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It's MYTHOLOGY jack, all of it.


The deep meanings have always been recognised partially by a few, as will be found by consulting the writings of the seers of all past ages. But these interpretations of the ancients are a question of interior illumination and never anything in the outer physical world.

We may be assured that the inner meanings, will in time become universally recognised, as indeed they are at present to those mystics today, all scriptures were preserved for the expressed purpose to reveal the human beings relationship with the cosmos, exemplifying the evolution of the human soul.

Jesus said: " it is the spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profitteth nothing, the words that I have spoken, they are spirit and they ARE life".

"Don't be a minister of the letter, for the letter (literal killeth), but the spirit giveth life"

All of the gospels are stories symbolic of the evolution of the soul.

Do not be fooled by so called biblical historians, the bible is NOT history, it written entirely in allegory, parable, dark sayings and mysteries, using historical personages and geographical locations to describe the state of the soul immersed in matter (the physical body). All national myths of every culture were written in this manner.

The ignorant and profane pastors , preachers and TV evangelists who stubbornly refuse to grasp this great truth are and have been doing a tremendous disservice to people of the world.

The bible read literally is a depository of rank and uuter detestible debauchery that no person could actually believe, talking snakes, talking donkeys, bushes that speak, virgins taken as war spoils, virgins converted, the entire book of Liviticus should be avoided by these profane and ignorant god paraders, they simply don't have a clue. But god loves the smell of fillet minion cooking in the desert and the fat thereof, yes and they believe it.

Until you get away from religion and church, you will never understand the true meaning of the bible and all of it's weird mythology, you must read Joseph Campbells books as well as Bhagwan Rajneesh, no matter what you think of Bhagwan, his writings are some of the greatest in the world, you also need to read J krishnamurti's writings, simply get on a good reading program that does not include any religious book written by a religious person.

Other people to consider are John Krik Robertson, Hilton Hotema, a book called "the word made flesh" by carey. Get Ga Gaskell's book :the dictionary of scripture and MYTH. Egypt the light of the world by Gerald Massey, and utmost is the writings of Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Bill Donahue of the Hiddenmeanings website.

Educate yourself away from the buffoonery of religion, religion was invented for sole purpose of controlling other human beings, keeping them trapped in the matrix as it were. Religion has tortured and killed untold hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings since it's inception, but it's godly!

Of course it is, because God ordered the murder of all the ites in the Old Testament and the great wipe out "the flood" but of course these things never actually happened, because they only happen in the field of mind and consciousness. There isn't any god in the earth or above the earth that killed anyone, save the human EGO, that's the destroyer of life.

Burnt offerings, what are they really?

A symbol of then offerings up of the best of the lower animal desires (beasts), to then higher ideal, in order that they shall be purified and transmuted to the buddhic plane (fire). "and Noah took every clean beast and offered of every clean fowl and offered burnt offerings on the alter" And god so loved the savor of the smoke thereof, of course he did, I like the smell of meat on the barbie too.

And every lower emotion and desire given up for the sake of the higher mind, becomes the means of this sin offering of the lower self, to the will of the higher self.

The real definition of SIN is simply one operating from the lower emotional desire mind or the ego mindset. SIN is the negative emotions, you already know what happens when you are operating in this mode, it destroys life. Yelling, screaming, getting even, I'm the boss, and so forth, you know what it is. The world is immersed and drowning with these types of ego's.

Hint, there is no god anywhere in the cosmos that I know of that really likes the smell of dead burnt animals on the spit, it's all MYTHOLOGY describing the giving up of ones own lower animal ego desires, to be consumed by the symbolic fire of the higher.

"if god can find you, he will rape your wife before your eyes, cut your children to pieces, then run you through with the sword"

Does any religious person actually believe such a verse in a LITERAL sense, if they do, you need to get away from that person as fast as you can, because it''s purely a mythological statement.

In mythology, the wife is the emotional nature, the children are are the concepts born out of lower ego thinking, you are the mind that married up to this wife (the lower emotions), so all shall be put to death, do you see how much better an understanding, when you know how to read and interpret ancient mythology.

To fear the lord, is a statement to the EGO, the ego fears anything changing it, the bible is NOT referring that you fear the lord in a literal sense, as god will kill your physical body, it's not talking about that at all, it is talking about the higher coming to do battle with the lower ego mind, it is the ego that is to fear the lord. It is the ego that will be put to edge of the sword, the ego and it's wife and it's children, in other words to all of the Nations within you.

The nations are always describing all of your thoughts, these nations are under the control of lower mind thinking. These nations must be destroyed by the higher, from the EAST.

This is Armageddon, the final battle, the complete turning over and surrender of the ego to the higher authority or higher conscious thinking.

Jesus said; "your enemies are those of YOUR OWN house" in other words you enemies are NOT out there, they are in there, in the nations within you.

The entire bible is an epic book of mythology describing these internal wars that go on in the mind, they are endless, your thoughts never cease, these thoughts when turned negative (evil), are the enemy of the world. Not one human being or animal was ever harmed intentionally by anything other than first a THOUGHT.

If thought in a negative sense is the destroyer of this world and life upon it, doesn't it make sense that if someone understood the mind, that they would leave a book telling us what they found out? they did, and it's called the bible, the bagavad gita, the Upanishads and so forth. These are all great spiritual teachings describing the battlefield and the battles that go on in the field of mind and thought. The battle is and always has been IN THERE, in the land of Canaan, that's the promised land, god promised to turn over control of the ego (satan, the Canaanites) to the is ra elites, the higher mind quality.

The Canaanites (the lower ego thinking or thoughts), must be killed out, in order for the Is Ra Elites (the higher quality thoughts to take over the holy land (the human brain).

This is your bible story, and it's true!!!

Your brain is the biblical TEMPLE made without tools in seven years.

We descend into incarnation in the Lower Self and return to the Higher Self at the symbolic death of the physical, or through the practice of meditation (reach the Higher Self ). Jesus represents the Lower Self and Christ is the Intuitive Consciousness of the Higher Self which knows no separation from the Father-Monad.

The Lower Self or Personality is a reflection of the Higher and represents the soul descended into crucifixion in a physical body. The link with the Higher Self is the Bridge (Anatahkarana) which can be consciously re-established by the practice of yoga or mediation. Each human being is a Jesus/Krishna/Buddha (Potentiality) with the latent possibility of becoming Jesus-Christ/Krishna/Buddha etc... This is the At-One-ment of the Personality with the Higher Self.

When Christ says "I and my father are one" or "I am in my father, and ye in me, and I in you," (John 14.20) he refers specifically to the Monad (Father), Higher Self (Christos) and Personality (Jesus). This process of at-one-ment is emphasised.

Except the Lord build the house their labour is but vain that build it. (Ps. 127.1) His hands have laid the foundations of the house. (Zech. 4.9) Ye are the temple of God. The Spirit of God dwelleth in you. (I Cor. 3.16) Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. (I Cor. 6.18-19)

Matthew asked, "But Lord, how can all of Israel be told such things? Their lives are saturated with the teachings of the Pharisees. (Religion), reading the scriptures LITERALLY

That's you Jack, you are a Pharisee, just like the rest of you lying TV Know it all's.

Jesus replied, "Your response demonstrates exactly what I have been saying. Do you not see how the example of yeast applies perfectly to their teachings? The Pharisees hate those they cannot control, thus they hate me. If they were truly Abraham's children, they would love me because Abraham saw my day and rejoiced at it."

"If Abraham were alive today, he would condemn the work of the Pharisees. Abraham heard God's voice speaking inside him, and went on a journey to understand it better. These Pharisees have no idea what this kind of leading is. They teach that the way to understand God is to obey an insanely long list of rules and regulations that govern every action of the body.

Abraham saw that it is not the outside of a man that matters, but the inside. Thus, he embarked on a journey without knowing the final destination. In arrogance, the Pharisees claim to know the way to the Father.

Laws that are written outside of the man are obeyed out of fear. They are obeyed for fear of punishment, exile, loss of social status, and so on. But the man who follows what he hears in his heart does so because he loves truth. This man only knows peace and joy."
He who loves the truth is close to me.

What is a true child of Israel, and who is it that makes him such? Abraham heard God's voice and sought to know Him for himself. He did not seek to know God through another. The Pharisees teach that God can only be known through their teachings, which is the blind following the blind into a ditch.

That's you Jack, the blind, leading the blind into a ditch.

Look, Jack unraveled the Apocalypse, you should read the real version on my Blog Jack, then you might get understanding, of course, that will never happen, you already have to much invested in your lies, and your EGO will never allow you to see the truth about anything in the Bible. It's the Ego that is the monster Jack, it is the EGO that has ten horns and seven heads, again, I remind you, that it is you yourself.

Snake Handlers

Roughly 1,000 Indian snake charmers marched on Calcutta earlier this month, demanding the right to perform with live snakes. They were protesting a 1991 law that banned performances that include cobras and other snakes, making what they do illegal. Though their ancient profession is dying, snake charmers rarely do - the sluggish cobras are often kept out of bite range, may have their fangs or venom glands removed, or sometimes have their mouths sewn shut.

This is the kinda stuff that happens when you read the Bible LITERALLY, as opposed to spiritually.

Not so the serpent-handlers in some Appalachian churches, whose estimated 2,000 congregants still interpret the Holy Bible literally and take the following passages to mean that they can handle poisonous snakes with impunity:

"And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."~Mark 16:17-18

He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."~Luke 10:18-20

"There are over 100 documented deaths from serpent bites," says Ralph Hood, a professor of social psychology and the psychology of religion at the University of Tennessee. "In every tradition, people are bitten and maimed by them. They risk their lives all the time by handling them. If you go to any serpent-handling church, you'll see people with atrophied hands, and missing fingers. All the serpent-handling families have suffered such things."

Twenty minutes into his service in rural Georgia in June 1996, preacher Spencer Evans, 23, felt the Spirit move him, reached into a box, and brought out a rattlesnake - which promptly bit him on the wrist. Such a bite should have proved fatal in no more than a couple of hours, but Evans' life was saved at the hospital over a period of days. Upon his release, the preacher returned to handling serpents. "I done took 'em up. I still believe it's right. The Bible didn't say they wouldn't bite,'' he says emphatically.

This is the real meaning of take up serpents.

The serpents are inside, it's called the kundalini, the coiled serpent.

" And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals." The seven seal on the backside are the seven chakras, the book is YOU, the right hand means the RIGHT hemisphere of the brain, where the energy culminates. it's all just yoga, disguised MYTHOLOGY.

Here is the entire Bible story

War of the Memes

A Thousand Paths to Armageddon, or Liberty?

by Bill Walker

There are two kinds of universes: the one that exists (well, to be realistic, “exists” at least as a simulation in someone’s computer), and the personal universes of the complex patterns of our neural connections. We can only acquire understanding of the “real” universe by improving the mental simulations, approximations, and simplifications of our neural connections. Richard Dawkins has suggested that we call mental patterns that can spread from brain to brain “memes”, as being analogous to the spread of genes.

The pattern of thinking about mental patterns in this way is now a widespread meme itself. Memes follow the same evolutionary rules as viruses; memes don’t “care” about the brains they infect, only about maximizing their own propagation. But mutualistic memes that confer advantages to their hosts can gain an advantage over self-destructive or random memes.

Successful early mutualistic memes must have included Flint Pressure Flaking and Firemaking. Today’s equivalent mutualistic technical memes, such as Nuclear Power and Genetic Engineering are so big that they won’t fit into a single human brain and can only propagate through archives of books and computers. But some of the small early mutualistic memes are still important; Trade, for instance.

Unfortunately, mutualism is only one strategy that a virus or meme can use. A meme can also attain competitive advantage by destroying other memes and the brains that carry them. Modern memes such as Tai Ping, National Socialism, Stalinism, Maoism, Khmer Rouge, etc. have all used parasitic strategies to kill off competing memes (and millions of their human hosts).

These parasitic strategies may even be directly against the survival interests of the parasitic meme itself. National Socialism used its hosts to attack the hosts of Holy Land, physically destroying all those it claimed to be Holy Land hosts in death camps. Stalinism destroyed even more human hosts of competing memes in even bigger death camps. Stalinism also destroyed all copies of the mutualistic meme Darwin Evolution that it could reach, replacing them with the nonfunctional Lysenko Evolution pseudomeme. These internal wars weakened Stalinism and National Socialism against external foes.

Genocidal, parasitic memes are not just a modern mutation. For example the Holy Land meme has lived for thousands of years, growing, mutating, and spreading itself with no regard for the lives of its human hosts. Sometime during the reigns of the Middle Eastern god-kings who ruled through memes, Holy Land infected the tribes known to Egyptian recordkeepers as the Habiru (“Hebrews”).

It forced the Habiru to storm into the plain between the Fertile Crescent and Egypt, in a genocidal campaign to exterminate and/or enslave all the previous inhabitants and destroy the memory of their cultures (i.e. the competing memes). Or so says the meme, though archaeologists who can’t find evidence of sufficient ethnic cleansing at the claimed historical period suspect that the meme exaggerates its early strength. Memes lie, after all.

Later, from the second century BC, Holy Land fought the Greek Culture and Imperial Roman memes, using armies and assassins, and was decisively defeated in 135 AD. Holy Land was forcibly cleared from Jerusalem and the area was taken by Imperial. But then in the 300s AD, the ambitious Constantine mixed the mutant anti-Roman Holy Land Messiah meme with other memes (including Mithra and Sun Worship), and created the pro-Empire Catholic meme.

The Catholic meme fought for the Empire, but still had elements of Holy Land in its basic structure. Around 1000 AD, Catholic mutated back to the original program of Holy Land and went back to trying to conquer the area around Jerusalem and exterminate the inhabitants. After centuries of genocidal war Catholic was driven out of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean by a newer mutation of Holy Land that occurred in the early 600s AD, called Islam.

Meanwhile, after its defeat in 135 AD the remnants of the original Holy Land were carried up into Iraq on scrolls by remnants of the Habiru. From there it spread to Central Asia; around 740 AD the ruler of the Khazars forcibly infected all the Khazars with Holy Land, probably to stop Islam and Eastern Orthodox which he couldn’t control. Khazars carrying Holy Land migrated to Eastern Europe after their defeat by Mongol tribes running Khakhan.

The Khazars are now called Ashkenazim, and form the majority of the carriers of Holy Land who today fire Hellfire missiles at suicide-bomber hosts of Islam. (The story of the forcible infection of the Khazars with Holy Land is told by Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe.)

Now another mutation of Holy Land has entered the meme war. A distant descendant of Catholic, Telefundamentalist infects a significant number of Americans. To get the electoral support of Telefundamentalist, American Presidents support Holy Land against Islam with vast quantities of foreign aid (remember, the foreign aid you can see in the US Budget meme is only a tiny part of the total; to understand this you have to read the Monetary Control Act and Banking Deregulation Meme of 1980; copies of which are in every US depository library). Our current President is trying to mobilize all the citizens of the US and all their varied memes in a general Jihad against Islam.

So the cycle of destruction continues. Parasitic memes will continue to fight over Jerusalem until there is nothing there but a nuclear blast crater. Then the memes will mutate in overseas hosts and fight over the Wailing Crater, using ever-more-powerful weapons provided by helpful mutualistic technical memes until a final antimatter blast turns the Holy Land into the Holy Cosmic Rays, sending the bare nuclei of holy dirt molecules expanding out into the Galaxy at near the speed of light.

Ironically, in the end there is no important difference between different strains of the parasitic memes. Memes can even be identical in every respect but name, and still fight to the death. National Socialist is essentially no different from Stalinist or Khmer Rouge or Telefundamentalist or your favorite parasitic meme.

All of them will try to destroy all other memes and take over every brain by force. Of course some memes are more virulent than others. This is why Kim Il Sung and Castro have such draconian physical barriers around their regimes; a month of exposure to modern advertising memes would infect the present hosts of Beard Communism and Starvation Communism to the point that the original memes would be outnumbered and displaced from power.

So, how do we end the meme wars? We don’t, if we want life to continue to increase in complexity, diversity, and range. No meme can be allowed to win and impose the peace of stasis; we call times when single memes dominate Dark Ages. The Liberty meme is our best countermeasure. Liberty promises that all other memes will be allowed to survive and copy themselves, but that they must refrain from acquiring hosts by forcible means. Liberty promises that minds will have access to all memes; mutualistic memes will tend to predominate as the minds they infect prosper and proliferate.

If Liberty is present in a sufficient proportion of minds, then human minds will be able to use the mutualistic technical memes like Nuclear Propulsion to spread life throughout the Galaxy. The Liberty meme leaves room for Life Extension, Mars Terraforming, Asteroid Colonies, and the general proliferation of complex life and memes. Victory of any of the parasitic memes leads only to the Wailing Crater of Jerusalem, and finally to Har-Megiddo (that’s Armageddon to those copies of Telefundamentalist reading this).

But Liberty can never win a final victory. Any mutation of Liberty that starts forcibly exterminating memes (as opposed to destroying hosts running active copies of force-using memes, which is permissible) is by definition a defective copy, and must be attacked by other copies of Liberty. The Meme Wars will go on forever— if we’re lucky.

Bill Walker is a Research Associate at the Shay-Wright lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He currently runs the memes Liberty, Genetic Engineering, and Space Homesteader. None of these memes desire to pay taxes to fund a Jihad to conquer Jerusalem, Mecca, the birthplace of Krishna, or anyone’s ancestral burying grounds. Liberty notes that many early copies of Liberty included the sub meme Black Slavery, which a good example of the principle that you can’t trust any meme. Including this one.


Well it ain't you JACK!!

The word generation in the bible is quite different than anyone really knows.

Generation; A symbol of grades of qualities in stages of spiritual development.

In other words A symbol of the completion of the process of purification and development of the souls of humanity, whom the lower consciousness rises to union with the higher consciousness.

"And the shall they see the son of man (the renewed mind) coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads, because your redemption draweth nigh"

In two thousand years who has proclaimed that all of those crazy nonsensical stories in the bible were MYTHOLOGY? Who has proclaimed from the pulpit that the word of God in the bible is written in deep symbolism and never LITERAL?

Why has the Church kept this fact suppressed and hidden from the masses? One word, Money and control over your mind!

When one has discovered that religion has kept all the true spiritual truths in the bible locked up, so that you could not utilize the knowledge for your own personal spiritual growth, then how could you have anything but contempt and loathing for these intellectually bankrupt pseudo-intellectuals and biblical apologists, who sit in liars pulpits.

They alone are the anti-christ

From a biblical perspective, it is the sin of the Pharisees (religion) who Jesus condemned as counterfeit shepherds of the people, that applies equally to the pseudo-intellectuals that the government forces the people to embrace today. What Jesus portrayed as The key of Knowledge, represents the turning away from the Literal reading, in order to open the inner door to the higher reality of the soul and learn the Mysteries of Creation, by the spiritual reading of the texts, which then gives you meditation as the KEY to the Kingdom.

Some biblical verses that the church/religion does not ever want you to understand! Because if everyone understood it, no person alive would need THEM anymore.


Luke 11:52
" Woe unto scribes and pharisees (lawyers)"Lawyers are people who interpret the Bible. Scribes and pharisees are government and religion. They are Bible teachers and they are plentiful in our traditional religions.

You have taken away the key of knowledge. You entered not in yourselves and them that were entering in you hindered."

Mat 23:13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees,hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in

In other words religion has taken away the key, because they don't teach you to meditate.
They teach you that going into yourself in meditation will open your mind to the devil. They teach you that it is New Age and Eastern and you shouldn't do this.

And so they do not do it and they hinder you from doing it and Jesus says they take away the key of knowledge and so people do not know how to pray. They recite endless words and as we can see from the recent disaster no one gets their prayers answered at all. "Go into thy closet (self) and pray (meditate) to the father (the higher consciousness) which is in secret"

These are the Bible literalists, those who blindly take the Bible as the exact word of God (of whom our president is one, as are many of his fundamentalist minions), and they only look at discoveries like this new gospel and stare numbly, uncomprehendingly, as fluid divinity swirls around them like some sort of frustrated mist.

The truth is, the Church was formed to serve people just like this, those who are unable to grasp nuances and unable to think beyond a certain scope, those who are unwilling or unable follow what is perhaps the single most powerful and significant of all Christ's (and Buddha's, and the Tao's, etc.) teachings: that is, to seek God within. Not in a priest. Not in a building. Not in an organized institution. Within you.

This truth has the capacity to free the thinking of people from the fossilized limitations of the pseudo-scientific and secularized counterfeit religious doctrines and authorities that shackle mankind in the abyss of ignorance , and it is this knowledge is set forth in restoration of the Original Gospels, that has the potential to enable seekers to prove the Truth within themselves.

Anytime any TV evangelists or preacher opens their mouths, they are serving mammon (the lower emotions). They are operating strictly from the left brained reptilian mind, they imbue and serve only their LOWER SELF.

Religion has taken away the truth of the ancient texts, and left us with the husks, because of their fossilized brains laden with 900 chariots of iron. Philistines, the lot of em.

Setting the record straight for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.
What is the real meaning if Biblical Prophecy?

This signifies the faculty of spiritual discernment which is derived by intuition from the higher consciousness, which gives utternance to the truth of hidden things. It is an exercise of the intuition respecting the evolution of the higher qualities of the soul. Gaskell

Biblical prophecy deals strictly with one's own spiritual progress and nothing more.
What or who is a prophet?

A symbol of a dawning of higher consciousness, and an intuition within the mind which foresees coming out pourings of spiritual faculty and increased perception of universal cosmic truth. Gaskell

"And they glorified God, saying, a great prophet is arisen among us; and God hath visited his people" luke 7;16 A symbol of the higher consciousness manifestation within the lower nature of the soul/light, residing in the solar plexus.

This refers to the perfecting of the qualities and their recognition of the higher state of consciousness which the indwelling Christ brings to the mind, by the two witnesses (the mind and the emotions).

By prophet is understood truth of doctrine derived by the spiritual reading of ancient nests, and not the literal reading.

There are NO prophets in the Literal world, not biblically speaking anyway, prophets in the bible are always an aspect of the mind and the emotions, the two witnesses that interact with divine authority, and stand as witness to a persons spiritual progress. They prophesy to the indwelling divine ego of good things that are to come or are coming as regards to a persons spiritual evolution.

What is a false prophet? Jack Van Impe!!!!

A symbol of states of mind which regard outer events and personalities of time past or to come, as sources of soul growth and salvation.

The false prophets are those minds which point others to particular persons and times, and localities as sources of salvation, and thereby deceive and mislead many. As soon as erroneous notions abound, and these signs of spiritual inertness creep into the soul and mind, the love of the higher, or unifying principle is lost. The inner search for truth and reality has been snuffed out by them.

In other words because of false outer teachings by religious authorities, you now have a false outlook on life in general and especially concerning your inner self, these false prophets, diminish the light within you, so we could say that the real false prophet is the lower mind, as it is attracted to the physical outer world instead of the world within. This false prophet can trick the mind into thinking that a person has made spiritual progress, while in fact none has been made, it alone declares that it is the prophet of god, but in fact it is the prophet of the ego (devil).

All of the biblical prophets are symbols of the mind and emotions as they alone register what is the condition of the mind, and how far one has come on the spiritual path, there is NOT one prophet or prophecy in the entire bible that has anything to do with the physical outer world, all prophets and prophecies are symbols of inner states and conditions as it pertains to the spiritual growth of the soul and mental planes.

The entire Bible is an INNER book, relating to one's personal spiritual growth and nothing else, this is the greatest secret, that all pseudo bible scholars and artificial religious authorities have no clue or idea about. They have completely misled the whole of the human race because of their inert/bald teachings of things spiritual, they are of themselves the devil.

"look not lo here nor lo there, for the kingdom of god is within you" If the kingdom of god/good is within you, and IT IS, then where are all of the prophets and prophecies? Of course! they are also within you.

Quit listening to those Philistinian baltherskite borax paddlers that call themselves modern day prophets and scholars, they are nothing of the kind, they are misleaders of the ancient mythology, leading everyone astray.
Daniel and Joseph the prophets

A symbol of the self incarnate in the lower nature or animal qualities of the indwelling light, and gradually expressing outwardly the truth that is within.

" As Joseph was carried captive to Egypt (the lower mind), so was Daniel to Babylon (the lower mind)" Ch 1;2

Like Joseph he must change his name; god makes the prince of the eunuchs favorable to him, as the chief Butler of Joseph; he abstains from polluting himself with the partaking of the kings (ego's) meats and drinks, which are pressed upon him, a self denial held as meritorious in the time of Antiochus Epiphanies, as that of Joseph with regard to Potiphar's wife; like Joseph he gains Eminence by the interpretation of a dream of the king, which his wise men were unable to explain to him"

Eunuch, is a symbol of those egos who control the desire nature, mentally, morally ans spiritually. The condition is consistent with the spiritualising of the affections and lower desires, especially the desire to a part of them (the group).

A name change signifies a difference as related to the conditions of the mind and soul. The head officials are the highest qualities of the lower nature, which therefore favor the indwelling self, the self denial indicates that the spirit cannot be nourished by the things of sense and desire to be a part of this world. The interpreting of the dreams signifies the bringing of knowledge of the problems of life, which the lower mind and it's faculties (wise men) are unable to solve. Anytime you see that a person has had his or her name changed in the biblical texts, it is always referring to someone that had undergone an spiritual transformation or renewing of the mind. Saul to Paul, Jacob to Isreal, etc...

Never mistake ancient spiritual mythology for any literal account of things of the earth or the physical world we live in, because all of the bible is talking about an inner spiritual revolution of the soul and mind (the earth that is within). We are the earth in the biblical mythology. Earth is a symbol of the lower nature of the soul, lower mental qualities, which constitutes the arena and life of the indwelling divine ego.

"I praise the earth, the wide stretched and traversable, the vast, the unbounded, thy mother, O righteous Homa"

The Earth signifies the the principle of the human body that houses all of the nations and prophets and kindred's, and tongues, that help to bringforth the soul from it's animal nature or prison, the soul (indwelling light) was planted in the physical body (earth) in order that it may be watered by the higher spirit and sprout to it's fullest glory in it's due season.

When is the end of the world?

The world comes to and end when each person overcomes their earthly, carnal lower mind, worldly nature, brought about by the constant act of meditation, when one has risen from his/her lowest state of consciousness (hell), to their highest state of consciousness (heaven), then the book of revelations has been completed within the person, the seven days of creation are now complete, and new heaven and a new earth, this is the renewed mind or New Jerusalem which came down from heaven (the highest God/good, Jesus, Universal, Cosmic consciousness)

It is the lepers of this world that has corrupted the the ancient literature of soul science, a leper is a symbol of the lower mind troubled with conflicting desires, emotions and confused ideas. In short it is the divided mind, it is the mind that cannot discern the things of the higher spiritual nature, it doesn't even know that such things exist, an example of a leper in the biblical context would be any number of TV evangelists like Pat Opossum head Robertson, or Jack Van (Nincompoop) Impe etal....

Demiurge, the framer of the world, signifies the matrix on the all panes of life, the higher self or world soul/photons, descending into matter (physical life forms), and becomes perfected as the Archetypal Man from whom matter drops away. he is then the potential pattern for the rest of humanity to become perfected.

We must never forget that the entire bible is a book written about the INNER transformation of the soul from it's lower gross animal quality to it's highest conscious state, the seventh chakra opened.

Religion and it's outer belief systems have clashed with the intelligence of which man is naturally endowed. Long since has the real meaning of the ancient scriptures and myths been lost to the annals of time, a bygone era, where a wonderful symbolic language once existed among the higher learned men of old, but now we must relight that ancient lamp once more and begin to realize the richness and beauty of the ancient Dark Sayings of OLD.

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