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Another totally misunderstood mystery.

Math 5:44

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

"if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn the other also. If someone takes your cloak, then offer them also your coat or tunic, give to everyone that asks you, and if anyone takes anything that belongs to you, do not ask for it back, do to others as you would have them do unto you.

These verses are very difficult to comprehend.

First lets look at some past cases histories from news clips where reading the bible literally destroyed peoples lives.

Some years ago in Texas, a man cut out his sons heart, smashed his daughters against the cement and killed them, then he gouged out his right eye and cut off his right hand with an axe.

In court he read the bible verse to the jury.

A second case also in Texas a man plucked out his eye, citing the bible verse that said to do it.

Holy Rollers handle poisonous snakes because the bible says thou shalt pick up serpents and they shalt not hurt you.

In the Philippines a few years ago a man cut off his penis, because of reading the bible Literally.

In india a some years ago an Indian christian jumped into the lions den at the zoo, and nearly dies, when authorities asked why he did it, he quoted from the book of daniel and the story about the lions den.

So as you can see just from these few here that reading the bible literally has caused great confusion, and has caused people to kill others and mame their own selves.

They never read the verse that said, In a parable spake he NOT unto them" in other words, everything jesus said is a PARABLE, not LITERAL.

The bible says it, it says they are parables, and NEVER literal.

You can find cases world wide where people have attempted to do bodily harm to themselves, because they felt like sinners in the eyes of god, of course most of these people are already mentally unstable, then along comes the bible, and teeters them off the edge, because they thought jesus actually commanded people to cut their body parts and remove their eyes, when I was in Egypt, an Egyptian man I met said you can see many people in that country who are Christians, and you will see many with only one eye, because of jesus statements in the bible.

Removing body parts just ads insult to injury, there's no god any where that gets turned on when people injure themselves this way, the verse are really saying just turn away, quit thinking about about it, cut it off, like we sometimes say "cut it out" Cut off the sensory current to the thing that's bothering you.

The poor Filipino man cannot go to heaven now, because the bible says, that no one who is wounded in the stones may enter into the congregation of heaven, the stones referring to the groin area. So this guy killed his chance of going to heaven, of course it's not literal, yet they don't know.

In the movie the "circle of iron", Eli wallach is sitting in a barrel of hot oil, and this guy comes walking up and says "why are sitting in that hot oil bath' he said I'm trying to dissolve my body away, because my lower parts have caused me much trouble in my life, and the passerby laughs at him.

So you see this kind of thing is wrong and spiritual books are totally misunderstood, and people follow without question.

If these things are parables, and they are, if these things are not LITERAL, then how can we qualify Jesus statements in matthew and Luke?

Many people who are devout christ and or Muslims follow their books to the letter, this has caused all of the wars we know of, even to this very day.

I've have also witnessed a person hurting himself because he felt so bad about something he did, this king of thing is totally against the teachings of the very books they read and believe they are following. The problem is the lower emotional mind, the physical and the intellectual nature, meshach, shedrach and abednego, the red horse, the pale horse and the black horse.

Now lets take a look at jesus statements again. remember they are parables and deeply symbolic. The mythcists that wrote these things were extremely clever and never commanded anyone to love another person, or forgive another person, the bible is strictly an INNER transformation book, "be ye therefore transformed, by the renewing of your minds"

It's INNER stuff, never outer, this is hard to grasp while thinking of the verses below, but we must keep in mind the Parable, and the statement "your enemies are those of your own house"

Lao Tsu, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mushashi, Sun Tsu, and many others, said: the greatest enemy you will ever fight, is the enemy within you.

All of these great men and you will find many more, who have made these exact same statements. because it's true.

Now lets look at these verse in light of everything above.

Math 5:44

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite fully use you, and persecute you.

"Love your enemies" our enemies are those things of the lower stubborn brutish animal nature, our out of control lower emotions, and even our intellect, these three have caused all the trouble in ourselves and everybody else.

"Bless them that curse you" This is the higher mind calling out to the lower parts, not do do harm to the physical self, not to punish ones self for making a mistake, you can't find those emotions, how can you kill them, the lower mind hates the higher, that's just the way it is, it's the duality of mind,"between two bronze mountains" etc...

Pray means meditate in the bible, of course few have ever grasped this great truth.

When you meditate, and still the mind, then god takes over "they stood still, while god slew their enemies" "Be still and god will kill your enemies" etc...

That's the meditation part, that ends this lower agony.

The lower mind persecutes the soul, the indwelling christ, because it hates it, it is after all the king, and will not give up control without an Armageddon. This lower mind used the soul to it's means, knowing that it's wrong, that's why it's despiteful.

The word persecute is a symbol of the lower emotional nature and the sufferings which the ego undergoes in the passage of the lower life.

To sum it up, you are to forgive the lower parts, because they know not what they do, they in the heat of passion and emotions do not know that they are causing great harm, and then when the mind and emotions register what has been done it's too late. To forgive seven times seven is to forgive the self of all the junk heaped upon the self, by the lower self.

Just as a mark is set upon Cain "the lower mind" to protect him, because you can't live without a body, you can't live without the intellect, and the emotions, but we must become victor over these things of the lower life. That's the whole bible story in a nut shell.

Notice it says to love your enemies, that's the big tip off, "your enemies are within you, within us all, it's the beast."

We may hate what we've done, but harming the body, or sulking over what it was, and seeking punishment because we think we deserve it, does not serve the higher, only by understanding, then forgiving those nations and tongues within, can we truly make progress.

"if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn the other also. If someone takes your cloak, then offer them also your coat or tunic, give to everyone that asks you, and if anyone takes anything that belongs to you, do not ask for it back, do to others as you would have them do unto you.

Taken literally, it means that e should take a beating if someone actually hits us, or if someone accosts us in a parking lot and asks or demands your car keys, we should also offer them our money and credit cards, even thought they didn't ask for these things.

Again, we are reading INNER statements.

"And whoever understands the INNER sayings of mine, will not taste death" Jesus, gospel of Thomas.

INNER sayings!

Cheeks and face are a symbol of the mental aspect of being. knowledge acquired through the senses, expression of truth within.

If someone, your lower self, the physical or the lower emotional nature causes harm to the intellect, because of dwelling on the harm caused by these two in the form of bodily harm to yourself or others, or emotional outbursts, we are to turn away, as these things are not to come against the higher intellect, they must not have sway over the mind, or else everything collapses, we must keep the mental faculty above these two lower kings, they are truly the biggest make up of the beast within.

Coats and cloaks are symbols of mental or ego coverings of truth, yet in error, principles of action in opinions, prejudices, disguises, masks worn, the ego coverings of the soul. if anyone (the emotional nature) or the intellect is trying to shed this ego, you are to assist them, by giving them your tunic as well.

If any person functioning of mind should prove to thee the truth of something and so take away thy error (coat), let the reasoning also take away the outer profession of error (thy cloak). And if intelligence compels to a course of action, then fully carry it out.

This is but a figurative way to say that the spiritual man must be content with no half measures in the service of truth. if fidelity of the higher ideal costs you the loss of your outer garment of self protection (ego), do not grudge the sacrifice of the ego, let the inner go with it, the coat will follow the cloak, if need be.

If your labor for the higher consciousness compels you to go one mile, because of human ignorance and wrong, go two, if two be required to gain your end. Life is such that no impersonal good is ever gained except, at the sacrifice of the personality, the ego. J Campbell.

There is so much suffering in the world and so much of it is because of misunderstanding of one's spiritual books, they should all be banned, because few if any know the greater teachings, the higher meaning of these sayings.

ALL of Jesus' statements are INNER statements or parables about the INNER life of a person, and not once does Jesus tell us to do anything in an OUTER sense, these parables are deeply symbolic of our own inner natures. That's a great secret and burden lifted, there's a freedom in understanding these things.

If someone wrongs you or harms you in anyway, or says things that harm you, it's totally up to you if you want to forgive that person or not, but the secret is Jesus never said it, because they are deep parables, and no one can command you to to do things such as forgive the person that raped and killed your daughter for instance, if you want to, that's up to you/us.

It's not any command of Jesus, his statements are ALL INNER.

"God is not subject to the carnal nature, neither CAN HE BE"

Only WE are subject to our carnal (lower ego) natures" God is only subject to the higher nature, yet if we go into meditation and still the mind, he will kill out all the lower mind stuff, the Canaanites, etc...But that's up to us.

Our only so called punishment for not doing it in this life is another cycle of life, taking another body, until we get it.

"And when the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, it seeks a new house freshly swept and garnished and enters therein with seven more spirits worse than the first"

We start all over gain at the root chakra or first seal in the book of revelations.

Jesus said "honor you mother and father, if you mother and father was Bonnie and Clyde, would you honor them?

You see the problem with reading Literally?

If we understand the symbols, then we get the real meaning.

Mother is a symbol of feminine or receptive aspect of the manifesting spirit, which brings forth from latency within the forms and qualities, and activities in our nature. This mother principle, buddhi, directs human evolution and it is eventually through her functioning and raising the soul by intuition, that the buddhic state of consciousness is attained.

The material relationship stands as the symbol of divine watchfullness and guidance which directs the lower evolution.

Father is a symbol of the mind in action the condition of the soul which begets a superior or higher quality, both the mother (feminine principle) right brain, and the father (masculine principle) left brain, must through sex (intercourse from the higher consciousness, the buddhic or god principle) gives birth to the one true "father" the higher undivided mind.

But wait Jesus said "unless you hate your mother and father, your brothers and sister, even your own life, you cannot follow me"

How's that, jesus just said that we must honor our mothers and fathers, then he turns around and says we must hate them, how can we understand such contradiction?

"In a parable spoke he not unto them"

Ok it's a parable, just like the other one, but what does it mean.

"unless you hate your mother and father, your brothers and sister, even your own life, you cannot follow me"

Brother, is a symbol of the individuality, the ego in personification.

Sister, is a symbol of emotions devoid of truth.

Your own life at present is the ego, which controls the sister in the lower emotional world.

It's just saying that these two together represent the lower mind in general.

But why hate your mother and father.

Both the mother and father, the right brain thinking and left brain thinking is the duality of mind that is the cause of all the problems within each person, until both the mother and father become the one higher "father" the father that is in heaven, then we are to symbolically hate these aspects of our divided nature/minds.

"I come from from the UNDIVIDED" Jesus.

It's just another INNER statement telling us to overcome the duality that exists within each of us, as we cannot serve god (the higher consciousness) and serve mammon (our lower aspects) at the same time, because it will bring ruin to our temple. Both the right and left brain thinking.

"And call NO one father, except thy father which is in heaven" and that's within each of us, the undivided higher state.

All of Jesus statements are qualified when we understand the deeper metaphysical meaning, then all of the contradictions, that the Atheists continually make us aware of, are gone, the veil is removed.

Whenever I see Christians arguing over and wrestling over Jesus statements, I laugh to myself, because they don't understand the true meaning of these things, and it does no good to try and explain it to them, because they look at you like your crazy, I gave up long ago.

You can't put old wine 'ancient truths" into new wineskins "young souls" because they are not yet ready to hear the higher meaning, and this is 99 % of the Christian world.

heaven hell, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, concubines, whores, prostitutes, donkeys, pigs, cattle, kings, servants, prophets, witnesses, Armageddon's, abominations, deserts, promised lands, arks, tabernacles, temples, stonings, cruelty of all kinds, these things are all symbols of things that go on in the field of normal waking consciousness, told by the ancient wisdom teachers of Alexandria Egypt.

"the ancient paths" speak of going into one's self, and conquering the false self, the lower ego/the devil/satan etc....

Summary of the bible

The bible can be summed up very easy without getting into all the details of individual stories, like General Sisera's maid servant driving a tent stake through his right temple, and all kinds of other crazy stories, the entire old testament, excluding parts of genesis, are stories about god (the higher consciousness) killing out all of the aspects of the lower self.

The we can sum up the entire new testament without all of the details, by understanding that the resurrection is actually talking about each one of us resurrecting our dead animal personalities on the cross of matter within our own selves, and opening the right hemispheres of our brains, and integrating both minds into one undivided mind.

Then the revelations story is telling us how this resurrection happens, by opening our seven seals, seven chakras or CHURCHES in mediation, then the prodigal son story in the very back of most bibles comes back home, to the fathers house, and sits at the right hand hand of power, the right side of the brain, which is the third ventricle of the brain, also referred to as the third heaven in matthew.

The seven churches or chakras are apostate while remaining in their dormant state of latency. Jesus, the energy of the solar plexus will revive them when one raises the energy through to the head, then Jesus has established his new church that he raised up in THREE days, made WITHOUT tools.

The "son of man" is then the renewed mind that comes forth out of this Yogic process of meditation. It's the Christ/Buddha/Krishna consciousness, the new jerusalem, heaven, samadi, satori, enlightenment, nirvana, bliss, and all of the other etymologies used to describe this higher state.

Not any LITERAL Buddha, Jesus or Krishna, but US!

They are just fingers pointing the way, "don't concentrate on the finger, or else you will miss all the heavenly glory".

Religion concentrates on the finger, that's why they will miss all the heavnely glory.

The first (those that go to church and believe in an outer jesus), will be last, and the last, (those that know the ancient path of meditation, and go WITHIN as Jesus instructed) will be first.

But first we will be beaten with many stripes, just as jesus was beaten with forty stripes. 40 representing the physical that must be overcome.

Stripes are a symbol of the lower life/mind in it's earthly function of incarnation, the pain and sufferings (stripes) upon the soul in involution, once the awakened higher mind (servant) realizes the higher aspect of nature, and in retrospect realizes that one has been beaten by this lower mind, while mired in the lower life of sense and emotion.

Servant is a symbol of those qualities of mind in subordinate positions, which watch over and preserve the interests of activities which need to be directed at those aspects of the lower mind thinking, to pull them upwards to a higher position. They (the servants) have been beaten by many stripes. that's what the lower mind does, that's why it's the BEAST.

This beastly lower mind has kept us in poverty our entire lives, POVERTY is a symbol of lack of reality of inner divine truth and wisdom. It is the lack of spiritual things, not LITERAL money as those TV evangelists would have you believe, they alone are in poverty, concerning the things of spirit. They are still receiving many stripes.

End of bible story.

To sum up Buddhism

Shave head, get a yellow robe, a rice bowl, act humble, smile a lot and go out and get some food. Ha ha!

Go back to barracks and meditate, empty the mind and hope for satori.

And never touch women, that's evil.

Understand that any suffering that you go through is the result of past sins or misdeeds, things you did or said that hurt other human beings.

Put into action the eight fold path and the four noble truths.

Go back to barracks and meditate. Overcome the five senses.

In short

The non doing of any evil, the performance of what's skillful, the cleansing of one's own mind; this is the teaching of the awakened one.

Sounds like a summary of the bible.

What about krishna

Go to airports dressed funny and pretend to give out copies of the Bhagvad gita, then once they take it, ask them for a donation, if they offer none, take back the book, then go and beat drums and dance in the street. ha ha!

Realize that you are not the body, but the internal indwelling immortal soul. Overcome the five senses, and the physical, the intellectual and the emotional nature.

Meditate for krishna consciousness, and win the battle between the left and right brain duality, to come to one unified Krishna mind. Enlightenment.

That sums up all three teachings in short, all the rest is just the details, poetry, mythology and so forth.

Even shorter version of all three.

Find a spot, should be a darkened room, take a meditation posture, still the mind, try and reduce thoughts to the zen no mind state, almost impossible.

Then begin to meditate earnestly.

If you do this, you have fulfilled the teachings of the three great teachings of the earth. Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.

Unbelievable!!!!!! Yet believe it, because it's true!!!!

Buddhas teachings are straightforward and that the "way", is to have compassion for the world and everyone in it.

The bible story is strictly INNER stuff, jesus is not commanding you to love others and so forth, it's all mystical and mythology, speaking of internal warfare, very much like the bhagavad gita.

The bible is in stark contrast to Buddhism in this regard, yet the end result is the same, because once you receive it in meditation, you will become a Buddha, a Christ or a Krishna.

The end result is the same, to receive the higher universal consciousness within your own field of consciousness.

There all just different paths to the same ultimate end, as Buddha said "to reach the farther shore".

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