Pluck your EYE out. ouch!!!


Should this be taken literally?

According to the bible. "And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee".etc. mat.5:21

Of course this does mean that we should remove the physical eye, but we should REMOVE THE sensory current from the focus of the mind. That temptation and trials will come your way, and that in itself is not sin.

The SIN is committed when we DWELL on them, and continue to focus attention on them, either with or without acting upon them, simply because this stifles the psyche and keeps one from progressing, you should not dwell on anything you've done wrong, just turn away from the thing and don't do it again.

People have been known to physically blind themselves or to put on physical blinders, because of this admonition in the bible, simply because they did not realize that it was the DESIRE and the THOUGHT behind it that had to be plucked out, while retaining the organ of sight.

Destruction of the physical organ adds insult to injury and still does not eradicate the desire or craving. In fact by doing so, the evil is intensified. And one does not become saintly by not having physical sight.

"And if thy right habd hand offend thee cut it off, and cast it from thee". Mat 5:30

Here again the thought is what should be cut off, renounce it and clear it from the mind, giving it no further energy.

This makes excellent advise and good psychology. I only mention this because just recently here in California, a professed reborn Christian, and ex con, removed his eye with a knife, it was in the local paper.

You see how taking the bible literally can goof your life up. Crippling yourself through physical mutilation solves nothing, as this man will learn, to his sorrow.

It is only the agent through which the mental and emotional currents expressed as sensory motor action, that should be cut off. Lest you remove an eye.

One must understand the mystical interpretation of the scripture to find the Jewels.

One more good example of symbolism

I actually work with a fellow that told me he could, with enough faith actually cast a mountain into the sea. Literally.

Base on the scripture; "if you have the faith of a mustard seed, say to this move and cast it into the sea".

Now through out the world, we know that mountains means, obstacle, hurdles, personal problems, to OVERCOME.

So when you believe in yourself, that you can better your life, and overcome the obstacles that are blocking your desire, you have cast the mountain into the sea.

Nothing more than good psychological sense.

this is why

The Bible as a symbol.

Is the bible symbolic. we must use the bible itself to see.

2 Corinthians 3:6 "Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not the letter, but of the spirit; for the LETTER (literal) killeth, but the spirit giveth life (understanding). So theres the bible itself telling us not to take it literal.

Galations 4:24 "Which things are an allegory. Remember the definition of myth include the word allegory, telling us its symbolic.

Matthew 13:34 :all things spake Jesus unto the multitudes in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them: The bible is saying that all of Jesus statements were symbolic, as he himself was them symbol of the Greek sun, Horus and amen ra the sun god of Egypt and many more.

I have called my son out of Egypt.

Psalm 78:2 'I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter DARK sayings of old: Here the bible states that god speaks in parables. And what are dark sayings of old. Obviously there are symbolic statements. Not LITERAL.

If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him


I have heard the phrase “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!” many times. Can you explain this?


It actually comes from an old koan attributed to Zen Master Linji, (the founder of the Rinzai sect). It’s a simple one:

“If you meet the Buddha, kill him.” — Linji

I’m sure you already realize that it’s not being literal. The road, the killing, and even the Buddha are symbolic.

The road is generally taken to mean the path to Enlightenment; that might be through meditation, study, prayer, or just some aspect of your way of life. Your life is your ‚Äúroad.‚Äù That’s fairly straightforward as far as metaphors go.

But how do you meet the Buddha on this “road?” Imagine meeting some symbolic Buddha. Would he be a great teacher that you might actually meet and follow in the real world? Could that Buddha be you yourself, having reached Enlightenment? Or maybe you have some idealized image of perfection that equates to your concept of the Buddha or Enlightenment.

Whatever your conception is of the Buddha, it’s WRONG! Now kill that image and keep practicing. This all has to do with the idea that reality is an impermanent illusion. If you believe that you have a correct image of what it means to be Enlightened, then you need to throw out (kill) that image and keep meditating.

Most people have heard the first chapter of the Tao, ÄúThe Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao ‚Äù (So if you think you see the real Tao, kill it and move on).

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