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Physicists discover that the structure of a brain cell is the same as the entire universe. CLICK PIC TO READ ARTICLE

This is the SECRET, is that we are an exact copy of the entire Universe. Our cells, Dna etc. SO ABOVE SO BELOW.

This is the central core of the Bibles teachings, written in a coded language called MYTHOLOGY.


Photon, small unit of light energy or electromagnetic radiation. Max Planck and Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winners in physics, discovered that light, which usually travels in waves, sometimes behaves as if it were made up of a stream of small quantities, or quanta, of energy. The energy, E, of a photon is calculated using the equation E = h, where h is a universal constant (Planck's constant) and is the frequency (number of vibrations per second) of the light.



John Gribbin is an eminent physicist who has a Ph. D. in astrophysics from Cambridge University. I refer you to his book, Schrodingers Kittens And The Search For Reality. I refer you to page 244. There is a discussion of light particles called Photons which are messenger particles.

Quoting Gribbins, Every photon that is emitted already knows when and where it is going to be absorbed. Every quantum probability wave, already knows what kind of detector is waiting for it on the other side.


You can take the most brilliant brain surgeons in the world. Have them open one million human brains. They will not find one thought. Not one idea, not one speck of fear, not one speck of hope, not one speck of guilt, not one plan, not one concept.

These entitys are not in the brain. They are in the light. The light thinks, it knows, it plans, it organizes.

I refer you to Gary Zukavs book The Dancing Wu Li Masters. Page 88

Something is organic if it has the ability to process information and to act accordingly., We have little choice but to acknowledge that photons which are energy, do appear to process information and to act accordingly, and that therefore, strange as it may sound, they seem to be organic.

Since we are also organic, there is a possibility that by studying photons we may learn something about us.

Do you see. It is us, the light that thinks. Not the brain. The brain is the computer that takes the ideas that the light puts into it and provides it as understandable activity on the physical plane.

So Timothy McVeigh's plans for bombing did not come from his brain. They came from him , THAT LIGHT WAS SET FREE TO REENTER THE ETHER AND THEN FIND A NEW BODY ON JUNE 11 2001.

Below is the article from Scientific American

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The text from this document reads as follows.

An experiment confirms that teleportation is possible at least for photons.

Paragraph 1 reads:

Capt Kirk and his crew do it all the time with the greatest of ease , they discorporate at one point and reappear in another. But this form of travel long has seemed remote to the realm of possibility.

Now however it turns out that in the strange world of quantum physics, teleportation is not only theoretically possible it can actually happen.

Now listen very carefully as we think of what happened to the photon that was operating the McVeigh brain and set free as a result of the execution of the body.

Paragraph 3 of the Scientific American document states:

Anton Zeilinger , De Martini and their colleagues demonstrated independently that it is possible to transfer the properties of one quantum particle such as a photon to another even if the two are at opposite ends of the galaxy.

So there is the proof. Photons or light particles teleport to another location when their properties are disturbed. When we execute people we think we have killed them. Not so, we have only disturbed their properties and now you know the rest of the story. (As someone said)

Quantum Teleportation
Proving Timothy McVeigh's twin or copy was teleported away from the prison at the time of execution.

The following article is from IBM Research

IBM Research

Teleportation is the name given by science fiction writers to the feat of making an object or person disintegrate in one place while a perfect replica appears somewhere else.

That would seem to be what we are considering here with executions.

How this is accomplished is usually not explained in detail, but the general idea seems to be that the original object is scanned in such a way as to extract all the information from it, then this information is transmitted to the receiving location and used to construct the replica, not necessarily from the actual material of the original, but perhaps from atoms of the same kinds, arranged in exactly the same pattern as the original.

A teleportation machine would be like a fax machine, except that it would work on 3-dimensional objects as well as documents, it would produce an exact copy rather than an approximate facsimile, and it would destroy the original in the process of scanning it.

And are we not talking about destruction of the original ?

A few science fiction writers consider teleporters that preserve the original, and the plot gets complicated when the original and teleported versions of the same person meet; but the more common kind of teleporter destroys the original, functioning as a super transportation device, not as a perfect replicator of souls and bodies.

So the original is destroyed and then an exact copy is transported. That is what happened to the light that was Timothy McVeigh.

In 1993 an international group of six scientists, including IBM Fellow Charles H. Bennett, confirmed the intuitions of the majority of science fiction writers by showing that perfect teleportation is indeed possible in principle, but only if the original is destroyed.

Now here we go, what more information do you need. Perfect teleportation is possible, but only if the original is destroyed.

It is no longer intellectually possible nor logically reasonable, in light of the finding of modern physics and cosmology, to hold the view of the atheists (that there is no God).

The only logically reasonable, and intellectually honest, conclusion that can be drawn from the findings of modern science is that God does exist, that the attributes of God are absolute, and that God did create the physical universe . We are presently at the beginning of the transition point from a secular materialistic world-view to a spiritual, God-centered world-view.

(We know that the matter of the physical universe was brought into being by photons (little packages of light energy) which, when colliding with each other, formed the virtually infinite number of protons, neutrons and electrons, which in various combinations make up everything in our physical world

In essence we can now accurately say that all the matter of the physical universe, ourselves included, is actually light slowed down.

We know that the space which contains our physical universe is expanding. This is a concept so alien to human thought that until Albert Einstein developed his General Theory of Relativity early in the 20th century it had never occurred to any of the world's great minds, but was stated in the Quran over 1400 years ago when Allah told us, I am expanding the universe with my power.

Even Einstein was so astounded by his discovery that he falsified his data to show a universe that was not expanding, because he well understood that an expanding universe implies there was somewhere in the distant past a moment of creation for the universe.

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity (which he actually called his Absolutism Theorem because he realized he had found the one thing in a relative universe that was absolute) is about the special qualities of light.

The Special Theory of Relativity allows us our first objective glimpse into that which exists beyond the material world.

We could have found anything once we got our first glimpse beyond the material world, but what we did find is indeed remarkable.

We find Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity showing us that the non-material existence beyond the physical world consists only of absolutes, and some of those absolutes are remarkably similar to what everyone's religion has considered to be among the primary attributes of God.

Example One: As the speed of light (300,000km per second) or 186,400 miles per second ( which coincidentally happens to be the number of the tribe Judah in the Bible) is approached then time slows, and at the speed of light time does not pass.

This means for a photon of light which travels at exactly the speed of light, time does not pass. Therefore the photon is outside of time, and ETERNAL.

Consider that the bible says that the the tribe of Judah, faced EAST the rising SUN, this is symbolic of light, and the verse goes on to say that the number of the tribe of Judah is 186,400. Incredibly yes, and it's in the bible in the book of numbers.) Coincidence?

Example Two: Since no time passes for a photon of light, and that photon can be observed at different places in space, therefore that photon of light is simultaneously in those different places (and many other places) at the same time, and therefore OMNIPRESENT.

Example Three: Since every bit of matter in the physical universe is created by the energy of light, and that light energy constantly sustains and directs the activity of every bit of matter in the physical existence, then there is no power other than the power of light, light energy is all the power that exists, and therefore OMNIPOTENT.

Example Four: Since all knowledge that exists, that ever existed, or will exist, is stored by light energy and transmitted through light energy then there is no knowledge beyond that intrinsic to light, and therefore OMNISCIENT.

Furthermore, light does not actually exist within the physical existence although we can somehow perceive it. As you approach the speed of light one of the three dimensions (length, height, or width), the dimension in line with the direction of motion, becomes progressively less, and at the speed of light that dimension becomes zero.

To determine volume we multiply height times width times length, but if any one of those three dimensions is zero then the volume is zero, and that thing therefore does not exist in the material universe. Light occupies no volume of space and therefore has no existence in the physical universe.

And, while everything in the physical universe has some mass greater than zero, which is a necessary characteristic for existence in the material world, light has no mass at all. As you approach the speed of light mass increases, at the speed of light mass is infinite.

Regardless of how tiny the amount of mass you begin with, that mass rises to infinity at the speed of light. Since photons travel at the speed of light and do not reach infinite mass it means that they had zero mass to begin with, and light therefore does not actually exist in the material world.

In the physical existence everything is relative, the absolute existence or non-existence of any quality is not and can not be expressed, everything exists between those two extremes of the continuum from absolute

expression to absolute nonexpression. We find, though, that beyond the material existence all qualities exist either in an infinite state or have no existence at all, there is nothing in between.

The great significance of the above findings is that they destroy any possible notion of the physical universe existing as a fixed number of material particles which are moved about by a fixed set of physical laws. It is exactly this incorrect understanding of the physical existence which forms the basis of the scientific philosophy of materialism.

It is the philosophy of materialism, particularly secular materialism, which has allowed the belief in God to be so powerfully challenged by unbelievers in these past few hundred years, more or less from the time of Sir Isaac Newton.

These are only some of the simplified conclusions of a major work in progress, but we felt they are of such great significance that we had an obligation to offer them to the ummah (the human society of God's Creation).

The scientific facts behind these interpretations represent a virtual consensus by a number of the world's leading physicists, including several Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicists.

The interpretations themselves are at the cutting-edge of Islamic theological thought, but have so far been very warmly received by Muslim scholars across the world.

Science has now revealed to you the nature of what we call GOD

PHOTON! Believe it, because it's true.

It's CHI

Einstein said that light (photons) enters the earth at an angle, nothing comes to the earth save an occasional meteor, airplane, or fallen satellite except ANGLES of LIGHT, and light which is PHOTONS are magnetism vibrating at a frequency both visible and invisible.

Einstein said these photons are MESSENGER particles, in other words photons are capable of storing sending and receiving information, already proven in the laboratory. The bible says that angels were God's messengers, science says angles of light are messengers, we can see clearly now.

Dr. Michio Kaku an quantum physicist said. that when you smash all material particles in a particle excellerator, the only thing left is LIGHT. He then said LIGHT (Photons) cannot be broken down any further, changed nor interfered with in any way.

If you watch the photon, the wave particle, your act of observing it collapses it's wave function to a microdot, if you collapse the waves coming in from the zodiacal light the 12 from above, and receive it (I make darkness my secret place, says God) you will be communicating with God (the Universe) the 24 elders will be present in the TEMPLE.

The 12 above, going into your 12 cranial nerves. The all, the all consciousness. Believe it or NOT!

In fact, particles like quarks, electrons and photons are so incredibly and utterly different from everything we know of, our language lacks the words to describe them.

Particles can be in two places at the same time, and behave both like a wave and a tiny chunk of matter, depending on what you do with them. Particles can pop in and out of existence from nowhere.

And grabbing them is impossible: it is simply not possible to both know where a particle is and how fast it moves about.

The Wave Offering

There are numerous references in the Old Testament to Wave Offerings. It was part of the instructions to Moses to make a wave offering.

Exodus 29:24 and Leviticus 7:30 as well as Number 6:20 put it this way. " And the priest shall wave them for a wave offering before the Lord." What could that mean, a wave offering to the Lord.

Obviously it had to mean more then someone standing with arms flailing in the air.


From his book Schrdinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality, physicist John Gribbins speaks of the interaction of photons and electrons between the universe and the earth and his description is extremely interesting in light of the Biblical scripture we just reviewed.

Gribbins description :"It works like this. When an electron vibrates, it attempts to radiate by producing a field which is a mixture of a retarded wave going into the future and an advanced wave going into the past.

The emitter can be considered to produce an offer wave which travels to the absorber. The absorber returns a confirmation wave to the emitter and the transaction is completed with a handshake across space and time."

Consider God as the emitter and you as the absorber. A wave offering comes to you and you make a wave offering back and contact is made between above and below. Just like you had always hoped. And a scientific reality.


In the mothers womb, a fetus develops. In the ether a photon hovers, seeking a body. It vibrates its offering to come and nest in the body. The electron within the fetus pineal begins to vibrate its acceptance. The photon enters the fetus.

Leviticus 23:16 places a time factor into the wave offering thusly."And you shall count unto you from the morrow after the Sabbath from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, Seven Sabbaths."

So we have a wave offering and in addition we have a condition of seven Sabbaths which would be 49 days.


Geraldine Lux Flanagan studied biology and psychology in child development at the University of Oxford. She is a founding member of the International Childbirth Education Association. She has written a book called "Beginning of Life, The Marvelous Journey from Conception to Birth"

On page 55 of the book she makes the following statement. " The first bone marrow cells appear on about day 49. This day has been given special significance. Day 49 has been elected to be the final day of the scientifically recorded, day to day diary development. On this day, the embryo is seven weeks old and is considered to be essentially complete."


Look what we have here. The Bible speaks of a wave offering conditioned on the 49th day. Physicist John Gribbins speaks of wave offerings between light forces in the cosmos and on the earth. Geraldine Flanagan tells us that on the 49th day the embryo is considered to be essentially complete.

On the 49th day the wave offering takes place. The light above vibrates its offering to come and take residence with the body. The electron in the Pineal vibrates its acceptance and on the 7th Sabbath or 49 days, the angle of light (or should I say the Angel of Light) enters the body and thee is new life. Celestial life on earth.


Timothy McVeighs final words came from the poem Invictus written by William Ernest Henly. As we consider these words consider the entire proposition here that the photon inside of the McVeigh body arranged all of this, actually blew up the building ,and knowing the outcome was at hand requested an earlier execution so as to be in a position, with the help of its twin to find another body.

This is that photon speaking.

Out of the night that covers me

Black as the pit from pole to pole

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

That is so true based on what we have discussed. That soul, that light, that photon cannot be destroyed. It is truly unconquerable.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody but unbowed.

What does the execution accomplish? Nothing

Beyond this place of wrath and tears (earth)

Looms but the horror of the shade

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.

Now here is the extreme point in this last paragraph

It matters not how strait the gate

Remember the Bible verse, strait is the gate and narrow is the way and few there be who find it.

Strait means narrow. Its like a strait of water flowing through two pieces of land. Very narrow.

It matters not how strait the gate

How charged with punishments the scroll

I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul.

Do you see? It doesn't make any difference what anyone thinks. It doesn't make any difference what the outcome is. I am in charge and I am the one who decides and takes action.

Now here is the point.

I am is the master of his fate. I am is the captain of his soul.

Who is I AM

On the wall of an ancient Egyptian temple they found words carved which read NUK PU NUK which means, I am that I am. Who is I am. ?


Exodus 3:13 And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?

Exodus3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you

Over the past several weeks we have made some startling conclusions in comparing the human brain and the universe. Not only because of appearance but based on comments from scientists it appears rather conclusive that the human brain and the universe are exactly the same.

They look alike with electrical circuits giving both the appearance of a spiders web.

Take a look at a picture of the neurons of a human brain.

Nuerons firing in the brain

Now take a look at Hubbles picture of universal dark matter.

The human brain also contains arachnoid which means spiders web.

There are planets which are duplicated in the human brain such as Pegasus which is hippocampus and Fornix and Fornax.

There is the river of cerebrospinal fluid that flows from the subterranean cavity of the brain and splits into four. There is Eridanus the river of life in the cosmos. There is the river that flows out of Eden in the Bible and splits into four.

And so if, the human brain and the cosmos are indeed the same. Then who is the God of the Universe according to scriptures.

I Am.

Finding the exact same essence in the human brain, who is the God of that miniature universe, I AM. Don't you see. Each one of us is a God that responds to a cosmic God.

It makes no difference who the God of the outside is, I AM is the God of the inside. It is photon who is the God inside of every living thing.

Sometimes that God bows to the cosmic God and sometimes it does not.

The God inside of the universe on your shoulders, creates and destroys at will.

You find it difficult. But you know it is the truth. Inside of you there is but one God and you know the name of the God who runs the universe inside of your head and that gods name is I AM.

When that God speaks inside of you it says , I AM not going to do this, I AM going to do this.

And Timothy McVeigh left a poem as his departing words and they said.

I AM the master of my fate

I AM the captain of my soul

And if you feel that this lacks scriptural evidence consider this.

John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law I said You are Gods.

And if the names of the planets are the same as the names of brain parts would it not be reasonable to consider that the name of the God of the universe is the same as the name of the God of the brain and both are light.?

Photon the God of the Brain named I Am.

Your true identity. I Am the master of my fate, I Am the captain of my soul.

The light that operates the body called a criminal returns to its twin at the time of execution so as to make an offer of residence which will be accepted by another body. And since that light had not been restored from its fallen position it's return must be considered ominous.

It entered its mothers womb as an angle of light.

An angel that became a fallen angle of light. One that was overwhelmed by the physical.

A fallen angle or fallen angel that was never restored by the rest of us who may not have fallen quite so far and were in a position to lift that light up but did not, and now we will pay the ultimate price for setting that light free.

That light with a new body and a new face and a new name returns and the result is 7 times worse.

And as Jesus said, and so will it be for this evil generation.

Please scroll down for my concluding thought.

Light and dark, for one.

You may be surprised. We experience two seemingly (at first) opposite states, but they are not ontologically equivalent in the same way that heads and tails are. Why not? Because light IS. Darkness is not.

Light IS. It is an energy. It can be measured, quantified, analyzed, seen, felt. Darkness is simply the absence of light.

"Heads" is real. So is "Tails", and equally so. "Tails" is more than the absence of "Heads". Erase all the figures on the "heads" side and there is still something on the "tails." But remove all the light, and what is left?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And the nothing we call darkness.

Light IS. Darkness is the absence of what is. And YHWH is light. YHWH IS. Light is. Darkness is not.

Over the years I have found a great many people have difficulty grasping this. But it is very important, so I'm trying to be as clear as I can, even at the risk of redundancy. And I want to try it one more way.

Imagine yourself in a pitch dark room. You turn on the switch and light floods the room. An actual energy appears. Photons (the stuff light is made of) stream out of the bulb and illumine the room.

Turn the switch again, and the photons disappear. It is not as though something different is now coming out of the bulb which we call "darks" that are "darkening" the room the way the photons were lighting it. It's just that the photons are gone!

No one on the earth knows what light is. We know it moves in waves and we know that it is made of particles, and we know that particles can't move in waves and that waves can't contain particles. But that's what light is. But whatever light is, it is!


God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all!

Two more points about this light and dark business:

First, there is an absolute limit to darkness: 0 photons present. Light, however, has no limitation. There is no theoretical limit to the number of photons that can be present in a given space.

Go to the center of a star and you'll find a whole bunch of 'em. So, pitch dark is the zero point, and light grows to infinity. This is a statement of quantity.

Second is a statement of quality. While pitch dark has only one color and shape (nothing and none), light has an infinite realm of possibilities for different colors and shapes. God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. Says the BIBLE

SCRIPTURES of thomas:

(24) His disciples said: Teach us concerning the place where thou art, for it is necessary for us to seek after it. He said to them: He that hath ears, let him hear. There is a light within a man of light, and it gives light to the whole world. If it does not give light, there is darkness.

50) Jesus said: If they say to you: Whence have you come?, tell them: We have come from the light, the place where the light came into being through itself alone. It [stood], and it revealed itself in their image.

If they say to you: Who are you?, say: We are his sons, and we are the elect of the living Father. If they ask you: What is the sign of your Father in you?, tell them: It is a movement and a rest.

A photon travels at two velocities, rest and the speed of light. A photon at rest has no energy or mass

John 8:12 & 9:5 Then spake Jesus again unto them saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."&"As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world."

1 John 1:5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all

Matthew 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Notice it says YE, (you) are the LIGHT of the world, it doesn't say that you are a worthless sinner, it says YOU are the LIGHT of the world, it also says God is LIGHT, and it says that Jesus is LIGHT.

SO, you're LIGHT, God is LIGHT and Jesus is LIGHT

The verse below, is very much disliked by the church and you can see why?

77) Jesus said: I am the light that is over them all. I am the All; the All has come forth from me, and the All has attained unto me. the kingdom of god is inside you and all around you, not in mansions made of wood and stone

Cleave a (piece of) wood: I am there. Raise up the stone, and ye shall find me there.

Matter is infinitely mysterious.

Other people still hanker after an irreducible mystery in the universe. They feel that matter is too straightforward, too simple, to down-to-earth. They feel there must be an element of mind or spirit infusing the whole. Without that everything would be too mundane.
Yet if the universe were infused with mind or spirit, this would not make it more mysterious, but less. Mind and spirit are what we humans know most about, from the inside. We know far less about matter, because our very selves appear to us to be made, not of matter, but of mental stuff.

A universe that was filled with mind, or a universe that was designed by a mind like ours, would be far less mysterious than the one we inhabit.

There is nothing more mysterious than matter itself, its raw existence and presence. Consider the photon. It is never emitted or recorded except as a particle, yet in between it often behaves as a wave.

Physicists can write out the maths of quantum physics. But as Nobel-price winning physicist Richard Feynman once remarked, no scientist has any real understanding of quantum physics: anyone who claims to understand it has not really understood it.

We don't need to plumb the deep of quantum physics to see the mystery of matter. Consider the background image from the Hubble Space Telescope, a furnace of star creation in the galaxy M33.

It resembles for all the world the illuminated clouds with which baroque painters used to surround images of Gods and angels. Yet this is not some mysterious beyond: this is the divine reality of our material universe.

Come down again to earth. Hold a pebble in your hand and feel its solidity. Why is it there at all? Why is there not simply nothing?

Science, philosophy and religion cannot answer these questions - and they will never be able to answer them

Things simply exist. Their sheer existence is and always will be mysterious. And it is in that mystery that pantheists find divinity.

"Physicists say they have brought light particles to a screeching halt, then revived them up again so they can continue their journey at 186,400 miles per second."

Now here is the part that provides the answer to meditation and light and what happens when we collapse the wave to a particle and receive the light.

Column 2 Paragraph 1

Researchers eventually hope to harness its speeding properties in the development of more powerful computers and other technologies THAT STORE INFORMATION IN LIGHT PARTICLES.

There it is. Information stored in light particles. Don't you see. Now we have proof that angles of light, photons, messenger particles, are actually angels of light, messengers of God.

Now we have proof that the angels can come to us , enter within us as light particles and spend time with us before resuming their journey.

Now we have proof that when we collapse the wave to a particle by watching ourselves, we receive the light particle which contains information.

The particle contains information, knowledge, enlightenment, of this new age, new consciousness. Light traveling at 186,400 miles per second, stops, it contains a message and that message is for you.

And now you know that allowing the particle of light to enter within the Pineal Gland can scientifically work because light can stop.

And now you know that God's message can be delivered to you because we have proof that knowledge can be stored within particles of light.

This article was from the Associated Press and published January 19 2001 The scientists were Lene Vestergaard Hau of Harvard University, the Rowland Institute of Science, as well as Ronald Walsworth and Mikhail Lukin of the Harvard Smithsonian Institute for Astrophysics.

Cosmic messengers

Among the commonest particles in the Universe are neutrinos. Like photons, they outnumber the protons and neutrons of bulk matter by around one thousand millions to one.

Each cubic centimetre of space contains a hundred or so neutrinos left over from the Big Bang at the beginning of the Universe. Every second, 60 thousand million neutrinos from the Sun pass through each square centimetre of the Earth surface and through you!

The Tarantula nebula and Supernova 1987a
When supernova 1987a blazed forth, the Earth was soaked with a tidal wave of neutrinos. Most passed through the Earth unheeded, but a few were caught in underground particle detectors.

Paradoxically, neutrinos are probably the least understood of particles. They have no electric charge, and interact with other matter only through the weak force.

There are three types of neutrino, which are like electrically neutral versions of the electron, and its two heavier relatives, the muon and the tau. These neutrinos are all much lighter than their charged counterparts, but we have no idea how much lighter or whether indeed they have any mass at all.

Neutrinos are so common in the Universe that even if they have only a small mass their total effect could dominate the Universe!

The masses of the neutrinos are certainly smaller than we can measure by standard methods, so experiments have to be more ingenious. One technique is to look for neutrinos changing or "oscillating" from one type to another.

This would be possible if, but only if, one or more of the neutrino types has some mass. This exciting possibility could explain why fewer neutrinos reach Earth from the Sun than expected, as the present detectors pick up only one type of neutrino, the electron-neutrino. Experiments at CERN with beams of neutrinos produced from particle collisions are also testing whether neutrinos oscillate, at higher energies than the Sun produces.



In the Bible, the tribe of Judah was positioned in the desert at the East, at the point of the rising Sun. ( Numbers 2:2).

They were the tribe of light. ( 2 Kings 8:19).

The Bible states the number of people in that tribe. (Numbers 2:9) The number is 186,400. The constant speed of light.!

So who wrote that ?. Certainly not sheep herders. No, it was a civilization very wise who knew of the speed of light 5000 years ago



The first paragraph stated " Scientists have pulled off a startling trick that looks like Beam Me Up Scotty technology of science fiction."

In an Austrian laboratory scientists destroyed bits of light in one place and made perfect replicas appear about 3 feet away.

This supports the concept that when your dwelling place is destroyed by death, your perfect replica appears outside of your body and leaves via the light receptor which is the Pineal Gland.

According to the article this was done by transferring information about a crucial physical characteristic of the original light bits called Photons.

(Remember Photons which are visible light waves appear when the Atom has been stimulated by heat. You throw a switch, electricity heats the filament , Atoms get excited and you have Photon.

You meditate. Solar energy rises to the Pineal. The heat stimulates the Atom and you have Photon. Atom being God in religious terms and Photon being Jesus or the Son of God.

If you want more detail of this, please order video tape 311. It will be on the second half of the tape.

Here is a brief technical review and then a breakdown in spiritual terms so you can understand what the scientists have just discovered.

You have 3 Photons., A B and C. The idea is to transmit A to C. The researchers created B and C as entangled photons. Entangled photons become one but are opposites They then entangled B with A. The second step destroyed A but not before B took on the opposite of A's original characteristic. The change meant that C had to change polarization to remain the opposite of B. So C's polarization ended up the same as A. A and C became one.

What the heck is that all about ?

Consider this. A is you. The Photon inside of your head. The part that goes on forever. B is Jesus and C is God. B and C are entangled. God and Jesus are one but opposite. God is super. Jesus human.

B (Jesus) comes within us and entangles with A (us). We become one with Jesus. This destroys our original state. (As the Bible says it is no longer I who live but the Christ in me) Now since Jesus or B is part of you, God C has to change polarization to remain an opposite of Jesus-B.

The opposite of B now is A. So Gods polarization changes to A. Thus we become one with God. We move out of the human body to the realm of light.

Interesting and now proved. Also think of the scripture that has Jesus saying, no one can come to the father but by me. The A photon cannot get to the C photon except by the B photon.

This is amazing and true. More to come I'm sure. It really makes you wonder who really wrote the Bible doesn't it.?

Photon in you

It quite literally is a Stargate.

Orion is the stargate of our Universe.

It is a means by which man can experience a different dimension or level of consciousness that will give him an awareness of the source of all. In other words he really will become an enlightened being.

The entire universe is multidimensional. We are only capable of understanding or perceiving the level at which we literally vibrate.

This vibration is the wavelength at which we are aware of sound and vision. We can all appreciate that there are sound and light waves that exist that we cannot perceive because they are outside the frequency range of our perception.

That does not mean that other frequencies do not exist.

Likewise we are able to sense all things material because the frequency level at which they resonate is in harmony with our own.

Thus sound or the word generated matter from light. Light was brought into order of matter through the harmonics of sound.

Thus the material world was created.

The Pyramid is a divine structure of light that activates the awareness of divine consciousness and through which all knowledge will be given.

The mind itself contains areas within itself that contain esoteric pyramids of consciousness that will be unlocked at the right time.

For many people these pyramids remain closed and it takes many incarnations in many lifetimes for them to be opened. However, the end result is so wonderful it is well worth the pain and suffering of mortal incarnations.

And through the divine guidance of the Light of Ra, we will automatically be led to the ultimate source of the Godhead.

The Ancient Egyptians literally believed that the Pyramid had the power to transport the soul of the dead king to Orion. At Orion, he would assimilate to Osiris, the physical incarnation of God on earth.

The new pharaoh would be infused with the spirit of God in a concurrent ceremony and become the living embodiment of the spirit of God, Horus on Earth. He would rule and reign as the Living Horus and upon death he would become Osiris.

In metaphysical terms, the Pyramid is able to achieve this in very real terms for us today. Indeed it is able to do more than that for our minds are not encumbered with the theological paraphernalia of Ancient Egyptian Theology. We can use it as a tool and guide but we are free from its limitations.

We, through our own knowledge of the unity we have with god are able to access not merely a small proportion of the Universe but the universe in its entirety.

Upon death that is our inheritance. In life it is the excitement, magic and wonder of the process of enlightenment as it unfolds before us in unending waves of liquid crystallised light illuminating us with the nature of our higher selves and the Godhead.

Ways of Thinking About Light

how stuff works science web site

You have probably heard two different ways of talking about light:
There is the "particle" theory, expressed in part by the word photon.

There is the "wave" theory, expressed by the term light wave.

From the time of the ancient Greeks, people have thought of light as a stream of tiny particles. After all, light travels in straight lines and bounces off a mirror much like a ball bouncing off a wall.

No one had actually seen particles of light, but even now it's easy to explain why that might be. The particles could be too small, or moving too fast, to be seen, or perhaps our eyes see right through them.
The idea of the light wave came from Christian Huygens, who proposed in the late 1600s that light acted like a wave instead of a stream of particles. In 1807, Thomas Young backed up Huygens' theory by showing that when light passes through a very narrow opening, it can spread out, and interfere with light passing through another opening.

Young shined a light through a very narrow slit. What he saw was a bright bar of light that corresponded to the slit. But that was not all he saw. Young also perceived additional light, not as bright, in the areas around the bar.

If light were a stream of particles, this additional light would not have been there. This experiment suggested that light spread out like a wave. In fact, a beam of light radiates outward at all times.

Albert Einstein advanced the theory of light further in 1905. Einstein considered the photoelectric effect, in which ultraviolet light hits a surface and causes electrons to be emitted from the surface. Einstein's explanation for this was that light was made up of a stream of energy packets called photons.

Modern physicists believe that light can behave as both a particle and a wave, but they also recognize that either view is a simple explanation for something more complex.

In this article, we will talk about light as waves, because this provides the best explanation for most of the phenomena our eyes can see.

What is Light?

Why is it that a beam of light radiates outward, as Young proved? What is really going on? To understand light waves, it helps to start by discussing a more familiar kind of wave the one we see in the water.

One key point to keep in mind about the water wave is that it is not made up of water: The wave is made up of energy traveling through the water.

If a wave moves across a pool from left to right, this does not mean that the water on the left side of the pool is moving to the right side of the pool. The water has actually stayed about where it was. It is the wave that has moved.

When you move your hand through a filled bathtub, you make a wave, because you are putting your energy into the water. The energy travels through the water in the form of the wave.

All waves are traveling energy, and they are usually moving through some medium, such as water. You can see a diagram of a water wave

A water wave consists of water molecules that vibrate up and down at right angles to the direction of motion of the wave. This type of wave is called a transverse wave.

Light waves are a little more complicated, and they do not need a medium to travel through. They can travel through a vacuum. A light wave consists of energy in the form of electric and magnetic fields.

The fields vibrate at right angles to the direction of movement of the wave, and at right angles to each other. Because light has both electric and magnetic fields, it is also referred to as electromagnetic radiation.

Light waves come in many sizes. The size of a wave is measured as its wavelength, which is the distance between any two corresponding points on successive waves, usually peak-to-peak or trough-to-trough

The wavelengths of the light we can see range from 400 to 700 billionths of a meter. But the full range of wavelengths included in the definition of electromagnetic radiation extends from one billionth of a meter, as in gamma rays, to centimeters and meters, as in radio waves. Light is one small part of the spectrum

"God was a world of Light and Spirit, but the powers of Darkness overcame the first man, imprisoning the spirits of light in the chains of dark matter.

These sons of Light need to be freed from Darkness in order to ascend back to the presence of God. This liberation from the bonds of darkness was the goal of Mani's revelation, or heavenly knowledge (gnosis"

"God is the light of the heavens and the earth;
the likeness of His Light is as a niche wherein is a lamp (the lamp in a glass, the glass as it were a glittering star) kindled from a Blessed Tree,
an olive that is neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil well nigh would shine, even if no fire touched it.

Light upon Light."

Quran 24:35, "The Verse of Light"


Photons, also called light quantum, are minute energy packets of electromagnetic radiation. The concept originated in Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect, in which he proposed the existence of discrete energy packets during the transmission of light.

The concept came into general use after the U.S. physicist Arthur H. Compton demonstrated (1923) the corpuscular nature of X-rays. The term photon (from Greek phos, photos, "light"), however, was not used until 1926.

The energy of a photon depends on radiation frequency; there are photons of all energies from high-energy gamma- and X-rays, through visible light, to low-energy infrared and radio waves.

All photons travel at the speed of light. Considered among the subatomic particles, photons are bosons, having no electric charge or rest mass; they are field particles that are thought to be the carriers of the electromagnetic field.

Photons are angles of light, because they come to the earth at an angle, and they are messenger particles. And in the bible angels were messengers.

Photons = messengers, angels = messengers, do you see.

Elementary particles (electrons, protons, and the like) evolve in states which are wave-like (i.e. non-material), provided they are not observed.

But the very act of observation causes the waves to collapse into particle states. Electrons can also interfere with themselves, and are able to take all possible paths open to it if not observed! Even the case of not observing (or knowing) the path an electron takes is sufficient to reduce its wave-like state to a particle-state.

This is even without in any way interfering with the electron in its path by an external observation, but by simply knowing via the manner of logical deduction!

A distinct change in a macroscopic observable phenomenon is brought about by nothing but the change in knowledge about the system.

Reality is created by observation. Bishop Berkeley (1685-1763) is reputed to have said, "To be is to be perceived." We went on to propose that only the mind and its ideas are real in the world.

Thus, the position of an elementary particle is not an intrinsic attribute, but a property created by measurement/observation. At the same time, an electron knows when it's being observed and presumably when you're aware or asleep, whether you've been good or bad, and so forth.

A quantum electron seems to have mind-like properties, whose order is determined by principles of symmetry, abstract mathematical patterns or forms!


We are made of particles that originated in the Big Bang, a huge explosion of energy some 12 billion years ago that gave birth to our universe.

"As the early universe cooled and expanded, a soup of elementary particles gradually clumped together forming atoms.

Gravity pulled them into stars and stars into galaxies. Heavier elements were cooked inside the stars and supernova explosions sprayed them into space.

Nearly 4 billion years ago, the Earth formed from the debris orbiting the Sun, our nearest star. Humankind evolved only very recently. Today, CERN's particle accelerators recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang. Studying what happened then helps explain why the universe is like it is today."

The nucleus of the carbon atom is made of 6 protons (positively charged) and 6 neutrons. 6 electrons (negatively charged) orbit the nucleus. The protons and neutrons are each made of 3 quarks.

"We are made of 3 basic ingredients : the electron, the up quark and the down quark. These 3 matter particles combine to make everything around us.

At a magnification of a hundred thousand, our body appears as a myriad of cells. The cell's nucleus contains the complex molecular structure DNA that holds our unique genetic fingerprint.

Increase the magnification to ten thousand million and we see atoms : a cloud of negatively charged electrons surrounding a positively charged nucleus. Atoms are so small that a million of them could fit across the width of a hair.

Look again, this time with a zoom of a thousand million million, and we see the nucleus of the atom is made of protons and neutrons. Each proton and neutron is made of up and down quarks."

The four forces are the result of four basic interactions which are carried by a messenger particles.

Electromagnetism results from the interaction of photons with charged particles.

The strong force is transmitted by gluons that interact with all particles that have 'colour'. Colour is the name physicists use for the charge-like quality possessed by quarks.

The weak force is carried by three different messenger particles. They are called the W+ the W- and the Z0. All three were discovered by CERN scientists who won the 1984 Nobel prize for their work.

Gravity is still not fully understood. Physicists believe the force is transmitted by particles called gravitons, however none have ever been discovered.

No, Gravity would be too weak. The strength of the attraction between two objects depends on their masses

. At the scale of fundamental particles, gravity is negligible. With a rough (qualitative) calculation it turns out that G should equal 1026 in order for the gravity to have the same strength as the electrostatic repulsive force

photon emission from an electron

Emission from an atom.The Bohr model of the atom gives a rough idea of what happens when an atom absorbs or emits light. The atom looks like a miniature solar system: a nucleus surrounded by electrons in various orbits.

In the top case, a photon of short-wavelength light is absorbed by the atom, causing one of its electrons to jump farther away from the nucleus.

If this electron falls back down to its original position, it emits a photon of the exact same wavelength. In the bottom case, the electron does not fall to its original position, but rather to an intermediate position. In this case, it emits a photon of lesser energy (longer wavelength). Diagram by Debra A. Fischer.

Dreams of Fields

Opposites attract; like repels. What would pop songs and love sonnets do without the metaphors of magnets?

Most of us have played with fridge magnets or compasses; we have seen magnetic poles with the same polarity repel each other and magnetic poles with opposite polarity attract each other. It all depends on the invisible magnetic fields.

Although the concept of a field is abstract, it is easy to envision when you try to push two like magnetic poles together.

The magnetic fields penetrate space. They contain energy the ability to do work. Slide two magnets with the same polarity toward each other on the surface of a table until they are uncomfortably intimate. If you let go of the magnets, they will scoot away from each other. The energy in the magnetic field is doing work on the magnets.

An analogous situation exists for electric charges. Similar charges repel; opposite charges attract. As with magnetic poles, electric charges are accompanied by electric fields that penetrate space.

A negatively charged electron is pulled by the electric field of a positive charge and repelled by the field of a negative charge. Electric fields become even more interesting when they penetrate materials, such as metal wires. There they exert a force that causes the electrons to move through the wire the phenomenon of electricity.

But that's not all. Perhaps the most amazing property of electric and magnetic fields is the way they interact with each other. If you take a magnet and plunge it through a loop of wire, an electric field is created. We know an electric field is created because it forces the electrons in the wire to move; we can measure the resulting current. In fact, this is the principle used by electric generators in power stations.

Likewise, moving charges create a magnetic field. To observe this, build a simple circuit with a piece of wire and a battery.

Connect one end of the wire to the positive terminal of a 9-volt battery and the other to the negative terminal. Place a compass next to the loop of wire and watch the compass needle move as you connect and disconnect the wire from one of the battery terminals.

An important ingredient in both of these experiments is the variation of the fields. Static, unchanging magnetic fields don't spawn electric fields, and steady electric fields don't create magnetic fields.

Once created by a moving magnet or changing electric current, a field can break free of its source. It departs and sails through space like a thought without a thinker. And that is what we call light. Light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation contain both electric and magnetic fields that oscillate in strength.

A change in the electric field creates a magnetic field. In return, the oscillating magnetic field creates an electric field. The two fields become entwined in a cyclical dance, each one pushing and then being pulled by the other.

Incredibly, no energy is lost in this process. In a vacuum, an electromagnetic wave would travel forever without losing any energy. It disappears only when it is absorbed by matter for instance, a hand that intercepts sunlight and becomes warm. This process of transporting energy is called radiation.

"Cosmic rays hitting the outer atmosphere are mainly fast-moving, high energy protons. As they hurtle towards the Earth, they collide with atoms in the air, creating new particles. This knock-on effect causes a cosmic shower. Some cosmic particles are stopped by the atmosphere.

To intercept them, physicists fly their equipment in balloons or aeroplanes. Other particles reach the ground, like those in the spark chambers on this platform. A few penetrate deep into the Earth and are captured by detectors underground or on the ocean floor."

A couple of particles per second. We do not "feel" the particles crossing us but their flux is continuous.

Most of the muons and neutrinos hitting our body are not stopped and continue their journey without interacting. Indeed, most neutrinos travel right through the Earth without interacting at all.

There are many ways of replying to this question, here are a few suggestions for discussion.

Does the Higgs Boson exist? (What is the mechanism for giving particles mass?) Does antimatter behave exactly like matter? Where do cosmic rays come from? What is the particle that transmits gravity? Is there a 'theory of everything' that links the 4 fundamental forces ?


A vibration in an electromagnetic field

through which energy is transported.

Light as a wave

Light as a particle

E = hf


f = c

Light as a Wave

A wave is a pattern which is revealed by its interaction with particles.

Properties of a Wave

Light as a Wave

For a wave, its speed: s = f

But the speed of light is a constant, c.

For light: f = c

The higher f is, the smaller is, and vice versa.

Our eyes recognize f (or ) as color!

Light as a Particle

Light can also be treated as photons packets of energy.

The energy carried by each photon depends on its frequency (color)

E = hf = hc / ["h" is called Plancks Constant]

Bluer light carries more energy per photon.

What have we learned?

In what way is light a wave?

Light is an electromagnetic wave a wave of vibrating electric & magnetic fields characterized by a wavelength and a frequency and traveling at the speed of light.

And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, 2:2

Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his own standard, with the ensign of their father's house: far off about the tabernacle of the congregation shall they pitch.


And on the east side toward the rising of the sun shall they of the standard of the camp of Judah pitch throughout their armies: and Nahshon the son of Amminadab shall be captain of the children of Judah.


And his host, and those that were numbered of them, were threescore and fourteen thousand and six hundred.


And those that do pitch next unto him shall be the tribe of Issachar: and Nethaneel the son of Zuar shall be captain of the children of Issachar.


And his host, and those that were numbered thereof, were fifty and four thousand and four hundred.


Then the tribe of Zebulun: and Eliab the son of Helon shall be captain of the children of Zebulun.


And his host, and those that were numbered thereof, were fifty and seven thousand and four hundred.


All that were numbered in the camp of Judah were an hundred thousand and fourscore thousand and six thousand and four hundred, throughout their armies. These shall first set forth.

A score is 20, you see fourscore is 80


scientific proof of speed of light

Scientists feel that they have actually proved this notion of length contraction. Therefore, in reality, all objects are perceived to shorten in the direction they are traveling, if they are viewed by someone who is not in motion with them.

If you are in a moving car and measure the length of the armrest, you will never notice the change regardless of how fast you are going, because your tape measure would also be shortened from the motion.

In our lives we do not ever perceive length contraction because we move at speeds that are very small with respect to the speed of light. The change is too small for us to notice. Remember the speed of light is 669,600,000 miles/hour or 186,400 miles/sec, so it is easy to see why our everyday speeds are negligible.

Photons travel as a wave, so consider the following:

You collapse the wave with the act of observation, when you observe the wave it collapses to a microdot and comes to rest. This is Einstein's theory and the world of quantum mechanics.

In meditation you collapse the waves, which are photons traveling and coming to the earth at an angle, Einstein said all light enters the earth at an angle.

God is photon (wave) you are electron (wave), all is waves all is frequency all is vibration.

You make a wave offering to the lord in meditation, and yes its in the bible.

Exodus 29:24

And thou shalt put all in the hands of Aaron, and in the hands of his sons; and shalt wave them for a wave offering before the LORD.

Exodus 29:26

And thou shalt take the breast of the ram of Aaron's consecration, and wave it for a wave offering before the LORD: and it shall be thy part.

Leviticus 7:30

His own hands shall bring the offerings of the LORD made by fire, the fat with the breast, it shall he bring, that the breast may be waved for a wave offering before the LORD.

Leviticus 8:27

And he put all upon Aaron's hands, and upon his sons' hands, and waved them for a wave offering before the LORD.

Leviticus 8:29

And Moses took the breast, and waved it for a wave offering before the LORD: for of the ram of consecration it was Moses' part; as the LORD commanded Moses.

Leviticus 9:21

And the breasts and the right shoulder Aaron waved for a wave offering before the LORD; as Moses commanded.

Leviticus 10:15

The heave shoulder and the wave breast shall they bring with the offerings made by fire of the fat, to wave it for a wave offering before the LORD; and it shall be thine, and thy sons' with thee, by a statute for ever; as the LORD hath commanded.

Leviticus 14:12

And the priest shall take one he lamb, and offer him for a trespass offering, and the log of oil, and wave them for a wave offering before the LORD:

Leviticus 14:24

And the priest shall take the lamb of the trespass offering, and the log of oil, and the priest shall wave them for a wave offering before the LORD:

Leviticus 23:15

And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall be complete:

Leviticus 23:20

And the priest shall wave them with the bread of the firstfruits for a wave offering before the LORD, with the two lambs: they shall be holy to the LORD for the priest.

Numbers 5:25

Then the priest shall take the jealousy offering out of the woman's hand, and shall wave the offering before the LORD, and offer it upon the altar:

Collapsing the wave
Niels Bohr, the famous Danish scientist, went even further and said that it was meaningless to speak about the particle proprieties of an electron before it was observed.

He claimed that actual act of observation helped create the particle properties of an electron which did not exist before the observation as the electron was in a state of quantum fluctuation.

According to Bohr, an observer was collapsing the wave to take a shape and properties of a particle; hence the observers consciousness was a part of the experiment.

Read schrodingers kittens by john gribben

A photon, an angle of light

The Bible says God is LIGHT

It says Jesus is LIGHT

And it says you are LIGHT

And light comes to the earth at an angle said Einstein

Angles of light are messenger particles according to science

The bible says angels were messengers, do you see the similarity between angle/angel

Both are messengers.

Light = Photons = messenger particles (angels/angles) = magnetism = God

Take page 1 of the NASA article and lets look at some highlights.

Paragraph 1: The reference to switches and gates in chips. Gates both in computers and the human brain are logic circuits. They open and close to change understanding.

Paragraph 3: Notice the reference to Photons. Photons are angles of light which are messenger particles. Photons are what was being described in the Bible in referring to angels of light as messengers of God.

Paragraph 4: Here NASA states that they are focusing on thin films made of organic molecules which are more sensitive to light then inorganic. Organic molecules are membranes. Thin films of living tissue.

So the light travels through human membrane tissue to change the logic circuits.

This is very important because the whole premise of our work is that light from above (Eta Carina) arrives as Photon (angles of light/messenger particles), enters via the Pineal gland to the brain traveling along membranes. This opens gates or provides us with enlightenment and a new consciousness.

This is just as NASA has reported. Exactly.


The reference is to optical computers which means those sensitive to light. Light computers. Keep in mind here what we already learned from Rene Descartes. The Father of optics from the 1600's ties the Pineal Gland of the brain into all of this.

The NASA report goes on to say: What it takes a conventional computer 11 years to do, an optical computer can do in 1 hour. We are testing optical switches .Optical development boom is world wide


All current "all optical" components require a high level of laser . Keep that word laser up front in your mind. That is going to connect this NASA finding directly to Eta Carina.

An optical logic gate is a switch that controls one light beam with another. Consider that statement from NASA, connecting one light beam with another. The light within you and the light from above. That's meditation, and contact between you and you know who

Organic (living tissue) optical computers (light sensitive) will be the future of terrestrial and space information .

Notice that I made those words space information a little bigger. Consider that light and living tissue will be the future of terrestrial and space information. Is not this what we have been discussing all along. Is not this the very reason for meditation .?

Luke11:24 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.

Luke11:25 And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.

Luke11:26 Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

Humpty-Dumpty White Light
It is difficult to do experiments with K­12 students which demonstrate that light involves electric and magnetic fields. Most experiments with electromagnetic radiation study the different wavelengths of visible light. Visible light ranges from 400 nanometers (400 billionths of a meter, corresponding to violet light) to 700 nanometer (red light).

The classic demonstration is to make a rainbow, or spectrum, out of white light (see activity). The Exploratorium's Science Snackbook has other demonstrations that involve mixing colors of light.

Experiments with ultraviolet and infrared light reinforce the idea that electromagnetic radiation extends beyond the visible wavelength range.

Experiments with ultraviolet light, in particular, are visually impressive. For advanced students, these experiments can show how light reveals the structure of atoms.

Fluorescence with ultraviolet light

Light just beyond the violet edge of the visible spectrum is called ultraviolet light. As anyone who has been sunburned knows, ultraviolet photons carry more energy than the visible variety.

You should protect your eyes by wearing UV-absorbing goggles. Another safe alternative is a light-viewing box, available from scientific supply houses or easy to build yourself. In such a box, the UV light is directed away from the eyes toward the black interior of the box, where it is absorbed and safely emitted at longer wavelengths.

The best UV light sources produce both long-wavelength (300-400 nanometer "black light") and short-wavelength (less than 300 nanometer) light. Fluorescent minerals or dyes, which absorb the UV light and emit it as visible light, create a spectacular demonstration.

If you switch the UV light from long-wavelength to short-wavelength, you will see a difference in the color (wavelength) of the emitted light. The phenomenon of fluorescence involves the structure of atoms (see Inside an Atom).

Blocking UV light

Visible light penetrates glass. We can see it! But UV light does not. Put a fluorescent mineral inside a light box containing a UV source. Then cover the mineral with a glass jar. Is the rock still fluorescent? How quickly does the fluorescence turn off?

Does it make a difference if the UV light is long-wavelength or short-wavelength? Other materials, such as a plastic cup or UV-absorbing goggles, can also be tested to see whether they block UV light.

Infrared light

Light just beyond the red edge of the visible spectrum is called infrared light. Its photons carry less energy than those of visible light. Our hands are better detectors of IR light than our eyes. Things that emit in the IR feel warm: fire, electric heaters, Sun-baked pavement.

The ASP's Project ASTRO activities handbook, The Universe at Your Fingertips, describes an experiment to test whether there is light below the red edge of the visible range.

This experiment involves three thermometers, which measure the temperature of the air where the experiment is being done. Break sunlight into a spectrum using a prism and place the thermometers at three points in the spectrum: one in the violet range, one in the yellow range, and one just barely beyond the red end. What do the thermometers read?

In the Dark

It is easy to have misconceptions about a topic as abstract, yet misleadingly common sensical, as light. Drawing out these misconceptions is an important first step to rebuilding students' knowledge. Students commonly have trouble understanding that the visible window is just one small part of a continuum of electromagnetic radiation (see Dreams of Fields). The reasons may include:

X-rays and ultraviolet radiation are hazardous. Visible and infrared are life-saving. So how can they all be the same type of radiation? We see visible light. Therefore, it must be different from the other radiation we can't see.

Electromagnetic radiation exists in a range of wavelengths, which are delineated into major divisions for our convenience. Ultraviolet B radiation, harmful to living organisms, represents a small portion of the spectrum, from 290 to 320 nanometer wavelengths.

Only a narrow band of the electromagnetic band is visible with the eye, the rest of the band are made up of invisible radiation, or electromagnetism, and cannot be seen with the naked eye. In essence, all is photons, but what it means is that you have visible, and invisible photons.

(Illustration by Robert Simmon)

Photons Exciting an Electron to a Higher Energy Level




I once explained this to an electrician and he was at a complete loss for anything to say. I could tell by the way his shoulders were convulsing as he walked away he was sobbing, and he avoided talking to me about electricity from then on.

I didn't bother to tell him that electrons don't really exist (they have never been directly observed by anyone),They can't be seen, smelled, weighed nor touched Yet they exist. Are they not spiritual, as one eminent British scientists said.

Electricity works with magic smoke. If you touch the wrong two wires together, the magic smoke leaks out and the circuit stops working.

When a component goes bad, a bit of smoke can be seen if you are present to see it, and the reason the box no longer works is because the magic smoke escaped.

I love the smell of "magic smoke" in the morning.

When the magic smoke in your solar plexus rises through the River Jordan (your spinal canal) the smoke then steps on the mount of olives, then slays the pineal gland ( the lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world) the smoke then mixed with the oil of Christ (spinal oil) it enters the furnace (fornix) where the smoke ignites the furnace, you then see God face to face, and you say aha found you, and God says what took you so long? Then I said! I was in church


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