The INNER Journey, Astrotheology



"We did not come into the world vulnerable, open, and innocent to be indoctrinated or herded into group-think, to be stamped, filed, catalogued, classified, indexed, organized, stereotyped, artificially and prejudicialy promoted or demoted, or prohibited from any experience."

“I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 2:1–2; NASB).

Important information to help preserve your sanity

At some point, in reading through this information (if you really are trying to follow the flow of it) your mind is going to slam into a "cultural wall" and will not let you "get" the message that is presented here. It's really O.K., I just wanted to let you know that "it ain't your fault" :-) because your thinking patterns are linear and if you try to vary from the linear you will, most probably, go unconscious, and stay that way.

People today are literate, informed and educated and can no longer be controlled by holding up 'totems' (an object serving as the distinctive mark of the clan or group). We are unlike the people who lived during the times when contemporary religions were first established.

How in the world can a religion proclaim that "God is love" and then hold up a graven image of 'the son of God' brutally impaled upon a cross (to prove it)?

Followed then by 2000 years of silence while the West brought its own brand of hell to people and races throughout the world.

History demonstrates that Christianity is surely not working in the way that it could. For the most part, 'missionaries' are the first wave of an invasion that will ultimately destroy a culture and introduce them to the concepts of guilt, shame, the Western 'real estate agent' and consumerism (salvation by consumption).

Historically, immediately after (one generation) a people has been taught to 'turn the other cheek' somebody is showing up to take their ancestral lands. Christianity, over time, has been betrayed by Judas. 'Judas', according to the decoded 'star data', represents the mind that has been captivated by stuff.

Christianity is beneficial in that it introduces a sense of the sacred but the flip side is a medieval abomination that has never quite found its way to enlightenment.

It is a psychological and metaphysical fact of life that if you continually show a child images of the crucified Christ, and present those images as 'important', then that child is likely to 'reproduce the subconscious message of those images and, over time, become metaphorically crucified in one's life, in one's marriage, in one's job and in the world, generally.

In brief, you wind up with a crucified world that has gradually become dysfunctional. Why? Because of an utter mis-representation (misdirection) of the Synoptic gospels that are the heart and soul of the New Testament.

For over 2000 years the Earth has been in labor trying to give birth to Christ, and failing miserably. The Christian cosmology, as presented to the faithful, is incomplete and sends you off in the wrong direction (outer rather than inner) and with incomplete information.

So, are there secret teachings' that are not being shared with us? Well, yes, and an additional problem is that the teaching-focus of Christianity has been placed exclusively upon portions of the dogma that are unworkable without other 'key information' that is ignored.

The New Testament (Synoptic Gospels) is about the 'inner journey' through the zodiac and yourself, and it presents, in symbol, many of the complications that one is likely to find within his or her own psyche as they go 'within' ("The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and within you" Christ) to find and resurrect the indwelling Christ (divine spark).

The spiritual teachings contained in the Synoptic gospels are a road map for navigating the inner landscape because true spiritual growth requires a renewal of your mind.

A dichotomy exists between Jesus / a representation of humanity and Christ / the divine spark. Jesus, according to the star data was 'the cross' (matter / physicality) upon which the indwelling Christ was crucified; as such, the New Testament's Jesus represents Everyman.

Jesus 'glory' is in having transcended his human biological context (free of lower emotion/passions) and bringing forth the Christ, or the divine spark (regardless of nomenclature) that is at the root of all life.

The word Ecstasy is derived from the Greek word ekstasis and meaning "standing outside oneself". As such, the goal of religion is to assist you (provide you with the necessary tools) in self-transcendence and the attainment of everlasting bliss that is the result of 'standing outside of yourself'

A 'key' is: The Christ that "died for your sins" is your indwelling Christ (divine spark). The uncomfortable result that is produced by this conundrum (ego masking the divine spark) is to put one into a temporal 'box' (space and time) in the underworld of inversion that is ruled by the fear of the eventual extinguishment of your life. This conundrum exists until action is taken to turn the inversion around.

To characterize this event, (change from Age of Virgo to Age of Leo) in an allegorical context, an ancient astrologer/astronomer would describe this as 'The Sun being born of a 'Virgin' (Virgo) as a king (Leo is the 'king like' sign of the zodiac). Or, in a type of metaphorical code: "The Son of God, born of a Virgin as a king". Only ancient astrologer/astronomers (Wise Men) would recognize the astronomical/astrological allegory as talking about the changing of an astrological age.

The ancients often represented "God" as a star. Our sun is a star or, in 'code', a sun (son) of God.

A description (Christ, Son of God born of a virgin) of the process of giving 'birth' to Christ within one's self. A knowledge of the charisteristics of the ancient astrological sign of Virgo (The Virgin) is required; in addition to the very basic understanding that thought has a creative component.

The Last Supper Metaphor

The scientific analysis of the astroarchaeological Star of bethlehem and the arrival of the magi indicates that the inner light of Christ dwells within the deepest recesses of the human psychological base (4th astrological house of 'the mother').

The 'inner Christ' or spirit or soul (a genie in the lamp) is usually located (initially) in a condition of dormancy having yielded to the (relative) animal based human ego. This condition is other than a 'conquering' but rather, an accommodation.

Anyhow, when a person makes the decision to accept the (teachings of) Christian Christ and to reform his or her character then the process of 'The Last Supper' begins as the errant ego is trued to spiritual principles and is subsequently and gradually 'devoured' (consumed) by the emerging inner light of Christ.

Christ's words at the Last Supper, "This is my body and this is my blood" (referencing the bread and wine) and then proceeding to consume the bread and wine is a metaphor for the process of the indwelling light (Christ) consuming the base animal passions and fears and also rectifying aberrant behaviour.

This gradual process is what is also meant by 'giving birth to Christ' (an 'inner birth') in a virginal (emerging purity) way that is other than an act of physical procreation. The successful completion of this process produces a 'rebirth' that is accomplished by 'water' (flowing with God's plan) and 'the spirit' or the indwelling Christ.

When successful it gradually becomes obvious that "Christ", like Adam (See, Genesis) is 'the original person' and enjoys an eternal existence. The ego is not reborn but, rather, vanquished. This process describes the 'return path' to Christ as an inner experience which requires a 'virginal birth' (of Christ) that takes place on an 'inner level' of the psyche.

Note: The natural astrological house (12th) of Pisces that 'opposes' (directly across from) Virgo is the location (warehouse) of our 'secret enemies' and is also called the 'house of self undoing'. The 'secret enemies' operate deeply within the psychological framework of the human being and produce undesirable long term results until they are eliminated.

The process of the "last supper" continues until all of the "dross" (lower nature) has been removed from the Golden Soul and we have, by our diligence and God's grace, restored our "original nature".

The souls who are "lost" (unaware of a spiritual "base") have forgotten these precepts and live an uncomfortable existence that goes on eternally beyond the veil of time.

Those who practice the law of love ascend a "measure" with each victory attained over the "lower nature" and experience greater and greater blessings. Everything around them is "lifted up" with them. Until, finally, they are off of the cross of "self" and attain liberation.

The negative or inverted ego (the separated self) is the creative impetus of all crucifixions.

The Sun is its father, the Moon its mother, the Wind carries it in its belly, its nurse is the Earth.

The "One Thing" is the mediator and for Man to have a second birth he must adapt himself to the mediations of The One. ("Not my will but thine be done." )

4 The Sun is its' father because the Sun is a symbol of the soul or creative power ("I AM the light"), the moon was its' mother because the moon is a symbol of the body which, like the moon, has no light of its own the wind carries it in its' belly because it is a spirit its' nurse is the Earth, the nurturing garden in which Man was created.

The "prize" for the successful completion of The Great Work? Eternal life! The Holy Grail! The Fountain of Youth! Paradise! The Return to Eden! The Promised Land! Atlantis Rising! The Return of the Goddess! The fulfillment of all of the promises made by The Christ.

In essence, alchemy and its symbolic processes reveal the key to the mystery of the resurrection.

According to the wisdom of ancient Egypt, the New Testament's tale of two "fishing" boats on the water ( John:21) with 7 occupants (1 Sun and 7 planets [followers of the Sun]) is also an astronomical metaphor.

"Boats" = constellations; "water" = space or the heavens; "fish" = stars. The wisdom of ancient Egypt provides a key to unlocking the deeper mysteries of the New Testament which celebrated the beginning of the new Age of Pisces and the beginning of a new Great Year of Precession.

Therefore, I AM called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world, being 1) spirit / Sun 2, consciousness / Soul ME and 3, form / Moon HER and " S " (plurality), for the myriad "adaptations" and expressions of "The One"

ONE, the fool after he returns from his rounds, as a good sailor, he has stood the watch.

The symbol of Venus is a hieroglyph indicating an awareness of eternity that has transcended (is above) the temporal considerations of 'matter'.

The symbol of Venus is also employed in 'holy pictures' that depict individuals with a solar crescent or solar orb behind their head.

The solar orb or solar crescent indicates that the spiritual life force has been resurrected or otherwise distilled from the depths of the psyche and brought into conscious awareness.

The 'cross' or "+" is the symbol of matter or earth or physicality.

A cross driven into the Earth is the opposite of the symbol of Venus.

With the cross image you have the circle beneath (below) the cross of matter.

It is a symbol which represents the condition of matter, (the body or form) as having devoured the awareness of eternity and producing a 'crucifixion' in a temporal realm of relative slavery.

Jesus Christ, in the New Testament, was preaching the gospel of quantum physics.

The message is (from the perspective of Christ), "I was once like all of you, an animal-based sentient being, until I had an awakening. I woke up from the illusion that I was the physical body to realize that I, the indwelling light of consciousness, am a spark of God.

You are no different from me. It is just that I have remembered and you have not. Many of you will say that I am insane (possessed by a 'devil') but many more of you will believe.

For those of you who believe, then imitate me and gradually remove your flesh-based passion (See, Last Supper) and fears and gain release from the crucifixion of your true selves in and upon the world of 'matter'. Be in the world and in the body but not 'of it'.

You are no different from me. It is just that I have remembered and you have not. Many of you will say that I am insane (possessed by a 'devil') but many more of you will believe.

For those of you who believe, then imitate me and gradually remove your flesh-based passion (See, Last Supper) and fears and gain release from the crucifixion of your true selves in and upon the world of 'matter'. Be in the world and in the body but not 'of it'.

The quantum Theory of Everything includes the knowledge that thought is creative, be it for good or not. Thinking that you are your physical body continually reinforces that illusion. To cease thinking about 'self' begins the process of 'dissolution of self' because you are no longer 'feeding' the illusion with the power of your thoughts, actions and intentions.

To direct yourself to higher levels of reality one must fix their attention upon something 'higher'.

This cosmology has been pieced together from the virtual fragments remaining from the wisdom teachings of past cultures, decoding the midrashic elements of the New Testament, an analysis of the ancient astrological teachings (The Magi), a study of ancient alchemy (turning lead to gold or, to restore the self to spirit), the highly enigmatic 'Philosopher's Stone (the pineal gland), Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and finally, understanding the difference between a black hole (self) and a star' (God) as metaphysical symbols of the polar potentials (opposites) of consciousness.

We are, truly 'quantum beings' in a temporal illusion held fast by our own descriptions and beliefs regarding 'reality'. There is only one ultimate and eternal reality and it is, in its purest form, non-physical. Each of us is (contains) a spark of 'God'.

When the separated self disintegrates (See, The Last Supper) the knowledge of God and the true self resurrects from the temporal 'tomb' of matter and 'Elvis then has the opportunity to leave the building' the way that the Pharaoh has left the Great Pyramid, the way that Christ vacated the tomb, the way that energy (as light) is released by matter and the way that consciousness has the advanced ability to come and go from 'form'.

Until we true ourselves to 'Natural Law' we remain confined in a temporal illusion afflicted with a belligerent and resistant ego-based anmesia that has replaced God with self and, as a result, has caused us to be turned into (relatively) 'a stone'. A 'stone' that must be 'consumed' (dissolved) to deliver us to an awakening and rebirth.

The ultimate goal of this knowledge is to increase awareness and help one gain an upper hand over otherwise invisible and subliminal influences.

Applied awareness always has an inverse effect upon negative influences; for instance, while lunar windows tend to induce suffering by default, through awareness one can make use of temporary dimensional fluidity to more effectively intend for and manifest positive futures.

With awareness one can learn more efficiently, have a smoother and more exciting path of progress through life, avoid unproductive obstacles, and gain a measure of liberation from the enslaving effect of ignorance.

There is much misunderstanding and confusion in religion about exactly who or what satan really is.

The Hebrew word (satan) merely means an 'opponent', 'adversary', or 'enemy'. In a religious context, satan refers to an enemy of God / Spiritual Truth.

Now, what is the greatest enemy of God? What is it which turns people away from God? What is it which tempts us to follow evil? What is it which blinds us to Truth? The answer is: OUR OWN 'FIRST-BORN' LOWER / CARNAL / UNENLIGHTENED MIND!

It is only this 'lower' mind (ego / persona) which brings forth pride, selfishness, hatred, greed, envy, lust, etc. etc. The lower animals do not possess such a mind, and thus do not suffer these evils.

Religion is one the main causes for keeping Satan alive in you. WHY?

Because Satan is the LACK of true knowledge, and when did they (religion), ever teach you, the great truths that you learned on this page.

Religion is the antichrist. They have kept you ignorant of spiritual truth, and have kept you spiritually dummied down.

Look no further for a Devil, than a robe wearing fool standing behind a pulpit, he speaks of the devil, yet he is the devil incarnate, and does not know it. They keep you in carnality and ignorance of truth.

Regarding sin

Sin is nothing more than having dualistic conceptual thoughts and a clinging to selfish desires and ego separated from the oneness of the Cosmos and all of nature. It is the Chaldean moon god of mythology, you have been lied to by the church for two thousand years concerning this fact.

"Sin" is to be enslaved by matter and the animal nature, thus losing all sight of spiritual development. There is no inherent "badness" in matter and the animal nature. Man must become the master of his animal nature if he is to progress.

That's how sinful religion really is.

"Who can estimate the misery that has been caused by this most infamous doctrine of eternal punishment? Think of the lives it has blighted of the tears it has caused of the agony it has produced. Think of the millions who have been driven to insanity by this most terrible of dogmas.

This doctrine renders God the basest and most cruel being in the universe. Compared with him, the most frightful deities of the most barbarous and degraded tribes are miracles of goodness and mercy. There is nothing more degrading than to worship such a god.

Lower than this the soul can never sink. If the doctrine of eternal damnation is true, let me share the fate of the unconverted; let me have my portion in hell, rather than in heaven with a god infamous enough to inflict eternal misery upon any of the sons of men."

Robert Ingersoll "Heretics and Heresies", 1874

"God so loved the world that he made up his mind to damn a large majority of the human race."

Robert Ingersoll "Why I Am An Agnostic", 1876

Wake up! said Paul. Wake up Asses couched between two burdens, the left and right hemispheres of your own brains.

NEVER read Mythology LITERALLY, it destroys brain cells, as well as HUMAN beings.

We did not come into the world vulnerable, open, and innocent to be indoctrinated or herded into group-think, to be stamped, filed, catalogued, classified, indexed, organized, stereotyped, artificially and prejudicialy promoted or demoted, or prohibited from any experience.

The priests understood how the taboo-makers secretly know that as a result of their handiwork and artifice, their victims will burn for that which is denied them, and will not, even in the having, be content but will, instead, be wracked with guilt and self-loathing, all free-thinkers know, that when we place anyone or anything above us, we commit violence to the self. Become an iconoclast.

Both read the Bible day and night; but you read black where I read white . you read death, where I read life.

It has served us well this myth of Christ - Pope Leo X

The Christian resolve to find the world ugly and bad, has made it ugly and bad - Fredrick Nietzsche

Humanity’s apostasy is not toward god but toward Nature and is, therefore, ultimately toward itself. By the looks of this planet and what we have been doing to it and its life-forms, it seems as if we have more of the devil in us than the god.

For animals Earth is the hell, with humans the devils who torture them.

Those who have, in the name of god and religion, desecrated the pristine altar, our perfume garden Earth, should remember and heed the words of those brothers and sisters who, after diving deep into the dark and fragrant waters of truth, came forth to share their pearls with the Humanity they loved and bled for:

This very earth is the Lotus Land of purity, And this very body the Body of Buddha - Hakuin (Zen Master) God in the bible said, "the kingdom of god is spread out upon the earth and no one cannot see it" That's because god is nature, it's right in plain sight, yet they don't see it.

There has never existed in the world anything more intensely vile, contemptuous, and dangerous to freedom, peace and progress as deeply held blind faith in organized religions and holy dogmas.

The Christian murder of Great Pan cut the currents of a lively and sustaining sympathy between man and nature, so that from that day there set in over the Western world an obtuseness and insensibility toward the natural world, which, ever hardening over the centuries, has led to a ruthless wantonness in the human attitude toward the soil and its vegetation, with widespread devastation of its bounties and its beauties - Alvin Boyd Kuhn (Ultimate Canon of Knowledge)

The real maya or illusion is not in the natural forms, but in the mind’s propensity to conceive or project forms created by its own inventiveness, but which do not agree with the truth extant or potential in nature - ibid

In nature and the language of the sense, The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse, The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul, Of all my moral being – William Wordsworth (Tintern Abbey)

This very earth is the Lotus Land of purity, And this very body the Body of Buddha - Hakuin (Zen Master)

Cannot we, in this millennium, awaken from our “Newtonian Sleep,” from our personal ennui and social anomie, to offer forth a new hymn; one which serves as an prayer directed not to kings, priests or gods, but to ourselves as men and women, born again on the altar of humanity, baptized in the blood of artists, and crowned by the hands of poets, not with thorns, but with the leaves of the wisest and most ancient of the oaks?

Those who have investigated the origins and purpose of religion may, like psychologist Karen Horney, ask:

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction – Blaise Pascal

Let us not forget also the incredible suffering which women have endured at the hands the representatives of the world's religions. As Blake reminds:

For an ASS crouched between two burdens, the left and right hemispheres of his own brain.

The Perfect And Loving God

"The Lord was grieved that he had made man on the Earth, and his heart was filled with pain. So I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the Earth- men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air- for I am grieved that I have made them."
Genesis 6:6-7

It seems that even perfect gods can make mistakes and have regrets.

"Theology is not what we know about God, but what we do not know about Nature. In order to increase our respect for the Bible, it became necessary for the priests to exalt and extol that book, and at the same time to decry and belittle the reasoning powers of man.

The whole power of the pulpit has been used for hundreds of years to destroy the confidence of man in himself to induce him to distrust his own powers of thought, to believe that he was wholly unable to decide any question for himself, and that all human virtue consists in faith and obedience.

The church has said 'Believe and obey!' If you reason you will become an unbeliever, and unbelievers will be lost. If you disobey, you will do so through vain pride and curiosity, and will, like Adam and Eve, be thrust from Paradise forever! For my part, I care nothing for what the church says, except in so far as it accords with my reason; and the Bible is nothing to me, only in so far as it agrees with what I think or know."

“ If a man is a hero, he is a hero because, in the final reckoning, he did not let the monster devour him, but subdued it, not once but many times. Victory over the collective psyche alone yields the true value—the capture of the hoard, the invincible weapon, the magic talisman, or whatever it be that the myth deems most desirable.

Anyone who identifies with the collective psyche—or, in mythological terms, lets himself be devoured by the monster—and vanishes in it, attains the treasure that the dragon guards, but he does so in spite of himself and to his own greatest harm.”

Ode to Christians

An ass which turns a millstone did a hundred miles walking. When it was loosed, it found that it was still at the same place. There are men who make many journeys, but make no progress towards any destination.

When evening came upon him, he saw neither city nor village, neither human artifact nor natural phenomenon, power nor angel. In vain has the wretch labored.


People living on the levels of Chakras 1, 2, or 3 are living on animal levels.

Animals, too, cling to life. Animals, too, beget their future. Animals, too, fight to win.

So people on these levels have to be controlled by social law, Dharma.

Just think of what our popular religions like Christianity are concerned with, prayers for health, wealth, progeny, and victory. That is asking the gods to serve your animal nature.

The Warring mind.

This is popular religion.

Joseph Campbell.

In god we trust, just not the God of the bible.

The bible is pure Mythology, it was written in Alexandria Egypt, the sun god myth capital of the ancient world.

The bible is steeped in Buddhic tradition, such as the kundalinin and the parable, yes the parable was born in China, thousands of years before the mythological christ.

The bible is a mind book describing the war that goes on internally in the minds of all, and the book of revelations is the final battle over this turf.

We are born with an animal nature.

"I gave man the mind of an animal, til seven times passes by for him"

We have a higher potential, which is the Christ, Buddha, Krishna mind, it's all the same.

"there is no enemy other than the carnal mind"

"A mans enemies are those of his own house" MIND.

"God is not subject to the carnal nature, neither can he be"

Meschac, shedrach and ebednego went into the fiery furnace heated SEVEN times and the fourth spiritual man appeared in the fire, and none were hurt.

The physical, the intellectual and the emotional nature of every human being.

"Why is it that in practically all the ancient literature's spiritual teaching was given in the vernacular of the battlefield?

The Bhagavad-Gita, for instance, tells of the conflict between the opposing armies of the Kurus and the Pandavas.

In the Germanic and Scandinavian mythologies there is the constant battling between the gods and the heroes; so also in the Greek, Egyptian, Persian, and Babylonian mythologies all are alike in this respect."

"Men generally find it very difficult to deprive themselves of graven images, of special incarnations of the divine? And the functional equivalent of graven images in modern secular faiths are very special events (the Revolution, past or to come, natural selection, national liberation, or whatever) inside the world.

"The word Apocalypse is interesting. Its vulgar meaning is misconstrued from the final book of the Bible, Revelations, which someone in Johns name wrote, after obtaining in a vision on the Grecian isle of Patmos.

The Patmos metaphor is not unique in mythology, like the Island of Atlantis, Isles in mythology are describing the human brain as it sits in the skull, in a saline solution just like an island in the seas. It is referring to INTERNAL work, internal things.

Revelations describes an end of time, a resurrection of the souls of the dead, a divine last judgment, followed by a grand entry of the souls of the blessed into Paradise.

Need we say more, R.D. Laing points out that if you scrutinize the text, you will not find a single indication that he was talking about an external phenomenon!

The word itself, is Greek, simply means "revelation," or more precisely, the uncovering of something that was hidden." A Mystery!

This mention of Moses has become a shackle on men's minds they think these stories happened long ago. Moses and Pharaoh are in your own existence you must seek these two adversaries in yourself.

"The greatest war is the war against our selves." Mohammed

"Many of the alchemical texts relate "tales of horror" (dismemberment, being mashed into oblivion) which relate the death of the ego.

This is a necessary step to allowing the divine (the gold) to enter into the "space" which was formerly occupied by the renegade ego." The lower nature, the beast of revelations in the Bible. The whole of the story is inside your head.

"One must not fear the Wrathful Deities, but must realize the gifts they have to offer and realize that they come from you. They are part of your consciousness. When one embraces the Wrathful Deities one becomes enlightened.

Do not flee these deities they are coming from your own mind."

They are your own thought-forms made visible and audible. They are products of your own mind with its back to the wall. They indicate that you are close to liberation. Do not fear them. No harm can come to you from these hallucinations.

They are your own thoughts in frightening aspect. They are old friends. Welcome them. Merge with them. Join them. Lose yourself in them.

They are yours. Whatever you see, no matter how strange and terrifying, Remember above all that it comes from within you. Hold onto that knowledge.

As soon as you recognize that, you will obtain liberation. If you do not recognize them.

None of the peaceful or wrathful visions, Blood-drinking demons, machines, monsters, or devils, Exist in reality, outside of your own temple.

Only within your skull. said Buddha!!! Which is where Jesus went, to Golgotha, which means SKULL in Greek!!! One Voice two people!

"The Herukas (wrathful visions) described as "blood-drinking," angry or "terrifying" deities - are merely the dynamic aspect of enlightenment, the process of becoming a Buddha, of attaining illumination, as symbolized by the Buddha's struggle with the Hosts of Mara.

The ecstatic figures, heroic and terrifying, express the act of breaking through towards the unthinkable, the intellectually "Unattainable." They represent the leap over the chasm, which yawns between an intellectual surface consciousness and the intuitive supra-personal depth-consciousness. (Govinda, op. cit., pp. 198, 202.)]

The SEVEN Chakras, The SEVEN Seals and the Fall of Jericho

Note also that the SEVEN chakras correspond to the SEVEN seals of Revelation.

"It is important to understand that the SEVEN seals are allegorical to each of the SEVEN energy centers (chakras) in the body which are related to endocrine system of the human body.

With the opening of each chakra, or seal comes revelation and the opportunity to be transformed by the particular energies release. This is the classic initiation where the whole process is all about the purification of the soul. The Armageddon story of the Bible.

The real kingdom of heaven is closed to all those, that never enter into meditation.How do I know? Because the bible tells me so!

Mat 23:13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men:for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer (teach) ye them (the people) that are entering to go in.

What more do you need?

The forward momentum of advancing armies. The negative thought patterns of your consciousness thinking.

The first stirrings of kundalini in the lowest chakra, the period preceding the opening of the first seal/chakra, also marching around Jericho.

Horns (trumpets) accompany the opening of the charkas or seals, because its represented the thunder of God from the East..

"Even after his resurrection, the initiate will grieve for the life that is gone and can never be recovered. Terror, struggle, grief: these are the cost of transformation, which must be paid to Charon to cross the river Styx into the underworld. As well as Joseph taking Mary into Bethlehem to pay taxes.Taxes also refers to the time spent in meditation to bring about the transformation of the mind.

It's the penalty paid for in the search, the time involved, the reading and learning etc, these are the taxes due, you've paid them. (Nichols 237-8, 245; Pollack I.93-5)

Ceaselessly and involuntarily you will wander about.

Calling in despair for your old ego. This what happened to lot, his wife representing the lower quality, looked back wanting that (ego) centered life, left behind and his wife turned into a pillar of salt.

We all will turn into pillars of salt if we lose sight of that above, and fall back.

"The outcome, even in victory, is both wounding and healing; as when Jacob wrestled with the angel until he "prevailed" and received from the angel a blessing, but ever after walked with a limp.

Ego death can happen gradually, over a long period of time, or it may occur suddenly and with great force. Although it is one of the most beneficial, most healing events in spiritual evolution, it can seem disastrous.

During this stage, the dying process can sometimes feel very real, as though it were no longer a symbolic experience but instead a true biological disaster.

Usually, one cannot yet see that waiting on the other side of what feels like total destruction of the ego is a broader, more encompassing sense of self."

'The Stormy Search for the Self' by Christina and Stanislav Grof"

And remember, there is going to be an interim period, an interval, when the ego will be shattered, when you will not know who you are, when you will not know where you are going, when all boundaries will melt.

You will simply be confused, a chaos. Because of this chaos, you are afraid to lose the ego. But it has to be so.

One has to pass through the chaos before one attains to the real center."

This chaos, is what the book of revelations with all of it's monstrous symbolism is all about.

This war against the Ego (Lucifer) your guiding light on earth. The earthly god, the god of this world as the bible says.

"In the long dark night that is the fulcrum of any true experience of initiation, one cannot be assured of return; one must be still, and wait without hope."

Man is a rope suspended between animal and superman a rope over an abyss." Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Matthew 27:36

And when the Lamb opened the Seventh Seal, Silence, covered the Sky.
Revelation 8:1

Nothing could prepare one adequately for the sheer intensity and unrelenting mix of trials and hardships that gradually unfold.

Because of the intensification of unconscious activity one quickly descends into an underworld of deep darkness where one is beset by an incredible array of spiritual trials which are impossible to adequately communicate.

There is a unique personal quality about these trials which sets them apart from any other stage. Paradoxically, though seeming in great danger, one also feels the strong support of an intimate invisible presence."

"In Hindu mythology, this destruction of the "ego," whether as joy or terror, is represented by the image of Kali, the goddess-mother who "prepares us for the oneness.

Kali is she who swallows the universe. She consumes smallness, your pain, your guilt, and finally your ego.

Kali is the Black Mother, the dark mother of the night. It is she who kills the ego dead. (Bhagavati, 1998, p. 18). Kali, seen through the veil of maya, is a terrifying presence.

She is depicted as surrounded by cremation grounds, dripping blood, wearing a garland of skulls, a belt of severed hands, holding a skull cup and a sword. 'She devours pain, devours truth, devours falseness, devours all that is and leaves just the purity of the heart' (Bhagavati, 1998, p. 18)."

"According to Jung, one must get in touch with the Shadow and Anima/Animus before one can truly get in touch with the Self."

The order is sequential, and as tempting as it may be to try and skip the Shadow or deal only superficially with it, it is here that we begin.

Jung referred to this initial step as "the First Act of Courage". And the first thing that is necessary in coming to terms with one's own shadow is simply to acknowledge that it exists. since that which we have yet to disavow in ourselves will be projected outwards."

"Sentries lean on thorn wood spears. Blow on their hands, stare eastwards.

Thorn wood spears" suggest a crucifixion (crown of thorns, wooden cross, spear in the side). Significantly, the forces of the ego "stare eastwards, towards the promised land, the right hemisphere of the brain.

"The tendencies and habits of lifetimes do not easily melt away under the heat of religious fervor. As the pilgrim-soul approaches the gateway to the arduous spiritual path, all which must perish in the divine fire precipitates the conflict between the aspirant's will to merge in the universal light and all temporal traits."

"In order to attain the spiritual heights, every initiate must go down into the depths and go through a period known as 'the dark night of the Soul', which may last months and months.

This is a time of anguish, a period of barrenness in which he is torn apart and feels certain that God has forsaken him, that he is unworthy, that he has made a mistake, or that he has committed a sin, and God has therefore cast him into outer darkness.

It is an extremely lonely time for individual who turns towards this path. You will no longer get along with the group minds, you will be shunned and labeled a lunatic, you will no longer be able to by and sell in the market place.

The market place is in the mind.

The mark is 666 which rolls down to 9 6+6+6=18 1+8=9

9 is the mystical number of the lower mind brain in Greek mythology, it is what the entire NT and book of Revelations is.

It's simply saying that in order for people to be accepted in the earth tribe society they must be functioning from the lower mind. The four horses of the apocalypse are: The pale horse, which is the physical, the red horse, which is the emotional, the black horse which is the intellectual. These must be killed out to make room for the white horse, the renewed mind.

They cannot be functioning from the higher mind because then they are considered cults, or anti Christ etc. etc. You must follow the rules of the earth societies to be able to function .

This type of mythological teaching is just referencing that in deep Greek myth terms.

The bible says if one does not bear the mark, he cannot buy or sell in those days.

Don't think of buying and selling in the therms of literal things, but instead figuratively. It doesn't mean literal buying and selling as in goods, as religion and evangelists would have you believe.

So you could say, that if you don't have the mark (if you don't fit into the group) you can't sell your words or ideas, no one will buy it, because they are operating from the lower nature, their nature And you are not, you will be an outcast unless you are like them.

It could be co workers, even your own father and mother, or anyone you meet, if you are not at their level, they will not but what you are selling, in the terms of ideas or trying to teach them something, they simply will let your words go in one ear and out the other.

The mark is the person operating from the lower carnal mind. This is the same mark that was put on Cain, it's the physical. You must fit in, or your doomed to be on your own, and it's a lonely road.

Also the carbon atom is made of 6 electrons 6 protons and 6 neutrons. We are Carbon units, with a spiritual light 888 deep within us, can we bring it forth?

The carbon atom is what all life is made from, this is where you get carbon dating, it is carbon 12 and it is 666.

It's the physical life not the spiritual, it was the physical that kills, it's the physical that prostitutes the thoughts of others, it was the physical that imprisoned or killed Socrates, giovano bruno, Gallileo and many more, it's the physical that is responsible for all the wars and destruction to the planet earth.

The spiritual giveth life, the LETTER, literal (physical) taketh it away.

consider that Jesus's name in greek gematria is 888

this is the oxygen atom 8 electrons 8 protons and 8 neutrons.

the o2 molecule is spiritual, in metaphysics the wind is the spirit.

"In him you live, move and have your being" In what? In the atmosphere. Jesus 888 oxygen and electromagnetism.

888 is spiritual and 666 is the number of man, mankind.
we are the beast.

"let man have an animal mind until seven times passes him by" SAYS THE BIBLE. This is referring to the solar plexus energy rising through the seven chakras or seals, that must be opened.

While these guys like jack van impe, hal lindsey, pat robertson and others are looking for a man to be the beast, all they have to do is look in the mirror, because it is us.

The irony.

And it's also the mythical number of the SUN in GREEK.

So 666 is simply the person operating their thoughts from the lower quality mind, as opposed to the spiritual mind which is 888, non carbon based.

Why is the mark on the right hand or forehead? EASY!!!

KJV Revelation 13:16

16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Because the right hand, refers to sitting at the right hand of the father, which is when the energy from the solar plexus has risen up the spinal column, has culminated at the right hemisphere of the brain, the fornix or furnace, which is the third ventricle.

But if God's house, the right hemisphere is filled with the lower quality animal nature, and has never received the energy from the solar plexus and the pineal gland it becomes the mark. Because you're still part of them, living on your animal instincts only. Never receiving the higher spiritual light from above.

Likewise the forehead is referring to the pineal gland of the brain, That is where it is located, and if your pineal gland remains dormant, and is not activated in meditation, it also becomes the mark, by default. It is not activated, therefore it cannot energize the third ventricle, the right side. (right hand).

You then remain part of the world system, just as in the movie MATRIX.

You simply exist, without ever seeking the truth, or higher knowledge, that sets you free from the animals around you, they influence every facet of you thinking mind, whether you know it or not. You never rise above your animal nature, which is an enmity against the one Universal consciousness.

If you want to keep the mark, that's your business. If not, go into the silence of meditation, and small changes will take place in the brain every time you are meditating, this will open God's house (made without hands) and slowly change the content of the right hemisphere, removing the MARK.

But you won't be able to buy or sell, because your nature will be changed, and unlike those around you, you will not fit in the GROUP. In other words they will blow you off, every time you open your mouth.

The reason for this desolation is not that God has thrown him off: it is only that a greater, deeper light is coming, and there must be an emptying-out process before that greater light can come."

"There will be an overturning in our consciousness, and it will appear to us as a warfare between the flesh and the Spirit, a warfare between disease and health, between lack and abundance, and finally between the two Is: the I that we are as a person and the I that is God.

The warfare goes on until finally that human being is shaken so thoroughly that he awakens to the fact that of himself he is nothing, but that the I which is God is all.

That's why the symbolism of earthquakes and tribulations, these things go on within your mind.

"In Moon we make our final descent to the Underworld, and have our final confrontation with the monsters of the collective unconscious. The devil in the bottomless pit (Mr. EGO)

The "man who never alters his opinion" is driven by an ego that breeds "Lizards" of the mind, defense mechanisms, ego defenses. In terms of religion, these ego defenses feed" on the sacred

Nature of religious dogma. To the believer certain beliefs are "sacred". The ego's opinions ("Lizards") "feed" on ideas that are, like the ego, not to be questioned.

This is popular religion.

Why go to such an extreme measure as in putting together a book like the bible, with its thousands of misunderstood pages and verses, just to describe an truth, about the ego nature of man. Why the thousands of sutras and Hindu texts, describing this internal war in man/woman?

This overstatement by the writers of these texts, is not really an overstatement, they were trying to leave us a message of great importance, and this internal war, with the ego, was apparently a big deal, and that the ego is more powerful than all of the thermo nuclear weapons of Russia and the U.S. combined.

The ancients considered the structure of the universe to be in correspondence with the structure of the body.

The universe was the "macrocosm" and the body was the "microcosm". Hence the top of the head (brahmarandra) corresponded to the top of the universe.

As above, so below

Ascension (macrocosmically) through the heavens ( numbered as SEVEN) to the highest heaven corresponded to ascension (microcosmically) of the kundalini to the sahasrara.

The death of the ego will result in a rebirth or revealing of the Self. This idea of something beneficial coming out of destruction is also suggested by the "corn" that is predicted to grow over the "tarnished devil's spoons".

"Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit" Jesus (John. 12:24)

"When a seed falls into the ground, it germinates, grows, and becomes a tree: if you understand these symbols, you'll follow us, and fall to the ground, with us."


"I tried to find him on the Christian cross, but He was not there; I went to the Temple of the Hindus and to the old pagodas, but I could not find a trace of Him anywhere.

I searched on the mountains and in the valleys but neither in the heights nor in the depths was I able to find him. I went to the caaba in Mecca, but He was not there either.

I questioned the scholars and philosophers but he was beyond there understanding.

I then looked into my heart and it was there where He dwelled that I saw Him; He was nowhere else to be found."


And in meditation, the seed of Jesus will take hold, and grow within you! But first you must die to your lower ego and fall to the ground.

As all seeds grow out of nothingness, and darkness, so must the seeds of Jesus fruit ate in you SEVEN times, in the darkness of your mind.

Mat 23:13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men:for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer (teach) ye them (the people) that are entering to go in.

And God said "I make darkness my secret place."

The whole of the Bible is a mythological account of the internal war, culminating in the greatest and final battle the world has ever known, Armageddon. And this battle is against the EGO.

The greatest destroyer the world has ever known. All of gods angels/angles must muster and stand ready with swords drawn, brimstone in their pouches trumpeting the arrival of the ONE, God .

They must rise to the occasion, if the battle is to be won. With the help of the intellect it can happen, but once your boat of knowledge has brought you to the lighthouse and the fish gate of God,

it must be sunk, it mustn't remain afloat, or you will likely in the heat of battle, embark back on it, and sail south to escape the storm, as the EAST wind builds and blows its mighty winds in your direction.

There you have it Kundalini is in the Bible, and that is what the whole of the revelations story is about.

"I saw him holding in his right hand (the right hemisphere of the brain) a book (you) sealed with seven seals (your chakras) on the backside (your spine).

Traditionally, the knowledge of this inner energy has been a closely guarded secret, revealed by the Master to only a few close and select initiates. It tends to be spoken of in veiled symbolic language, if it is spoken of at all.

The Hindus call it Kundalini. The Japanese call it "ki", the Chinese "chi" The Indians prana and in Christianity, it is known as "The Holy Spirit".

In Mexico, what Christians term The Holy Spirit was worshiped as the serpent-god "Quetzalcoatl"; the Kung people of the Kalahari called this same power "n/um".

Communion with it is the essence of the waft and weave of the Sacred Tantra of the Tibetan Tradition and the realization of the Toltec nagual in touch with his Dreamer. It is electromagnetic energy from above, from the stars and galaxies.

The American Indians know all about the energy that is awakened at the base of the spine and rises to the top of the head, but it is regarded as so sacred that they are forbidden even to pronounce its name.

The Hopis believe that each human being is created in the image of "Spirit" but that the door at the top of the head closes and man falls from communion into the uninhibited expression of his own selfish will (The mark of "The Beast").

The Alchemy Of Illness by Kat Duff


But space does not permit it, as I am trying to keep this short.

The bible is a symbolic tale, a mythological account of opening your seven seals or chakras, and that we can put that end of the world nonsense back into Pandora's box where it belongs.

In the bible anytime you see the word world, it is referring to the worldly man/woman, not the literal planet we live on.

To recap everything, you were born with two natures, a lower mind, called the carnal mind in the bible, and a higher potential.

The entire story of revelations is an account of the internal warfare that takes place during meditation, as the ego (Satan) slowly dissolves, and a new mind is born of a higher consciousness, called the new Jerusalem in the bible.

This war in heaven never even begins, until one takes up the practice of meditation, until then nothing happens, there's no adversary.

The hardest thing for us human animals to do is to give up our personalities, our ego nature, the person who we think we are.

It is a battle of epic proportions as the book of revelations so aptly points out.

Its a journey of the souls rise from the descent of matter to the light in the pineal gland and fornix of the brain, as seen by jacob, also Saul, when he was stricken by a flash of light from heaven, on the road to damascus, and was blinded.

This story has fooled the ages for sure, wars have been fought, people have been killed fighting over its misunderstood texts, the holy land Jerusalem is sitting on your shoulders, all the while there are still wars being fought over the false holy land and false temples in a country called Israel. AMAZING!!!

Religion has to be the biggest HOAX the world has ever known, yet the Bible is the most complete book of the souls journey to God , in the world.

The book of Revelation ends with the destruction of Babylon (the lower nature) and the manifestation of the new Jerusalem (the higher mind) descending from heaven as a bride adorned for her husband.

Notice where jerusalim descended from, Heaven and where is heaven Inside of you! You can see that its not an geographical location, save; your brain.

"Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. "


"Romans 2:29"

that is to say one who seeks within himself through meditation, is a JEW. WOW!!

Is Ra El

Isis ra elohim

the femenine isis, masculine RA and God ELohim


Is reached when one becomes a JEW, one goes inward, the word jew, is from the egyptian jeu, which means to go within, the u was changes to a w at some point.

Jacob is involved in a spiritual wrestling match. This is the struggle that goes on within us in our meditation to finally touch the higher or God light. Jacob prevails when he separates from physical desire which is symbolized by his thigh being put out.

Jacob then becomes Israel. IS Isis female  RA Ra male, EL El Elohim God.

The full power of God , male and female in the supreme light.

Jacob then calls the place where this all happened, Peniel. This is the single eye or Pineal Gland of the brain. The light receptor of the body . Jacob declares the place Peniel in Genesis 32:20

Thus the entire story of Abraham and Sarah is the story of our meditation and the resultant brain mind activity that provides us with the child of promise and takes us to the promised land of the right side.

"You shall be the ancestor of a multitude of nations. No longer shall your name be Abram, but your name shall be Abraham"

The great nation of which God spoke (Gen. 12:2a) is Israel.  (Jacob's name later was changed to Israel 32:28.)  Also, God later said to Moses, Israel is my firstborn son Exo. 4:22.) 

God clearly stated that the nations who were friendly toward Israel ultimately would find favor with God, while those who were Israel's enemies would be cursed by God (I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse. Gen. 12:3a).

This is a mythological statement, Israel was given to Jacob, the grandson of A Brahman, or A Brahman, because it's the highest state of consciousness, called God consciousness, the bible writers called all who came after them nations and multitudes, you and I in our meditation ISRAEL we are the nations and multitudes, we become circumcised symbolically, of the heart. when we reach mt. Zion in meditation.

Sol Om On

The highest point reached in meditation

But Jacob replied, I will not let you go unless you bless me? (Gen. 32:24-26).

After this struggle, the man said, Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome (Gen. 32:28). Also, Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared (32:30.

Note also that Israel itself is a set of subsumed names: Isis, Ra and El, which can be interpreted as the dual gender aspect of the godhead. Isis and Ra combined are God (indicated by the Hebrew suffix EL which comes from the greek ELector which means Electric of course.

Which means Electric of course.

"SOL Invictus"

The unconquerable Sun

God dwells in temples made without hands, and always seven years building. this means the energy passing through the seven chakras, to the brain.

This process happen as you go into meditation and take no thought, be still and know that I'm god, says the bible.

Only the Jews were allowed in the inner court, pia mater, because the Jew is one who meditates, and seeks within, when you are taking no thought, you are a Jew, when thoughts come into the mind in meditation, they cannot enter the pia mater (tender mother) inner court, these thought patterns hover in the outer realm of consciousness or outer court, and hence are called gentiles.

believe it or NOT!!!

No supreme god would reveal himself to only one small tribe of people in one corner of the globe at one time in history!

They all missed it, or did they, did the ancient tribes that call themselves Jews today, steal the identity of the biblical Jew one who meditates  deliberately? for their own gain?

Yes they did!

O' Jesus Culters

When you keep your eyes on Jesus, make sure you have a good quality pair of sunglasses on.

The sun gods of the world and why the stories are important to each person.

The ancient peoples reasoned that no one on Earth could ever lay claim of ownership to the Great Orb of Day. It must belong to the unseen Creator of the Universe. It was, figuratively speaking, not man's, but "GOD'S SUN". Truly, "God's Sun/Son was...


First of all, in ancient times, there were certain things which obviously mystified the early people and the were certain apparent features of the landscape which were difficult to ignore.

1. The Sun : A little difficult to ignore, don't you think. If the sun, which is the
source of all life fails to come up the next morning the ancient people would not have lived long and they knew this. The Sun invigorates you with it's energy and causes the crops to grow. The Sun gives up it's life force to provide us with warmth and food and many other things. So it could be said that the Sun of God gives it's life up for US and it is the TRUE SAVIOR for it has risen-"Risen Savior"

When the ancient people would track the Sun on the "Sun dial", as it still does today, the Sun travels South until the Winter Solstice when it cold and harsh, representing death and the Sun would stop "ON THE SUN DIAL FOR THREE DAYS and on December 25th, the Sun would be said "To be BORN AGAIN" on the CROSS OF THE ZODIAC" after having died for three days. This is when the Sun begins it's annual journey back to the Northern Hemisphere.

The Ancient calender also started at a different time. It began in Virgo and ended in leo, that is why the Sphinx has the head of a Virgin and the Body of a Lion.

When the Sun of God was re-born, it was in the Constellation of Virgo, so it was said "Born of a Virgin".

The Sun is the "Eye of God" or "Eye of Horus". Ra was the Sun God in Egypt. His full name was Amen Ra. That is why we say "A-men" after our prayers. The Egyptians knew this and all of the Egyptian beliefs and customs are built into our society secretly by the Freemasons. Both symbols below are the Sun.

The Origin of the Trinity, the father, the sun, and the holy spirit. Horus comes up at the "Hor-izon". He is born, this is the beginning, 12:00 he is the "Most High", and then the Sun "Sets", hence "Set" or "Satan", the prince of darkness does battle with the light of the world and wins, until the Sun is re-born the next day.

This is a representation of the evolution of life. The birth, or the beginning, mid-life starting in your teen years, and old age, leading to death, the end of life. This is also symbolized in other religions going very far back. In India, there is Brahma, the Father, Vishnu, the Son, and Shiva.

In Malachai 4:2 of the Old Testament, it states "But unto you, fear my name, shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings." Look at the above symbol from egypt of the Sun and his wings. Jesus was supposed to have 12 apostles. These were the 12 Houses of the Zodiac.

In the book of Job Chapter 38:33 "Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven?

38:31 "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Plei-a-des or loose the bands of Orion?" 38:32 "Canst thou bring forth Mazz-a-roth in his season? or canst thou guide Arc-tu-rus with his sons?"

This is all in reference to the zodiac and astrology. The definition of Mazzaroth in the King James Version of the bible is "The twelve houses of the zodiac".

Jesus is said to have fed his people with two fishes and five loaves. The two
fishes represent "Pisces" and the age of Pisces or that particular House of the

That is why Jesus is referred to as the "great fisherman". It is also why the Pope's headdress is shaped like a fish. If you turn it sideways you will see this. Rome ruled the world for 2000 years under the age of Pisces.

"Dogon" is the fish God, which is what is actually represented. The New Testament is Astrology.

In Matthew 28:20 it states "Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age". What is being talked about is the "End of the Age", the age of "Pisces". The end of the "Age" is often mistaken for the "end of the world", creating the "Apocalypse fears". Joshua was called the Son of Nun, which in Hebrew means "fish".

The new "Age of Aquarius" is coming. The symbol for the age of Aquarius is the "Water-bearer", or the man with a water pitcher.

In Luke 22:10, when jesus is asked by his 12 apostles where he will go to settle his new kingdom, he responds, "Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water, follow him into the house where he entereth in." This is the "House of Aquarius".

In Matthew 12:32, "The holy spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come." In Matthew 13:39, "The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels". 13:40 "As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age". In Matthew 24:3 "and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?" and from Luke 18:30 "the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age and, in the age to come, eternal life."

First Corinthians 3:6, "We do, however, speak a message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age who are coming to nothing". Hebrews 6:5 "Who have tasted the goodness of the word of god and the powers of the coming age". and in Revelation 15:3 "Great and marvelous are you Lord God Almighty. Just and true are your ways, King of the Ages."

The Sun, our Lord, is the King of the Ages

And we are in the "End Times" and entering a

"New Age". There is nothing to fear in this regard, of a "New Age" or the "End Times".
The "Passover" is the Sun passing over into the Winter Solstice from the Fall Equinox.
This too was borrowed from the Hebrews who borrowed it from the

The secret is this.

As above, so below.

What happens up there is supposed to happen WITHIN you.

" I have put the lights in the heavens and they are meant for you as signs"

"Look up for your redemption draws neigh"

Israel (Is-Ra-El) Isis (Moon) Ra (Sun) El (Saturn)

Originally, there were 3 basic religions of astrology. The Lunar Cult (Moon), the Solar Cult (Sun) and the Stellar Cult (Saturn).

The original Hebrew religion was based on the Lunar Cult and the moon, but went back to the Stellar cult and the worship of El (Saturn). The Christians were bringing back elements of the Solar Cult of the Sun.

That is why there is the ongoing dispute about the correct day of worship. The Hebrews worship on Saturday (Saturn) and the Christians worship on Sunday (Sun). It is very simple if you understand what the priesthood is hiding.

If most people knew this they would never give their life savings to the church.

Saturn is also the origin of "Satan" as well as "Santa" and his elves. (El-ves).
The word Satan is the same as Santa, with the letters reversed. God's "Ang-els".

The word H-ell comes from El. Saturn though, was in the heavens and the word El means to rise up. (El-evate) To El-ect someone is to put them into a "God" or a higher position.

When you get married, you put a ring on. The ring represents the ring around Saturn. This is also the reason for the Round Crowns worn by the Kings. This is also the source of the Yammakah, the is worn by the Hebrews.

Saturn in Greek is Kronos, or Chaos. Saturday comes at the end of the week and is associated with Chaos. Quite possibly, there was a time when Saturn came very close to the Earth, close enough to cause major disturbances. This is documented in an interesting video titled "Remembering the End of the World".

Jordan Maxwell

The Earth rotates on the same axis and the same plane as the atoms, which make up our bodies. The Earth is 70% water, we are 70% water. Thus, we ARE the Earth.

The same goes for space and the stars and other planets. they're all made of the same materials that are within us.

We are star stuff.

Hebrews 66 If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.

Matthew 23:34 Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: The city is always the brain, in Bible symbology.

Where was Jesus crucified, according to the Bible, NOT religion!! Emphasis added!!

Revelation 11:8 "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." (Did you just read that") The Bible says that our lord was crucified in a place SPIRITUALLY called SODOM and EGYPT.

Did any person of religion ever tell you this? NO! Is the answer, because they dont' know. WHY? Because they don't read their Bibles, instead they go to CHURCH, the FALSE one I might add.

The real Church is MEDITATION, this is the secret.

"I make darkness my secret pace" "Be still and know that I am God"

"Go into thy closet (yourself) and pray to the father in secret"

Sodom and Egypt represent that BARREN place within us, the mind being controlled by the three lower forces, The PHYSICAL, the EMOTIONAL, and the The INTELLECTUAL. Sodom and Egypt are just symbols of living life at the Gut level, animal mind instincts.

BABYLON is another symbol, that the ancient writers used to describe the desolation, apart from god, or the higher mind.

You have TWO minds, a LOWER mind, and a HIGHER mind. This is the duality of nature, the yin and yang of life.

In the Bible, God wants the lower animal nature to rise to the brain, to receive the Universal COSMIC consciousness. But few ever make it, because it requires one to enter into MEDITATION. And shutdown the thoughts of the mind. "I have given man the mind of an ANIMAL, until SEVEN times passes by for him" Says God.

These three HORSES, represent the EGO mind. The mind that is in the WORLD. The Bible says you are to be in the WORLD, but not of the WORLD.

Galatians 6:14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. Emphasis added!!!!

Galatians 524 "And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Lusts are things of the physical world.

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Romans 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. Sin is the God of the moon, it means living off of your EMOTIONAL nature, which causes all the trouble on this planet.

The human skull and crossbones seem a rather odd Easter symbol. Its use in Christian art stems from the biblical passion story. Jesus, bearing His cross, was led to a small hill called Golgotha, which is Hebrew for "Place of a Skull." There He was crucified between two thieves. (the two physical eyes) [Mt 27:32-44; Mk 15:22-23;

John 19:17-18] Christian legend states that Golgotha was Adam's grave and the cross was set on top of his skull and bones so that the blood of Christ might flow down upon them cleansing his descendants from original sin.

The skull resting below the cross also represents the belief that Christ was victorious over death The Calvary It is a large rock rising out of the ground,called also Golgotha, in Hebrew it means the the place of the skull.

The word calvary has it's root in latin; the word calvaria, means SKULL in latan. Thers's all the references one needs to understand that the resurrection takes place in the human SKULL.

It's in your head, your SKULL. Where the real crucifixion takes place.

Golgotha (skull) Calvary (skull), what more do you need?

READ BELOW VERY CAREFULLY!!! and re-read it again!!!


JESUS NOT RESURRECTED (LITERALLY) yet each of us can raise the Christ WITHIN.

Chapter 14/19


After the due greetings of "Shalom", Jesus begins calming the disciples' fear for taking him to be a ghost. He says:

"Behold (have a look at) my hands and my feet, that it is I myself (I am the same fellow, man!): handle me and see; for A SPIRIT has no flesh and bones, as you see me have.

(Do you see now, that the resurrection, is not a LITERAL death, but a death of the OLD nature, the Old man.The OLD PERSONALITY, controlled by the lower OLD man.

And he showed them his hands and his feet."

Luke 24:39-40

What was the man trying to prove? That he had been resurrected from the dead. That he was a spirit?

What has the demonstration of hands and feet to do with resurrection? "It is I MYSELF!" Can't you see, you fools!?

"For a SPIRIT " any spirit, has "NO flesh and bones, as YOU see ME have!" This is an axiomatic, self-evident truth.

You do not have to convince anybody, whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Atheist or Agnostic. Everyone will acknowledge without any proof that A SPIRIT HAS NO FLESH AND BONES!


"He was crucified, dead and buried." "And arose from the dead"

This is your LIGHT (soul) that has descended into the tomb of matter (the physical body). The body (or animal) mind has to be symbolically crucified, so that the soul can rise from the dead animal personality controlled by the three lower forces, the lunar triad, or the physical, the emotional and the intellectual.

No it's not a miracle, it's simply a spiritual fact and practice called kundalini yoga.

The movement of the soul energy through each evolution of the seven chakras. Then there will be no more hell hounds on your trail. You will have risen from the dead (symbolically and literally).

A renewed mind or consciousness. Touch me feel me, see it's me, I'm the same physically, but not mentally. I have undergone a change, a transformation.

This what the whole of the crucifixion story is about. The renewing of your mind. From the dead animal mind, to the cosmic mind of Good.

Religion has corrupted this wonderful truth, and kept the real meaning from you for a thousand years. But now you know the truth, there is nothing to believe, you just read the truth, so it's not a matter of faith of any kind of belief, but KNOWING.

The only unforgivable sin in the bible is blasphemy against the holy ghost.

Now this sounds scary, and at the same time mysterious. But lets shine some sunlight on the real meaning of this verse.

First, the word Blasphemy in short means irrelevant, you deem the higher knowledge as irreverent, this is the real meaning as applied to this verse.

Jesus is the personification of your INNER potential, if you practice the single eye, as he instructed, in the book of Matthew. But he is a mythological character, he is the SUN in the sky and within you, your (solar plexus).

"If your eye be single, your whole body will fill with LIGHT"

What is Light. "John 1, "God is LIGHT"

So when you crucify your OLD MAN (SELF), you will become the Christ, the Krishna , the Buddha. (YOU SEE!!!) It is your old dead ANIMAL personality that dies to yourself, and you resurrect to a new life and light. (The higher realm of LIGHT) which is God.

We desperately accept fairy-tale answers to philosophical questions, answers that have no substance or proof, and which guarantee power only for the sellers of the answers.

Why do we do this? Jesus' message to other Jews was: Don't just accept the answers you're handed. Question them. Find your own way.

And by the way, Buddha said the exact same thing!

Literal Resurrections are left for the banal, ignorant superstitious masses.



A Christian will say that they follow the traditions of those who went before them. They cannot turn their back on that.

 So we do all of these traditional things and yet  the world becomes more and more violent, more and more turned away from those who have less, more and more turned away from those who are sick ,unless they have enough money to pay to get healed.


 In Matthew 15:3 Jesus asks why do you transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?

The whole failure of life upon the earth to be lived in disease free ,and violence free longevity is based on religious traditions ,and lack of knowledge concerning what is right and what each of us must do that our mind might be changed from the violent behavior of the earth tribes, to the healing behavior of the light tribes.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge I will reject you .

Do you see, the character Jesus, says, since you have REJECTED KNOWLEDGE, I will REJECT you!

Strong stuff isn't it. The knowledge that we have comes from religious leaders who are the very ones who have caused the violence and hate upon the earth.

That knowledge comes from the lower mind of ordinary people. Wearing robes maybe, but still ordinary people.

The entire Bible, every story, from end to end is inside your head, it is an account of mans evolutionary progress out of the gross material matter of the animal quality of his soul, to the higher spiritual mind, from above ( the universe). The COSMOS.

Every prostitute, man, woman, child, bird, dog, goat, cow, ass, pig, snake, city, jerk water town, river, Every symbol; blood, hair, milk, water, stones, iron, brass, clay, dirt, tree, bush, dung heap, fire, sword, pillar, fig, olive tree, seed, disease, pestilence, angel and devil.

Every tribe,nation, tongue, Canaanites, menenites, jebusites, and any other ites, in fact everything including heaven and hell as well as the Resurrection are all within you, within in your head (mind), and your physical body.

Given to us from an ancient people in a symbolic form, called mythology, completely misunderstood by the world.



Yet religion proclaims that a literal Jesus died on a cross, and was resurrected from the dead, that is because, they don't understand that the bible is talking about, resurrecting your dead ANIMAL personality, from the dead barren place in your lower abdomen (the solar plexus)


You are the cross, when you outstretch your arms, you'll see that it is YOU that is the cross.

When the energy (CHI) electromagnetism rises through the 33 vertebrae, Jesus dies at age 33.

The energy then culminates at the RIGHT hemisphere of the brain.
In the THIRD ventricle.

"And I knew a man FOURTEEN years above christ, caught up to the THIRD heaven, one such person, in or out of the body I cannot tell"

The Tomb (your brain, the cave of brahma, the cave of plato etc...) of the Holy Sepulchre - Interior, of your brain.

Golgotha The Brain- the common name of the spot where Jesus was crucified. It is interpreted by the evangelists as meaning "the place of a skull" (Matt. 27:33; Mark 15:22; John 19:17). This name represents in Greek letters the Aramaic word Gulgaltha, which is the Hebrew Gulgoleth (Num. 1:2; 1 Chr. 23:3, 24; 2 Kings 9:35), meaning "a skull."

“I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 2:1–2; NASB).

“For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.

To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God’s law, indeed it cannot; and those who are in the flesh cannot please God. But you are not in the flesh, you are in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Any one who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him. But if Christ is in you, although your bodies are dead because of sin, your spirits are alive because of righteousness” (Romans 8: 5–10).

“I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me, and delivered Himself up for me. I do not nullify the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the Law, then Christ died needlessly” (Galatians 2:20–21).

The transforming of the mind. The Christ risen consciousness, Buddah consciousness, Krishna consciousness.

And it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. IN me, IN you. Not out there in outer space, but in there, in INNER space.

In all the accounts given in the holy scriptures, it is clearly indicated that Original Sin was pride or egotism a desire for self, apart from the welfare of others. If thou must make a gold coin true Let thy mint these rules pursue, In the forge of continence.

Let the goldsmith be a man of patience, His tools be made of knowledge. His anvil made of reason, with the fear of God the bellows blow, With meditation and austerity make the fire glow."

Pour the liquid in the mold of love, print the name (Nam) of the lord thereon, and cool it with holy waters. for thus in the mint of truth the word is coined.

This is the real Alchemy of life by the power of His Word, when found and used within the pearl of truth (meditation).

So, are there 'secret teachings' that are not being shared with us? Well, yes and an additional problem is that the teaching-focus of Christianity has been placed exclusively upon portions of the dogma that are unworkable without other 'key information' that is ignored.

The mystery of "The Last Supper" and the Passover "Seder" are two rituals depicting the alchemical process of the transmutation of the lower nature (unleavened bread not yet "risen") by the indwelling spirit.

Conclusion, we are in the "underworld" ("the below") of gross physical form and, despite its delights, it is "hellish" compared to the heavenly "above".

What keeps us here in "the below" is material desire (objects and sensation) rather than a spiritual desire.

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold. She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor.

Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.

Emerald Tablet

Now to thee give I the secrets: now to meet the dark power, meet and conquer the fear from the night. Only by knowing can ye conquer, Only be knowing can ye have LIGHT. Now I give unto thee the knowledge, known to the MASTERS, the knowing that conquers all the dark fears.

Use this, the wisdom I give thee. MASTER thou shalt be of THE BROTHERS OF NIGHT. When unto thee comes a feeling, drawing thee nearer to the darker gate, examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast has come from within.

If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from the place in thy mind. Send through thy body a wave of vibration, irregular first and regular second, repeating time after time until free. Start the WAVE FORCE in thy BRAIN CENTER.

Here we see Thoth directing us to the secret wisdom, in the brain center (the pineal gland ) which removes the darkness, and illuminates the mind. The vibrations and waves are the energy rising up the spine through the seven seals. to the brain.

Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot. But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only be wisdom can thou hope to be free.

Directing the energy to different parts of the body has been known through the ages, as energy follows thought. Thoth is telling you to direct this CHI, electromagnetism from your feet to your head, in other words your whole body.

Just as Jesus instructed.

"if your eye be single, your whole body will fill with LIGHT (god). And I call this place Peneil (Pineal), the pineal gland of the brain. Where Jacob saw God face to face.

So now we come to the greatest question of all, who, what and where is GOD?

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