HYPATIA Remembered


Who was Hypatia, and why should we remember her? What was her contribution to man/woman kind? Why was the beautiful woman murdered?

Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia was born in A.D. 370. She died either in the year of 415 or 430, depending on what book you read. Her father, Theon, was a mathematician and astronomer. He had told everyone that he could create the perfect human.

Not discouraged by Hypatia being born a girl, he continued on with his plan of creating the perfect human. Hetaught her in the subjects of art, literature, science, mathematics, and philosophy.

Back when Hypatia was alive, astronomy and astrology were the same thing; also, mathematicswas used mostly for figuring out where a soul that was born under a certain planet would be at a certain time in the future. She was also taught to swim, row, ride horseback, and climb mountains.

By the time she was 21, she mastered rhetoric, which is the art of using speech effectively and persuasively. While she was growing up Hypatia spent a lot of time in a place called the Museum in the University of Alexandria.

Theon told Hypatia, "All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final. Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than to not think at all." By choosing not to believe in a religion, Hypatia had chosen her friends, her enemies, and eventually the way she died.

Hypatia was never married even though she had many proposals.

Since she passed her father's knowledge, he sent her to Athens. Historians do not know for sure how long she traveled, but after she finished her studies in Athens, she traveled throughout Europe. When she returned from her travels, she was invited to teach at the University. She taught geometry and astronomy. Her favorite subject was algebra, which was a new subject.

Imagine a time when the world's greatest living mathematician was a woman, indeed a physically beautiful woman, and a woman who was simultaneously the world's leading astronomer.

And imagine that she conducted her life and her professional work in a city as turbulent and troubled as Ayodhya or Amritsar, Belfast or Beirut is today.

And imagine such a female mathematician achieving fame not only in her specialist field, but also as a philosopher and religious thinker, who attracted a large popular following.

And imagine her as a virgin martyr killed, not for her Christianity, but by Christians because she was not one of them.

And imagine that the guilt of her death was widely whispered to lie at the door of one of Christianity's most honoured and significant saints.

Would we not expect to have heard of all this? Would it not be shouted from the rooftops? Would it not be possible to walk into any bookstore and buy a biography of this woman? Would not her life be common knowledge?

You would think so, but such is not the case. And that is the reason for this talk.

For Hypatia of Alexandria was indeed, at the time she was killed by Christian fanatics, the world's foremost mathematician and astronomer and also a leading neoplatonist philosopher.

Physically beautiful, devotedly celibate, she was the revered teacher of a man (Synesius of Cyrene) who, after his conversion to Christianity, helped formulate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, using neoplatonist principles learned at her feet.

By the late fourth century the Roman empire was divided and beset, officially Christian, but holding within its sway various others: Jews, heretical sects, diverse schools of neoplatonists and other assorted "pagans" and all of them at one another's throats. Alexandria in particular was seething with intercommunal rivalry and sectarian bitterness.

In either 391 or 392, the Christian archbishop, Theophilus, obtained imperial permission to raze to the ground the temple of Serapis, the particular deity of many Alexandrian pagans.

After a series of bloody battles, he succeeded in this aim and set out to establish on the site a church dedicated to St John the Baptist, of whose body he had custody of some alleged relics. One theory has it that this action also and finally put paid to the Museum and its once glorious library.

Christians fanatics

Hypatia was close to Orestes and there was a rumour that it was Hypatia's influence that prevented the Christian Orestes from accepting Cyril's spiritual direction and so becoming reconciled with his rival.

Moreover she was seen as one "devoted at all times to magic, astrolabes and instruments of music, [who] beguiled many people through her satanic wiles, and the governor ... through her magic." That this was not in fact true is beside the point; it was believed and was bruited abroad.

So somewhat later, as Hypatia was returning home, she was set upon, torn from her carriage and dragged into a church, where she was stripped naked and fileted to death with roofing tiles, "and while she was still feebly twitching they beat her eyes out". They then orgiastically tore her body limb from limb, took her mangled remains out from the church, and burned them.

Hypatia wrote a commentary on the algebra book that was written by Diophantus. She constructed new problems for algebra and wrote a treatises on mathematics. Some these were called On the Astronomical Canon of Diophantus and Conics of Apollonius.

She and her father co-authored a commentary on Euclid's work. Hypatia wrote commentaries on Almagest. She also wrote instructions to build an astrolabe. An astrolabe is a navigational tool for sailors.

Hypatia also invented many things that have been un-changed, or changed just very slightly since their invention

As well as inventing the astrolabe she invented the planesphere. Both of these instruments are used for astronomy. A planesphere was a chart of stars and their movement across the sky. Hypatia invented an apparatus used to measure the level of water. Hypatia also invented the aerometer (or hydroscope), which determines the specific gravity of liquids.

To teach superstitions as truth is a most terrible thing.

Hypatia also invented many useful objects

It is unfortunate that Hypatia was killed by a mob of Christians.

She was killed because they thought that she was a witch. A miinister led the mob to attack her, strip her, peel her skin with oyster shells and have her body burned.

If this one act of barbarism alone, is not enough to make you sickened by the pious religious animals then and now, then you simply are blind.

The senseless murder of this beautiful learned soul of mathematics, science and philosophy, is alone, at least for me to hate Religion and especially the Holy mother of all harlotry, the Catholic church, which also set fire to the Library itself, where Hypatia worked. Destroying over 700,000 scrolls of ancient knowledge.

These two acts, the murder of Hypatia and the burning of the library are considered by many to be to greatest atrocities the world has ever known, for the knowledge contained on the scrolls in the library, is said to have contained mans/womans origins, cosmological truths and the greatest known knowledge concerning the Christian Coptics or Gnostics.

We cannot forget the Church and her followers, the fanatics they may have been, for these acts of barbarism. Religion breeds fanatics, it breeds intolerance, it breeds stupidity, it alone stands in the way of mans progress, both spiritually and scientifically.

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Hypatia was also probably one of the last pagan scholar-priestesses. She was murdered by a mob of extreme right wing Christians. Even though today's Pope is a really nice guy who actually cares about this world and its people, the pope they had back when Hypatia was alive was a real scumbag. According to some sources, he had Hypatia killed because she was in his way.

She had the nerve to be a woman, AND educated, AND have political views that differed from the Church--not to mention the fact that she was an openly Pagan individual in an area where the Pope was trying to convert a lot of people to Christianity.

A book

The Roman Empire is crumbling, the fragments of the classical world regrouping in Egypt when Thasos, son of an ill-fated scholar, meets Hypatia of Alexandria. Astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher at a time when women were shunned from learning, Hypatia is a daring visionary in a world about to change forever.

As an insidious power-struggle erupts between church and state Hypatia finds herself at the forefront of battle, but she is not alone. Those who cherish her, who will remember her, become her allies – including the powerful Governor Orestes, who keeps his consuming love for her as secret as she keeps her feelings from him.

Remembering Hypatia is a vivid retelling of a now-forgotten historical tragedy, when courage stood against fear, when the legacy of the wise vanished in the dark. Author Brian Trent resurrects the ancient world's most famous metropolis and explores the final days, not just of a brilliant mind, but of a lost era.

At the height of her beauty, and the apex of her intellectual wisdom, having refused marriage in favor of educating her disciples, Hypatia was torn from her chariot by a hungry mob of screaming Christians. Stripping her naked, dragging her to their church, she was inhumanely butchered.

Led by Peter the reader, the savage fanatics ripped her living flesh from her bones with pottery shards; the still quivering limbs then delivered to the flames. One can almost hear the bitter hateful words of the mob and their subsequent laughter, "Paul tells us women should be silent, now this one obeys."

Christian mobs, taking Hypatia from her chariot

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Enslaved by the Romans, who masterminded the mass slaughter of the Egyptian Priesthood, Educated elite and any one who could read and write, murdered by the Christian fanatical monks and their Roman Soldiers, who did everything in their power to destroy their Universities, Schools, and Education, in order to transfer the Egypt in utter darkness of ignorance, they even burnt and disallowed the Papyrus plant in Egypt. The last Hieroglyphics ever written was around 325 A.D.

Is it the greatest conspiracy ever made in history by the Romans in order to control their empire and create a division between all the middle eastern nations in order that they may never rise against Rome and be liberated from Roman rule.

Every religious sect in the world were targeted, especially Egypt and the rest of the middle east.Now they can only worship the way the Romans wanted or else face utter destruction, i.e. the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman legions in 70 C. E. and the mass slaughter of the Judean by the Romans.

Every one was hiding their libraries and books, buried them in the ground or caves, i.e. the Qumran caves in the Dead Sea in Judea and the Gnostic and Hermetic Library in Naga Hamadi in Egypt. In Egypt they buried the Statues in the Temples under the ground so that the truth will known one day and it was all discovered.

Who was the real benefactor of creating Christianity, God, or Rome. The Jews became the evil people who wanted Jesus crucified according to the biblical story, a price that they had to pay for dearly.

They replaced the Ankh, the sign of life, that was used by the Egyptian, the Jews and the early Christians by the crucifix the instrument and sign of Death, to remind the masses of what will happen if they don't obey the Roman Emperor.

"It is Our will that all the peoples who are ruled by the administration of Our Clemency shall practice that religion which the divine Peter the Apostle transmitted to the Romans.

The rest, whom We adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of Our own initiative" (CTh. XVI.1.2).

In 415 A.D. Under the command of the evil bishop Cyril, the Alexandrian Library and university and the Serapis Temple were destroyed by the Christian mob under the orders of their bishop, and the professors and governors were killed, Hypatia, head of the philosophy school in Alexandria, was dragged out of her chariot and then skinned alive by the Christian mobs using oyster shells, killed and then burned.

Orestes, the governor of Alexandria, according to the contemporary accounts, objected to Cyril (the future saint) expelling the Jews from the city, and was murdered by Christian monks for his opposition. Orders were then given to exile the Jews of Alexandria after the slaughter of few thousands Alexandrians.

then they moved onto every other Egyptian city doing the same thing, killing every Egyptian priest or priestess, burning of libraries and the destruction and burning of temples and schools, no one can stop them nor escape from this new evil, They destroyed the Gnostic and Hermetic Schools through out the country. With these dark bloody events thus begun the dark ages of Europe.

Why did the holy Roman Church destroyed and burn the Temples and killed every living priests and any who could read and write, not only pagans but also Jews? The answer is simple, so that they re-educate the people the way they wanted.

As in Egypt the Copts, The Local Egyptian Orthodox Christian Church of Egypt, originally are from Syria and were migrated in Egypt by the Romans and obeyed the laws of Rome. So where did the real Egyptian disappear too?

Ever since 415 A.D. Gypsies (Egyptians) and Jews were kept alive but always prosecuted and killed by the church in their villages and their cities through out Europe, during the dark ages and medieval Europe, till the Seventeenth century A.D. in the name of Christ, but it was for the church always to blame the enemies of Christ in the event of any misfortune befalling their cities or villages in Europe and satisfying their populace ( the Spanish inquisition).

"Thou shalt not look back at Egypt"

"Thou shalt give thy back at Egypt"

Old and new Testament

However still in the bible a lot of hidden codes, and writing unlocking this conspiracy due to the rediscovery of Ancient Egypt and the beginning of a scientific age free from religious Tyranny, believes and superstitions, but may the lord protects us from those who still wants to destroy the truth, the real Evil and the enemies of Earth.

Is there a secret still hidden in the Church archives, or perhaps in the Vatican, are they afraid to expose the truth to the masses of humans not because it would be difficult to comprehend, but worst, they are afraid to loose their power and more of their wealth that they have made and still make out of the sale of the holy blessings and out of the blood of these civilization, it was them who cause terror, death and destruction to our own humanity since 415 Ad, till today in the name of their same god.

The Irony of it all is that history tends to repeat itself: he Romans create Christianity. The Romans Force their ideology onto the middle east, changing the Torah of the Jews. The Roman holy church Abolish Egyptian Religion and Philosophy
Christianity turns against Rome. Christianity creates Islam, Islam turns against Christianity. The Crusade Wars against the Muslims for the holy land.

Prosecution of of pagans,Gypsies and Jews throughout the world Hatred of the Gypsies and Jews and anti Semitic feeling grow in Europe.

Both Gypsies and Jews were not allowed to be educated as Doctors, Lawyers, and any other important jobs, except to trade in the street or to work as cheap labour or be involved in theater and musical events.

This had a disastrous consequences during the Nazi rule who executed two million Gypsies and six million Jews in the concentration camps in Europe by 1945 A.D. during the second world war.

The Vatican who supported the Nazi regime in the beginning of the second world war, only changed their support just before the end of the second world war, when their final hope to conceal their crimes came to an end with the defeat Nazi Germany. Their worst fear came true.

The Exiled Jews return to their lands in Judea in 1948 A.D. after almost two thousand years, and declare their state of Israel, only to find out that there is still no archeological evidence whatsoever of all these biblical stories and yet even worth, becomes more fanatical about it.

No Moses, no David, and Solomon, no palaces, or pottery, letters or any evidence that can support the bible. They are baffled between the truth and the created myth.

Slowly the truth is being revealed by archeological excavations and scientific methods, what the church did to keep the masses in ignorance by lack of education, and the control of information, as alchemy and modern science, for it was considered as heresy and act of the devil for a long time and they burned people for this during these dark periods.

The USA and the CIA creates the Islamic El Keyada under Osama Bin laden to fight Communists in Afghanistan, they won and the soviet union pull out.

Osama Bin laden becomes the USA Enemy number one and conduct a holy war against the western world.

The USA invades Afghanistan and later Iraq, with the pretext of fighting terror, not for oil!!!

The world is now plunged into a war of terror, mainly by Muslim radicals and terrorist.

This cursed religion that is divided into three sects, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, till today did not cease to claim blood, lives and endless wars since its creation and declaration.

We must study and find our true quest and a way out of this blood bath and endless terror, by knowing the truth and the evidence that is presented before us by scientist and scholars through out the world.

We humans tend to believe in tales and stories of wonder, in the past and in the present, only today we still create our own myth, UFO's and abductions, the Atlantian theories and many other urban legends.

may be in few thousand years from now, stories like count Dracula, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Ring will also become part of the Bible. Forgetting the truce of why it was written and by whom and to what purpose.

During these years the writings and works of many remarkable women were destroyed, allowed to be lost, or deliberately eradicated; only hints remain, a verse here, a few sentences there.

Most of the works of Hypatia were ravaged as well, but her story lives on. How it must have pained her, 21 years old, watching the destruction of the Great Library, a half million tomes representing the finest minds in the ancient world.

Hand written, these documents were irreplaceable; the knowledge lost, the history destroyed and eliminated, was a devastating setback. It was also precursor to the dark ages, a time when only the church fathers retained knowledge. What audacity the church had, claiming the role of preserver of ancient knowledge when the only knowledge they preserved was that which they chose not to destroy.

And each loss to the world was a personal tragedy.

port of Alexandria

Lets not forget HYPATIA

Christian terror: http://ethnikoi.org/terror.html

The Emerald Tablet

The truth, certainty, truest, without untruth.

What is above is like what is below. What is below is like what is above. The miracle of unity is to be attained.

Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity, and all things come about from unity, by means of adaptation.

Its parents are the Sun and Moon.

It was borne by the wind and nurtured by the Earth.

Every wonder is from it and its power is complete. hrow it upon earth,and earth will separate from fire. The impalbable separated from the palpable.

Through wisdom it rises slowly from the world to heaven. Then it descends to the world combining the power of the upper and the lower.

Thus you will have the illumination of all the world, and darkness will disappear.

This is the power of all strength it overcomes that which is delicate and penetrates through solids.

This was the means of the creation of the world.

And in the future wonderful developements will be made, and this is the way.

I am Hermes the Threefold Sage, so named because I hold the three elements of all Wisdom.

And thus ends the revelation of the work of the Sun.

One more

The Pagans and the Early Christians

We saw in the previous chapter how the early Christians, before the religion came into ascendency under Constantine (c274-337), never showed any tolerance towards the pagan religions; they insulted these religions at any chance they get.

When Constantine became the sole Roman Emperor in 323, Christianity was made the official religion of the empire. With full official backing, the early church, no longer satisfied with simply spitting at idols, turned with full force towards the pagan and persecuted them.

After Constantine's death in 337, two of his sons, Constantius (d.361) and Constans (d.350) took over the leadership of the empire. Constans, who ruled the western provinces was, like his father, a Christian. In 341, he decreed that all pagan worship and sacrifices should cease; warning those who persisted with the threat of the death penalty.

When Constans was killed in 350, his brother became the sole emperor of the whole empire three years later. Constantius, also a Christian, was as intolerant as his brother. He decreed that all pagan temples in the empire be closed.

He warned that anyone who dared to still offer sacrifices of worship in these temples was to be put to death. Similarly, any governor who refused to carry out this decree was also to be punished.

Although the anti-pagan decrees of Constans and Constantius never seemed to have been enforced, it was a first step towards suppression of paganism. Lay Christians, particularly in the eastern half of the empire, took it upon themselves to destroy and plunder the temples. The decrees, which made worship in the temples illegal, allowed the Christians to do so with legal impunity.

It was not just the Christian emperors and lay Christians who persecuted the pagans. Their theologians and prominent ecclesiastics joined in the orgy of hatred. One such example is St. Ambrose (c339-397), Bishop of Milan.

When Gratian (359-383) became Roman emperor in 375, Ambrose, who was one of his educators, persuaded him to further suppress paganism. The emperor willingly obliged: he confiscated the properties of the pagan temples; seized the properties of the vestal virgins and the pagan priests, and removed the statue of the Goddess of Victory from the Roman Senate.

When Gratian delegated the government of the eastern half of the empire to Theodosius (c346-395) in 379, the situation became worse for the pagans. Theodosius prohibited all forms of pagan worship and permitted the temples to be robbed, plundered and destroyed by "monks and other enterprising Christians."

A good example of how the early Christians treated the pagans is the case of the philosopher Hypathia of Alexandria. Hypathia was the daughter of the mathematician Theon. She was certainly one of the most learned individual of her time. She taught and elucidated Greek mathematics and philosophy.

She lectured widely in Athens and Alexandria. But her popularity and her intelligence, coupled with her lack of interest in Christianity, irritated the Patriarch of Alexandria, Cyril (d.444).

Acting in the interest of their patriarch, the Alexandrian monks murdered Hypathia in the year 415.The cruelty of the method of her murder can be seen by the description of it by Gibbon:

On a fatal day, in the holy season of Lent, Hypathia was torn from her chariot, stripped naked, dragged to the church, and inhumanly butchered by the hands of Peter the Reader and a troop of savage and merciless fanatics; her flesh was scrapped from her bones with sharp oyster shells, and her quivering limbs were delivered to the flames.

The just progress of inquiry and punishment was stopped by seasonable gifts; but the murder of Hypathia has imprinted an indelible strain on the character and religion of Cyril of Alexandria.

It should be mentioned that, for his relentless defence of orthodoxy and, as an obvious corollary, his zealous destruction of heretics and infidels (such as Hypathia), Cyril is considered a saint by the Christian church.

In the year 416, a law was passed to bar pagans from public employment. All this was done to coerce pagans to convert to Christianity. Paganism therefore disappeared from the world for two reasons: the relentless persecution by Christians and the assimilation of pagan ideas into Christianity.

We have seen earlier in our look at the nativity and the resurrection stories of Jesus that pagan myths, liturgies and festivals were incorporated, in a thinly disguised form into Christianity. Many of the pagans who converted to the new religion were rural, unsophisticated and unschooled.

They simply carried their old beliefs from their pagan past into their new religion. Apart from their theologies, liturgies and festivals, pagan gods were also incorporated into Christianity.

For instance, St. Bacchus, St. Demetrius, St. Dionysius, St. Rusticus and St. Eleutherius were all supposedly Christian martyrs. These five names were actually different designations of the Greek pagan god Dionysius. Similarly St. Onuphrius was actually the Egyptian pagan god, Osiris, whose name, rendered in Coptic, is Onufri.

Hypatia was the guardian of the ancient Myths, and knew well of the churches pagan origins, but better than that, she knew the deeper meaning of the Greek and Egyptian myths. One reason, she was no doubt killed for.

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