Here are a few very meaningful and prophetic words from the Jonathan Livingston Seagull soundtrack, please pay careful attention to the words in bold: 

"When the sand becomes the stone, which began the spark turned into living bone, holy, holy; sanctus, sanctus." 

"You will begin to touch heaven, the voice of the silent - the sungod within". 

What you have just read, which is shown from the Jonathan Livingston Seagull classic of the 1970s is that the "Pineal Gland" in its dormant state is called brain sand, because of its sandy like substance. When you stimulate the Pineal Gland via meditation it becomes hard like a rock, then the electrical energy (spark) is created in the fornix (furnace of the brain), where the temple is the Holy Sanctus. Notice that the song lyrics speak of it as a living bone. LIVING is the clue! 

Most of us who have listened to this song down through the years have missed the fact that it is speaking of a parable spoken by Christ in the Gospels. 

Jesus tells us of a wise builder (Matthew 7) who dug down to the rock so that he could build his house upon it. The rock in this context is not the same as the designation given by Jesus to the disciple Peter: Matthew 16:18 - And I tell you that you are Peter (gr. petros), and on this rock (gr. petra, stone) I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. 

The lower mind cannot enter within the holy sanctum, as long as you're in meditation, hades is locked out. But once meditation is over all bets are off. 

The word "Peter" is translated from "petros" which signifies a rock or a stone, such as we would be able to pick up to carry, throw, or place in a wall. The word rock is itself translated from the Greek word "petra" and is a stronger version of the word "petros" meaning a more substantial type of rock such as a crag or projecting ledge. 

While petros would be a stone such as is used in the wall of a house, petra would be the rock upon which the house would be built. 

Staying with Jesus' statement to Peter, what He was saying was that He would build His Church by using Peter stones (petros) laid upon the foundation (petra) of faith. 

This is the same use of rock, or petra, that Jesus employs in the parable of the wise and foolish builders; as a foundation suitable for building upon. 

All those who listen to my words and do something about them are like a wise man who builds his house on a rock. The man laid a strong foundation by digging deep into the earth (in mysticism the earth means MIND). Then he worked carefully and slowly making sure the building was strong and secure on the rock. 

Then the rains and floods came and the wind blew hard and beat against that house, but it did not fall because it was built on a strong foundation. 

Notice that the meditation wasn't hurried, it was careful and slow. The floods, winds and so forth are the tempests that come from the lower emotional thinking. However, when there is meditation going on and the Pineal Gland is focused, all is well with your soul because you are building your spiritual house upon this very ROCK that Christ speaks of, and thus the attacks from the lower mind cannot harm you. 

However, the person who hears these words and does nothing with them is like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. This man did not build a strong deep foundation, but built his house very quickly. His tall house was built fast and he moved in feeling safe. 

Soon the rains and floods came and the winds blew, beating against the house. His structure, having no real solid foundation just could not withstand the flooding and winds and thus it cracked and the whole house collapsed. 

If you do not enter WITHIN in meditation, the Pineal Gland remains atrophied and has the consistency of sand, thus when the internal storms come against you, you have no defense and you crack; depression then likely sets in, illnesses, etc. follows and finally this house (temple) that is built on sand collapses under the weight of thought (iron). Thought is IRON in biblical symbolism. 

Remember God could not drive out those chariots of IRON in their valleys (lower levels of thought), only YOU can do that by rising above thought as Jesus instructed. 

We see how these parables have deep meanings pointing to the brain and it's structure, and the scriptures are loaded with these references. The crowds were surprised at Jesus' story. Jesus warned them that if the people did not build their life on a deep foundation and follow his teachings then they too would find that their house had fallen down. 

Why do you think Jesus used the parable about a house as a way to show people they needed to do more than just hear his teachings? Who did the two builders represent? And why is it important for us to follow these teachings of Christ? 

The pineal gland of the brain, the bible uses the older spelling.
 Simply because Jesus stated "If your eye be single, your body will fill with light" Jacob saw God FACE TO FACE (Genesis 32:30) in the land of Peniel (Pineal Gland) of the brain. Where else might one truly see God?
Jesus' church is built upon the rock (peter) the energized Pineal Gland, the stone that the builders rejected. This ROCK is ultimately the same Christ consciousness (termed by Western cultures) that ALL main world religions seek after. There is no division among the world's true God seekers. 

These divisions all come from the lower minds within the world's religious groups. The answers and solutions to man's earthly trials and tribulations are to be found WITHIN us, that is they are to be found during meditation. We were not left without an escape.


The classic movie "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" taught a hidden truth that is a gift to ALL people: 

"When the sand becomes the stone, which began the spark turned into living bone, holy, holy; sanctus, sanctus. 

You will begin to touch heaven, the voice of the silent - the sungod within." 

That's your Pineal Gland! 

It's in the song listen for it, when the sand becomes the stone, which beget the spark Holy Holy 



The Vortex said...

Absolutely brilliant Christ consciousness is what I am aiming for

The Vortex said...

Absolutely brilliant I guess I am reaching that level then

The Vortex said...

Absolutely brilliant Christ consciousness is what I am aiming for

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