A Power plant operations board operator and shift supervisor with 20 years experience in cogeneration plants. A merchant sailor and shipyard marine machinist with ten years experience. Particular skills include gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines, generators, high and low pressure boilers, demineralized and reverse osmosis water and neutralizing systems.

CEM systems, shipboard refrigeration systems, all hand tools and machinist tools. Am resourceful have high work standards and self starting attitude. Have contributed to the overall productivity and moral of all environments worked in.



Increased effiency by streamlining plant operations, saving both time and money.

Increased employees involvement in plant operations to spur interest in bettering efficiency.

Implemented on going training programs for employees.

Reduced chemical usage in plant as well as reduced overall water usage and waste.

Implemented and carried out various tasks involving the start up of two GE 7FA and GE LM 5000 & LM2500 cogeneration plants.

Wrote start up and shutdown procedures for various plant equipment.


Supervised and performed maintenance and operation of medium and large propulsion plants, as well pumping operations of tanker ships, and maintenance of power facilities.

Supervised the readiness of ships engineering spaces for yearly inspections.

Performed maintenance on various shipboard equipment such as steam and hydraulic winches and high tesion rams, all pumps and valves, evaporators, steam chillers and other related equipment.


Apply sound understanding of high and low voltage switch gear, transformers, electrical relays. Synchronous generators, power factor, vars, excitation, high tension wires, mcc breaker panels, AC & DC power and uninterrupted power systems (UPS).

Supervised troubleshooting of electrical and electronic control systems as related to ships and shore side power plants.

Skills and abilities

Have the ability to evaluate situations accurately and take appropriate corrective action. Follow written instructions, read and interpret blueprints and technical drawings and schematics. Plan outages, requisition parts, provide estimates, leads and trains subordinate and less senior personnel, and advises them of unusual problems, procedures and practices.

Operates, maintains, and repairs boilers, heaters, pumps, valves, and lines used in the distribution of steam and heated process water.

Repairs and maintains refrigerant compressors, condensers, evaporators, traps, transfer pumps, expansion valves, stop valves, float valves, together with all refrigerant lines and devices used to control temperatures, operates, maintains and controls compressors, together with distribution lines, and all valves and devices for air control, operates maintains water filters, softeners, piping, and pumps used in conjunction with water distribution.

Repairs and maintains all types of motors and engines used to power pumps, compressors and fans, repairs and maintains single phase and multi phase electrical circuits up to 550 volts.

Operates and maintains water and sewage systems, ability to install and make repairs to various types of equipment (boiler room heating, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, building and electrical pneumatic controls, and other electrical equipment).

Operates and maintains lm5000 and frame 7 ge gas turbine engines, heat recovery boilers and all associtaed equipment, shutdown and bring units up and synch to grid, communicate with dispatch when plant is to come down for repairs or emergency shutdowns.

water wash units, assist contractors in the removal of lm5000 engines from package for internal repairs, unhook all lines and hoses associated with the removal of the gas turbine. Re-install and hook up all lines, to prepare for light off, maintain drum levels, start and stop pumps from DCS, emissions monitoring. Lock out tag out. Adjust power factor and vars.

Ability to work well with others, make sound decisions in difficult situations, and demonstrates interest in accepting increasing levels of responsibility. In addition, the ability to perform activities with a schedule, maintain regular attendance, and be punctual, perform at a consistent pace, without unreasonable number of rest periods, and perform effectively when confronted with potential emergency, critical or unusual situations. Will work any holidays, weekends or shift coverage.

There's no job too high, no job too low, no job too clean and no job too dirty, I do them all. keeps work space clean and tidy. A mop and a broom are not alien, neither is a bucket of soap and a sponge or a vacuum cleaner.

State of Cal. bureau of prisons

Operate facility boilers, (2) 1200 hp boilers, (1) 800 hp boiler, DCS, water samples, hourly rounds and checks, repair pumps and valves, shutdown units and open for yearly boiler inspection.

lock out tag out, safety meetings, assist engineers in the repair of air handlers and refrigeration units, regen water softener, keep plant tidy and clean as needed, mop control room and lab. Supervise inmates in the assistance of repairs and other duties.

University California

Central plant operator: Senior plant mechanic of one lm 2500 GE 20 mw gas turbine power plant with one back pressure steam turbine, one 400 lb. HRSG. Four 125 lb. Aux. Boilers, three absorber chillers and two centrifugal chillers, reverse osmosis and polisher skid as well as other associated equipment.

Control plant parameters from bailey net 90 DCS, CEM for emissions control, and local PLC’s. perform water analysis. Perform maintenance on all equipment. Started plant from ground up, implemented start up and shutdown procedures, trained new personnel in the operation of the plant. Wrote some preventive maintenance procedures for equipment.

Esoco Crockett Cogen Plant

Control operator: Control room operator of 240 mw GE F7A cogen plant, inline steam turbine. 900 mpph hrsg, 15 fan air cooled condenser, 750,000 gl. Glegg demin with mixed beds, hydrogen generator, vfd’s for feed pumps, three 250 mpph auxiliary boilers. Zero liquid discharge. Controlled parameters from foxboro dcs system and GE mark V speedtronics, lci start, ammonia injection, CEM system, 230 & 18 kv power. Involved in start up. Fully automated plant.

Configuration: 240-MW single-shaft combined-cycle CHP plant with 7001FA gas turbine

Operation: 1996, Fuel: natural gas, HRSG supplier: Vogt, T/G supplier: GE, EPC: Bechtel

Quick facts: About 260,000 lbs/hr of steam is sold to C&H Sugar and electricity on a fully dis patchable basis to Pacific Gas and Electric. Crockett has a Marley air-cooled system with ultra low-noise fans.

Dow Energy

Shift lead operator of one 225 mw combined cycle GE F7A gas turbine, one 150 mpph hrsg, one condensing steam turbine. Westinghouse WDPF console and GE mark V speedtronics. Polisher skid, zero liquid discharge plant. Wrote and implemented standard operating procedures for various equipment, wrote and drew up hydro and flushing procedures during pre start up.

Supervise and train new personnel in the operation of the plant, DCS and Mark V controller, trained personnel in water chemistry, and other plant duties. Previously shift lead operator of one LM 5000 plant in Bakersfield, California with same company, similar duties. Started both plants from ground up.

Bakersfield assignment

Configuration: 46-MW LM5000 gas turbine CHP

Operation: 1991, Fuel: natural gas, T/G supplier: GE, Stewart & Stevenson, Brush, Quick facts: Steam is used by Occidental Petroleum for enhanced oil recovery.

Masters mates and pilots

Sailed aboard tankers as chief pumpman and Jr. Engineer. Responsible for all pump room equipment as well as all deck winches and anchor windlass. Repaired main cargo pumps, steam winches, valves and other deck and pumproom equipment. Used any all available materials to keep equipment running. Assisted deck dept. in tying up ship in port.

Also assisted in engine operations and repairs such as reefer units, valves, lube oil purifiers, oil heaters main and aux. Diesels etc. Pumping duties were to line up all valves in system via hydraulic panel in cargo control for either on or off loading of various types of fuel.

Check all flame safety screens, goose neck vents and ullage ports for soundness, lined up and operated ships inert gas system for preventing tank explosions. Started up and stood watches on ships emergency generators. Worked closely with chief officer and dockside personnel during loading operations and tank cleaning. Cumshaw for parts in foreign ports. All duty foreign.

Bayou Cogen

Operated a 300 megawatt power station, troubleshoot and repair gas turbines and associated. Four GE frame 7 gas turbines, with HRSG's, GE DCS, water chemistry, rounds, assist maintenance in repairs, Cem monitoring. Shutdowns, dispatch orders etc...

Power operating company

Plant operator: Operate and maintain 465 mw cogen plant, consisting of five frame 7 GE gas turbines and one condensing steam turbine. Controlled all parameters from DCS. Water treatment and chemical analysis, daily rounds on equipment. Assisted maintenance in various repairs on valves, pumps demin skid etc. Interface with the local utility for nightly ramping down of plant.

Military Sealift command

Pumpman & jr. engineer: Employed by the US governments merchant auxiliary fleet at the pacific command in Subic Bay Philippines, as a civil service employee in the capacity of pumpman and jr. engineer. Served aboard various tanker ships carrying JP-5 and DFM for the underway replenishment of Navy ships on the high seas.

Line up all valves in system, line up and operate pumps during unreps. Repairs on all pumps, deck winches etc. Stood watches in engine room and fire room, started up and stood watches on ships 1500 kW emergency diesel generator. Assisted in various engine room repairs as well as stand engine room watches. Participated in the search for the flight recorder of the downed Korean airline KAL flight 007 in 1983.

Dillingham Shipyard

Outside marine machinist: Overhaul and repair of Merchant and US Navy ships, main and aux. Diesel engines, pumps purifiers, compressors and all other associated engine room equipment. Use all machinist tools and hand tools, sea trials for final testing.

US Navy

Japan, Hawaii, Philippines

Machinist mate: Stationed aboard Navy ships as hole snipe (propulsion engineer) of 1200 lb. Steam propulsion plant. Stood various watches during this time, repaired engine room equipment such as pumps and valves, condensers etc. Chlorinated ships fresh water tanks, performed water testing of all ships feed and fresh water systems. Operated ships evaporators for making fresh water.

Involved in rescue missions during the fall of Saigon in 1975. Tender duty in pearl harbor. Petty officer assigned to the pump and valve repair shop, supervised personnel in the repair of same. Stood deck watches in port, member of the security alert team, held secret clearance. Assigned TAD Subic bay to assist in the fleet operations center. Shore patrol duty.

Certificates and licenses held- US coast guard license/ pumpman, Jr. Engineer, ordinary seaman, cook. Propulsion cert. US Navy, Reefer school, US Navy, US Navy fuel pier operations. Various gas turbine, water chemistry and other related training certificates from 1986 to 1997. Auto mechanic certificate, jr. College 1974 Univ. of the Philippines, did not graduate.

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