The Tower of BABEL



The tower of Babel is of course a Mytholigal story, talking about things that go on in the human mind, no one, and I mean no one could possibly believe that such a thing could be Literally true.

The only person that believe that such a fantastic myth could be true LITERALLY, is a churchman not using critical thinking, and is at best using less than 1% of their brain power, and has run completely out of RAM.

now, all the stories in the bible are spiritual stories, in other words they are not LITERAL, they were designed, to convey deep spiritual truths about things that go on in the mind.

Take the book of Revelations a mythological story such as the Book of Revelation when interpreted literally, becomes a catalyst for fear.

People not only become frightened and find themselves subjected to bizarre religious groups, but in addition the very same mythological tales of mind psychology become the basis of violence and killing upon the planet earth.

The Biblical book of Revelation is Greek mythology. Greek mythology totally misunderstood by the religious pundits of this era who use it to frighten and coerce their followers and the rest of us as well. And remember at the beginning of the book, it says "IN THE SPIRIT" in other words not LITERAL.


Within the three religions currently involved in conflict there are those who understand the scriptures to be symbolic and cast away references to violence and look behind the letter for the true meaning.

In Islam they are called Sufi, in Hebrew they are called Cabbalists, in Christianity they are called Mystics.

But Mr. Bush, Mr. Bin Laden, Mr. Hussein, Mr. Arafat , and Mr. Sharon are literalists.

They take the scriptures literally and thus you observe them praying to God with one hand and loading their bombs with the other.


The ancient writers wrote in deep symbols.

The Old and New Testament, which Christians rely on as the word of God, is ancient Greek.

The Old Testament became a Greek document in 300BC called the Septuagint. It is Greek mythology, which always focuses on wars as a symbolic way of describing the clash of natural energies within each person.

The Bible itself warns readers not to take it literally, it says, be not a minister of the letter for the letter kills.

Well this is exactly what the world leaders who kill and justify their killing in the name of God have done, and are doing.

They are not following God at all; they are following their religious beliefs. Religious beliefs depend on the one interpreting.

Pope John Paul tells the President not to attack Iraq, but Jerry Falwell says bombs away, attack.

So you see, it doesn’t depend on God, it depends on the particular version of God that you are comfortable with.

In this case the President was more comfortable with the fundamentalist approach then more traditional .

your God said, take the land away from the Arabs, our God said, get it back. He then said, as long as the war Gods are in control of these religions there will be no end to the killing and the destruction. The war Gods must die.

Should it make sense to anyone that if there is a God who orders the affairs of the people of the earth, that that God would approve of killing and destroying others based on what a particular group feels pleases that God?

Does that make any sense at all?

These world leaders are praying to a war God to give them victory in battle that claims the lives of thousands of innocent people. And they are sure that God is on their side.

The innocent people who are caught up in the killing have no say.
They are supposed to be patriotic and loyal to their country while their country is being loyal to a God of war.

Spirit and Soul

Written expression is very much like a sighted person, trying to describe a glass of milk to a blind person who does not speak the same language and who may even be in another room.

Truth can sometimes seem a chameleon the same animal appearing differently when viewed in other surroundings.

Those who need something to believe in, because they cannot believe in them selves, have turned timeless parables and metaphors into repeating patterns of dogma and doctrine as a reflection of their victim hood and inadequacy. But, each parable or metaphor is merely a variation on the One Theme written for one Time-Space interval in Mans’ perceptual linear Date Line.

Spiritual Language has become rhetoric empty talk to please or persuade, manipulate or control devoid and detached from True Spirit (Hb. Ruach) the Breath of Life itself.

Even the concept of the Soul has lost its way from its origins in Greek and Latin phonetics which mean exactly the same thing the Vital Air or YHWH of Moses’ first commandment.

Religious Wars have been fought between personalities and groups attached to their own personal self-limiting be-lie-fs. All perceived external conflict is merely a reflection of some inner Holy War. There are both esoteric and exoteric tribes.

Confusion, Babel (babble ensues when one takes things like the bible LITERALLY, but the story of Babel is an inner story, like the story of Noah, Jonah etc.

The story is not talking about real earth languages, nor a real tower, but a tower within you, and an inner language, that is against god.

So lets examine this story and see what you think.

But first, we may lay a foundation, some basic bible understanding will have to be given first.

FACT: "1. that man has two real existing principles: viz: a body & a soul

2. that energy called evil is alone from the body, & that reason, called good, is alone from the soul."

These two real principles, this body and soul, are apart from each other, though either one can't exist without the other, this eternal bound, that dependence that they have on each other. One is Hell, the other is heaven.

One is Egypt, the other is the new Jerusalem. One is Cain, the other is Abel etc, etc. Yin and yang.

That's why a mark of protection was put on Cain (the physical).

God, called his son (the soul) out of Egypt in the book of revelations, Why?

Because the soul is entombed in the material body, ruled by the lower forces, the Pharaoh, (the EGO) mind, referred to a spiritual place of dryness, barren etc, always described as Egypt, Babylon, Sodom etc.

"rev 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified". Do you see that word SPIRITUALLY, it means NOT LITERALLY!!!

And thou that saith thou art not in Egypt, and that Pharaoh is dead, thou art the liar; for Pharaoh is alive in thee, which keeps the seed of God (Jesus) in bondage. And thou art in the house of darkness and bondage [Exo 13:3]: and the witness of God [1 Jn 5:9f] lies slain in thee [Rev 19:7], as the Scripture saith, their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt [Rev 11:8]. But thou who art the dark spirit which ascendeth out of the bottomless pit [Rev 11:7], looks upon it carnally.

The bottomless pit, is the abdomen area, or solar plexus, where your main organs are, this is EGYPT, SODOM and BABYLON etc.

This is the place where the three kings live, meshach, shedrach and abendego

the intellectual, the physical and the emotional, these are the three that went into the furnace heated seven times in the book of Daniel, and then the fourth spiritual man appeared in the fire (Jesus).

This is referencing the energy from the solar plexus, that rises through you SEVEN seals or chakras on your spine, and then the energy culminates at the right side or right hemisphere of the brain, hence you sit at the RIGHT hand of the father.

The three are also the horses of revelations The pale horse is the physical body, the black horse is the human intellect, and the red horse, is of course is the emotions.

It is these three kings that rule over you and I, it is these three that sway our thinking process, and cause us to swing from extreme to extreme like a pendulum. We are ruled by these forces, whether we like to admit it or not.

I'm telling you all this, because this is significant as related to the tower of Babel (babble).

The Bible story from cover to cover is about one thing and one thing only, and that is the redemption of your soul, NOT your PHYSICAL body, but the LIGHT that is nesting in your physical body, commonly called the soul. It belongs to the higher dimensions (God) if you like, and this higher LIGHT force (the stars or the cosmos) wants it back.

And it Jesus, because it's the SUN center within you, and Jesus is a picture of the SUN (888) in GREEK. Remember god called him home out of where? EGYPT, that barren spiritual place, living off the carnal or lower mind brain.

The Christ/Buddha seed in the Solar (sun) center, comes to fruition in each one, ONLY when the time is ready, only when one's soul (light) has reached a certain level of maturity and wisdom.

It does not happen for most of us, in one or even a thousand life times, but we all get another chance, we have an eternity, Eons. "We have shut up the kingdom of God, because we did not go in ourselves" Will you go in? do you have time to go IN?

You can go to church, you can pray until the cows come home, you can sing songs, you can wave you hands in the air with the congregation, you stand, you can sit and you can kneel, you can eat biscuits and unleavened bread but NOTHING will ever really happen, no REAL change will ever take place within you. You must experience the inner song, and the inner fire, then you become the fourth spiritual person in the Furnace. There simply is NO other way!!

Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father's) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.

"It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here!' or 'Look, there!' Rather, the Father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people don't see it."

Jesus said, "If a blind person leads a blind person, both of them will fall into a hole." And Buddha said " what use is a staff to a blind man." This is referring to spiritual blindness, not LITERAL blindness.

Don't follow religion, because they are blind. (The staff is always the spine, or sometimes called rod, it is the symbol of the self, because it holds you up right, what good is your spine if you don't throw it down (humble yourself before the Universe) and turn it into a snake.

The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"

Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is."

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death."

Here Jesus is making reference to MEDITATION, because in meditation, time stops, there is only the NOW!, the past (the beginning) stops, the future (the end) also stops. It is the BEGINNING of the END. This is the place of HEAVEN, NIRVANA etc.

Nobody drinks aged wine (wisdom) and immediately wants to drink young wine (new understanding) truth. Young wine is not poured into old wine skins, or they might break, and aged wine is not poured into a new wine skin, or it might spoil. You simply cannot give new wine (knowledge), to those who are not yet ready, for it will bring grief for both. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is the age old injunction, and it's REAL, it really happens that way.

Here's some old WINE

Genesis 4:8 Now we get to the part where Cain plots the death of Abel. Remember this is allegory. It really is referring to the carnal part of your mind that works diligently to overcome any leanings to the spiritual.

That part that is in harmony with God, (Abel), can be destroyed by the part that is not, (Cain). Yet both parts, carnal and spiritual are important for us to function as individuals.

There are countries that are very spiritual but have little material wealth, consider India. This is Abel. There are countries that have much material wealth but little spirit, consider America. This is Cain. There must be a balance. One should not kill out the other.

Genesis 4:14 points out what we are referring to. The suggestion is that Cain will be slain again and again. Notice the wording. "everyone that finds me shall slay me".

This means that there will be a feeling of total revulsion against the lower mind . Where do you see that. You see it in religion.. There is an attitude of totally eliminating any involvement with the lower carnal mind, with the flesh. But.

Genesis 4:15 says that a mark is placed on Cain to protect him. It is important that all life function with positive and negative. It is inherent in nature.

So the scripture tells us that God will not allow the destruction of the negative or lower animal part of human kind. But, it is equally important to understand that the lower part must not be allowed to hold sway over the higher. Cain must take second place to Abel. The physical must take second place to the spiritual, or it will self destruct.

Jesus said "If your eye be single, your body will fill with light"

Jacob saw god face to face, in the land of (sic) peneil. modern spelling Pineal.

The single eye, is the lamb of god that takes away the sins of the world, as the energy passes over it, you will experience the Passover WITHIN you.

From the time of the incident at the tower of Babel, recorded for us in the eleventh chapter of the book of Genesis, until this day, misunderstanding has been the greatest stumbling stone in the path of unity for humanity

BIBLICAL SYMBOLISMS TAKEN LITERALLY. Tower of Babel: The Biblical Tower of Babel has been literally taken as a structure of stone or brick. From some old writings, I am brought to believe that it is a purely symbolical term: that "confusion of tongues" is the crux of the legend.

According to the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, everyone originally spoke the same language, but then God changed things so that everyone spoke different languages. As a result, the tower, which was supposed to reach to the heavens, was never completed, because the people building it could no longer understand one another

The significance of Babel

Etymologically, Babel means confusion, disorder; but, what is the spiritual meaning of Babel?

What did our Celestial Father wish to teach us with this passage 11:1-9 of Genesis?

The ancient writers has always spoken to us with allegories and symbolism so that through that which is material we can understand the spiritual, that is, the essence of the divine message.

"Now the whole earth (You and I) the human body, had one language and one speech.

And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there. Then they said one another, "Come, let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly". They had brick for stone, and they had asphalt for mortar.

Notice they journeyed from the east. In the bible whenever EAST is used it signifies the power of god or Jesus, as the east wind blew etc, because the right side of the brain is always east metaphysically, because you always face north.

In other words, this is talking about, when you and I are apart from the higher consciousness, but we are ruled by the lower forces, so we have come from the east, not going towards the east, we are falling back to our old selves, ans our old ways.

And they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth".

Remember, that the bible says, "look not lo here, nor lo there, for the kingdom of God (heaven) is WITHIN you, so it is not talking about building any tower in the real sky, from the real earth. When the bible uses the word EARTH, it means the human body and mind controlled by the lower egoic mind.

And remember Jesus said, if we look to the sky for heaven, the birds of the air will proceed us, that's because the kingdom of heaven is within each person, but first it must be reached internally.

But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. and the Lord said, "Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them".

This is referring to the lower three kings, the intellectual, the physical and the emotional, making up the ego mind, when these three aspects of our minds are working together in harmony(speaking the same language), there’s no possible way that one can overcome this ego mind, you will do whatever you do, and no one can sway you opinion.

"Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech". So the Lord scattered them aboard from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city.

This is referring to when god which wishes for you and I to follow the way of the higher light and light, gets mad, and confuses the language between the three ego forces that control the mind. He shall scatter them upon our inner earth, symbolically. So that that great city, Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon, Egypt etc, will be destroyed.

Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth".

In the beginning of time of humanity, all men seemed alike, spoke the same language and believed in one same God; but again, seduced by their pursuit of greatness and wanting to be like their creator, began to construct that tower of Babel, symbol of the pride that led them to want to be above everything else.

The use of brick baked in fire instead of rock, and asphalt instead of mortar tells us in this passage of a weak construction, made with materials of low quality, which symbolizes that the monument in honor of pride was not constructed over firm foundations, being destined to crumble at any moment.

Babel babah (Hebrew) The inner meaning of the Tower of Babel, by which it was hoped that divinity might be reached or attained, is a house of initiation, a gate, portal, opening, or entrance to the divine.

The physical tower was both the building set aside to house and protect the initiation chambers, together with the ceremonies that take place in them, and an architectural emblem to signify a raising up towards heaven.

The tower may have either a divine or evil significance, either haughty pride and self-sufficiency or spiritual aspiration. Similar is the lightning-struck tower of the Tarot cards, and the Arabian Nights story of the man who built a palace completely except only for a roc's egg to hang in the dome, and when the egg is thus hung, the whole palace collapses.

"These great symbols , which are myths become the primordial beginnings of the world, Eden, the time of the Flood, and Noah's Ark; frequently associated with these in Dickens's mythology are two other symbols of the breakdown of your inner mental faculties, the tower of Babel and the city of Babylon. These symbolic references come to replace, "Heaven" and build a new world, from the lower.


The tower is the human spine, where your SEVEN seals are located on your backside. Now every story in the bible is surrounded by the number SEVEN, Joshua marched around the city of Jericho seven times and the walls came down, and the story of tower would not be complete unless it has references to the SEVEN seals, lets see is if it does? Yes! it does.

Notice that the asphalt comes out of the sea, the sea is where the beast of revelations comes from, it is the lower abdominal ares, below the diaphram.

Now we see that "they built it in forty and three years.
there is the reference to the seven seals. 4+3 =7

In the story Noah was SEVEN hundred years old, when god scattered the people of Babylon, under nimrods rule.

Here we see the SEVEN symbolism again associated with tower story and Babylon.

then notice that it's breadth was 203 bricks in height. This referring to the five senses.

and it says that the builders spoke sharp words against god, saying that once every 1,656 years heaven tottered so that the water poured down upon the earth. This number reduces to nine, the number of man.

Notice the number 33, and you have 33 vertibrae

And in the thirty-third jubilee, in the first year of this second week, Peleg took a wife whose name was Lomna, daughter of Sina'ar. And she bore a son for him in the fourth year of that week.

And he called him Reu because, he said, "Behold, the sons of men have become evil with perverse counsel so that they are building a city and tower for themselves in the land of Shinar." For they departed from the land of Ararat toward the east into Shinar, because in his days they built a city and a tower, saying, "Come let us go up in it into heaven."

And unless they take part with us in throwing in the bricks, you will have the fire devour them along with your bricks."

And Joktan, who was chief of the leaders, answered, "No, but let them be given a period of seven days, and if they repent of their evil plans and are willing to cast in bricks with you, they may live

The communication from the lower mind to the higher mind, must take place in meditation as the energy moves up the spine and enters the brain. "I have given man the mind of an animal, until SEVEN times passes by for him" says the bible.

SEVEN is the number we must get through. Until we get through the seven seals, we are building man made towers to heaven, but they will never manifest, they will crumble like so many bricks made WITHOUT straw, in a furnace hardened, so as to be brittle and fracture easily.

The brain, spine and connection with the Soul, that comprises the tower.

Along the spine are the Seven Major Chakras or parallel processors, these chakras rarely communicate. They rarely work together.

The parable goes that because God was afraid that the Tower of Babel would be built so high as to reach heaven, he purposefully created different languages amongst the various people building the tower.

These SEVEN centers are referred to as the SEVEN elohim, that created the heavens and earth.

Because of the lack of communication the real tower never got built to Heaven.

Where is heaven? WITHIN you, hence, this is an internal story.

The lack of communication between the chakras, or the people building the Tower of Babel, symbolizes their lack of integration. Because we are not integrated, our psychic bodies will not reach up to heaven. We never managed to contact our Higher Selves. We are not Enlightened.

The TOWER will crumble.

The Enlightened, have built a Tower of communication "Twixt Heaven and Earth".

In the Ancient Sanskrit this Tower has been given the name "The Antahkarana".

It is the psychic wiring, created in mental matter. A thought form created dually by the Soul and the aspirant to connect the Crown Chakra through to the Soul and then to the spiritual triad, the three forces below.

Your spiritual evolution is the height of your TOWER, if the tower is made from bricks, it is of the lower body and therefore is a false tower.

It is the "Rainbow Bridge" whereby the Higher frequencies of the energy of the Soul are stepped down to that of the Earth, so that the Earth itself can raise its frequencies, can evolve. We have been created to help in this creative act.

These frequencies are stepped down Octave by Octave through each Chakra which are really Way Stations in the Energy System of the Soul. This is the "Music of the Spheres" of Pythagoras.

Because The Enlightened Master Pythagoras was indeed talking of Chakras when talking about the Spheres or the Planets.

Each Chakra as it evolves corresponds to one or more of the Planets. This is the secret of Astrology. This is the means whereby the Seven Sacred Suns and the Seven Sacred Constellations in this Sacred Universe affect us.

Each Chakra, when working correctly, acts like a Transformer in an Electrical system to halve the Energy Frequency of God. The frequency drops Chakra by Chakra, "Station by Station" as said David Bowie, on its way down to this planet because as Gurdjieff said "Normal Human Beings are transmitters of Cosmic Energy".

And this is the function of Normal Human Beings. Those who are Enlightened. To transmit the Energy of The Soul. Whereby the higher energies of Truth, Prophesy, Intuition and Initiation are sent down towards this Planet.

Where the Higher Energy Frequencies of God create the Higher Energy Thought forms towards which the Median of the Masses are moved as they evolve and as the Earth Spirit Evolves.

Because the Energy Transmitted by the Enlightened is used to raise the frequency level of the Earth itself and all the people on it. To transmit the Light of Love down on to this planet of Love.

To dissolve the Selfishness of the separated selves, those "Law of the Jungle" Egos who cannot communicate with The Higher Self. Who think of themselves as Separate.

Who think themselves Apart. Who do not know that they too are A Part of the Universe of God Itself. Those who are not connected. Those who have not been touched by God. Those who are not "Made".

The Enlightened exist to bring light into darkness. To dissolve the darkness and this itself is the meaning of the Sanskrit word "Guru". A person who dissolves or Transmutes Goo is a GooRoo.

And this is done through the Light of the Soul. Brighter than Ten Thousand Suns it exists alone. Unchangeable. Like Fire it lights everything with which it comes into contact. And once you are lit, you too burn with the Fire of the Soul.

Like Prometheus you bring down the Fire of God onto the Earth, for the Benefit of every living being.

Hari OM Tat Sat.

This is Sat Chid Anand.

In Beelzebub’s Tales, Gurdjieff refers to humans as having the potential to “instinctual sense reality,” “instinctual sense cosmic truths,” and for attaining different degrees of “Divine Reason.” Whereas subjective knowledge is centered within one of the three moving-instinctual, emotional or intellectual being-brains,

objective knowledge requires the experiencing of the higher centers in the corresponding states of consciousness. This is also tied into the crystallization of the higher being bodies as vehicles for the life of the soul, and the attaining of real I.

Life is Real only Then, When I AM. Objective knowledge requires the evolution of the human faculties of knowledge and being, and the awakening of consciousness. Of course, the intellectual mind can have intellectual knowledge of higher knowledge, but it is only the immediate experiencing of such that is intended by the phrase objective knowledge. This is GNOSIS (KNOWING)

With objective consciousness it is possible to see and feel the unity of everything. But for subjective consciousness the world is split up into millions of separate and unconnected phenomena.

Attempts to connect these phenomena into some sort of system in a scientific or a philosophical way lead to nothing because man cannot reconstruct the idea of the whole starting from separate facts and they cannot divine the principles of the division of the whole without knowing the laws upon which this division is based.

Realizing the imperfection and weakness of ordinary language the people who have possessed objective knowledge have tried to express the idea of unity in ‘myths,’ in ‘symbols,’ and in particular ‘verbal formulas’ which, having been transmitted without alteration, have carried on the idea from one school to another, often from one epoch to another.

The aim of ‘myths’ and ‘symbols’ was to reach man’s higher centers, to transmit to him ideas inaccessible to the intellect and to transmit them in such forms as would exclude the possibility of false interpretations.

‘Myths’ are destined for the higher emotional center; ‘symbols’ for the higher thinking center.It is always possible to understand anything but only with the appropriate center.

But the preparation for receiving ideas belonging to objective knowledge has to proceed by way of the mind. The symbols that were used to transmit ideas belonging to objective knowledge included diagrams of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Through the cultivation and quickening of the centers, the individual can penetrate more and more deeply the hidden meanings of such formula, myths, symbols and diagrams.

Know thyself is one verbal formula of objective knowledge. So also is the phrase As above, so below; and the idea that a human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

The Law of Three and the Law of the Octave are other verbal formulas, which if properly understood would help one penetrate the world of the miraculous, awakening to the faculties of the higher intellectual center.

The myths of the Ladder of Jacob, Noah’s arc, and the Tower of Babel similarly convey ancient secrets. However, the true meanings of these myths, symbols and diagrams are hidden by veils that obscure the inner meanings and conceal them in mystery.

The bible says when one reads the old testament, there is a veil over it, this means that the common person cannot grasp it's true meaning. It was never meant for them to understand it.

Particularly important in the fourth way teaching is the study of the symbols of numbers, particularly the primary numbers such as One, Three and Seven.

The ancient meanings of primary numbers have to do with understanding the deep generative realms of creation, and how everything emerged out of the nothingness, 0, is unified as a one, 1, with a triune nature of 3, and existing within a sevenfold process, 7, completed in the eighth, 8, as an octave.

The three and seven together add to a ten, 10. The laws of three and seven are the laws by which form is generated out of formlessness, the multiplicity out of the 1, and the 0.

Philosophers talk of God as a geometrician and these ancient principles articulate the principles of this inner geometry of being.

The simplest sequence of symbols depicts the levels of evolution of a human beingm in waking sleep as dual in nature, signified by the two lines:

“Man, in the normal state natural to him, is taken as a duality. He consists entirely of dualities or ‘pairs of opposites.’

All man’s sensations, impressions, feelings, thoughts, are divided into positive and negative, useful and harmful, necessary and unnecessary, good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant.

This is the duality in which proceeds all the perceptions, all the reactions, the whole life of man.”

Mechanical life is controlled by the dualities of human existence, and humanity asleep does not realize the third force or principle in all things.

This is the psychology of the mind and behaviour, which has no substantive consciousness, heart, soul or spirit. Formatory thinking is dualistic and mechanical man is lived out by the pains and pleasures of the body, the rights and wrongs of the mind, all between life and death.

if a man brings the work of the five centers within him into harmonious accord, he then ‘locks the pentagram within him’ and becomes a finished type of the physically perfect man.

The full and proper functioning of five centers brings them into union with the higher centers which introduce the missing principle and put man into direct and permanent connection with objective consciousness and objective knowledge.

The six pointed star, the Seal of Solomon or Star of David, has deep inner meaning in terms of the completion of life. The figure embodies firstly the triune nature of things, both above and below.

The downward turned triangle represents a human’s mental, emotional and physical nature embodied in the material world. The upward turned triangle could be taken to represent the astral, mental and causal bodies, or planes of being.

The union of the two in perfect symmetry indicates the attainment of the higher bodies and permanent self perfection.

In terms of creation physics, the Seal of Solomon suggests the manner in which all metaphysical and physical laws embody the law of three, above and below, on earth as it is in heaven. This seal is the opening of the SEVEN seals within the human body.

When we go into meditation, and take no thought, shutdown all thinking, we are allowing god to confuse the inner language of the earth tribes, The physical, the intellectual and the emotional, that rule over and control the thought patterns of our minds.

we are allowing this higher light force to bring an end to the earth tribes trying to reach heaven in vain,

Their frail tower made of brick baked in fire instead of rock, and asphalt instead of mortar tells us in this passage of a weak construction, made with materials of low quality, which symbolizes that the monument in honor of pride, by the egoist mind was not constructed over firm foundations, being destined to crumble at any moment.

The tower being constructed by the imposter, the pharaoh, the EGO will never succeed, if you go into meditation, and receive the heaven, the new Jerusalem which comes down WITHIN, in other words, from WITHIN you.

Once you receive this energy within yourself, you will have successfully destroyed this lower tower, the communication from the lower will be confounded, that which is trying to control your mind.

The earth built tower is in constant construction within each human being at every moment in time. There is no time, when the builders are not toiling to construct this tower within you, it can only be brought down by the hand of god, the light received in meditation, and then gods tower will have taken it's place.

So is the way, the ancient myth cists tried to convey the deep spiritual, metaphysical truths.

There was never a LITERAL tower, there was never a LITERAL Jonah living in a fish, there was never a LITERAL Noah’s ark, nor a talking donkey and a talking snake, or any other such grandiose thing in the bible.

And no they were not miracles, but myths, because myths reveal and embody those truths that need to be conveyed to the aspirant, to the seeker of truth.

The bible stories were never meant to be in the hands of the masses, but were intended only for those on the spiritual path of understanding, that is why the book we call the bible should be taken away from the vain and ignorant soul, because he simply cannot understand it, and it simply causes much confusion.

They read it in the destructive LITERAL form, and completely miss the pearls of wisdom contained therein.

It will corrupt his or her mind, because such books can never be given to those who are not yet ready for higher learning, it is as if casting pearls (knowledge) gnosis to swine, they will trample on it.

A light is of no use to a blind man/woman.

The bible is a book of light, but can only be discerned by those with spiritual eyes.

Simply stated, when one is operating from the three lower centers, that person is full of confusion, (Babel) babble, internal chatter, and can never reach heaven or nirvana WITHIN, until that person removes the false ego mask (persona) and then stands naked before the cosmos, in all his/her nakedness, then the elohim can build the real spiritual tower within that person.

There are those people that we meet in our daily lives, if you become an observer, you will see this fallen tower and confusion within them.

Redefined in a shorter form

Babel city

A symbol of a mental center established in the soul, at an early period of human evolution, when the entire lower nature of the soul was in a homogenous condition.

From the very commencement of mans evolution, which which was always meant to be spiritual only, he was a temple (house of the divine). At first his life was simple.

It was one fold, so to speak, in order to express how simple it was. But the divine presence was within it's potentiality. The dual nature of the mind eventually became known to the individual.

Spiritual confusion, is a symbol of the disharmony which arises through the expression of mind and desire, in the EVOLVING soul Not the common or early soul.

"Go to, let us go down, there and confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech"

The divine life therefore descends, since it is a means of causing disagreement and disharmony in the qualities of the lower nature, ruled by the lower three, a necessary condition and state of soul proceeds a craving for higher things.

The confusion is evidenced in the irregular character of the alliance of the mind coupled with emotion or desire.

It's expression (speech) is natural unbalanced result which the mind produces when coming under the sway of the emotions.

Neither manna alone, nor kama alone, can produced confusion,. It is as each struggles with the other that confusion within ones mind results.

Tower of Babel simplified.

A symbol of the false conception that the highest truth may be reached through the exercise of the lower mental faculties.

Babylon: A symbol of the lower nature of desire sensation, which holds the soul in captivity. see also, Egypt, and Sodom and Gomorrah.

The best description of the monumental tower can be found in a cuneiform tablet from Uruk, written in 229 BCE. It is a copy of an older text and is now in the Louvre in Paris. It states that the tower was made up of seven terraces and it gives the height of the seven stocks.

A larger gate in the east connected the Etemenanki with the sacred procession road. Seen from the triple gate, the Etemenanki must have resembled a true "stairway to heaven", because the gates on the higher terraces seemed to be standing on top of each other.

On the highest terrace was a temple, dedicated to the Babylonian supreme god Marduk. The Louvre tablet again offers information. There were several cult rooms:


Marduk shared his room with his wife Sarpanitum, a second room offered accommodation to the scribe-god Nabû and his wife Tashmetu, and there were rooms for the water god Ea, the god of light Nusku, the god of heaven Anu, and finally Enlil, Marduk's predecessor as chief of the Mesopotamian pantheon.

A seventh room was called "house of the bed" and contained a bed and a throne. A second bed was on the inner court of the temple on the highest platform of the Etemenanki.

The temple of Bêl, the Babylonian Zeus was still in existence in my time. It has a solid central tower, one stadium square, with a second erected on top of it and then a third, and so on up to eight.

All eight towers can be climbed by a spiral way running round the outside, and about half way up there are seats for those who make the ascent to rest on.

On the summit of the topmost tower stands a great temple with a fine large couch in it, richly covered, and a golden table beside it.

The shrine contains no image, and no one spends the night there except (if we may believe that Chaldaeans who are the priests of Bêl) one Babylonian woman, all alone, whoever it may be that the god has chosen. The Chaldaeans also say -though I do not believe them- that the god enters the temple in person and takes his rest upon the bed.

Some Noah symbolism

Then they were given "seven days" in which to build their structure of safety and gather the fourteens and twos of all creatures together.

To be sure, the period for accomplishment of the work to be consummated in every cycle of life is "seven days."

Life could not withdraw from its outward manifestation in matter before the end of the cycle, which is seven "days" of creative activity. Thus the allegory is in utter true conformity with ancient cosmology.

The collection of seven (presumably of each gender) of "clean beasts" and but two of each kind of "unclean beasts" into the ark has been an item of puzzlement to exegetists.

This is simple enough. To be "clean," the lower animal nature would have had to be perfected by its development and purification attained at the end of the entire cycle of seven sub-cycles.

Those that were figured under the number of the primal duality, which represents the condition in which they begin the cycle, when purgation of evil has but only begun, were the "unclean." The "sevens" were finished and "clean"; the "twos" were still imperfectly developed and "unclean."

The forty days of rain types the period of the "inundation," which is another glyph for the incarnation or incubation in the womb.

The grain of Egypt was considered to be forty days in the ground before germination, when planted in the overflowing waters of the inundated Nile.

The germ of human life incubates forty weeks in the womb of the mother before birth.

The 120 days of durance in the ark seems to represent this typical period of forty, number of incubation, considered as threefold, in conformity with the kindred emblemism of the three days in the tomb, that is, forty taken three times.

The basic significance of the three numbers - three , seven and forty which occur endlessly in Bible symbolism, is uniformly that of the gestation of incarnation.

It is buried in the three lower kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal; it works in matter through the seven cycles of any period; and it lies latent through the forty days of prenatal growth.

Revelations symbolism

Great military conflicts on the continental plains may be a phase of the struggle in one of its manifestations, but the term refers to the entire aeonial battle.

It is notable, however, that in Revelation this battle is fought after the pouring out of the contents of the seventh principle which brought the triadic unity of solar deity into the body formed by the six elementary forces.

It is precisely the time when the great battle between the god and the six lower powers, the Sebau, could begin.

The battle could not start, surely, until the god arrived on the scene. The battle is preceded by the emptying of the great bowl and the sound of a great voice which proclaimed: "It is done!"

The struggle only begins when the seven natures had been conjoined in the physical body on the horizon line.

With the coming of the solar triad of mind the battle was on between it and the six (seven) evil spirits which had to be made subservient, or "cast down."

"Slaughter" was to be "dealt out to Apap" by Maati! The battle of Armageddon was begun as the "war in heaven" and continued on earth between the sun-god incubated in the body and the six demoniac forces of the natural "first man." We have long been fighting the Battle of Har-Makhu-Adon WITHIN ourselves.

Notice the numbers forty and three from the book of Mormon

"And it came to pass that he caused that the plates which contained the record of his people, from the time that they left the land of Zarahemla should be brought before Ammon, that he might read them.

Now, as soon as Ammon had read the record, the king inquired of him to know if he could interpret languages, and Ammon told him that he could not.

And the king said unto him, being grieved for the affictions [afflictions] of my people, I caused that forty and three of my people should take a journey into the wilderness

From the Catholic Encyclopedia

Notice below, the inner court, and the outer court
This is the human brain with the dura mater and pia mater

The ruins of these sanctuaries are probably identical with those of Babil and Birs Nimrud, though opinions differ concerning Babil. The buildings were pyramidal in form and rose in several, usually seven, step-like sections.

The storied tower of Birs Nimrud counts seven of these quadrangular platforms painted in seven colors, black, white, yellow, blue, scarlet, silver, and gold, and in the same order sacred to the stellar gods, Adar (Saturn), Ishtar (Venus), Merodach (Jupiter), Nebo (Mercury), Nergal (Mars), Sin (the Moon), Shamash (the Sun).

It has been learned in the excavations at Nippur that the pyramidal tower or ziggurrat did not constitute the whole of the Babylonian Temple.

This latter had an inner and an outer court, both nearly square and nearly of the same dimensions; the tower occupied about one-third of the area of the inner court, and near to it stood the temple proper where the sacrifices were offered.

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