Heaven and Hell, It's all in yor MIND


A work by Bill Donahue of Hidden Meanings

Carl Jung said:

Mainstream religion will never admit how true Mr. Jung's statement is, yet it's true.

People spend their lives trying not to let people know where there going, what their doing, everybody hiding out from everybody else.

Mr. Jung's comments are not about the bible, there not about god, there not about reality, there about religion.

Which is a structure built upon the need to control the beliefs of others, and that's the problem.

In a group or organization that mandates that you think the way that they do, and if you don't, you have to subvert the way you think.

These controllers, as I would call them, they set up living standards, based upon the way that they interpret writings that are thousands of years old, that contain legends, traditions and mythology, yet are not necessarily true in any real sense of the imagination.

They take these things and say this is what it means, and you MUST believe it. They drive into the minds of their members the fear, that if they don't obey their instructions, they will fall into a fiery pit of hell, dominated by demons chasing you with pitchforks.

It's extremely destructive to the human mind, people have to live under such fear and guilt, and that's what happens, and it's not just Christianity, it's Jewish, Muslim and every major religion.

Everybody is afraid to do something because of fear, or else they lash out and kill others, because of their own fear instilled in them by religion, they are afraid they offend the group.

So they show up on Sunday and play their part, even put a suit and a tie on, how do you do pastor, I'm fine, how are you, I'm fine blah blah blah, and then they can't wait to get out of there, how long is this gonna go on?

All one has to do to evaluate religion, is go back to the dark ages of Europe, what happened at that time is what the Christian right would like to see happen today, and that is that Christianity became the Gov't.

The only time that Christianity became the Govt, it's labeled the DARK ages.

Intellectuals and scientists were either killed, banned IT out on the rack, Galileo and Copernicus came under house arrest, Bruno was burned at the stake for his scientific discoveries, they became a threat to religion because they told the truth about nature.

People were tortured to death during the inquisition, and women who were spiritual were labeled witches and were tortured, hung and burned.

That's what happens when religion becomes the Gov't, it was a horrible time, but it laid the foundation as to religion survives, by, as Carl Jung said, causing people to live in fear, in the dark ages they lived in fear of the religious gov't.

And it still exists in many parts of the world today, it is starting to rise up, even in the U.S.

But mainly the religions mainly control their followers by what?

One word, there's one word that stands out, and you know you even use it, you tell people to go there, and it's called...........



It scares you, it really does, and the concept is, if you don't be good, and if you don't behave the way we say, that's where you're gonna go.

Right out of the dark ages, but ya know what, it still works today.

Roosevelt said: we have nothing to fear, but fear itself, and that's exactly what Carl Jung was saying, but that's what religion is all about, you mustn't live in constant love, not in relaxation, not in tune with nature, not in communication with others, having fun and laughing, enjoying yourself, you can't do that.

And all of this nonsense comes from a total misrepresentation of the bible, believing that it is a LITERAL book, when in fact it is not a LITERAL book at all, but Greek mythology.

If people understood the bible, and really read it, you know what they would find out about hell, that it's not any place you go after you die, it's a place you go when you're alive and kicking.

And many of you live there all the time.

Lets look at a few scriptures.

Proverbs 15:24, the way of life is ABOVE to the WISE, that he may depart from hell beneath.

Can you imagine that, you can escape hell according to the bible.

That's because it's a state of consciousness, it's referring to the higher mind ABOVE, overcoming the emotional body, described as below. The higher mind, the higher thoughts free us from the fear of the lower nature.

You've always been taught that when you go to hell, they chase you with pitchforks, bit that's not what the bible says, they made that up to scare people.

28 samuel 22:6 The sorrows of hell surround me.

This guy is alive, see!!

Do you see that, this guy is saying that the sorrows of hell surround him, and he's obviously alive, and not dead, do you see that it's not any place you go when you die physically.

In other words aye yai eye already, what's ging on, I don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. Why did religion miss this?, ok did they do it on purpose.

Psalm 86:13 For great is your mercy towards me; you took my soul from the lowest hell.

Do you see?

He's alive, and yet his soul was in hell.

You can think of tragedies that people have experienced, think of the people in Iraq and the living hell that we have created for them.

Jonah 2:2.1 I cried to the lord because of my trouble, and he heard me, out of the belly of hell I cried, and you heard my voice.

So! do you see what I'm saying these are all biblical scriptures, and as you can see that you are taught that people go to hell when they die, and it's not true.

It's a place that you occupy while you're alive, and many of you have experienced this psychological place called hell, and you know it exists right here on this planet.

But you can leave there, Proverbs 15:24, the way of life is ABOVE to the WISE, that he may depart from hell beneath.

Which means that when you dwell in your meditation, you're taken into the higher realms of the mind, you then depart from the hell of the lower material mind.

So hell is a concept of the mind, as all things are a concept of the mind, the concepts of the mind that create material things in the physical reality, as you are reading this you are sitting in a chair, and at one time that chair was just an idea is somebodies mind, it didn't even exist in the physical form, and then he drew a picture in his mind and there it is.

Everything is created out of the mind and that includes heaven and hell.

Look at the thoughts of the people that flew planes into the world trade center, they created hell.

Look at the thoughts of all the men of this planet that have used their lower minds to create a living hell for some country or tribe somewhere on this planet.

The mind creates these conditions, plane and simple.

I think, therefore I create hell, I think therefore I create heaven, it all depends upon yours and theirs thinking, what is the nature of the thoughts in yours or their minds?

So what does it mean?

Our kindness can bring heaven, or our violence and cruel thinking can bring hell. It's a simply a construct of the MIND.

But where did the concept and the word hell come from, what are it's origins?

The answer will surprise you!!!!

HEL: Goddess of the Inglorious Dead and Queen of HELHEIM, the Norse Underworld

Having been banished to the Underworld by order of ODIN merely for being the ugly evil daughter of LOKI she made the place her own and became HEL of the HELHEIM Hell Hall. Which tends to become hellishly confusing.

Yes, her name gives us the word 'Hell', but her domain is almost the complete opposite of Satan's abode: it's cold, damp, and populated by the kind of apathetic souls most devils would hardly feel worth the trouble of roasting. In fact most souls go to HELHEIM because they've spent their lives sitting on their asses instead of killing, pillaging and then singing rude songs about it.

It's a melancholy and depressing place filled with gloomy pessimistic spirits. Which is why HEL is also Goddess of the Blues. Half her body is blue and the words associated with her say it all: dank, clouds, hunger, tardy feet, splendid misery...

Plus authoress of 'Nine Ways Out Of This World' and singer of jazz classic 'Oh Baby, Trouble in Mind' on the Doom and Gloom label, also known as 'What the Hel we gonna do now?'


Hel was a goddess (or a monster), a daughter of Loki and Angrboda, who ruled over Niflheim, which was the land of the dead. There were different opinions of whether she was alive or dead. Ull, in his role as god of winter, was supposed to spend a few months each year as Hel's lover. Hel and her ghostly army were going to support the other gods at Ragnarok, after which her domain would go out in flames.

Another image of Hel

(Queen of Hel, the Norse underworld.)

What you have to understand is the meaning of the word underworld, which doesn't mean beneath the earth, or any such nonsense, it is actually beneath your heart chakra, the tan tien or hara, the solar plexus, this is where HEL is, and she's waiting all the tome, to unleash her fire.

Remember the word Hel or Hell is an English word, it's a translation from the original Greek Septuagint, here's the amazing part, in the entire bible, both the old testament and the new, the word hell doesn't exist, it's not in there.

What is in there is a word (hell) that the English translators translated out of the Greek into Hebrew.

In other words the word hell was concocted by English translators.

There are only two words in the bible that reference the lower mind.

Sheol, which is Hebrew


Gahnna which is Greek

Those are the two words. You can translate them anyway you want, once you find out what they mean, but the translators of the King James bible translated them to mean hell.

Lets take a look at this word Sheol, in Hebrew is the "abode of the dead", "the underworld" "the common grave of humankind", "a common destination of both the righteous and unrighteous dead"
as recounted in Ecclesiastes and Job.

"Sheol; Sometimes compared to Hades" "the gloomy, twilight afterlife of greek mythology"

"The word Hades was in fact substituted for the word Sheol"

"When the Hebrew scriptures were translated into Greek (the Septuagint) , "the new testament (written in Greek) also uses "Hades" to refer to the abode of the dead.

It's not the literal dead these things refer to, but the living dead.

So how did that evolve to a fiery hell with demons chasing you with pitchforks and all that stuff?

AS you can see Sheol has nothing to do with the word hell, that we English people made up.

Note that is is a common destination for both good people and bad people.

Now lets look at the Greek wor Gahenna.

"From Greek geenna, and from hebrew ge- hinnom

Literally Hinnom that's where the word ge or ga-henna came from.

The valley of Hinnom a place or state of misery, (2) hell.

That's from the dictionary.

There's a literal valley in Israel called hinnom and amazing thing that you now learn is that is where the word hell actually came from.

I'm going to show you how the Jews scared the pants off people with the hidden meaning of the word valley of hinnom.

I'm going to show you how hinno turned into gehenna, and this turned into a place a of fire and demons and pitchforks and all that jazz.


Ge-henna is derived from the valley of hinnom, and get this, this valley is ouside the south wall of ancient Jerusalem.

HINNOM was the burning garbage dump, near Jerusalem, known as the (Hinnom gulch).

Now all that you have read is absolutely true, so help me god.

Hinnom is the garbage dump where they burn the garbage, and has been the garbage dump since ancient time.

So in other words the church decided, these people are garbage and there gonna go to hell, which is the garbage dump outside Jerusalem.

It's like taking your garbage to your nearest dump, it's has the same meaning.

But that's what hell is, it's a friggin garbage dump outside of Jerusalem, and it's always smoking, there's always garbage being burned there.

The word hell has it's roots in the word Hinnom, which is a garbage dump outside if Jerusalem where they burn the garbage.

Now that word (hell) that religion has used to scare the hell out of people, for hundreds and hundreds of years is goddamn garbage dump, where the garbage was burned.

Now for the first time, you have never seen an actual picture of hell before, but now here it is.............

This is not a joke.

Your religion at work, you have been duped into thinking that hell was a place beneath the earth, when in fact it is outside of Jerusalem.


valley of Hinnom, hell if you don't believe me, google the words

"valley of Hinnom hell" or dump


Although the Greek word Gehenna is translated "hell" in this and other passages (Matt. 23:33, Mark 9:43, etc.), its literal meaning is valley of Hinnom (Strong's Concordance Number #G1067).

The valley of Hinnom is a deep, narrow ravine on the south end of Jerusalem. Anciently, it was in this valley that idolatrous Israelites worshiped the pagan gods Moloch and Baal through the abominable sacrificial practice of burning their own children alive (known as "passing through the fire". See 2Kings 16:3, 23:10; 2Chr. 28:3, Jeremiah 7:31).

After the return of the Jews from captivity, the valley was held in such abhorrence that it was made the place to throw all the dead carcasses and filth of the city, and was frequently the place of public executions.

The valley, therefore, became extremely offensive; the sight was terrific; the air polluted with the foul spell of putrefying animal and human flesh; and to preserve it in any manner pure, it was necessary to keep fires continually burning there (also known as using unquenched or unquenchable fire).

Jesus used the well-known fires in the valley of Hinnom as an analogy of the fire ("lake of fire") to be used by God to kill forever (the punishment of the incorrigibly wicked is eternal death, not eternal torture) those who refuse to repent of hatred, anger and other sins.

Some commentaries have suggested that Judas, after he betrayed Jesus, used a tree near a precipice over the valley of Hinnom from which to hang himself.

Scriptural References: Matthew 5 (KJV Bible)

A photo of hell since the Jews cleaned it up.

2 Chronicles 28:1-3 (NIV) Ahaz was twenty years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem sixteen years. Unlike David his father, he did not do what was right in the eyes of the LORD. 2 He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel and also made cast idols for worshiping the Baals.

3 He burned sacrifices in the Valley of Ben Hinnom and sacrificed his sons in the fire, following the detestable ways of the nations the LORD had driven out before the Israelites.

2 Chronicles 33:1-6 (NIV) Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem fifty-five years. 2 He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, following the detestable practices of the nations the LORD had driven out before the Israelites.

3 He rebuilt the high places his father Hezekiah had demolished; he also erected altars to the Baals and made Asherah poles. He bowed down to all the starry hosts and worshiped them. 4 He built altars in the temple of the LORD, of which the LORD had said, "My Name will remain in Jerusalem forever."

5 In both courts of the temple of the LORD, he built altars to all the starry hosts. 6 He sacrificed his sons in the fire in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, practiced sorcery, divination and witchcraft, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the eyes of the LORD, provoking him to anger.

Jeremiah 32:32-35 (NIV) The people of Israel and Judah have provoked me by all the evil they have done they, their kings and officials, their priests and prophets, the men of Judah and the people of Jerusalem. 33 They turned their backs to me and not their faces; though I taught them again and again, they would not listen or respond to discipline.

34 They set up their abominable idols in the house that bears my Name and defiled it. 35 They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters to Molech, though I never commanded, nor did it enter my mind, that they should do such a detestable thing and so make Judah sin.

2 Kings 23:8-10 (NIV) Josiah brought all the priests from the towns of Judah and desecrated the high places, from Geba to Beersheba, where the priests had burned incense. He broke down the shrines at the gates at the entrance to the Gate of Joshua, the city governor, which is on the left of the city gate.

9 Although the priests of the high places did not serve at the altar of the LORD in Jerusalem, they ate unleavened bread with their fellow priests. 10 He desecrated Topheth, which was in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, so no one could use it to sacrifice his son or daughter in the fire to Molech.

Jeremiah 7:31-32 (NIV) They have built the high places of Topheth in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in the fire something I did not command, nor did it enter my mind. 32 So beware, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when people will no longer call it Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter, for they will bury the dead in Topheth until there is no more room.

One of the horrors of Hell that you will know for eternity is complete shame and humiliation. You will be forced to exist eternally with the knowledge that you are a complete and utter fool; FOREVER.


The REAL Hell:

Hinnom Valley - Jerusalem


The word hell came from the Norse god Hel of the Norse underworld.

Now you know the truth. makes you glad huh!

It looks like hell, doesn't it

The HINNOM valley, we have been duped again by the Jews.

Your taste and smell senses are closely associated, so you will smell and taste the smoke of burning sulfur, and human flesh. Human flesh has a smell different from all other smells. At the Nazi death camps, the Nazi's sometimes structured their slaughter contingent on the direction of the wind, attempting to drive the smell of the burning flesh towards less populated areas. Some of the burning flesh will be your own.

You will feel the eternal burning of fire, and worms will crawl all over your skin, but the worms die not.

You will hear the screams of the eternally lost, the screams of the devil, the screams of demons, the screams of the tormented, your own screams, the screams of your loved ones, but they will not love you, there will be no love there.

They will hate you. You will not have a single friend, as you will be awash alone with your god - who is you, in a sea of hatred-filled demonic and human spirits.

You will see the heinous awesome, awfulness of hell, and all that's going on; and all that are in it, all those you know who didn't make Heaven, and cruel, grasping, snarling demons, through eyes that are tearing from the dense smoke of burning sulfur and burning human flesh. Human imagination cannot scratch the surface of the horror of hell. You will be in complete and utter torment.

"Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

You have been on religious scare tactics your whole life.

Christs three days in hell

In the original Greek Septuagint, there was no word hell, there was Sheol, and Ganesh

These words translate into underworld, meaning the mind being controlled by the lower ego mind.

The king James translators wanted to emphasize the concept further by adding the word hell.

But where did this word actually come from?

In the Norse mythology there was a terrible goddess, the goddess of the underworld, she was profoundly ugly, and had a skeleton for a body and her face was green.
And her name is HEL, and you can google it and see for yourself.

The bible transcribers borrowed the mythology of this god HEL, and added one more L to the ending, and Hell was born.

And religion has been scaring the hell out of you for thousands of years with the fear of hell.

There's nothing to fear, accept fear itself!

Actually And the lowest rung of the ladder in hell is reserved for them, that believe that if they don't believe in hell, they will go to hell.

When it simply means, a place or state of consciousness, where one has arrived at, by living off of the emotions.

You are either living this in heaven or in hell, and it all depends upon your constitution.

If you are unemployed, and you have an abscessed tooth, and you don' t have any insurance, and you are about to lose your home, and your spouse left you high and dry, and your bank account is empty, and your half a car went south on you, and you came down with a nasty case of tinnitus, in short you don't have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out.

Then you just might be living in hell.

If you were raised in a Catholic family, then you just might have been in Hell, if you were raised a Mormon, you might have been in hell.

Who needs another hell beneath the earth, with demons running around with pitchforks chasing you, when you have already been to depths of hell, right here on the surface of this planet.

Sometimes you feel like you are living in hell, and sometimes you feel as though you are in heaven, it's all just a state of being, and nothing more than that.

These two real principles, this body and soul, are apart from each other, tho either one can't exist without the other, this eternal bound, that dependence that they have on each other.

One is Hell, the other is heaven.

One is Egypt, the other is the new Jerusalem. One is Cain, the other is Abel etc, etc. Yin and yang.

The bottomless pit, is the abdomen area, or solar plexus, where your main organs are, this is EGYPT. FORTY

Christ's rod (His spine) [Rev 12:5] shall and will devour all the serpents and lying wonders of the spiritual Egypt and Sodom [Rev 11:8], yea, and all the serpents that be in all nations; for all nations are to be ruled by it.

And the moment you reject life you start looking for some other life and you become worried about whether it is going to be better than this life or not. It may be worse.

That's what hell is: the fear of a worse life than this. And that is nirvana: the greed for a better life than this.

But there is no other life; there is no hell, no heaven.

Only fools are interested in such things. Jagdit Singh

What Indian scriptures say about hell is nothing but talk about America! If right now you dig a hole wherever you are sitting here and go on digging you will reach to America, because the earth is round. But the Americans also think in the same geographical way, that hell is below.

If they look into the hole, you will be in hell. You will think they are in hell and they will think you are in hell. And only my sannyasins will Laugh at the whole affair. Who is above and who is below?

These heaven/hell concepts have nothing to do with geography or space, and they don't have anything to do with time either.

So it is not a question of tomorrows, not a question of something after death.

It is a question of understanding, it is a question of meditation, it is question of becoming utterly silent, here-now. There is no other space than the here and no other time than the now. These two words contain the whole existence: "now", "here".

If they look into the hole, you will be in hell. You will think they are in hell and they will think you are in hell. And only my sannyasins will Laugh at the whole affair. Who is above and who is below?

There you have it!

SYMBOLISM, no need to be scared of that old demon running around with a pitchfork, we will lay that bogie to rest already!

It's MYTHOLOGY, just that they don't want you to know it.

Only stupids and idiots will ever believe in such nonsense as hell, and reading ancient mythology LITERALLY, when the very bible says "Don't be a minister of the letter" Don't read IT literally!

And remember most of the hell verses come from Jesus, and what does it say concerning Jesus?

"In a parable he spake not unto them". In other words, everything he said was a parable, not literal.

And if God said it, we have that covered as well;

Psalm 78:2 I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: Here the Bible states that GOD speaks in parables . And what are dark sayings of old. Obviously they are symbolic statements.

And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. 2 cor.4:3


But their minds were made dull, for to this day the same veil remains when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away. 2 cor. 3:14


It is Veiled to you, because you read the bible literally, oh, I forgot, no you don't, you don't read THE BIBLE, INSTEAD YOU GO TO CHURCH.

Then said I, Ah Lord GOD! they say of me, Doth he not speak in parables? EZ:20

Here God speaks in parables again.

15. 2Cor.4:3,4 "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

The gospel is hid, because they read it literally.

Thank You! For pointing that out.

No problem, that's my job!

When in a moment of high dudgeon, exasperation or exhausted patience at someone’s despicable conduct we cavalierly consign his immortal soul to Dante’s Inferno, we should be told that our mode of redress is silly and ridiculous beyond measure, since both he and we are already in that dark and gloomy underworld of theology.

There is no sense in urging a fellow mortal to go to a place when he is already there. The present writer could, with full legal equity, claim an international copyright on the idea, now to be proclaimed for the first time authoritatively, that in plain cold fact, devastating to the canons of theology, but nevertheless irrefutable, that no one can go from this earth to hell, or ever will go there.

This declaration is not thrown out in either scurrility or buffoonery. It is meant to be asserted as literal truth, and, as will be shown, is demonstrated as true by the simplest and most inexpugnable logic. One can not go to a place where one already is. One has to be elsewhere to go to a given place.

And this fact and this logic can now bring to this world release and relief from the most frightful of its theological nightmares over the centuries by shattering forever the baneful religious superstition that a human soul can go to hell.

Because, as better scholarship now clarifies it, all the souls now inhabiting physical bodies on this earth are already in hell.

It can now be heralded to the four quarters of the world that this earth is the only hell ever contemplated in the minds of the sage writers of the ancient sacred Scriptures of the world, and therefore hell is not to be found or located anywhere else.

For better or worse, for good or ill, we are all right now in hell; and it is only a matter of our education, our understanding, our culture or our self-discipline whether we are enjoying what can legitimately and not too irreverently be called a hell of a fine time or making a devil of a bad go at it.

As God the Father never designed that his children should fall into a region where pain and misery are suffered gratuitously or out of relation to purposed beneficence, it has to be presumed that our sojourn in this hell has been contrived in cosmic counsels to bring us joy and eventual bliss. For all religions in their highest and sanest presentments consistently affirm that felicity is to crown earth life.

Hell has been loaded with opprobrium and infamy only because we have been misled to believe it is some other place far worse than this world.

It is now possible, with all good grace, for us to extend to all our fellow inmates in this limbo of a false theology the wish and hope that they are enjoying some felicity without having to wait for transferal to the celestial Paradise.

With metaphor shifted a bit to match another Biblical symbolism, we may heartily wish each other a "whale" of a good time in Hades, since in the Jonah and other "fish-stories" that one finds in ancient sacred lore, it was in the belly of the whale that Jonah (the divine element in man’s nature) spent his three days and nights in hell.

For he exclaims: "Out of the belly of Hades have I cried unto thee, O God." Holy Scripture does not inform us whether he enjoyed his unique voyage across the sea of life in this extraordinary mode of transportation, but at any rate it landed him safely and perhaps triumphantly on "that farther shore."

On a naïve and somewhat superficial view it may be considered unfortunate that instead of a "whale" of a glamorous time in this belly of Hades, millions have had or are still having a "wail" of a deuced bad time.

But, as all experience undergone by the souls of God’s children in any sphere may legitimately be considered educative, being in the nature of strains and stresses calculated to lead all lives upward to enhanced happiness in a progressive evolution, the lament over our enforced session at the wailing wall of this life on earth can be happily mollified by amended philosophical considerations.

It seems now and forever incredible that the whole grandiose structure of the wondrous ancient arcane science of the soul, the unified physical and spiritual evolution of man to grades of higher consciousness, has been wrecked for any sane comprehension by a thing seemingly so minor and inconsequential as the misconception of the use of symbolic imagery and the play of poetic fancy in analogical depiction of truth.

Yet, categorically and bluntly stated, such has been the case in the greatest miscarriage, defeat and debacle of human intelligence in the field of religious philosophy in all the ages.

The place or region in which theological ineptitude located the two states of conscious being, happiness and misery, universally presumed the one or the other, to follow this life on earth, has been psychologically determinative of the mental health, or conversely, of the insanity and hypnotic hallucination of millions of earth’s inhabitants over the ages.

This essay is conceived in the spirit and with the motive of awakening the slumbering mind of the Occidental world to the sobering realization that its dominating Christian religion has almost from the moment of its inception nearly twenty centuries ago located its predicated heaven and hell in a time and in a world both completely amiss from their proper locale and proper period.

It can now be proclaimed as an incontrovertible fact that this religion of the West, so presumptuously vaunting itself as superior to all others, has perpetrated the crassest asininity of all religious history in both mistiming and misplacing the hell, or dark underworld of its Scriptures and its theology in a totally different world from the one which the knowing authors of the world’s sacred scripts intended to be understood.

In fact its theologians and interpreters have ridiculously mislocated their hell! They have thrust it from that area of life to which it was meant to appertain in the esoteric formulations of ancient religious literature clear over into another world, a limbo concocted by the lurid theological imagination out of the elements of misinterpreted Biblical representation.

Missing entirely the real world to which the hell experience of souls rightly appertained, they have fantastically fabricated an utterly spurious hell for which their Scriptures, when read with full comprehension of their deeper meaning, offer not a line of warrant.

This incredible blunder came in consequence of the entanglement of several threads of meaning flowing forth from the misinterpretation of one single term of symbolic reference and import in that language of recondite semanticism in which all those revered texts of Holy Writ were indited.

(The loss of knowledge of this form and method of ancient Biblical writing was the initial cause of the total gross misinterpretation of the Scriptures.)

The continued mistaking of the pristine purport of the spiritual allegories plunged the exegetists into the fatal error of misplacing in part the heaven, and wholly the hell experience.

And this was primarily due to their failure to retain, or to apprehend at any time, the cryptic connotation of that single word of key significance in the symbolic lexicon of antiquity.

That word now looms up in the recovered science of arcane wisdom as the most strategically important in the entire dictionary of theology. It is the word "death", with its correlative terms "to die" and "the dead".

The initiated ancient Egyptian hierophants, the learned Hebrew tanaim and later the Church’s own Alexandrian Fathers, notably Clement and Origen, and above all Philo, the Jewish philosopher of the first Christian century, all declared that underneath the literal surface meaning of the Scriptures astute intelligence could discern a far more subtle significance, hidden by allegorical cleverness under terms of common usage.

As physical and material things must at any rate be used to adumbrate all spiritual conceptions and verities, the veiled language of symbolism employed objects and phenomena to pictorialize their abstract and recondite mysteries of the spirit.

So it was that the sage authors of sacred books used the term and concept of physical death, the demise or decease of bodily life, as at once both the cover and the revelation of another death, not of body, but of soul, which was the cardinal principle of understanding in their sacred "science of the soul".

Pledged on penalty of death in their Mystery Associations not to betray the secrets of their esoteric knowledge, their veiling of true sense under an outer physical fact was in this case most crafty, for the very paradoxical reason that they here attributed death to that one element or component of man’s constitution which can never suffer death, the soul.

Bodies die, but souls do not. Upon separation of soul and body, so the Scriptures tell us, bodies return to dust, but souls return to God who gave them.

YOU SEE, how religion has lied to you? IT says that the soul returns to god which gave it!!!

"The kingdom of god is inside you and all around you, not in mansions made of wood and stone Cleave a (piece of) wood: I am there. Raise up the stone, and ye shall find me there. "

Gospel of Thomas

To transcend thinking and to allow the unfoldment of the higher consciousness, one must go into meditation and shut down all thoughts.

Heaven bound, or hell bound, it's all just a matter of mind and conditions.

This is the key!!!

To the unreasoning psychic and emotional aptitudes of less intelligent folk: the hypnotic gullibility of religious piety and a pitiable slavery to religious superstition.

These are the Bible literalists, those who blindly take the Bible as the exact word of God (of whom our president is one, as are many of his fundamentalist minions), and they only look at discoveries like this new gospel and stare numbly, uncomprehendingly, as fluid divinity swirls around them like some sort of frustrated mist.

The truth is, religion was formed to serve people just like this, those who are unable to grasp nuances and unable to think beyond a certain scope, those who are unwilling or unable follow what is perhaps the single most powerful and significant of all Christ's (and Buddha's, and the Tao's, etc.) teachings: that is, to seek God within. Not in a priest. Not in a building. Not in an organized institution. Within you.

To be a Christian indeed, you must lay aside the use of your mind altogether.

The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion.

It has been the most dishonorable belief against the character of the Divinity, the most destructive to morality and the peace and happiness of man, that ever was propagated since man began to exist.

Religions promote untruth

By its very nature, religion promotes lies and goes contrary to all of human knowledge. Its pivotal belief, the existence of souls, is contrary to all of our experience and medical knowledge.

It promotes creationism, socialism, emotionalism, and a slew of other evil beliefs. Trillions of man-hours have been wasted on religious nonsense.

So far I have not found a religion which did not belong to the "totally wasteful" category. All religions are memetic black holes, sucking out the energy of a society and eventually eating it from inside out. Religious ideologies are parasites, exploiting science, the economy and social communities for their own gain.

To quote David Rice, "[r]eligion is the largest industry in the world, and it provides no tangible service; trades in no tangible goods. Yet it is a multi-billion dollar industry. In every other endeavor, this would be called 'fraud'".

If they were any other kind of organization, religions would be illegal. The make-money-fast scammer is arrested for conning people out of five or ten dollars, but no eternal-life scammer has been arrested for conning people out of their intellectual health, and sometimes even the sanctity of their life and that of their children, for an impossible bet. Incidentally, pyramid scammers often use churches as a leverage.

It is a crime to the highest degree, to give the free agency of your mind over to some organization, any organization on this earth we call Gaia.

The difference between a gangster and a Christian is not in how much they provide for their friends, but how they treat their enemies.

People speak in gibberish (tongues) and tell stories of miracles that never happen.
They eat jesus crackers, pray to plaster saints, wear funny hats and carry smoking voodoo purses, in short, they are sick bastards!

popes (Big papa dufus) Priests, bishops, pastors, preachers, rabbis, all sick knuckleheads.

It's pretty scary stuff when you realize that these people a really sharing a mass mental illness ritual that is further separating them from the real world and causing them to believe things and behave in ways that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

You must UNPLUG from the systems and religions of the world, and you must replug yourself into the universal outlet. Just like in the matrix series.

Then you can begin to see the truth.

Among the worst examples of systematic brutality are the Papal, Roman, and Spanish Inquisitions. These institutions were established and perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate dissenters, apostates, heretics, Jews, witches and anyone out of favor with church authorities.

These included great scientists of the day such as Giordano Bruno and Galileo. The church conspired with secular monarchs to stamp out dissent among citizens throughout Europe. The most hideous torture methods and devices were employed toward this purpose.

The vast amount of personal property confiscated during the Inquisition has made the Catholic Church one of the wealthiest businesses in the world. Today, the Church enjoys political influence far beyond its due.

It actively campaigns against sexual freedom, birth control, equality for women, and promotes censorship in all forms of media. It influences the government on all these issues in direct violation of their tax exemption.

Religion, especially the catholic church and the Mohamed religions are the two worst blights to ever infect the brains of human beings. When will people wake up to this sickness, this disease upon the face of the earth?

Soon I hope!! Are people really that dumb? It appears so.

We are often told that religion is the source of our most humane ethics, and that without the church's influence, people will degrade towards barbarism.

Yet, a careful examination of church history will demonstrate how the most popular religions not only fail to promote good ethics, but have actually perpetrated some of the most outrageous cruelties in the history of civilization.

Nothing good has ever come out of religion, and why be a part of an religion that has such a murderous backgroung. Theres no need, they teach you nothing, they give you rote and ceremony, all your life nothing happens.

So where are the fruits. There works are dead, for they are spiritually dead themselves, they are wolves in sheeps clothing, giving you gall and vinegar, lulling you to sleep with their boring ceremonies.

The bible says if the fruit of a tree is corrupted, so are its roots, for an incorrupt tree cannot yield corrupted fruit. If the fruit is corrupt, the tree is corrupt, and so are its roots.

"Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit." (Matthew 7:17) A ripe tree brings forth ripe fruit, an unripe tree bring forth unripe fruit.

Now when you see the fruits of Christianity it is unripe, what they did showed the fruits of their tree, and the root of all Christianity is the catholic church.

All Christianity sprung from the rotten root called the catholic church. They are but branches of this corrupt tree. The fruits of these religions stand for themselves, child molestation, diamond rings, rolex watches, and millions of tax free dollars in their coffers, torture, murder, rape etc.

I personally, could not, would not, cannot, will not ever be a part of religion of any sort, for religion truly is the antichrist, because they keep you from knowing the truth.

They don't teach you to practice the single eye meditation as jesus instructed, this is the only way to contact that which we call God, and I've never heard it from a religious person before, but the bible teaches it.

The Bible is true, but they are wrong, stay away from them, and you’ll be free.

The Case Against Religion
(originally, "Superior Men")

The God of the Bible is a Monster

Murderous viciousness, treachery, cruelty, deceitfulness, and arrogance are common characteristics of the Biblical God.

No man of ordinary good morals could be even a fraction as vicious, murderous, or vengeful as the Christian God, according to the book reputed to be His divine revelation.

God Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

NEW HAVEN, CT–In a diagnosis that helps explain the confusing and contradictory aspects of the cosmos that have baffled philosophers, theologians, and other students of the human condition for millennia, God, creator of the universe and longtime deity to billions of followers, was found Monday to suffer from bipolar disorder.

The Lord, found to be manic-depressive by Rev. Dr.Jurgens (left).

Rev. Dr. J. Henry Jurgens, a practicing psychiatrist and doctor of divinity at Yale University Divinity School, announced the historic diagnosis at a press conference.

"I always knew there had to be some explanation," Jurgens said. "And, after several years of patient research and long sessions with God Almighty through the intercessionary medium of prayer, I was able to pinpoint the specific nature of His problem."

Bipolar, or manic-depressive, disorder is a condition that afflicts millions. Characterized by cycles of elation followed by bouts of profound depression and despair, the disorder can wreak havoc on both the sufferer and his or her loved ones, particularly if it goes undetected and untreated for an extended period.

Though the condition is estimated to affect, in one form or another, 5 percent of the world's population, Monday marks the first time it has been diagnosed in a major deity.

Evidence of God's manic-depression can be found throughout the Universe, from the white-hot explosiveness of quasars to the cold, lifeless vacuum of space.

However, theologians note, humanity's exposure to God's affliction comes primarily through His confusing propensity to alternately reward and punish His creations with little rhyme or reason.

"Last week, I lost my dear husband Walter to the flood," said housewife and devout churchgoer Elaine Froman of Davenport, IA. "I asked myself,

Why? Why would God do something like this, especially when He had just helped Walter overcome a long battle with colon cancer, and we were so happy that we finally had a chance to start our lives anew?'"

New York attorney Ruth Kanner also gained firsthand knowledge of God's wild mood swings.

"Last Saturday, on a gorgeous spring afternoon, I was jogging in Central Park with my daughter. We were marveling at the beauty and majesty of nature, and I remember thinking what a wonderful world we live in.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard the gunfire," said Kanner, speaking from her hospital bed at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. "All they took was a measly $17, and for that, the doctors say my daughter will never walk again.

If only Our Holy Father didn't have those mental problems, my precious Katie might not be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life."

Jurgens stressed that God's earthly subjects need to understand that, because of His bipolar condition, He is not in control of His actions and does not realize how they affect others.

"What He needs from us is understanding and patience," Jurgens said. "To paraphrase the words of the Lord God Himself, 'Humans, forgive Him, for He knows not what He does.'"

Taken on the same day, these photos offer evidence of God's mood disorder.

While such drugs as Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft have proven effective in the treatment of bipolar disorder among humans, there is no modern earthly medicine that can be prescribed for a deity as vast and complex as God.

Jurgens is in the process of forming a support group, "Living With A Bipolar Creator-Deity," for all of humanity to "get together and discuss their feelings about living in a universe run by an Omnipresent Loved One not fully in control of his emotions."

Jurgens said he believes God's essential condition is seasonal, as evidenced by the bursts of energy and elation associated with springtime and summer, followed by the decay and bleak despair of fall and winter. Sometimes, however, the condition cycles even faster.

"The average person with bipolar disorder may go through as many as 10 or 12 cycles of mania and subsequent depression in a lifetime. In severe cases, a sufferer may experience four or more per year, which is known as 'rapid cycling,'" Jurgens said.

"We believe God suffers from the even rarer 'ultra-rapid cycling,' which would account for the many documented cases in which He alternates between benevolence and rage toward humanity within a matter of seconds.

For example, last week, He brought desperately needed, life-giving rain to southern Mali while simultaneously leveling Turkey with a devastating earthquake."

Further evidence of God's manic-depression can be found in the Bible, in which the erotomania of the Song of Songs sharply contrasts with the sadness and existential despair of the Book of Ecclesiastes.

The Book of Job, Jurgens noted, marks the best example of His condition. The book begins with the bleak lamentations of Job and ends with a full-blown manic episode by God, complete with such classic bipolar symptoms as the illusion of omnipotence and delusions of grandeur.

HELL, you bet it is, all of ISRAEL is HELL

When I became convinced that the Universe is natural that all the ghosts and gods are myths, there entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood, the sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom.

The walls of my prison crumbled and fell, the dungeon was flooded with light and all the bolts, and bars, and manacles became dust. I was no longer a servant, a serf or a slave.

There was for me no master in all the wide world not even in infinite space, other than myself.

I was free free to think, to express my thoughts
free to live to my own ideal.

free to live for myself and those I loved free to use all my faculties, all my senses free to spread imagination's wings free to investigate, to guess and dream and hope free to judge and determine for myself free to reject all ignorant and cruel creeds, all the "inspired"

books that have produced, and all the barbarous legends of the past free from popes and priests.

free from all the "called" and "set apart" free from sanctified mistakes and holy lies free from the fear of eternal pain free from the winged monsters of the night free from devils, ghosts and gods. For the first time I was free.

There were no prohibited places in all the realms of thought no air, no space, where fancy could not spread her painted wings no chains for my limbs no lashes for my back.

no fires for my flesh no master's frown or threat no following anothers steps no need to bow, or cringe, or crawl, or utter lying words.

I was free. I stood erect and fearlessly, joyously, faced all worlds." The Cosmos dissolved into my being and I became one with it.

When I was a Christian going to church I was bound and gagged, but now, I can see, I can finally see the cosmic truth, God and I are one.

I am free to roam, free to be, I am free to express my universal oneness with all of creation, I am not alone, for even a single star is my father, and another my mother.


The child of promise will be born of the virgin. That child will be destroyed by the system unless he is taken away from the place of the evil.

That child within you must be taken to the place of meditation on the right side where there is no human thought. Where the evil of the system does not exist.


The wicked king is the power of the lower mind which will try and destroy this new life inside of you.

Whether this be religion, government, family or friends. They must bow to the religion or they must bow to the system.

They cannot deal with the child born within you. The system is Herod, Kansa and Cronus.

The story of the Cosmic child who is to be born within each one of us that that child may grow to overcome the violent systems of government and religion that has caused such pain, suffering, death and destruction on this most beautiful creation of God, planet earth.

The beautiful point of the story is that when one separates from the physical realm and spends time looking within oneself, the obsession with physical life gives way to a oneness with nature.

That which is man made, becomes that which is God made. And then all things will be added unto you.

ALL things!

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