The symbolic DEATH of the PHYSICAL


We descend into incarnation in the Lower Self and return to the Higher Self at the symbolic death of the physical, or through the practise of meditation (reach the Higher Self ). Jesus represents the Lower Self and Christ is the Intuitive Consciousness of the Higher Self which knows no separation from the Father-Monad.

The Lower Self or Personality is a reflection of the Higher and represents the soul descended into crucifixion in a physical body. The link with the Higher Self is the Bridge (Anatahkarana) which can be consciously re-established by the practice of yoga or mediation. Each human being is a Jesus/Krishna/Buddha (Potentiality) with the latent possibility of becoming Jesus-Christ/Krishna/Buddha etc... This is the At-One-ment of the Personality with the Higher Self.

When Christ says "I and my father are one" or "I am in my father, and ye in me, and I in you," (John 14.20) he refers specifically to the Monad (Father), Higher Self (Christos) and Personality (Jesus). This process of at-one-ment is emphasised.

The Monad. Higher Self and Personality

A voice (Monad) out of the cloud said, This is my beloved son (Matt. 17.5)

After six days Jesus taketh Peter, James and John his brother and bringeth them up in a high mountain. (Matt. 17.1)

His face did shine as the Sun (Solar Triad). There appeared unto them Moses and Elias. (Matt. 17.3)

The six days refers to the six lower planes. The ascent of the mountain is the raising of consciousness through the planes.

The Sun is the symbol of the Solar Triad of the Higher Self, represented by Moses, Elias and Jesus.
The Lunar Triad or Lower Self is depicted by John, James and Peter

I am in the Father (Monad) and ye (the Personality) in me (Christ) and I in you. (John 14.20)

I am in the Father (Monad) and the Father in me (Christ). (John 14.10)

We are buried with him. (Rom. 6.4)

Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven

Psychology becomes a science when the structure of man's psyche is known. The esoteric description of man's evolution in the Bible is far in advance of twentieth century knowledge. This will be repeatedly demonstrated in the following chapters.

Man has a Higher Self (Individuality) and a Lower Self (Personality). The Personality (persona - mask) is a fragment of the Higher Self in temporary occupation of a physical body. It is on Earth to gather the experience needed so that the Higher Self or Christ can evolve towards perfection depicted in the Bible by Christ saying, "I and my Father are One". The Father is the Monadic Triad, a reflection of the Cosmic Trinity

Our Father in Heaven is the Monad. Christ is our Higher Self (genius). Jesus represents the purified man.

The teachings of Jesus Christ are eternal. They are beyond Christianity which has a historical origin. Each religion must be revised for a new Age. Therefore the Aquarian Age requires a reformulation of the teachings of the Bible

We regenerate our emotional nature or desire-mind by transmutation of the emotional energies from material desires to spiritual needs, from the emotional to the intuitional or buddhic level, from Scorpio (desire) back to Virgo (intuition) then directly across to the macro cosmic Ocean of Love Wisdom in Pisces.

The Seven Rays are the emanations from the Godhead issuing through the Seven Sacred Planets and controlled by the Seven Spirits before the Throne mentioned in Revelation. This is a science of energies connected with the seven notes of music and the seven colours of the spectrum. It is the science of the chakras in man. It is the science of the Aquarian Age. Study it well.

Except the Lord build the house their labour is but vain that build it. (Ps. 127.1) His hands have laid the foundations of the house. (Zech. 4.9) Ye are the temple of God. The Spirit of God dwelleth in you. (I Cor. 3.16) Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. (I Cor. 6.18-19)

Matthew asked, "But Lord, how can all of Israel be told such things? Their lives are saturated with the teachings of the Pharisees. (Religion).

They are afraid to think otherwise for fear of being ex communicated from Israel and the inheritance of the patriarchs. To them, citizenship in Israel is more than just association.

It is a covenant relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Excommunication means forfeiting that relationship. It is a hard thing to expect the people of Israel to deny the religion of the Pharisees."

Jesus replied, "Your response demonstrates exactly what I have been saying. Do you not see how the example of yeast applies perfectly to their teachings?

What is a true child of Israel, and who is it that makes him such? Abraham heard God's voice and sought to know Him for himself. He did not seek to know God through another. The Pharisees teach that God can only be known through their teachings.

Speaking virtuous words is quite different from being virtuous. Being a child of Abraham is a spiritual work, not a physical work. The Pharisees hate those they cannot control, thus they hate me. If they were truly Abraham's children, they would love me because Abraham saw my day and rejoiced at it."

"If Abraham were alive today, he would condemn the work of the Pharisees. Abraham heard God's voice speaking inside him, and went on a journey to understand it better. These Pharisees have no idea what this kind of leading is. They teach that the way to understand God is to obey an insanely long list of rules and regulations that govern every action of the body.

Abraham saw that it is not the outside of a man that matters, but the inside. Thus, he embarked on a journey without knowing the final destination.

In arrogance, the Pharisees claim to know the way to the Father. Yet anyone who seeks to hear His voice for himself is slandered. Do you not see that in slandering those who attempt to hear the voice of the Father, the Pharisees do not really want to hear what he has to say to them?"

"The patriarchs and prophets, whom the Pharisees claim to love, heard the Father's voice for themselves. In doing so, their words are considered 'inspired.' So why can't we do exactly as they did, and hear the Father's will for ourselves without fear of slander or physical harm?

Even the prophets spoke of how it is the Father's will to write His law on the tablet of our hearts. David understood what this meant, and because he did, even today he is called 'a man after God's own heart.'

And, if you can bear it, the law of God in David's heart once caused him to break the law of Moses. Why? Not because the law of Moses was evil, but because man was not made for the law, but the law was made for the man. Had David done what the law said, and not eaten the showbread, he and his men would have starved. The Pharisees do not understand this truth."

"The Pharisees have led the children of Israel astray. They teach that the outside observances of the law are more important than listening to the voice of the Father that speaks in the heart. But they don't understand that the voice of the Father speaks to what is good, and teaches the one who hears to love truth and do only good.

What use does a person like this have for laws, which dictate how he must act? He needs no such laws, because he is governed not by what he physically observes, but by what he hears and sees inside. To this man, laws are useless because there are no true laws against the things he does - for he is a man of truth.

To those who do not operate in this manner, laws are essential to maintaining order. But at what expense are these laws obeyed? Laws that are written outside of the man are obeyed out of fear. They are obeyed for fear of punishment, exile, loss of social status, and so on. But the man who follows what he hears in his heart does so because he loves truth. This man only knows peace and joy."

Romans 11:14 But what saith the answer of God unto him? I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.

Habakkuk 2:5 Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, he is a proud man, neither keepeth at home,who enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people:

Habakkuk 1:17 Shall they therefore empty their net, and not spare continually to slay the nations?

Deuteronomy 32:35 To me belongeth vengeance, and recompense; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.


From a forum

How this ties in to one of the biggest conspiracies of all time

Practicing Meditation, Concentration, Self-Improvement, Body Discipline are arguably some of the most important aspects of liberation for the individual and ultimately society.

Having the two main streams of thought oppose this, suppresses that liberation.

Materialism: Its silly / non-existent.

Materialism and Atheism do not recognize anything supernatural, do not recognize the individuals inherent ability to tap into higher realms.

Religion: Is evil.

Fanatic Religion (not Religion in general) does not recognize humans ability to tap into higher realms on his own, without needing to kneel down and worship some personified deity.

Many occultists recognize a "Supreme Being" but more as an impersonal concept, as a "Force" from which all created things emanate. For this reason occultists certainly do not worship "Satan". The mere idea of "Worship" is viewed, by most occultists, as slavery.

A personified God, as Christians worship, is not recognized either. A Supreme Being that is all-seeing, all-powerful and all-expansive is not limited to one image or one idol or one teaching or one religion but permeates the entirety of existence.

Yes, I have had so many Christians tell me what I believe is occult and satanic. Even recently when I added a video as my favorite of a deaf woman explaining her Wiccan beliefs, my Christian friend was repeating to me that her beliefs were occult and that it was dangerous. My friend warned me to stay away.

Wicca, New Age, magick, even Scientology are all bundled together as Occultism by Christians. I think there is a reason for this. Yep, it's a conspiracy. Churches do not want us to think on our own and to embrace a religion that encourages individual freedom. The funny thing is that Satanism emphasis personal freedom and does not encourage worship.

You are right. Religion is evil. I have been pondering this for a long time... What if "Good" is really evil and vice versa?

Many Christians have asked me to define God. I always simply say that God is Love. They said that God gotta have attributes. They said that they know God personally while I don't since I don't know his attributes. To define God is to limit it.

That's all I can think of to say. I will be reading this thread with great interest. Thanks.

Nowadays? Christian religious structures have used that technique since the start of the religion. It's a fear based mindset, and as such you can easily tell it's "evil". Demonise everything else, set yourself up as the one truth.

It's sad that so many scared people fall for it, but their own personal fear is evil as well, and it's up to them to overcome it and gain some enlightenment.

Such enlightenment can be the doctrine of christ for example, I don't mean to be black and white here. This is about the behaviour of the institution, not the fundamentals of the religion (although I don't think the way they are currently presented is how they were originally intended).

Occult = Hidden, secret.

So, you can call very edge cutting science occult from perspective of ordinary people.

More common interpretation refers to something that common man thinks to be supernatural even nothing can never be supernatural. All and everything derives from nature; even the factories and motorways.

NWO (if one exists) can be called occult, because they are trying to conceal it. There is also occult part of christianity - the part that is not revealed in Bible, or is revealed in coded meanings, noncomprehensible for commoners.

Occultism is merely something not commonly known. Magick is psychology and psychology is occultism to most, but not all. It is merely vanity to trying to give an agreed meaning to occultism, since it varies during the time. Knowledge about gravity was occultism for a medieval man. Now secrets of religions are almost occultism to mundane man.


In the Wizard of Oz (an occultic movie) Dorothy is brought to Oz by a giant cyclone spiraling upward, representing the cycles of karma, the cycle of errors and lessons learned. It also represents the theosophical belief in reincarnation, the round of physical births and deaths of a soul until it is fit to become divine.

It is also interesting to note that the Yellow Brick Road of Oz begins as an outwardly expanding spiral. In occult symbolism, this spiral represents the evolving self, the soul ascending from matter into the spirit world. SPIRAL: Linked to the circle. Ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb, fertility, feminine serpent force, continual change, and the evolution of the universe.

10. Light, when folded back on itself, comes to know itself.
The spiral-within-a-spiral-within-a-spiral creates genetic material at all levels.

Light causes an extra axis of spin, which superimposes a harmonic of frequencies upon a nest of frequencies in an envelope of pressure we call light as matter. This creates extra mind, because the universal mind* meets itself at every wave intersection....... so the denser the intersections, or nodes, the greater the self-knowingness, or sense of identity. (*See Arthur Young’s book, Reflexive Universe.) Thus identity in the cell (immunity) and coherence are the same thing, metabolically and emotionally.

Just as light (ning) set the first dodecahedron to spinning and replicating in the original protein soup, so light is reaching the earth via an alignment of planets which has not occurred for nearly 26,000 years.

The Harmonic Convergence refers to the coming together of certain necessary frequency harmonics as Earth prepares for her next major step: the birth of Christos.

It is the Maya, the delusion of reality. The control is imposed by our own minds. The reason we find contradictions in history and the sciences is because, we are free to define reality. The Illuminati and religion are the same.

They are egoic dogmatic limitations we place on ourselves. We impose our dogma on family and friends. We create the prison because we are afraid to dive headlong into the sea of consciousness.

I am someone who is interested in every religion. I am interested in spiritual growth, and this can be had in any religion. Each religion has it's great teachings and techniques and ways of life. I find very interesting things in every religion, from every part of the world. I also find bad things in every religion.

And I hate to say it, but I think that Christianity and Islam have a lot more of a negative force, because they are so stubborn that their path is the only true path. That's the root of the problem.

Other religions, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, New Age religions, and other have much more of a "Find your path. Find your own God. Whatever God you discover is real." sort of attitude.

Christianity and Islam have more of a "Our way is the only way. Everyone else will burn in hell if we don;t convert them." sort of attitude. This is deeply ingrained into these religions. And I think it casts a dark shadow over them, and breeds fundamentalism and aggression. And I think that this would also account for the success of these religions. It drives people to expand and spread the religion zealously, instead of just quietly practicing the religion them self.


The following is from Bill Donahue of Hidden Meanings


As you see on the back of a one dollar bill, the ancient symbol of the pyramid is the place of the single eye. That is a reference to the Pineal Gland of the brain. in Genesis 32:30, Jacob says, " I have seen God face to face and I will call the place Peniel."

Actually the Pyramid is a physical symbol of the human brain. Both the Kings Chamber which represents the Pineal Gland and the Queens Chamber which represents the Pituitary Gland are placed in the Pyramid in the same position as they are placed in the human brain.

The Pituitary secreting the milky white fluid and the Pineal secreting the golden yellow fluid become what the Bible refers to as the "land flowing with milk and honey".

Entrance into the holy place of the mind (Pyramid) is made through the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the face of a woman and the body of a lion. In the book of , Exodus (Chap. 25), God tells Moses " I will meet with you between the wings of the cherubim.

In Ezekiel the cherubim are shown as having the face of a lion (Spirit) and the face of a man ( Intellect). Thus Gods promise is to meet us in the inner recesses of the mind at the place of the Pineal and Pituitary or the land flowing with milk and honey which guide us to the right side.

Entrance to this holy place is at the Sphinx or the place of the Lion (Spirit) and Man (intellect). Thus the sphinx and pyramid are representations of the narrow way to Christ that few find. The Kingdom within.

Like I said in another message: Don't ever let your mind be corrupted by others. But in fact most of these 'others' are just people who are themselves corrupted; not so much by people but by doctrines.

Certain doctrines by their very nature are self-reproducing, and have defense mechanisms built in to protect them from opposing doctrines such as 'lock-out' mechanisms.

An example of a lock out mechanism in Christianity is the doctrine of faith: You are told that faith in the doctrine as a whole is a virtue and that if you believe without actually 'seeing' you will be blessed

My point is: free your mind from all of them and try your hardest to look at them objectively. Believe not what you find appealing, believe what you find to be true.

Also remember that what you find to be true should only be based on your current knowledge (not on anyone Else's claims to knowledge) and when you come upon new knowledge, reassess your beliefs.

Sometimes you will find what you believed previously was incorrect, but be aware that this was due to ignorance not stupidity there is a difference. Therefore don't be too proud to adopt a new, more fitting belief and acknowledge you were mistaken.

Deep down I don't believe the truth is to be feared. Knowing it helps us to deal with it directly. There are more than enough people believing on the basis of what they find appealing; we don't need any more.

What I'm saying is that if your knowledge makes you conclude that the Christians are telling truth, then retain your belief, but if you find they are mistaken then discard your belief. Just be honest to yourself and don't block any knowledge out actively seek it.

A good book that demonstrates what I've just spoken about (intellectual integrity) is Carl Sagan's book 'The Demon Haunted World'. Definitely recommended reading for everyone.

Jesus (in modern terms supplied by midwayers) compared prayer to "recharging the spiritual batteries of the soul", and worship to "tuning in the soul to catch the universe broadcast of the infinite spirit of the Universal Father" (1621 C).

It provided "true and ideal soul rest", he maintained, and that "the strain [stress] of living should be relaxed by the restfulness of worship"(meditation) (1616 B). "Kingdom believers," he said:

"must increasingly learn how to step aside from the rush of life escape the harassments of material existence while they refresh the soul, inspire the mind, and renew the spirit by worshipful communion" (1739 D).

Notice that "worshipful meditation", as taught and practiced by Jesus, provides benefits the soul! Jesus-style meditation improves the whole personality, rather than just being limited to its corporal/mental parts.

Worship and prayer in the bible means to enter into oneself and meditate. this is something that no religious person has ever taught. But it is the simple truth.

There is NO egotistical god up there, that needs a puny human being to worship at it's feet as christian dogma teaches.

And there is no god that answers prayer in the traditional religious sense. It only comes from within, into your consciousness only.

Prayer and worship= MEDITATION.


I'm not mainly proposing a reformation of Christianity, but rather, a reformation of all religion from Literalist incomprehension to esoteric comprehension.

This is the only possible long-term solution that can constitute progress: not an uncomprehending retreat into secular humanism that is utterly ignorant (like Ayn Rand) of the rational transcendent truth that is reflected more or less dimly in religion, but rather, to progress toward Reason, rationality, and correct understanding by clearly comprehending what Christianity and other religions are ultimately about.

The book of Revelation has been interpreted compellingly as various combinations of socio-political allegory, Amanita allegory, mystic- state ego-death death-and-rebirth allegory, and astrological allegory. The challenge then is to accept all of these domains and, like Ken Wilber's integral theory, determine how they are connected together.

The initiate (the selected, the elect, the ointment-rubbed, the Perfected, the mature) has mastered rationality, semantics, symbols, metaphors, and mythic allegory, and thus cannot be trapped in dogma.

The Literalist church squirms this way and that trying to shut out competition from other religions and shut out higher Christianity to no avail.

The sophisticated rational mystic, who is the Gnostic as opposed to the supernaturalist or mundane liberal Christian, is able to rationally and universally concur with the most dogmatic, obnoxious, exclusivist claims of the officials of the lower church.

It's uncanny, but I'm able to interpret practically all the dogma at; reading-as-true is an *active* process requiring mapping of concepts between lower dogma and higher universal truth.

The Jesus figure, as he is presented, seems to lay an egoic responsibility delusion/trip on us, on the one hand, even while he reveals that egoic moral agency is an illusion, on the other hand. He gives us the egoic freewill delusion and he takes it away.

So I picture the lower half of the Cross as delusion-inculcating, while the upper half of the cross is enlightening.

The main action is at the higher level, of networks of word-meanings not at the level of individual words. Symbols are your archetypes to follow.

Everything and every word is but a symbol describing something else, and that something Else is but a symbol of something else.

Until all the layers are removed, like the layers of an union, then at the core can be found nothing.

And this nothing, is something. And this is all there is.

"the wiseman rejoices, but the fool chatters"

Did man evolve from apes? No!, apes evolved from man.

Remove the mask of the monkey and you will see the face of man.

Seek to be like a golden retriever, then the whole world will love you.

Retrieve the golden bough that is within, touch the golden cherubims that are over the ark, then you will become one of the ascended masters.

Dog spelled backwards is God. Dogs teach us lessons, they give us unconditional love. are dogs god?

Does a dog have Buddha nature?

YES!!! All things have Buddha nature.

It is said that towards the end of his life Buddha was transfigured on Mount Pandava, in Ceylon. Suddenly a flame of light descended upon him, and encircled the crown of his head with a circle of light. His body became "glorious as a bright, golden image," and shone as the brightness of the Sun and moon…

At the death of Buddha, the earth trembled, the rocks were split and phantoms and spirits appeared. He descended into hell and preached to the spirits of the damned.

When Buddha was buried, the coverings of his body unrolled themselves, the lid of his coffin was opened by supernatural powers, and he ascended bodily to the celestial regions.

The resemblances to the Christ myth include the transfiguration, the earthquake upon death, the descent into hell and the ascension. For the most part, the preceding synopsis of Buddha's life and death reflects the mainstream, orthodox tale.

One notable exception is the assertion that Buddha is portrayed as "ascending bodily" after his death, a claim that is not without merit, as will be seen.

In any case, those who know the gospel story and the canonical Acts of the Apostles in depth, as well as the apocryphal Christian texts and legends recounted over the centuries, will recognize numerous elements in the Buddha tale that correspond to the Christ myth.

In Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions, Doane goes into even greater detail as to these many resemblances. Regarding such correspondences between Buddhism and Christianity, Prasad remarks:

It is not a little strange that the remarkable resemblance, which we have noticed between Buddhism and Christianity extends even to the lives of their founders.

Gautama Buddha, as well as Jesus Christ, is said to have been miraculously born. The birth of each was attended with marvellous omens, and was presided over by a star.

Both Gautama and Jesus are said to have twelve disciples each.

The assertion that Gautama had 12 disciples is, of course, not found in mainstream accounts. Could it be, however, that this Indian scholar has more knowledge about the subject than the Western pundits and apologists?

We have already noted that the motif of the five disciples is found in the Buddha myth, and, as we shall see, the common astrotheological motif of the 12 would likewise be entirely appropriate and expected, and may have constituted esoteric knowledge and mysteries based on Buddha's true nature.

In The Christ Myth, John Jackson relates other important details of the Buddha myth, some of which also are "esoteric," i.e., not found in the orthodox story:

The close parallels between the life-stories of Buddha and Christ are just as remarkable as those between Krishna and Christ. Buddha was born of a virgin named Maya, or Mary. His birthday was celebrated on December 25.

He was visited by wise men who acknowledged his divinity. The life of Buddha was sought by King Bimbasara, who feared that some day the child would endanger his throne.

At the age of twelve, Buddha excelled the learned men of the temple in knowledge and wisdom. His ancestry was traced back to Maha Sammata, the first monarch in the world. (Jesus' ancestry is traced back to Adam, the first man in the world.)

Buddha was transfigured on a mountain top. His form was illumined by as aura of bright light. (Jesus was likewise transfigured on a mountain top. "And his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light." After the completion of his earthly mission, Buddha ascended bodily to the celestial realms.

Compiled from ancient records
by Paul Carus, 1894

Buddha, O Blessed One, O Holy One, O Perfect One, thou hast revealed the truth, and the truth has appeared upon earth and the kingdom of truth has been founded.

Righteousness is the place in which truth dwells, and here in the hearts of mankind aspiring after the realization of righteousness, there is ample space for a rich and ever richer revelation of the truth. This is the Gospel of the Blessed One.

This is the revelation of the Enlightened One. This is the bequest of the Holy One. Truth is the essence of life, for truth endureth beyond the death of the body. Truth is eternal and will still remain even though heaven and earth shall pass away.

There are not different truths in the world, for truth is one and the same at all times and in every place. Truth teaches us the noble eightfold path of righteousness, and it is a straight path easily found by the truth-loving. Happy are those who walk in it.

We have drwan lines of division, between the great teachings, ans because we have done this we have missed the message entirely.

How foolish are we.

When we catch enough of the spirit of the ancient mythicists to begin to interpret aright the myths and release the glowing intelligence hidden in those recondite constructions, the world may at last emerge from its "Dark Ages" of religious superstition.

When MacCulloch, therefore, contends, as he persists in doing in face of a mountain of research data establishing the contrary thesis, that the descent narrative in early Christian literature is to be accounted for without admitting any derivation from prior Pagan mythology, he is both defying evidence and merely venting the force of an inveterate Christian or modernistic prejudice which has steadily dominated Christian scholarship over the centuries and still obsesses Christian psychology.

The theme of the hero descending and freeing souls bound in an underworld limbo comes close to being the central and pivotal feature of ancient religious philosophy.

The evidence back of this statement is voluminous and clear. But it has to be examined to be known. No doubt it has all seemed to Christian mentality so bizarre, so childishly grotesque, so unrelated to reality as to be dismissed with contempt.

But this is because the Christian mind has been conditioned that all Pagan religion, with all its literature that ran so strongly to mythicism, was nothing better than puerile naïveté of mind, the wild conceptions of child-minded primitive peoples.

The myths were condemned as fantastic nonsense and this attitude occluded the possibility of discerning their meaning and their importance.

The ancients devised their great myths, every feature of which betokened some facet of sublime truth.

The Christians, in the form of their weird misinterpretation of these creations, or out of their own misguided conceptual efforts, also devised the "myths" that, parading in the false disguise of truth, have derationalized and enslaved the Western mind.

The tragic word that has to be spoken in the summary of this theme is that these concretions of the Christian mind that constitute Christian theology are myths in the bad modern sense, things fantastically untrue.

It has to be said that they do not dramatize truth, but wildly caricature it. The true myth has two aspects, literal falsity (that deceives nobody) and inner subjective truth.

Paganism kept the two phases entirely distinct; but Christianity confused the two, mistaking the outer falsity for truth.

Therefore its presentation of these ancient formulations has been untrue and harmfully deceptive. The affirmation of their literal-historical truth, which at once becomes untruth, practically kills the power of their inward verity.

By obsessing the believer’s consciousness with such a story, for instance, as that of the bodily crucifixion of one man on a wooden cross, and offering this as the Creator’s device for the salvation of his earthly children, the Christian system of pious faith has so enfeebled the message of man’s true spiritual regeneration as to have reduced it almost to a moral and intellectual nullity.

In persuading the West’s millions for centuries that thrice dousing the head with water, along with the recital of the names of the triune deity, will insure the individual’s sanctification in perpetuity, the Church of Christ again robs the devotee of the dynamic knowledge that the immersion of the unit of his soul power in the water of the body will give it the experience required to consummate a truly deific beatification.

And by the inculcation in generation after generation of the belief that in partaking of the bread and wine in the physical celebration of the Eucharist, the member partakes magically of the actual body and blood of the man of Galilee, the psychological forces that might enrich the spirit are dissipated out in an empty fancy.

Without exception every doctrine of this folly-ridden system has thus been distorted from truth and illuminating power into palsying falsity of alleged history.

Almost every traditional faith of peoples the world over rests on a central story of the son of a heavenly King going down into a dark lower world, there suffering, dying and rising again and returning to its native upper world.

The failure of Christian intelligence to see that their basic theology is just a gross stolid literalization, and then the conjured historization of this universal legend in the hypostatized biography of just one of the many dramatic type-figures, who was no more a living man than some thirty to fifty others similarly delineated and all antecedent to him in time must be seen ere long in its true light, as the most colossal demonstration of intellectual ineptitude in all history.

As has had so often to be said in the treatment of this chapter of religious development, it has held the mind of Western humanity under the spell of a hallucination that has strewn the path of Occidental history with the sad wreckage of life and happiness. It is by no means an overstretching of the truth to assert that it has hypnotized the Western mentality.

It can almost certainly be said, and with truth, that no religion in the world has ever put forth the belief that the demise of the physical body has ended the existence of the soul that animated that body.

Likewise no religion has ever taught or conceived except in the grossest mental depravity that the decaying cadaver of the deceased human is reassembled after corruption, reintegrated and restored to former physical existence.

Therefore the Christian linking of the resurrection doctrine with the death and restoration of their hero’s physical body wrecked the doctrine utterly.

The death that was overcome on Easter morn is soul’s "death" and that not of one man’s soul, but the souls of all men that live, which "he" typified.

And finally, that the traditional allegory of the Christ-soul’s descent from heaven into a dark nether region to awaken the hosts of the earth’s former dead could ever have been sanely made relevant to any other locality than our good earth itself, is again the incredible miscarriage of Western intelligence.

When this benighted condition can be ended by the dawn of understanding, when it is known in what we call the scientific manner that every intimation of the allegories has immediate pertinence to our own life in this dark underworld, and that the Scriptures are all sheer poetic dramatization of the deep ignorance we yet struggle through toward the day of our glorious transfiguration into sons of God, then will our sacred Scriptures become once again shining lamps lighting our path up the heights of wondrous being.

Then can the truth and the beauty of the resurrection ritual enlighten our reason and truly sanctify our spiritual minds as we hear the thrilling strains of the Easter choral.

Symbols of the Holy Spirit
One finds symbols of this energy in myths and legends. Mercury’s serpent is an alchemical symbol for the process of metamorphosis.

The Gnostics understood the serpent to represent the spinal cord. In ancient Greek and, later Roman mythology, we find Asclepius, the god of healing seen holding a staff which is entwined with a serpent (or sometimes two).

For the Greeks and modern Medicine, the staff represents the central support of the human body or spinal cord of the Central Nervous System symbolized as the physical location of the Hindu Sushumna.

In Rome, Aescaluius represented the messenger Mercury who usually held a healing staff called the Caduceus. The one or two coiled snakes or serpents entwined around the staff, represent the energy of the Tree of Life itself which rises along the central subtle channel in a spiral double helical movement corresponding to the interplay between the Conception and Governing Meridians of Ancient Chinese Acupuncture.

Buddha spoke of the "middle path" to achieve nirvana as he described the central channel (sushumna) through which this Essence ascends. Later Buddhist masters considered that the existence of the path of liberation within a human being was the greatest secret which was only to be transmitted to a few "deserving" disciples.

The Holy Spirit and Western Tradition
In the West, the knowledge of this Holy Spirit or Divine Energy of Liberation has been transmitted by the esoteric or mystical branches of all of the great religious traditions.

The knowledge is present in the mystery religions of ancient Egypt; in the teachings of both the Gnostic and Neoplatonic traditions; in the Kabalistic traditions of Judaism; and in the personal testaments of great Christian mystics like St. Teresa, John of the Cross and St. Augustin.

The "Gnostic Gospels" say there is in everyone a Divine Power existing in a latent condition. This, the root of the universe, is One Power divided above and below, generating itself, making itself grow, seeking itself, finding itself, being mother of itself, father of itself, sister of itself, spouse of itself, daughter of itself. That infinite power exists in two modes one actual, the other potential.

‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ (Luke 17:21).

Various secret societies or "brotherhoods" such as the Rosicrucians, the medieval alchemists and the Freemasons have sprung up specifically to pass on the knowledge of this Essence to a few select initiates.

The Masons speak of the Spirit Fire, that rises through the spinal column. The Masonic science of human transformation consists of moving the Spirit Fire up through 33 (the number of vertebrae) degrees, or segments of the spinal column, whereupon it enters the skull.

The liberation of Mythology, Joseph Campbell

On mythology

What is myth, the dictionary says that myths are stories about gods.

What is god?

A god is a personification of a motive power or a value system that functions in human life and in the universe. The powers of your own body and of nature. The myths are metaphorical of spiritual potentiality in the human being, and the same powers that animate our life, animate the life of the world.

One person said: far from undermining my faith, your work in mythology has liberated my faith from the cultural prisons to which it had been sentenced.

Joseph Campbell: It liberated my own, and I know it is going to do that with anyone who gets the message.

Joseph Campbell said; that when you start interpreting ancient scriptures as facts, then you're in trouble.

For example, jesus ascended to heaven. The denotation would seem to be that somebody ascended to the sky. That's literally what is being said. But elsewhere it is written "look not lo here, nor lo there, for the kingdom of god is within you" Not out there in outer space.

But if that were really the meaning of the message, then we have to throw it away, because there would have been no such place for jesus literally to go. We know that jesus could not have ascended to heaven because there is no physical heaven anywhere in the universe.

Even ascending at the speed of light, Jesus would still be in the galaxy, Astronomy and physics have simply eliminated that as a literal, physical possibility. but if you read "Jesus ascended to heaven" in terms of it's metaphoric connotation, you see that he has gone inward, not into outer space, but into inner space, to the place from which all beings comes, into the consciousness that is the source of all things.

The kingdom of heaven within.

The images are outward, but the reflection is inward. the point is that we should ascend with him by going inward, it is a metaphor of returning to the source, alpha and omega, leaving the fixation on the body behind and going to the body's dynamic source.

According to the normal way of thinking about the christian religion, we cannot identify with jesus, we have to imitate Jesus. To say, " I and the father are one" as Jesus said, is blasphemy for us. However, in the Gospel of Thomas that was dig up 40 years ago, Jesus says; "he who drinks from my mouth will become as I am, and I shall be he." Now, that is exactly Buddhism. We are all manifestations of Buddha consciousness, or Christ consciousness, only we don't know it.

The word Buddha means "the one who woke up." We are all to do that, to wake up to the Christ or Buddha consciousness within us,]. this is blasphemy in the normal way of Christian thinking, but it is the very essence of Christian Gnosticism and the Gospel of Thomas.

How did we lose touch with this reality? one word "religion."

Religion took away the mystical experience and replaced it with dogma, ceremonies and tradition, for the purpose of controlling the Masses. They couldn't have people having enlightenment experiences of truth, because they would then lose their own power, so the real power of Jesus as an inner transformation was put in the shadows, or in a box as it were. So the people were in fact dummied down for the past two thousand years.

Question to Mr. Campbell; As we sit here and talk, there is one story after another of car bombings in Beirut-by the Muslims of the Christians, by the Christians of the Muslims, and by the Christians of the Christians. It strikes me that Marshall McLuhan was right when he said that television has made a global village of the world-but he didn't know the global village would be in Beirut.

What does this say?

Joseph Campbell; It says to me that they don't know how to apply their religious ideas to contemporary life, and to human beings rather than just their own community. It's a terrible example of the failure of religion to meet the modern world. These three MYTHOLOGIES are fighting it out. they have disqualified themselves for the future. Eventually all religions will all have to abandoned, before man can rise up to the occasion of the universe, and truly follow Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.

Religions have been busying themselves with separating people from one another and creating most of the wars and killing on this planet since it's inception.

When humanity finally wakes up, and realizes that religion has been the root cause of most of the suffering on this planet either physically or mentally, then we can get on with our collective goal of entering back into lost paradise.

We can't go in as long as religion keeps the doors to paradise closed, and they hide the lock to the door.

But people are getting the message, they are getting smarter and beginning to wake up, I think this is what the mythology of Aquarius is bringing us.

"In god we trust, just not the god of the bible."

Joseph Campbell.

Thank you for the enlightenment Mr. Campbell.

Truly, the man of the hour!

We did not come into the world vulnerable, open, and innocent to be indoctrinated or herded into group-think, to be stamped, filed, catalogued, classified, indexed, organized, stereotyped, artificially and prejudicially promoted or demoted, or prohibited from any experience,

The priests understood how the taboo-makers secretly know that as a result of their handiwork and artifice, their victims will burn for that which is denied them, and will not, even in the having, be content but will, instead, be wracked with guilt and self-loathing, all free-thinkers know, that when we place anyone or anything above us, we commit violence to the self. Become an iconoclast.

Both read the Bible day and night; but you read black where I read white. you read death, where I read life.

Humanity’s apostasy is not toward god but toward Nature and is, therefore, ultimately toward itself. By the looks of this planet and what we have been doing to it and its life-forms, it seems as if we have more of the devil in us than the god.

For animals Earth is the hell, with humans the devils who torture them.

Those who have, in the name of god and religion, desecrated the pristine altar, our perfume garden Earth, should remember and heed the words of those brothers and sisters who, after diving deep into the dark and fragrant waters of truth, came forth to share their pearls with the Humanity they loved and bled for:

This very earth is the Lotus Land of purity, And this very body the Body of Buddha - Hakuin (Zen Master)

There has never existed in the world anything more intensely vile, contemptuous, and dangerous to freedom, peace and progress as deeply held blind faith in organized religions and holy dogmas.

The Christian murder of Great Pan cut the currents of a lively and sustaining sympathy between man and nature, so that from that day there set in over the Western world an obtuseness and insensibility toward the natural world, which, ever hardening over the centuries, has led to a ruthless wantonness in the human attitude toward the soil and its vegetation, with widespread devastation of its bounties and its beauties - Alvin Boyd Kuhn (Ultimate Canon of Knowledge)

The real maya or illusion is not in the natural forms, but in the mind’s propensity to conceive or project forms created by its own inventiveness, but which do not agree with the truth extant or potential in nature - ibid

In nature and the language of the sense, The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse, The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul, Of all my moral being – William Wordsworth (Tintern Abbey)

This very earth is the Lotus Land of purity, And this very body the Body of Buddha - Hakuin (Zen Master)

Cannot we, in this millennium, awaken from our “Newtonian Sleep,” from our personal ennui and social anomie, to offer forth a new hymn; one which serves as an prayer directed not to kings, priests or gods, but to ourselves as men and women, born again on the altar of humanity, baptized in the blood of artists, and crowned by the hands of poets, not with thorns, but with the leaves of the wisest and most ancient of the oaks?

The message is (from the perspective of Christ), "I was once like all of you, an animal-based sentient being, until I had an awakening. I woke up from the illusion that I was the physical body to realize that I, the indwelling light of consciousness, am a spark of God.

You are no different from me. It is just that I have remembered and you have not. Many of you will say that I am insane (possessed by a 'devil') but many more of you will believe.

For those of you who believe, then imitate me and gradually remove your flesh-based passion (See, Last Supper) and fears and gain release from the crucifixion of your true selves in and upon the world of 'matter'. Be in the world and in the body but not 'of it'.

You are no different from me. It is just that I have remembered and you have not. Many of you will say that I am insane (possessed by a 'devil') but many more of you will believe.

For those of you who believe, then imitate me and gradually remove your flesh-based passion (See, Last Supper) and fears and gain release from the crucifixion of your true selves in and upon the world of 'matter'. Be in the world and in the body but not 'of it'.

The quantum Theory of Everything includes the knowledge that thought is creative, be it for good or not. Thinking that you are your physical body continually reinforces that illusion. To cease thinking about 'self' begins the process of 'dissolution of self' because you are no longer 'feeding' the illusion with the power of your thoughts, actions and intentions.

To direct yourself to higher levels of reality one must fix their attention upon something 'higher'.

This cosmology has been pieced together from the virtual fragments remaining from the wisdom teachings of past cultures, decoding the midrashic elements of the New Testament, an analysis of the ancient astrological teachings (The Magi), a study of ancient alchemy (turning lead to gold or, to restore the self to spirit), the highly enigmatic 'Philosopher's Stone (the pineal gland), Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and finally, understanding the difference between a black hole (self) and a star' (God) as metaphysical symbols of the polar potentials (opposites) of consciousness.

We are, truly 'quantum beings' in a temporal illusion held fast by our own descriptions and beliefs regarding 'reality'. There is only one ultimate and eternal reality and it is, in its purest form, non-physical. Each of us is (contains) a spark of 'God'.

When the separated self disintegrates (See, The Last Supper) the knowledge of God and the true self resurrects from the temporal 'tomb' of matter and 'Elvis then has the opportunity to leave the building' the way that the Pharaoh has left the Great Pyramid, the way that Christ vacated the tomb, the way that energy (as light) is released by matter and the way that consciousness has the advanced ability to come and go from 'form'.

Until we true ourselves to 'Natural Law' we remain confined in a temporal illusion afflicted with a belligerent and resistant ego-based amnesia that has replaced God with self and, as a result, has caused us to be turned into (relatively) 'a stone'. A 'stone' that must be 'consumed' (dissolved) to deliver us to an awakening and rebirth.

Important information to help preserve your sanity

At some point, in reading through this information (if you really are trying to follow the flow of it) your mind is going to slam into a "cultural wall" and will not let you "get" the message that is presented here. It's really O.K., I just wanted to let you know that "it ain't your fault" :-) because your thinking patterns are linear and if you try to vary from the linear you will, most probably, go unconscious, and stay that way.

The Value of the Archetype

It is only possible to live the fullest life when we are in harmony with these symbols; wisdom is a return to them.

[For the alchemists] they were seeds of light broadcast in the chaos…the seed plot of a world to come. One would have to conclude from these alchemical visions that the archetypes have about them a certain effulgence or quasi-consciousness, and that numinosity entails luminosity .

All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes. This is particularly true of religious ideas, but the central concepts of science, philosophy, and ethics are no exception to this rule. In their present form they are variants of archetypal ideas created by consciously applying and adapting these ideas to reality. For it is the function of consciousness not only to recognize and assimilate the external world through the gateway of the senses, but to translate into visible reality the world within us.

Contrary to what is believed by exoteric practitioners of the ancient "Round Art," the zodiac is not merely an external phenomenon but is, rather, an inner psychic apparatus. It is an inherent attribute of the individual and collective psyche, a genetic encodation, an eidetic image within our so-called "Race Memory," and an archetype projected by consciousness onto the external world. It is, therefore, utter folly to presume the zodiac to be purely external in origin.

Thinking of the zodiac in this way is comparable to thinking that trees stand without roots or that skyscrapers tower without subterranean foundations. It is this egregious error that handicaps practitioners, believers, and interested students, and that prevents the true and fascinating story of astrology from coming to light.

A man’s destiny, they say, is written in the stars. All he’ll ever do, all he’ll ever love, all he’ll ever be… If this be true, as I now suppose it must, only one question remains: who does the writing? - (Introduction: The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, Curtis Signature Collection)

Know that the philosopher has power over the stars, and not the stars over him - Paracelsus It is an erroneous interpretation of astrology to opine that special forces emanate from the planets and the stars - R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz (Sacred Science)

The collective unconscious appears to consist of mythological motifs or primordial images, for which reason the myths of all nations are its real exponents. In fact the whole of mythology could be taken as a sort of projection of the collective unconscious.

We can see this most clearly if we look at the heavenly constellations, whose originally chaotic forms are organized through the projection of images. This explains the influence of the stars as asserted by astrologers. These influences are nothing but unconscious introspective perceptions of the collective unconscious - Carl Jung

As we all know science began with the stars, and mankind discovered in them the dominants of the unconscious, the “gods,” as well as the curious psychological qualities of the Zodiac: a complete projected theory of human character - Carl Jung

The idea is to demonstrate that the zodiac is an archetype, not only within the collective unconscious, but within the fabric of reality a ground plan of creation. This archetype has not been invented. It exists, and knowledge of it has been developed in step with evolving human consciousness - Denis Elwell

It is beyond question that the great ancient design of the zodiac is a wondrously conceived graph aimed to depict the structure of the Logos, the pattern or creative evolution, the essential constitution of the universe and the course of the current of life in the cosmos, and by analogy in man the microcosmic replica of the macrocosm...Man...was to fashion his new body of spiritual glory "after the pattern of the heavens," the frame of the heavenly or zodiacal man, the primal Adam - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

the Alphabet of Thoth can be dimly traced in the modern Tarot which can be had at almost every bookseller in Paris. As for it being understood or utilized, the many fortune-tellers in Paris, who make a professional living by it, are sad specimens of failures of attempts at reading, let alone correctly interpreting the symbolism of the Tarot without a preliminary philosophical study of the Science - Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The medieval packs are hopelessly corrupt or otherwise far from presenting the Ancient Truth of the Book in a coherent system or shape of lucid beauty - Aleister Crowley (The Book of Thoth)

Self-Realization is necessary before God-Realization - Vedantic Motto

Know Thyself - (Ancient inscription at Delphi)

He who knows himself knows god – Clement of Alexandria

“When two plus two equal one,” wrote the Pythagoreans, then will the Christ take birth within.

Some people spend an entire lifetime wandering if they made a difference, Marines don't have that problem. -Ronald Reagan

Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge-hammer! -Maj. Holdredge

Fear, panic, and terror are largely caused by ignorance. Once a topic is completely understood, there is much less anxiety, and much less fear.

Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned -Buddha

If you force me to do violence, I shall be so savage and so cruel, and hurt you so badly that the thought of revenge shall never cross your mind. -Machiavelli

There is nothing more real than a man’s character and values. The track record of what he has actually done is far more real than anything he says, however elegantly he says it. -Thomas Sowell

I'm not a homeless bum, I'm a roadside entrepreneur!

The Bible says in Mark 7:6-9 "Jesus answered them, "How right Isaiah was when he prophesied about you! You are hypocrites, just as he wrote: 'These people, says God, honor me with their words, but their heart is really far away from me.

It is no use for them to worship me, because they teach human rules as though they were my laws!' "You put aside God's command and obey human teachings." And Jesus continued, "You have a clever way of rejecting God's law in order to uphold your own teaching."

All Bible references are from the King James Version.

watch out for the driftwood

It is interesting to see so many individuals floating around in their little boats with no sail to effectively catch the wind and have no interest in repairing the rudder that in most cases they have broken themselves. Their sails are usually in need of mending anyway.

I have news for you. No ideas are completely original. The boats that we float on are all assembled from bits and pieces of someone Else's belief structures. It's all driftwood.

Most people when faced with a belief structure that no longer is valid for them, will find a bit of driftwood floating along that will fit the overall design of their boat, and very carefully remove the unwanted piece while keeping their ship's structure sound, replace it with the new piece and toss the unwanted bits overboard and get on with their journey.

Then there are people like yourself whose only sport in their sad existence is trying to tear the sails of any other boat that gets close enough that is trying to navigate through life, showing some initiative and direction.

Your dilemma is that the the only things you can use for ammunition big enough to cause some real damage are pieces of planking torn up from your own boat that you can effectively throw. Most of the pieces of driftwood you could collect that are floating around you are too small for your purposes.

Someday your ammo will run out. Everyone will see the scudding wreck of your raft as it starts to come apart and no one will help you. They will give you a wide berth, and you will drown all alone.

Think about this as you size up that next plank to rip up from your boat.

Where it is a duty to worship the sun it is pretty sure to be a crime to examine the laws of heat.

John Morley

When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said "Let us pray." We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.

Desmond Tutu

When lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday, cash me out.

Frank Sinatra

There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.

Dalai Lama

Theology is never any help; it is searching in a dark cellar at midnight for a black cat that isn't there. Theologians can persuade themselves of anything.

Robert A. Heinlein

The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.

Thomas Jefferson

Some people spend an entire lifetime wandering if they made a difference, Marines don't have that problem. -Ronald Reagan

Sometimes it is entirely appropriate to kill a fly with a sledge-hammer! -Maj. Holdredge

Fear, panic, and terror are largely caused by ignorance. Once a topic is completely understood, there is much less anxiety, and much less fear.

Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned -Buddha

If you force me to do violence, I shall be so savage and so cruel, and hurt you so badly that the thought of revenge shall never cross your mind. -Machiavelli

There is nothing more real than a man’s character and values. The track record of what he has actually done is far more real than anything he says, however elegantly he says it. -Thomas Sowell

I'm not a homeless bum, I'm a roadside entrepreneur!


Transcend Polarisation

Be in The Matrix but not of it.

The 10 commandments, which religious people believe is the basis of all laws in existence, is written on 2 slabs of stone. Why were they written on 2 slabs of stone and not 1? Maybe there wasn't enough room to write the laws on one slab of stone but considering that the story of Adam and Eve is referring to polar opposites then the 10 commandments written on 2 slabs of stone may represent the fact that as long as people exist in a state of polarization then they will be under the law. Are the 2 stone tablets the left and right hemispheres of the brain?

The law is for the polarized world, which has been the defining feature of civilizations for over 5000 years. Every aspect of life seems to have some law governing it and too many laws can start to restrict freedom. A good example of this are all the fines that councils give out for every little infringement. Dictatorships have lots of laws too, that doesn't mean they are good places to live. A better society is about people being in a higher state of consciousness and not about how many laws that society has.

In the Hindu religion an age called the Kali Yuga began 23rd January 3102 BC. This date is also considered by many Hindus to be the day that Krishna died after being mortally wounded by an arrow. This date also correlates with the creation and cycle dates of so many other cultures in the world.

Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far removed as possible from God. Hinduism often symbolically represents morality as a bull. In Satya Yuga, the first stage of development, the bull has four legs, but in each age morality is reduced by one quarter. By the age of Kali, morality is reduced to only a quarter of that of the golden age, so that the bull of Dharma has only one leg.

These are some descriptions of what it's like in the Kali Yuga,

Rulers will become unreasonable: they will levy taxes unfairly. Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects: they will become a danger to the world. People will start migrating, seeking countries where wheat and barley form the staple food source.

Avarice and wrath will be common. Humans will openly display animosity towards each other. Ignorance of dharma will occur. People will have thoughts of murder for no justification and they will see nothing wrong with that mind set. Lust will be viewed as being socially acceptable, and sexual intercourse will be seen as the central requirement of life, with the result that even 13 to 16-year old girls will get pregnant. Sin will increase exponentially, whilst virtue will fade and cease to flourish.

People will take vows only to break them soon after. People will become addicted to intoxicating drinks and drugs. Men will find their jobs stressful and will go to retreats to escape their work. Gurus will no longer be respected and their students will attempt to injure them. Their teachings will be insulted and followers of Kama will wrest control of the mind from all human beings.

4 000 BC was also when the Age of Taurus was beginning and this coincided with the development of agriculture so people didn't have to hunt so much and they could stay in one area. This is the time period when the first cities and civilizations, like Sumeria and Egypt, started to develop. This is the period when the Great pyramids of Egypt were built and when writing was started in Sumeria and Papyrus was invented during this time in Egypt as well, enabling improved writing techniques. It could be manufactured into very long strips that could be rolled into scrolls or rolls for efficient storage and handling. The Taurus glyph resembles a partially unrolled scroll.

The Jews, Christan's, Mayans, Hindus, astrological ages in the Processional cycle and official historians all seem to come up with a similar time period to describe the start of creation or the present age that exists right now. Even without these strong similarities between different religions and cultures most people can see that world can only be understood going back to 4 000 BC. Before that civilization and Humanity becomes too blurry to understand properly.

A lot of people have noticed that time has speeded up in the last few years. That is because they are getting closer to the source, so the cycles around the source are speeding up. There will come a point when people will reach their source and they will not experience the illusion of time anymore. People will go into a state of singularity, where there isn't the illusion of polarisation anymore. It's thought this will occur around 2012.

The closer we get to the center, the closer we get to the death of the lower part, symbolically of course.

This is a statement from Jesus from the book of Thomas the contender: "Woe to you because of the wheel that turns in your minds!"

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