exciting movie such as ‘The Matrix’, with its intense actions scenes and fantastic storyline? What could be less interesting or inspiring than paying attention to our in-breaths and out-breaths moment by moment? But this is exactly what the Buddha encouraged us to when he frequently described the practice of anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) as a form of meditation in famous discourses such the Maha Satipatthana Sutta and the Anapanasati Sutta.

In these texts, meditators are advised to go to the forest, or to the foot of a tree, or to an empty, solitary place (hence the existence of forest monasteries where societal distractions are not to be found). Now, this doesn’t mean that meditation can’t be performed at home, in the village, town or city, but it does indicate that wherever we choose to practice anapanasati it should be quiet and free from distractions. A quiet room at home or a peaceful garden would be fine for this purpose: the Buddha and his disciples often hung out in orange groves to meditate and live mindfully.

The Buddha further instructed that the meditator sits down cross-legged, keeping his body erect, and focuses his mindfulness. Sitting cross-legged with a straightened back is a good posture for long periods of meditation, allowing one to be relaxed yet alert, and is found in many meditative traditions outside Buddhism.

If one finds it excessively uncomfortable sitting erect on a chair will suffice, as long as one doesn’t get too comfortable and start snoozing off! Then with keen mindfulness he breathes in and with keen mindfulness he breathes out. This is the essence of anapanasati, to watch the breath with patience, noting whether it is long in-breath or short in-breath, long out-breath or short out-breath.

Focusing the mind thus, over time one will develop a peaceful alertness that establishes a secure base from which to watch both body and mind more closely, seeing them as they really are in this moment as impermanent, suffering, and not-self. This is the beginning of the Buddhist meditation path, and an opening up to the wisdom of the Buddha, as attested to by many practitioners to this day.

Anapanasati is not a particularly negative experience, but neither is it an exciting one. And this middle ground is precisely what gives anapanasati its strength; in paying attention to our breathing, we can begin to liberate ourselves from the constant search for highs. We start to become awake to the nature of our minds, jumping from one object to another in a constant flux of avoiding the unpleasant and seeking out the pleasurable.

Facing reality in this way is not the easy option of course; smoking a joint or watching a football match on TV are much more convenient activities. But is a life lived in various forms of escapism healthy in the long run? If we blindly follow our impulses and desires we are their slaves. The Buddha taught that desire is the main cause of our suffering (dukkha).

If we don’t get what we want, or get that which we don’t want, we suffer. I want nice weather on my day off work, but instead it pours with rain; now, I can cling to my desire for clement weather and get wound up, or I can calmly accept the way things are – which is the wiser?

Being alert to the nature of our breath is a calming practice, enabling the mind to reach a stable and peaceful state in which we can observe the myriad thoughts and feelings that occur in a surprisingly short period of time. Understanding can then arise, as we begin to notice our habits and impulses, conscious of them for perhaps for the first time in our lives.

We can then see that we’ve been caught in a self-perpetuating loop of avoidance-attraction-avoidance-attraction, ad infinitum. Seeing thus presents a new possibility, a new way of living; being with the present, with the way things are. Then we can say with the character Morpheus in the Matrix movie, “Welcome to the real world”, and actually have an inkling of what that actually means, as like Neo, we escape from our self-made prison.

The above post first appeared on the blog 'Forest Wisdom,' which was reborn as this one


Sooner or later the intelligent human mind realizes that reality is an illusion. This operates on many levels: perceptual, historical, political, molecular, spiritual. Depending on knowledge, circumstances and belief system our reality tunnel we will each have a preferred method and subject of investigation.

The scientifically inclined may turn to quantum physics, string theory and holography for answers. The religious temperament may begin to unravel the outer allegories of their sacred texts to get to the inner mysteries of true enlightenment.

The social historian may realize that realpolitik, the private military-industrial complex and supra-national globalist agendas influence world affairs more than any seemingly democratic government. In the end however, all roads lead to the same destination: pretty much everything around us is not the way we thought it was.

This epiphany is nothing new. The sages of old, the philosophers, scientists and mystics were aware of this thousands of years ago.

Much of their knowledge was handed down and recorded for the benefit of successive generations, but as the sands of time blow across the ages, things can get obscured, lost and even forgotten.

Changes to Earth and its ecosystem can further bury man’s knowledge so it appears as if it were never there in the first place. But inevitably, some inquisitive mind will come along and rediscover the ancient wisdom for himself, and upon the quest, will realize that his attainment is indeed an unearthing rather than an original creation. It is a remembrance.

One fundamental principle of the illusion is the false impression of separation; the idea that we are somehow separate from the material things in our world. This is still the foundation for much of our thinking today. Well to distill a thousand learned books into one comment: we are not separate. At the deepest level everything is connected to everything else.

Quantum physicist David Bohm (1917-1992) postulated that the ultimate nature of physical reality is not a collection of separate objects (as it appears), but rather it is an undivided whole that is in perpetual dynamic flux.

Bohm was reinterpreting ancient knowledge and translating it into a modern quantum vocabulary. This was his remembrance: “at a deeper level [matter and consciousness] are actually inseparable and interwoven. Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one.”

We are not separate from the things in our world and we are not separate from each other. Bohm called this gigantic flow of energy and consciousness the holomovement.

Within this paradigm, neurophysiologist Karl Pribram suggests that our most fundamental notions about reality become suspect, for in a holographic universe, even random events are based on holographic principles and therefore determined.

Synchronicities or meaningful coincidences suddenly makes sense, and everything in reality is seen as a metaphor, for even the most haphazard events express some underlying symmetry. As Pribram himself summarized: “the descriptions you get with spiritual experiences seem to parallel the descriptions of quantum physics.”

You may be familiar with the holodeck from Star Trek. This is in fact, a mini implementation of Bohm’s holomovement concept. According to the Star Trek Technical Manual, the holodeck is an enclosed room in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of replicated matter animated with weak tractor beams, as well as shaped force fields onto which holographic images are projected.

Sounds and smells are simulated by speakers and fragranced fluid atomizers, respectively. The feel of a large environment is simulated by suspending the participants on force fields which move with their feet, keeping them in one place (a virtual treadmill).

Perspective is retained through use of sound damping fields and graviton lenses, which make objects, people, and sounds appear to be more distant. The effect is an ultra-realistic simulation of an environment, with which the user can interact.

Wow. Wouldn’t you just love your own holodeck? Well, you’ve got one. And you’re already in it. It is the holomovement. Bigger and better than the holodeck. However, both systems do have one very important thing in common: they require a program to function. Without a program, they don’t work. There is only a blank nothingness. No program - no holodeck. And this is where we get to the crux of the matter.

We program the holomovement with our consciousness. Consciousness is the software behind everything. It follows then that if we create the holomovement, and the holomovement constitutes everything (all objects, places and people), then we co-create the entire universe, probably with many other beings and entities.

What we call the soul is our little unit of consciousness that we get to work with. Sometimes we incarnate it on different planets and in different individuals. We call them lifetimes, people or experiences.

When a 3D manifest experience is complete, the soul travels to a new destination. It is a constantly evolving piece of consciousness, indestructible and eternal. This is one of the great secrets of mankind.

Moreover, we can detect within the holomovement, evidence of a super-soul; an awesome quality of consciousness with an ancient evolutionary path that has existed for billions of years.

This super-soul is responsible for nurturing and guiding the substructure of the holomovement and all the souls within it. Many refer to this entity as God. It is this super-soul that authored the holomovement programming language itself. It is my belief that God wants us to go through the holomovement, exploring, creating, enjoying and charting it.

A Virus In The System

When we don’t realize that we are generating our own reality, our contribution to the holomovement is negligible. The reality field that we generate is weak. We feel unimportant and at the mercy of the world’s ominous, random and wholly impersonal events. We have no control.

Even in this unnatural state, our consciousness (our dream as the Australian aboriginals call it) is still programming the holomovement; we are still generating reality. The difference is that the contents of our subconscious and unconscious mind (so easily influenced by external forces) are more literally translated into what we create.

What we see through the TV screen we actually program and manifest into reality. Without real mindfulness of our creativity, we simply serve as conduits for the programming instructions we get from the Control System outlets the TV, the media, the education system, the government and society as a whole.

This is the virus that has crept into our section of the holomovement and is infecting our minds. It has contaminated most of the people on earth and corrupted their hard disk, causing them to forget their own infinite, independent, divine power. And sadly, the virus was released intentionally.

The creators of the virus have been around for millennia. They have remained well hidden and used third party agents to do their dirty work. Today we know their agents as The Globalists, The New World Order, The Illuminati, The Imperial Elitists etc. Whatever your prefer. All of them stretch back into antiquity in one form or another.

Basic study consistently establishes that they have two main operational arms: the global political arm (Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, Club Of Rome, Tavistock Institute etc), and the secret fraternal arm (Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Knights Of Malta, Knights Of Columbus, Rosicrucians And RELIGION in general).

Information on these organizations is freely available to the reader for their own study. For now, in short, we may reasonably say of the fraternal societies that they are ancient, widespread and exceedingly influential in world affairs.

I have come to refer collectively to these groups and their methods of dominion as the Control System. This focuses the mind on the matter in hand and avoids any obscure cross referencing or unintentional intimations.

Unveiling The Control System, pulling the curtain back revealing a short man which sits the wizard, with all his controls and buttons, it's but a man. Lifting the veil of ISIS, and opening the matrix, to see clearly.

Naturally, the enquiring researcher’s studies will turn to specific events and mechanisms orchestrated by the Control System to provide the requisite level of evidence to substantiate the astonishing idea that our world is controlled by highly unpleasant forces.

The initial shock that the government is most certainly not your friend, is actually one of the worst along the whole journey, right along with RELIGION. Indeed it is here, at this crucible of realization, that most fail the preliminary test and instead opt out to follow a path of comfortable diversion.

For those resolute souls who forge ahead, deep study of the Control System leads to an even more profound unveiling. It becomes clear that even the Control System itself is merely camouflage to obscure a grander and much older strategy: what we now know as ‘the virus in the holomovement’.

The awesome magnitude of this strategy, once conceived, indicates a total unlearning of all official personal, national, human and planetary history. The resultant cognitive dissonance at this point will stretch the researcher’s belief system to its limits.

Even those who have fully unraveled a mysterious event that proves government complicity in some terrible act of violence, will be tempted to simply re-examine another aspect of the Control System.

Find another project to pour themselves into. Better to be consumed in their own study than face the prospect of a total rebuilding of their personal belief system from the ground up. That’s a hard thing to do.

The Sleeper Must Awaken

You can only examine the Control System for so long. You can only investigate the inside jobs and the setups so many times. Yeah. They perpetrate this stuff all the time and the game has been rigged from the very beginning.

So where are you going? What’s next? Sooner or later we must face up to our own spiritual and metaphysical reality. This is the real destination. Only from here can we begin to dismantle their power structures. It is time to get spiritual.

It is time to suspend your belief system while you download a major upgrade. A new download, only available through meditation, as the ancient writings insist.

We are infinite. We create reality.

Without true knowledge and internalization of this information, the Control System successfully manufactures reality for us by controlling our consciousness, our dream, our imagination.

If the human consciousness is manipulated through fear-based and trauma-based systems (entrenched in our media, entertainment and news broadcasts) then the Control System can implant a reality of its own that keeps us self-limiting and passive. We are not required to be actively creative in their reality. We are just cabling for their network.

But something is changing at a fundamental level. It is accelerating events. Something that was predicted a long time ago. A natural spiritual awakening is occurring planet wide, as our galaxy moves back toward the galactic core where it’s unique frequencies begin to vibrate at higher levels.

More and more people are waking up to their own spiritual potential and divine human identity. We do not need anyone else’s programming. The Universe will reprogram our hard drives, while in meditation, receiving the light from the stars, galaxies and nebulas, this is the real reality, that removes you from the MATRIX of your old program.

The year 2012 marks a key energetic crossroads where a quantum leap in human awareness and a polarization of belief systems is likely, as we enter the age of the waterman, AQUARIUS.

The Control System is well aware of this and is pulling out all the stops to consolidate its authority. Massive fear-based control events are planned - alien landings, plague, comet, world war, economic collapse.

All attempting to nail down human consciousness and make it incapable of shaping its own destiny. That's the way the matrix works, because it was created by the controllers, and they do not want to relinquish their power over you.

The Control System has one major disadvantage though: it does not possess something very important that we all have. Something very special and possibly rather rare in the universe. what is this thing? It is our divine spark, our piece of the super-soul, our lineage to God. Did David Bohm feel this when he said: “in some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe.

We are enfolded in the universe.” It is up to each of us individually, to open the matrix, and receive the light, the light, which is CHI, electromagnetism, is the consciousness that pervades all space and time, and is the only UNCHANGING reality in the Universe, because it is the Universe itself that is the brain, the real brain, where you may create your OWN reality.

We must start generating our own reality again, as the sages and mystics of old did, as written in the myths of the earth. Begin programming the holomovement with our ideas, our love, our intent and our infinite creativity, your THOUGHTS will become your reality.

And the thoughts from above, that you receive while taking no thought in meditation, taking no thought, allows the Universe to reprogram your DNA to it's reality, thereby unplugging you from the systems of the world.

The Control System’s holomovement virus is weak. It is dependent on our ignorance and disbelief for it to function properly. Awareness of its very existence begins to instantly erode it. This awareness comes through, reading, learning and understanding.

Full comprehension of our own creative consciousness attacks the virus. When we begin to generate our own powerful reality fields again, via meditation, the virus is eliminated. So we must get natural. No more implanted reality. No more Control System programming. We generate our own reality from now on.

Meditate, get unplugged, and realize your own divinity WITHIN yourself, you will then be under the control of yourself, which is God. "Look not lo here, nor lo there, for the kingdom of God is WITHIN you" Seek it, and you can escape the matrix built by the machine (the lower nature of man). The controllers of this world.

Postings from other forumites, concerning my article on God like form.

"Unplugging The Matrix: Generate Your Own Reality"

For instance to start off with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a non-profit religious corporation. It's not a country, It's the same as a church. Under what religion are we held? We are under satanic freemasonry rule as a British colony!

The president and vice-president, are the president and vice-president of the corporation so is the treasurer, secretaries, etc.

You should also know that all corporations are fictions in law. All CORPORATION/FICTION are seen by their ALL CAPS NAMES. What makes matters worse is that they have made everyone a ALL CAPS CORPORATE/FICTION.

This is done for many, many, reasons but the main reason is control of everything and everyone. A person is a corporate fiction, so is the U.S., STATES (STATE OF CONFUSION, STATE OF AWARENESS, ETC.) COUNTIES, CITIES, ETC.!!!

A human being in a law dictionary is a monster!!! A NAME is something given to a slave!!! ETC., ETC., ETC.

We are all under Admiralty/maritime law NOT common law. In other words if you were pulled over for speeding, arrested for anything, broken any so-called law, it HAS TO BE ON THE OCEAN OR SEA TO LEGALLY CONTRACT IN WITH THEM!!!

We should learn by this to NEVER contract with these bastards. But now we are under fake government, fake laws, fake names, fake states, counties, city's, etc. Living and going along with the illusions like they were real.

The only power they have is the power that we give or have already given to them.

Look at your satanic freemasonry 1 dollar bill!!! Real "living souls" cannot owe a debt, be in jails or prison, or do business with anyone legally!!! But they are!!! Do "real people" really realize that everything is already paid for by our u.c.c.-1 filing?

That if we accept the presentment, charge, bill, monetary value, etc. WE WOULD ALL BE MULTI-MILLIONAIRES FROM THE SO-CALLED DEBT ALONE!!!! Guess not, ignorance=stupidity!!!

I know all about the illusions but other people not knowing is why I have to suffer. It the reason 12 mason cops broke into my home, kidnapped me, made me take their drugs 3 times daily for 90 days imprisoned until I was forced to illegally contract with them.

I guess I should have just made my own holodeck and left the situation!!! Yeah don't we all wish it was that easy!!!

They don't want me teaching people the truth, but I refuse to be fearful of "the powers that be".

As for other people, get some balls, it's time we take what is rightfully ours. Stop living in the illusions and feeding them!!!

Ignorance is not bliss!!! It's literally killing the ones on this earth that are trying to help you!!!

I have only barely scratched the surface with all the illusions, yes I'm way too smart and intelligent but have to pay for others ignorance, thanks!!!

The illusion works firstly in that everyone thinks we live in a fair, free democracy. We don't. We have lived in a controlled dictatorship from day one. Second level is the very nature of why that is. If you fear level is up, you ain't creating your reality.

You create low frequency gullibility. If you raise your vibration levels, via meditation, by taking control and becoming aware you are creating reality more in accordance with your heart, with what is right.

It isn't enough to pick up guns and storm the government. They'd love that and we'd get our asses kicked. No, this is much more fundamental. Awareness is the first step. Creating reality to our own design is the second step.

Yes. Wake up. To be tough, you need to be spiritual. To be victorious we need to get creative and reclaim our human heritage and stop living in the science fiction nightmare technocracy. We are the masters, not them.

The principle of this article is dead on. It's an important lesson but may be above most people's heads.

It boils down to this. If you think you're just some puny human living in someone Else's big bad world then that is what you become.

If you understand that you are an infinite spiritual entity, living in a dream of your own making, you begin to become powerful and free. It is a change of perspective. Once it happens, the spiritual evolution gets faster and faster and you get stronger and stronger.

We really need to do this people if we want to beat the ridiculous wool , pulled over our eyes by THEM.

They can control us because we cannot control ourselves, or at least that what 90 percent of us think.

What is important is not only mindfulness or awareness of the "control system" but also attention to the nature of our minds. Our reactive emotions, conditioned responses, and delusions determine our reality. They know this.

We may feel "unplugged", but unless we develop and train our monkey minds (on a daily basis) we will never truly be unplugged.

"Bahiya, you should train yourself in this way:

With the seen, there will be just the seen; with the heard, there will be just the heard; with the sensed (touched, tasted, smelt) there will be just the sensed; with the cognized, there will be just the cognized.

When for you, Bahiya, there is merely the seen, heard, sensed and cognized, then you will not be therein. Then you, Bahiya, will be neither here nor there nor within both this is itself the end of suffering."

I read this article, the very problem-solution you offer is counterfeit, because you are part of the deception yourself, intentionally or unknowingly we are not separated from nature, but from the Creator of the natural world, we are alienated to This Creator, because we do not seek it through meditation.

Hey guys, take a look at the site this is the best analysis of the matrix I have ever can see how to break it once you understand that the agents of the matrix have LIMITED access to your past and future .


Your article is well written. You state your case and back it up with enough information for people to understand.

I think some people misunderstood that when you referred to our relationship to God, they read religion, even though you said "our divine spark, our piece of the super-soul, our lineage to God." Religion in and of itself is man-made and man-centered.

Each person has their own true path to follow, as Krishnamurti said, and it is only through a Spirit-to-spirit relationship that we fully realize our own potential.

Yes this also includes raising our frequencies, hearing, seeing, and learning all that is, as well as becoming Master of our ego. Knowledge is only one half of the equation. What you do with that knowledge makes the difference.

We are able to alter only our own existential stamp on reality because of something called "freewill". We cannot violate others freewill/reality without their permission. This is perhaps not stated as clearly as could be in the article.

"There is nothing new upon this Earth" is a statement of truth. We have this information coded into our DNA and RNA, but most people are unaware of how to unlock it. By awakening to our current dreamscape we start to open doors to the multiverse, and realize that with God (Source/The One/Creator of All that Is).
ALL things ARE possible, but this possibility only comes from the oracle, in the cave of plato, at delphi. If you understand this simple riddle, then you have solved the problem.

It's a balance between depth of knowledge and clarity of information. I think NKS's stuff is easier to read, and is understandable by a wider audience. Though NKS and his readers will probably have no probs with Montalk, the average Rense or Infowars reader might not be able to digest montalk too well.

Just turn off the TV, and go out for a nice walk in nature several times a week, it's that simple.

Accessing The Matrix. About 100 years ago what we call Hypnosis entered our consciousness (it has been around a long time previously). Unfortunately, at that time, it was competing with that new field of study called SCIENCE.

And thus it was placed in the "freak show" zone. It is my thought that this is all about to change, I FEEL IT. Following are some thoughts on the Future of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy as they relate to The Matrix...

One school of thought posits that when a person is born a crystal of realization is fractured. When a Spirit becomes physical in a three dimensional environment, it is like dropping a red hot glass marble into a bowl of cool water.

It fractures and each little spider-web like fracture line is either desire or fear and together they generate Drama. The Human Experience. Over the course of a person's life each separate line must be run out to its positive conclusion before the initial potential of the original crystal can be realized. Some call this the web of life. Some simply call it Karma.

People in the future will realize this. They will realize that, in the past, we have been entranced, and put into a hypnotic state by the systems, religion and government, as wella s the group thinking.

Heaven and Earth

"But, what is real?? If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain ('evoked response'). The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. It was devised this way on purpose, so that one would have to WAKE his/her self up. This is the free will.

But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it." Morpheus.......................................... Me:

I am here to guide you through the merging of the waters. To recognize the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum, as that which comprises all of reality, is to see the loopholes of ideological indoctrination and of the potentials for any electric activity (even rhythmic sound or touch) to literally alter our brainwaves, and therefore our capacity for emotional sensation, balance, and freedom.

We are not free if we do not control the battery that is our Djed pillar (the spinal column, with electrical cord and alkaline juice included), or the third eye that is an intensely electrified frontal lobe mind-state.

I aim to quench the spiritual hungers of many by spreading a wealth of information about predictable biological and geological cycles in coordination with the all pervading quanta of universal conscious energy.

Music (and all sound), astronomy, diet (and elemental understanding of water, fire, etc, upon the body and mind), architecture, and electricity will be my tools for teaching and guardianship.

Religions are the last vestige of the primitive, unenlightened, superstitious and ignorant of the world.

Yes, obviously people are basically dumb ignorant people willing to believe and follow any kind of bullshit.

The only true way is secular humanism. KNOW THY SELF.

God, Christ, Allah, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, Zeus, etc. They are all equal in all respects. The gullibility factor of humans is incredible, but where do they get to decide what imaginary beings get to be considered legitimate whereas others are considered silly children's stories?

I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows. And I know that this man was caught up into Paradise.

And he heard things which cannot be told, which man may not utter. (2 Cor. 12:2-4) Note that here we have reference to inner truths too esoteric to be put into print or to repeat orally.

Of those who were not ready to understand the hidden meanings in His parables, Jesus said, "This people’s heart has grown dull, and their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed." (Matthew 13:15)

But when His disciples were ready to understand the deeper meaning, Jesus said, "Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear." (Matthew 13:16.

"If your EYE be single, your whole body will fill with LIGHT (god).

If not, it won't, and you and I will remain in the MATRIX, man's systems.

We will never taste true freedom, true LIGHT, real knowledge, given in the UPPER room, of your mind, the third ventricle, on the right side.

the Bible says, "you must forgive 7x70". Forgive who? The neighbor that keeps throwing trash in your yard, the person that killed your wife or family member, or your co-worker that keeps telling on you to your boss? NO!!!!!!!
The Bible is an Inner book, describing an INNER experience.

You must forgive the self, for the illusions put on the self by the self, and as the Bible says, "you must forgive 7x70". in Biblical numbers you always drop the zeros., then you are left with 7x7, which equals 49.

The pineal gland of the brain is complete on the 49th day, attracting a new life force (a photon). Until you activate your Pineal gland, as referenced by the scripture above, you will NEVER receive the LIGHT from above, and will never UNPLUG. but that's up to you, some are not yet ready to unplug.

A new world awaits all those that practice the single eye, as instructed by jesus, Buddha, krishna etc...A world without borders, a world without limits. You are the LIMITER, and you alone.

Ignorance of the ancient teachings (laws) are no excuse. everything you need to know is written down in books and on the internet."Nothing is hidden, that will not be known" says the Bible. But YOU have to seek it.


It doesn't come from sitting on the couch, and going to bars, nightclubs and CHURCH, joining clubs and groups, because they are part of the MATRIX, they themselves are deluded, and still plugged into man's system, the one that YOU did not create, or DID YOU?
The answer is, YES, you did!!!!!!!

Much is coming, and I will as balanced as I can make myself. Allow me to help you do the same. Light and Truth.

From the Sutras

Be prepared to receive the understanding of the ages that brings one to knowledge of the true self.

The knowledge of the seven begins with the three that beget the four that beget the infinite all.

To understand the true nature of thyself is to know the three absolutes of thy true nature.

The first of the three is awareness. The second of the three is eternity. The third is the infinite unbounded. These three are your true nature. Meditate on these three and achieving the knowing. The knowing is the knowledge of thyself.

The first meditation is to understand that thy true nature is awareness. Thy thoughts and feelings cloud true awareness. By stilling the thoughts and detaching from feelings one can achieve true awareness.

The second meditation is to understand Eternity and that it too is your true nature. Eternity is now. The never beginning and the never ending is always now. To truly become one with your true self one must be in the now.

The third meditation is to understand infinity. Your true nature is boundless and without limits. The infinite self is the truth. The individual limited self is the falsehood to overcome.

These are the three from which all else springs from. Reality is the changing, moving pattern of this universe projected upon the eternal canvas of the now. These three beget the four.

The four are oneness, balance, faith and holiness. Each of these are the sacred paths of the created. Awareness, Eternity and Infinity are the sacred paths of the uncreate.

Oneness is how thy overcome the illusion of the false. Oneness with The Infinite Eternal Awareness. This is the fourth meditation.

Balance is the fifth meditation. The Balanced path is also the nature of all of reality. The Balance of Opposites is the true nature of the created realm.

The path of faith allows one to walk the path of holiness. These make up the sixth and seventh meditations. Faith comes from knowing thy true self and Holiness is how one captures the essence of thy true nature.

You have received the sevenfold wisdom of understanding.

Same as the Bible, the number SEVEN again. Same teaching, different language.

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