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December 21st, 2012 has come and gone. No one from this site has ever predicted any physical events or disasters occurring on this date. It is this "general" time frame in which this site is concerned with. NOTHING has changed EXCEPT for one thing, which is this: The entire world NOW (since December 21, 2012) has declared this date to be just "another" fake date to be thrown in the trash bin along with the many past false dates. 

HOWEVER, one thing is different! All the world was watching this December 21, 2012 date, whereas ALL of the past fake dates that were set where absolutely NOT that noticeable or evident to all nations of the world - but this one was! Since nothing occurred (at least in the physical realm) the world is now breathing a sigh of relief, and making comments such as "nothing happened as usual, we're still well and safe." 

 This was a colossal date-setting event that was years in the making and was heard throughout the world. One might say that it was a big enough event as to be perhaps a fulfillment of scripture. In view of this development it is imperative to remember 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3: 

1-But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.

2-For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 

3-For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


The Second Coming Of Christ
(The Real, Spiritual, and Eternal Coming of Christ)

"And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in." (Luke 22:10)


The Age of Aquarius




Breathtaking! Click Here!

The only way to describe the above video is "Breathtaking." Be sure to take 8 minutes and 42 seconds of your time and watch something that is more than likely newly discovered for YOU!

Where Their Worm Dieth NOT

"How Can Ye Escape the Damnation of Hell?"
(Matthew 23:33)

You may hold (for example) a WWII past life memory hidden within the depths of your subconscious and eternal mind. Your universal "soul mind" has captured everything you have ever done since the birth of your soul.

 At times certain bits of these memories can flash back at you via dreams, meditation, past life regressions, etc. Take a GOOD LOOK at reality in these videos below. Notice particularly the fear and perplexity on the faces of the earthbound souls being gathered for slaughter. 

ONLY the Christ Consciousness that is WITHIN ALL people holds the KEY to Death and Hell in which you can finally escape this lower life state of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Your Hell is a continual cycle of birth and death UNTIL you have finally risen from your lower nature and into the eternal and unspeakable bliss that is obtainable and waiting for you NOW - as you live! YES, the hell that Scripture warns of is our lower nature and this lower level planet that we presently exist upon. 

It is our classroom and we have many classes (lifetimes) that we must undertake. This earth is indeed a "BOTTOMLESS PIT" of woes and wails and will remain that way UNTIL you (all of us) GO WITHIN OURSELVES as Christ and all other main religions command you to do. 

That is to say the Kingdom of God is WITHIN you, thus in order to find the Kingdom of God we must ALL go within ourselves, and there is only one way to accomplish this ... through MEDITATION. "If therefore thine eye be single , thy whole body shall be full of light," (Matthew 6:22).
Each and every one of us may have participated - through past lives - in the following events. Note that the following videos are merely a sampling of the recurring "Hell" (that dieth not) that everyone must go through until finally - and after many lifetimes - we reach out for the true "key" of Death and Hell. 

WWII Real Footage - True Satan is Every Man's Lower Nature
Monster Revenge of the Lower Level
More Unimaginable Moster Revenge of the Lower Level
Suffer the Little Children To Come Unto Me
Speaks for Itself - Only the Loving Will See the Truth
Arrogance of the EGO
Man's Lower Nature Continues
WAR! FOOLS! What Do They Care?
Try Justifying This!
Spectacular Pictures of Hell's Insanity!
Rare WWI Film - When Will They Learn?

WARNING! Hard To Watch! Don't Fool Yourself, Earth and Man's Lower Nature IS the HELL that Scripture Warns Of!

China: Nothing New Under the Sun

The Bosnian Genocide - YOU ARE ALL WRONG!

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets," Matthew 7:12. 

  Listen to NO ONE but God in your heart. The horror in the above videos simply shows the blind leading the blind, while no one is living from within their heart where God abides! 


 Yes, there are tens of thousands of people in these videos from many different worldly religions and most would say that they follow God, yet IF they did would they dare pick up a weapon to kill another human? Yes they would and yes they did simply because their worldly religions did them NO GOOD AT ALL. 

 Main religions are metaphoric and do point to God's way BUT we do not understand the allegorical implications UNTIL we go within ourselves and meditate upon God as He commands us to do.

The above videos are more than disturbing, they are Horrendous, and yet think about the thousands upon thousands of years that these types of atrocities have unfolded without the benefits of documentation or photography. Add to man's inhumanity toward man the millions of human deaths brought on by nature such as sickness plagues and weather calamities and yet most humans are fine with it and brush it off as "that's life." This isn't life at all, this is Hell and we are on a lower level planet as a learning process. You will not advance from here UNTIL you align yourself with God's purpose of PURE LOVE AND SERVING OTHERS . 

  "The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath." (Proverbs 15:24) 

Going IN and OUT of reincarnation states is God's process of bringing each and every one of us into that final state of perfection. Each and every life we experience, either here on Earth or on some other lower lever planet, is a "hands on" learning experience as we eventually work our way up through the higher dimemsions and finally into the Kingdom of God - both within and without - above and below. 

"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple
of my God, and he shall go no more OUT: and I will
write upon him the name of my God, and the name of
the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which
cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will
write upon him my new name." (Revelation 3:12)


Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun: (Ecclesiastes 11:7)
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Sungazing at Farm of Life, Costa Rica
Sungazing Part 2

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. (Malachi 4:2)

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"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22



  Being Updated Constantly - PLEASE NOTE: We cannot be responsible for anyof the comments you may read under these U-Tube videos.

We look at the content only and not on the anonymous comments. 

Please read the following two articles on meditation. The Edgar Cayce piece is possibly the most important writing on this page, so PLEASE read this article before you leave this page. It is the most profound and Scripturally accurate article that you will most likely ever find on the subject of real meditation.
From The Hidden Lighthouse

GREAT SPIRITUAL WEBSITES (Our decision whether or not to meditate regularly depends on the depth of our desire to have an intimate relationship with God.)
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VERY IMPORTANT!!! People in mainline religions fear meditation. 
They actually cling to the outer light, not realizing
it is darkness, and fear the inner darkness of
meditation, not realizing it is light.

Consider the Book of Exodus. Here "God" tells Moses, "Throw down your rod and it will become a serpent". 

Moses throws down his rod and lo and behold it
becomes a serpent.

Magic ?, no, its simply a beautiful part of the New Age known as Kundalini. 

The rod is your spine, the symbol of your dominant lower flesh that is about to be converted to the source of divine power.

By throwing down the rod means that you no longer place your dependence on the authority of the flesh or lower mind. You enter into meditation and as you do you are throwing down dependence on the physical and placing your dependence on the spiritual. 

When you do that, the spine then becomes the center of the 
spiritual energy, symbolized by the serpent. 

Take no thought. Cut off your dependence on the lower self, and the spiritual energy (the serpent) will awaken from her slumber and rise to the Pineal Gland where all things will indeed become new. From Hidden Lighthouse

Revelation 2012 - The Word of God is DNA 

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This video is an hour and fifty minutes in length
and if there were ever a "SMOKING GUN" that gives
hard factual evidence in proving that all the
world's main religions are teaching one eternal
truth, this video is the one to watch. 


 "The Kingdom of God Is Within You" - Luke 17:21 


The Brain - God's Temple - - See Michaelangelo's Adam Painting - - See God and the Human Brain Pineal Gland 101 - - Meditation - The Pineal Gland is a Stargate - - The Temple Brain


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Crop Circles

"Spirit Whisperer" By John Holland

There's a special language that transcends time and space - a language that's not constrained by the limitations of just words - but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy, and thought. A language that can only be heard when one truly listens. It's the language of The Spirit Whisperer. Here is yet another book that is highly recommended reading. There really isn't any particular section of the book that needs to be quoted here, all I can say is that every sentence should be read. You can visit John's website HERE .

(From "Many Lives, Many Masters"
by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.) 

While trying to keep this section of the website from looking like a book review, it may prove difficult to do given the fact that there have been a great many wonderful books writen during the past two decades on the subject of reincarnation and/or the eternal existence of the human soul. This book speaks volumns for anyone willing to take a closer look at this hidden truth. Visit Brain's website HERE. The fear of death, that hidden, constant fear that no amount of money or power can neutralize - this is the core. But if people knew that "life is endless; so we never die; we were never really born," then this fear would dissolve. 

If they knew that they had lived countless times before and would live countless times again, how reassured they would feel. If they knew that spirits were around to help them while they were in physical state and that after death, in spiritual state, they would join these spirits, including their deceased loved ones; how comforted they would be. If they knew that guardian "angels" really did exist, how much safer they would feel. If they knew that acts of violence and injustices against people did not go unnoted, but had to be repaid in kind in other lifetimes, how much less anger and desire for vengeance they would harbor. And if indeed, "by knowledge we approach God," of what use are material possessions, or power, when they are an end in themselves and not a means to that approach? To be greedy or power-hungry has no value whatsoever.

(From "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Past Life Regression"
by Michael R. Hathaway, D.C.H.)

Although the title of this book may sound generic, the author is an expert in his field, and has much to say and teach on the subject of reincarnation and past life regression. The following is a short excerpt on his great work

: As your already know, the choice to follow your life plan or not is free will. Your life plan is dictated by how you followed your plan during your previous life. If you chose to stick with your lesson there, you moved forward in your soul's journey. If you didn't, you are now dealing with the leftover karma from your past. You may have a lot to work on or you may have already made improvements. 

It seems that the more developed your soul is, the more resistance you may encounter for staying in tune with your life purpose. As your soul evolved over many lifetimes, it has slowly worked its way through the lessons of the universe. Of course, when all the lessons are learned, the "old soul" will return to the place where its journey began. There it will exist as a part of the collective unconscious and the knowledge of all its experiences. 

A younger soul may create a lot of karma, but does so out of desire to satisfy its ego. It is more prone to act without consciously thinking about the results of its actions. It is only later that it realizes it has followed its will for personal satisfaction rather then staying in tune with its purpose. At this point in its development, it may not be paying attention to its potential. 

An old soul, on the other hand, knows that it needs to stay true to its purpose. It may resent that it is not free to make its own decisions like a young soul. It is bound by its conscience or awareness that there is a purpose in life beyond material comfort and ego satisfaction. If you are an old soul, you know what it means to be out of sync with most everyone, and you probably resent that fact, 

The old soul will often have many more arguments with him- or herself than a younger soul. These arguments are often over the right to do what one pleases rather then to listen to the inner voice that says to do the right thing. An old soul will observe younger souls that seem to enjoy life without an awaremess of the consequences of following their own free will. The old soul knows the consequences, but may choose to ignore them. 

Now that you have identified some of your karma and traced it back into other lifetimes, do you want to do anything about it or do you want to keep it as it is? You may have found that in one life your karma gave you a lot of pleasure, and in another it gave you a lot of pain. The pleasure comes when you are taking self-gratifying actions that do nothing to help you learn the lessons of the universe. That brief respite of self-indulgence can result in a much longer period of karmic payback. 

"What goes around, comes around" means that your quest for self-gain may allow you to serve many of those you mistreated during the time you were in control. If you are now in a vocation that seems menial and you have to serve many people, you may be able to regress back to a lifetime when you were in power and find that those you serve now, served you then. 

 If you can locate such a lifetime, how did you treat others when you were in a position of power? If you are in a position of power or wealth now, you may want to consider how you are currently treating those who cross your life journey. Remember that every action you take now may result in karma in the future. The choise is yours. You have the opportunity to create and resolve karma with every thought and action. You can go with your heart and soul, or you can listen to the voice inside that seeks to satisfy your ego. You may want to develop a karmic balance sheet in your journal and consider the actions that you have taken and those that you are contemplating. 

(From pages 213-214. Bold highlights not the author's.) Visit Michael's website HERE

Dogma Bites Man (From "Children's Past Lives - How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child" by Carol Bowman) 

(Underlining and Bold Added) 

(Visit Carol's website HERE.)

The awesome charisma of Jesus Christ and his good-news ministry profoundly changed the lives of those who knew him and who followed soon after. The enthusiasm and spirit of the first Christians spread through the Middle East until what had begun as an inspired cult of Jews in dusty Judea grew to be a revolutionary religious movement pervading the whole Roman Empire.

 As the ideas spread, they percolated through the practices and theologies of existing religions and took on forms that Jesus would not have recognized - especially the institution of a formal priesthood to mediate between man and God. Throughout the first three centuries of the Christian era, there was no single Christian doctrine. Christian theology and doctrine - interpretations of Christ's teachings blended with ideas from other philosophies and religions - were hotly debated for at least three hundred years. Many of the tenets of the faith that Christians take for granted today were, during this long period of flux, simply a few ideas among many.

It is a fact that some Christian sects and writers accepted reincarnation as an enhancement to the teachings of Christ. Origen, one of the heralded Fathers of the Church and described by Saint Gregory as "the Prince of Christian learning in the third century," wrote: "Every soul comes into this world strengthened by the victories and weakened by the defeats of its previous life."

So if reincarnation was an idea in currency with early Christians, why have all traces of it disappeared from the Christian religion we know today?

By the early fourth century, strong Christian factions were vying with each other for influence and power, while at the same time the Roman Empire was beginning to fall apart. In A.D. 325, in a move to renew the unity of the empire, the absolute dictator Emperor Constantine convened the leaders of the feuding Christian factions at the Council of Nicaea. He offered to throw his imperial power behind the Christians if they would settle their differences and agree on a single creed.

 Decisions made at this first council set the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church. (Soon after, the books of the Bible were fixed too.) For the sake of unity, all beliefs that conflicted with the new creed were banished, and in the process the factions and writings that supported reincarnation were thrown out.

Then, with the applause and support of the Christian leaders, Constantine moved to eliminate competing religions and make his personal grip on the empire even more absolute. The result of the marriage between church and imperial state was a new Church made in the image of the autocratic Roman Empire. This is why, according to some historians, the church exalts unquestioned central authority, imposes a singular dogmatic creed on its followers, and works so hard to stamp out divergent ideas. This is important, because reincarnation fell outside the official creed.

Apparently some Christians continued to believe in reincarnation even after the Council of Nicaea, because in A.D. 553 the Church found the need to single out reincarnation and condemn it explicitly. At the Second Council of Constantinople the concept of reincarnation, bundled together with other ideas under the term "Pre-existence of the soul," was decreed to be a crime worthy of excommunication and damnation ("anathema")

If anyone assert the fabulous pre-existence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema.

Why would the Church go to such lengths to discredit reincarnation? The implicit psychology of reincarnation may be the best explanation.

A person who believes in reincarnation assumes responsibility for his own spiritual evolution through rebirth. He does not need priests, confessionals, and rituals to ward off damnation (all ideas, incidentally, that were not part of Jesus' teachings.)

 He needs only to heed his own acts to himself and others. A belief in reincarnation eliminates the fear of eternal hell that the church uses to discipline the flock. In other words, reincarnation directly undermines the authority and power of the dogmatic Church. No wonder reincarnation made the Defenders of the Faith so nervous.

Despite the decree of 553, belief in reincarnation persisted among the rank and file. It took another thousand years and much bloodshed to completely stamp out the idea.

In the early thirteenth century, the Cathars, a devout and enlightened sect of Christians who believed in reincarnation, flourished in Italy and southern France. The pope launched a crusade to stop the heresy, a half million people were massacred - whole villages at a time - and the Cathars were totally wiped out. The purging set the tone for the brutal Inquisition that began soon after. Not only was a belief in reincarnation cause for persecution, but so was belief in any metaphysical idea that fell outside the bounds of Church dogma.

The murderous efficiency of the Inquisition proved effective. The persecution by the institutional Church has scarred our collective psyche, and it has surrounded us with an invisible fence dividing what is safe from what is dangerous to believe. Since then, people who harbor forbidden ideas have learned to keep their thoughts to themselves. Our cultural memory still carries the fear of reprisal for publicly associating with any occult practices, and use of psychic powers, or a belief in reincarnation.

Here it is the source of the double standard. No wonder so many people today believe in reincarnation privately but are afraid that if they come out publicly, they will be attacked for being weird - the modern word for heresy. Maybe by understanding where this fear comes from, we can negate its hold on us, and turn off the invisible fence. So when our children speak of past lives, we can follow or hearts and not our fears - and believe them.

Rules #45: "Living Another Life": Unique Qualities of Past Life Dreams

(From: Heal Past Lives )

One of the tragedies of modern life is that sleep is often regarded as unproductive down time ... an annoying habit that cannot be broken. Since sleep cannot be avoided, it is often minimized, to "get it over with" and to get on with life. And yet, from a spiritual standpoint, sleep is incredibly productive.

For while our body sleeps and our mind rests, they and "we" are put in touch with the healing and regulating currents of the universe. It is the longest part of the day that we - all of us - spend in touch with the inner worlds of God. 

If you think nothing happens while we are sleeping, why is it that we can go to sleep upset about a problem and wake up feeling better about it? Nothing in our situation has changed ... so if nothing had gone on while sleeping, how could this happen? Yet, it is dreams that are the real evidence "something is going on" while we sleep. And part of what dreams are used for is to work through past life karma.

Dreams and the Burn Off of Past Life Karma
How it works is that - relative to the working through of karma - there is no difference between what is "real" (happening in waking life on the physical plane) and what is "imagined" (happening in sleeping life in the inner worlds of God). As long as you can feel it, whether in a dream or in "real" life, you can heal it.

Why it happens depends on your level of spiritual evolution.

If you are "just getting into" greater awareness of spirituality, then "karmic dreams" are a safe way of introducing you to the greater totality of yourself ... to your past lives. In other words, you can relive a traumatic past life event even if your "waking" belief system does not support belief in the "reality" of past lives. 

If you are "already on the path", then "karmic dreams" are a more harmonious way to work off karma. In other words, if you have past life "robbery" karma to work off, then experiencing getting your house vandalized in the dream state ... is much less disruptive to your life in the future than if it had "actually" happened to you in "real life" (ie. healing a broken house, etc).

Remember that karma is more about teaching than punishing ... and, if you can learn lessons less painfully in the dream state, that is the surest sign of the working of a loving and compassionate universe. So here is how to tell if your dream has "past life origins"...

Regardless of your level of spiritual advancement, the primary purpose of your dreams is to give you "coaching" about your life now. Therefore, most dreams will be filled with people, places, and things that are familiar to you in your life today.

When you find yourself dreaming about "historical" people, places, and things that is the surest sign you are in the process of tapping into your past lives. In other words, if you find yourself dressed in "period clothing" or in "historical settings", or if you see yourself living through "significant events" from times that could only have been experienced in past lives ... you are having a "karmic dream".

Most often, the strongest indicator of "karmic dreams" are when we see ourselves as "other than" we are today. Meaning that in dreams we see someone who "we know to be ourselves" that is clearly of the opposite gender or from a different race, religion, ethnic group, nation, etc than we are today.

In our dreaming life, just as in waking life, we are "in charge" of what goes on there. If we do not like what happens, all we need to do is simply decide that we want to change it and it will transform in response to our wishes.

Yet, in "karmic dreams", especially those that are recurring nightmares, we are not able to change the sequences of events no matter how hard we try. Just as the events in the past life cannot be changed, neither can the replay of those events in the dream state be changed. Those events will just replay again in dreaming life until they get our attention and cause us to take action on them in waking life.

Often recurring nightmares start out as recurring dreams ... and if we had taken care of the recurring dream by exploring and healing it, then it would not have turned into a nightmare. Nightmares are usually a last ditch effort to get the person to heal their life before the problems manifest into "physical, waking reality" where they can be no longer denied (see "Discovering Past Lives Through Dreams").

"Regular" dreams are meant to give the individual a variety of experiences in the inner worlds. Often this means that "dream events" happen rapidly and in a seemingly random, chaotic order. This is designed to bypass our linear, logical minds which are barriers to our pure experience from the source. Meaning that because our minds cannot keep up or make sense of what happens in the dream state, they stop filtering the "dream garbage" and let it flow through uninterrupted.

Yet, in "karmic dreams", our minds do register the logical sequence of events in our dreams but are unable to alter them because they are replays of past events ... and not current creations of our egos. The struggle that our minds undergo in the effort to "clean up karmic dreams" is often what brings them to our attention. They tend to "stand out" relative to the normal stream of dreams that are quickly forgotten.

Since "karmic dreams" are designed to bring unhealed past life issues to the forefront of our awareness, this is a good thing... especially if we have requested a change in the circumstances of our present life that to happen require healing of "past life blocks" (see "How I Discovered My Work Through Dreams").

"Karmic dreams" especially attract our attention, if inside them, our "past life personality" displays learning, talents, skills, and abilities that we have not acquired in our life now. In other words, in a "karmic dream" we might have the ability to speak and understand a foreign language we do not know now. 

Or, in dreams, we may understand complex medical procedures but, in waking life, we are not trained as doctors. Or, in dreams, we may have detailed knowledge of the law but, in waking life, we are not trained as attorneys.

Or, in dreams, we have artistic talents that we lack in "real life".

One of the surest signs of a "karmic dream" is, once we have had one, we begin to spontaneously use those dreamed talents in our waking lives. In fact, when we "just know how" to do things we have never been formally taught, we are "remembering" what we have already learned in one or more past lives. If we have already studied and mastered a talent it is ours. If you wish to reconnect with previously learned skills from past lives, try the "Unleashing Past Life Talents" exercise.

Throughout our journey through the universe, we will be all things - saint and sinner, hero and villain, good and evil - so that we can gain a complete understanding or life. Often, "karmic dreams" will try to show us the past life "shadow side" of our present life selves. In other words, past lives where we racked up "bad karma".

For example, if our house was robbed, we might have a "karmic dream" showing us a past life where we "made our living" by thievery. Or if we are "powerless" now, we might dream of past lives of abusing power which created our life now. 

In another example, a very talented, energetic African American woman had found herself repeatedly drawn into situations where others "put her down" and were constantly using "racial slurs" against her. She wanted to know why this seemed to follow her no matter where she went. So one night in a "karmic dream", she was shown a past life in the South where she had been a slave owner. Although she had not been physically cruel to those slaves she "owned", she had been very verbally abusive ... and now she was experiencing the other side of the coin in this lifetime.

Strange beliefs and thoughts are very often carryovers of disempowering behavior patterns from previous lives. "Karmic dreams" often work to reveal how past life tragedies have carried over and have created our present day beliefs ... beliefs which may seem strange now but made "perfect sense" to us in the past. There are many such belief systems which are quite recognizable in modern day life.

For example, the "I gotta live hard because I'm gonna die young" syndrome is a belief system carried over from past lives cut short by unexpected illness or tragedy as a present day defense mechanism. The "push it to the edge extreme risk taking" syndrome is also a belief system often carried over from past lives as mercenaries who lived for the action packed thrills of a dangerous "short but sweet" life. The "I am just an abuse magnet" is a thought-form carried over from many past lives as a battered spouse that only serves to attract abusive partners into the present lifetime.

It is a maxim of psychology that "all behavior makes sense on the inside". So when the origins of unusual behaviors or attitudes are sought, an explanation is usually traceable back to some childhood experience. Yet if the answer is not to be found there, then the "psychological archeaology" needs to be extended to look for the answer in one of more past lives. Often, the explanations for unusual behaviors or attitudes in the present life are revealed by "karmic dreams" about past lives.

For example, I always have to sit along the aisle in a movie theatre (I cannot sit anywhere else without experiencing extreme discomfort). This phobia resulted from one past life where I was burned to death in a theatre. I died because I had been sitting in the center seat and could not get out in time. 

My body "remembered" that trauma (burning to death is THE WORST way to go) and was protecting me by making sure it would not happen again. Since this death was so painful, I was shown the origin of this otherwise "inexplicable habit" inside a "karmic dream". This was a relief because I could at least explain myself to my long suffering family!

"Strange" habits and manners are those which are "out of place" or "out of character" considering how a particular individual usually acts. Often the individual is able to recognize the inconsistency without being able to explain to themselves or others why they always act as strangely as they do. And yet the answer may be revealed to them inside a "karmic dream" from their past lives. 

For example, a woman who otherwise liked to wear the most revealing clothes was always careful to wear a scarf around her neck. She felt very nervous in taking it off no matter how uncomfortable and hot it got.

Then this woman had a "karmic dream" where she has been branded with a convict's mark that had been burned into her flesh. With help from friends, she had escaped being hung but always had to wear a scarf around her neck to hide her guilty secret.

Later in that life, the convict's mark was discovered on her and she was executed in a very painful manner. Once she had a "karmic dream" and understood the origin of her need to wear scarves, she no longer had to wear them ... unless she decided to do so and was choosing to wear scarves out of fashion and not fear.

Birthmarks would be marks appearing on infants - that were not caused during delivery - are often indicative of past life wounds. Ian Stevenson, reincarnation researcher, notes that where "a deceased person (past life) was identified and the details of whose (past) life unmistakably matched the child's (present life) statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks on the (present) child and the wounds on the (past) deceased person."

How those birthmarks were created are often revealed inside "karmic dreams". For example, a woman with a birthmark in the shape of a stylized letter dreamed about being branded as a slave. In the dream, she saw the same stylized letter on the end of a branding iron before it was seared into her flesh in that past life ... in the exact same spot where the present life birthmark was located.

The origins of highly charged sexual functioning (like sexual functioning) and the root causes of sexual dysfunctions (like male impotence or female frigidity) are often deeply rooted in past lives. Take this example of "karmic daydreaming" as recounted by a woman in Nancy Friday's book "Forbidden Flowers".

"I had slipped into my fantasy and actually became that slave girl I had fantasized about ... It was as though I had been transported back across the ages to ancient Rome ..." The woman goes onto recount how her past life fantasy became her present day reality when she was briefly sexually "enslaved" for a period of time by strangers in the same manner she had always dreamed about. Yet her abductors were not true strangers in the karmic sense: they were old "friends" from a Roman past life returned to relive a highly pleasurable past life sexual encounter.

Poverty or prosperity consciousness is usually deeply rooted in past lives. Money habits are often the most persistent - and hardest to change - in any lifetime. That is because if you have a relationship with nothing else in the physical world, you will have a relationship with money. Since money is everywhere you want to be, past lives usually have strongly dominated your attitudes toward it. Worse, because you might have died traumatically because of money or the lack of it, disempowering attitudes toward it will most likely require patient and persistent healing to "correct".

For example, a client who died in the Black Plague was a compulsive spender in this life because they were continuing to live as if there were "no tomorrow". Before that past life block was cleared with the help of a "karmic dream", their "eat, drink, and be merry" attitude ruined their credit in this life.

The weight of tragedies from many past lives can manifest in the present as the "everything is just fine in my life so why is it that I just can't be happy?"

syndrome. If nothing from your life now can account for your present depression/anxiety, it may well be coming from the past. Often "karmic dreams" will hold the clues to why, try as one might, a person just cannot be happy.

For example, for as long as one client could remember, they found themselves being periodically overcome by bouts of uncontrollable weeping. There was no pattern to the weeping except one ... they only cried when they were alone or when others would have no chance of discovering it.

As the cycle of crying got worse, the client prayed constantly to be shown the true source of their grief. Then one night, the client had a "karmic dream" where they saw themselves dying and leaving a much loved spouse behind… and they knew it was past life tears that they had been crying all along. And it was this "karmic dream" that set them on a long path of healing this very traumatic lifetime.

Why We Need to Go Beyond Religion

(The following article was written by a former Presbyterian clergyman, John Sloat,
who is webmaster of the site ... Beyond Religion .) 

1. Religion is limited by our human understanding. Spiritual truth is as wide and broad as the mind of God. No human attempt to comprehend the reality and plan of God could be complete and final. There is always more to learn. 2. Religion is the grammar school of spirituality, the place where we learn the basics about God. But those lessons are couched in very elementary concepts. In the same way that we are intended to move beyond grammar school into ever higher levels of learning, so we must be willing to move beyond childhood concepts and embrace the larger truths that God continually offers us. 

3. We are physical/spiritual beings. We have a body which will eventually die, and a soul which will live forever because it is part of God. As a result, we have two sets of senses, the five which connect us with the physical world and others that connect us with the spiritual world (intuition, dreams, visions, psychic abilities, etc.) Religion is an expression of the physical side of our nature, while spirituality is connected to our divine nature. Our goal as humans is to become more like God, to turn the world into the Kingdom of Heaven. We can do this only as we turn away from human/intellectual images of God and seek a broader understanding of divine truth. 

4. Religion is an attempt to convert a vision of the invisible, eternal world into symbols and practices which we can understand. But the problem is that we tend to invest those symbols and practices with divine authority and eventually worship the traditions we ourselves have created. This is called idolatry. 

5. Religion is trapped in its own past. Over the years it has developed a point of view about God which it considers complete and final. As a result, it spends most of its time defending that vision and protecting itself against any new revelations which might upset its system of belief. That means that even God is unable to get through to religious institutions with new insights into divine truth. Thus, we have a choice between defending old human systems or being open to God's spirit which wants to communicate with us daily. 

6. Christianity is one of many efforts to understand and become one with God. To think that it is the only true way to God, or that God loves only those within this particular belief system, is the worst kind of chauvinism. It is helpful in this regard to think of Christianity as the Jesus cult. There is nothing wrong with this cult except its claim that it alone holds the key to God's love. Because of this claim, rather than embracing all others as equals in the sight of God, it looks down upon them as unbelievers who must be converted to think as Christians do. 

7. Jesus made the statement that he has much more to tell us (John 16:12). But many who claim to be his followers are not interested in what he still has to say to us because they are afraid that any new idea will upset their neat little closed system. 

8. Religion is by definition an effort to understand and therefore to please God. Religion began in primitive times with a recognition that the most important things in life are out of our control-life, death, weather, crops, health, the future, etc. All these things seemed to be in the hands of a power much greater than we, and therefore it was important to stay on good terms with this power. There is still a large element of this primitive thinking in current religious practice-fear of punishment, sacrificial behavior to try to gain divine favor, sets of rules which define acceptable behavior, etc. 

9. Ancient Jews felt that their salvation came from belonging to the people of God. We understand today that each individual's personal relationship with God is what is required. 

However, there is still a large tribal component in religious practice-belonging to church, attending worship, observing certain celebrations, accepting the required disciplines. These are external and largely man-made rules. We need to move from fear of punishment to love of God. 

10. Recent revelations about sinful practices in the church and the leadership's attempts to cover up those crimes underlines the fact that the church is often motivated, not by a love for God and his people, but by a desire for power and the need to protect that power. The church has become so saturated with politics that it tends to forget its basic purpose, to speak in self-forgetful love for God. 

11. The church cannot speak for God when it has quit listening to the voice of God. It often mistakes its traditional confessions of faith for the authentic will of God. The choice is between the voice of tradition and the voice of the Holy Spirit. If we believe that the Holy Spirit dictated the original documents on which the tradition is based, why do we not believe that the Holy Spirit is still fully capable to speaking to us today? 

12. Religion is a metaphor for life lived in a vital connection with God. All the rituals of religious behavior count for nothing without a heart that yearns for God. Religion too often leads people to believe that agreement with a creedal statement is all that God requires. We must move beyond that misconception. Obedience to the Holy Spirit, not to human tradition, is what ultimately pleases God

The following pages are from the chapter entitled "The Ferris Wheel of Life." This chapter is most highly recommended reading for those who are truly seeking the one single truth of which all main religions of the world direct us to, and that is the Christ consciousness within man. This chapter is from the book "The Beginner's Guide for the Recently Deceased [A Comprehensive Travel Guide to the Only Inevitable Destination]" Page 121 - Pages 122-123 - Pages 124-125 - Pages 126-127 - Pages 128-129 - Pages 130-131 - Page 132

1 Kings 6:8 - The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house: and they
went up with winding stairs into the middle chamber, and out of the middle into the third.
Genesis 28:12 - And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top
of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

Your DNA - You've Got Mail 
The following one-hour message could well be the most important message (sermon) that you could possibly listen to. If you are truly seeking the Universal Creator, it is absolutely crucial that you understand that any "organized worldly religion," no matter who they are or claim to represent, are not in a position to teach you what God is or what they perceive God to be, for they have taken away the key of knowledge, refusing to enter in themselves they yet hinder those who attempt to enter into God's Kingdom ... for the Kingdom of God is WITHIN you, Luke 17:21.

 Do these words sound too harsh to you? If they do just ask yourself what religious organization is willing to teach what you are about to read in this article. The Vatican knows all about the third eye, which has been represented throughout history as a pinecone, but they will withhold this key of enlightenment from its members. 

Luke 11:52 - Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. 

Genesis 32:30 - And Jacob called the name of the place Peneil: for I have seen God FACE to FACE, and my life is preserved. 
* Our religious teaching of the day stops at the Middle Ages 

* DNA can transmit visual information
* DNA contains photons 

* Our light receptor is the Pineal Gland of the brain. There is where we see God face to face. 

* NASA tells us: "As light from above touching the green of the earth in plants, in humans, is the most powerful energy booster on the planet," and they connect it to our DNA.

* DNA sends out photons, which are messengers or particles. 

* We are created in the image and likeness of God. 

* Therefore the DNA of the Universal Creator sends out messages to His creation. 

* When we sit in meditation we are looking to receive the messages from the Universal Creator in the form of external DNA talking to our DNA. 

* Your DNA decodes God's messages to you via the brain. 

* When we sit in meditation, we receive light via the Pineal Gland or light receptor. When we do that we now understand that we are seeing God face to face because we are receiving God's DNA. 

The Earth is entering into the long prophesied new age - the Aquarium Age. As a result, do you really expect to be taught these crucial teachings from an outward church or some religious organization? The Kingdom of God is within you, and as a result you must go WITHIN yourself as Christ commanded all of us to do. The only way one can accomplish this is through meditation: 

Luke 11:34 - The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness. 
Please take an hour of your time to listen carefully to the following message from the Hidden Meanings website. You should be amazed at how scientific facts are NOW finally merging with global scriptures. You cannot begin to touch the Holy Spirit apart from meditating. You are created in the image of God; you are a part of God and your body is the temple of God. God's kingdom is within you awaiting your awakening and it will only come through the course of meditation, which is God's method that has existed far longer than the Church Age and confirmed by Christ Himself. 

"DNA - You've Got Mail" or "345B - The Secret Serpent"

Where else can you hear God's truth analyzed in such an exciting and intelligent way? You will not hear this in any organized church, for their medieval based church hierarchy continues to forbid such thoughts and has changed rarely in nearly two thousand years. If you like what you've heard in this message we urge you to consider donating to the Hidden Meanings Website to help further these remarkable truths. Just briefly scroll down to the donation section.

Departure and Arrival Letter
(The Following is by Dan Webster - November 2011)



As the webmaster of this site I would like to tell everyone that I am still alive, in case you had any doubt, and in fact - THE TRUTH IS - I am much more alive NOW than I have ever been in all the years of my life. I would also like to apologize to those who may have attempted to contact me via email during these past months but were unable to reach me. 

I have been here all the time, but I have not been here. I have been in a rich spiritual Arabia (Galatians 1:17) and, as a result, have decided it best for everyone if I remain unattainable - as to leave YOU with your own inner source of seeking God's truth without any influence from this site, with the exception of suggesting good experienced teaching sites.

 It is not an easy task to discard over a decade of biblical studies as I have done. One's EGO will simply not compute such an idea unless spiritual TRUTH is what you truly seek above all things. I have an obligation before God to explain my actions of the past few months. It is better that I expound now rather than to cowardly shut down this site with no explanation, leaving all my readers and visitors in limbo. 

Luke 17:21 - Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you

How often we have read this verse down through the years and yet having no real spiritual depth of what is being taught. And we can say the same thing of the following verse as well:

Matthew 6:22 - The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Matthew 6:22 is speaking of prayer through meditation. One can only seek the true God of Creation by going WITHIN oneself. And why must we do this? God tells us WHY - Because the Kingdom of God is WITHIN us! Such is the essence of God's teachings to ALL peoples ... within ourselves will we find the Christ consciousness or Christ realization that all nations seek for. We do not look outward for God, but we look inward.

Luke 17:20 - And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

Religious people of all nations are on the same earthly level, therefore it is no wonder that they all preach their particular religion as being the "right one," and all people on that level are willing to argue, dispute, or even fight and murder in defense of their beliefs. All religions including Christianity have many levels or denominations of various teachings and this is NOT where you want to be in your spiritual walk. No, there is a HIGHER level above these religions, a level of true God seekers who know that God loves all people of all races and does not cast any away. This highest level of God seekers has found access to the Creator through meditation. This has always been the case, but denied by the Western World. The Bible is God's Word, but certainly NOT His only Word to humanity. 

Yes, Christ stated that no man can come to the Father but by him, and that is true. Above all earthly levels of religion there is the Christ realization that one must come to, including those of all main world religions. However, the church, and not the Bible, has misinterpreted the most important aspects of God's truth down through the centuries, resulting in today's Christian church still embracing Dark Age superstitions while holding millions of people captive to inner fears of an eternal hell along with other non-truths that have held steady within the churches for two-thousand years.

John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE. 



The truth is that God Himself dwells within every person ever created and through our single eye we have access to God's endless cosmos and dimensions while in this physical body. "In my father's house are many mansions ... " John 14:2. Within our earthly body is the Kingdom of God consisting of both heaven and hell. 

Christ holds the "key" that draws us out from this eternal hell of our lower nature. Our physical mundane lives of never ending pleasures or seeking useless undertakings and mindless struggles are the depths of a truly "bottomless pit" in which we find ourselves, yet few recognize where we are. Until you have TRULY risen up with Christ you are indeed in the depths of hell itself - the touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing of a non-realistic world; we are far from home until we have truly overcome our EGO NATURE which Scripture shows is Satan and Hell itself.

Proverbs 15:24 - The way of life is above to the wise, that he may depart from hell beneath.

I cannot even begin to adequately cover everything that I desire to say in this short introductory letter, therefore I am now going to introduce you to a letter in which my brother Dean wrote to past Christian friends after five years of studying these most high truths. 


In the early spring of 2005 I decided (after months of careful consideration concerning the reassuring Biblical promises given to all seekers of truth) to do the "unthinkable:" I decided to educate myself by becoming familiar with other "religions" of the world. The reason is simple: I have realized that there are many verses in the Bible that do NOT harmonize with the teachings of orthodox Christianity, regardless of the particular denomination. I have basically been studying incognito these past six years, therefore I have not discussed this with anyone from my past, including Christian relatives, until now.

The past six years have been, without doubt, turbulent as well as enlightening. "Enlightening" due to increased realization, awareness and understanding. "Turbulent" due to the fact that I have had to deprogram my thinking from twenty-five years of faulty understanding. This process has taken A LOT of time. As a consequence, I am no longer an orthodox fundamental Christian. I am however a true "Christian" in every sense of the word.

I have reached a new plateau in my understanding of the Way and the Truth and the Life. The purpose of this letter is to highlight just a few points of this new understanding. It has taken these past six years for my understanding to develop to the point where I have COMPLETE confidence in what I'm saying.

Whenever a person first realizes the true importance of the Bible, he is likely to be immediately indoctrinated into a belief system that teaches that all the other "religions" of the world are wrong. (By "religions of the world" I am referring to the very core of their teachings.) He is immediately sucked into a shallow, literal-minded belief system that assumes that "Christianity" teaches a distinction between true Christians and the rest of the "religions" of the world. It DOESN'T.

 What it DOES teach throughout is a distinction between the vast majority of the people of this world who are without true understanding/realization, as opposed to the remnant of people who do have this understanding/realization of truth. This "understanding of truth" is the personal realization of the true INNER LIGHT, which is the ONLY true reflection of the Father (God, Creator, etc.)

I was an orthodox, conservative Christian of the Reformed faith for 25 SOLID years (1980-2005). Now, six years later, I have become familiar with ancient wisdom teachings of the East, such as the beautiful Hindu scriptures of the Bhagavan Gita; the Upanishads; the Dhammapada; Yoga Sutras of Patanjalia; as well as the profound Tao Teh Ching of China. My conclusion: The words of Christ are FILLED with ancient Eastern wisdom. Yogic wisdom runs throughout the Bible. No wonder the first pilgrims to greet the Christ are depicted as wise men from the "EAST".

Here are just a few verses that I chose, practically randomly, to show how the contents of much of the Bible is nothing new. I know this sounds absolutely HORRIFIC to some of you, but if you will just keep an open mind throughout the rest of this letter ... and remember the verse in Mark 15 that assures believers that if we drink any deadly thing (false doctrine) it will NOT harm us Tao Teh Ching 76: "... The MIGHTY and GREAT will be LAID LOW;

The HUMBLE and WEAK will be EXALTED." 62: " ... Why did the ancients prize the Tao?

 Is it not because by virtue of it HE WHO SEEKS FINDS,


That is why it is such a TREASURE to the world."

71: " ... Only when we are sick of our SICKNESS

shall we cease to be SICK.

the Sage is not sick, being sick of his sickness;

This is the secret of HEALTH.

  73: " ... It is Heaven's Way to conquer WITHOUT STRIVING, To get responses

WITHOUT SPEAKING, To introduce the people to come without summoning,

To act according to plans without haste.Vast is Heaven's NET;

  Sparse-meshed it is, and yet Nothing can slip through it."

  34: " The Great Tao is universal like a FLOOD.

How can it be turned to the right or to the left?

All creatures depend on it,

And it denies nothing to anyone.
  It does its work,


  Thus, it may be called "the little."

All thing return to it as to their home,


  thus, it may be called "the Great." It is because it does not wish to be great

This its greatness is fully realized."

 42: " ... Truly, one may GAIN BY LOSING; ("He who loses his life for my sake will find it" ... JESUS)

And one may LOSE by GAINING. "(He who finds his life shall lose it" ... JESUS)

What another has taught let me repeat:

"A man of VIOLENCE will come to a VIOLENT end. ("He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword" ... Jesus)

The Dhammapada, 6:87-88: "They leave darkness behind and follow the LIGHT.

They give up home and leave pleasure behind.

Calling nothing their own, they purify their hearts and rejoice ..."

To refuse to even compare the teachings of the Holy Bible with some of the teachings of the older, ancient religions of the world is spiritually WRONG. 

 This continues to be the case because, on the SURFACE, the Bible most definitely seems to be teaching the exclusiveness of "orthodox" Christianity (just as other "religions," on the surface, seem to be teaching the exclusiveness of their "brand"). This notion is DEEPLY embedded and ingrained in most, if not all fundamental Christians.

It is a FALSE CONCEPT. It is impossible to realize this until you stand back and take a deep, hard look at the core teachings of other religions of the world. We have to view the whole thing from a higher perspective. When you do this then it becomes evident that other religions are speaking of the exact same thing: connecting with "God" through the one and only true INNER LIGHT.

I could offer a HOST of parallels between Biblical scriptures and ancient Hindu scriptures. Let me just say this: Regardless of which ancient "religion" we're following, the TRUTH is that IT IS ALL A SINGLE UNIVERSAL TRUTH. They are ALL speaking (metaphorically) about one thing and one thing only throughout:

THE INNER BATTLE BETWEEN THE LOWER EGO AND THE HIGHER SELF. This is what ALL of the slaying and ALL of the killing and ALL of the "wrath" of God is pointing to throughout the Bible. I repeat, it is ENTIRELY about the INNER BATTLE BETWEEN OUR LOWER NATURE (EGO) AND OUR HIGHER SELF. 

God does NOT literally kill or slay any of his own created living human beings!! This idea itself comes from our lower nature ... the "beast" nature within us. God DOES "slay" the wicked though ... but it is THE SLAYING OF THEIR LOWER EGO NATURE! This is the "WRATH OF GOD".


The doctrine of "total depravity" is absolutely misleading. The Bible does NOT teach it. The Bible makes statements such as: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked who can know it?" (Jer. 17:9) This is NOT speaking about the TOTALITY of the individual. It is speaking about his lower EGO nature. Of course we are ALL born into a state of DEPRAVITY, but it is NOT "total."


"AWAKENING;" THE TRUE "LIBERATION;" THE TRUE "SALVATION." (Different terms by different cultures, religions.)

The Bible also says in Proberbs 16:25: "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Again, this is NOT speaking of his "TOTAL" depravity, just his "depravity" or total depravity of his lower EGO nature (which we are all born with). The way which "seemeth right" unto this man is due to his lower EGO nature ... NOT his higher self. None of the other verses throughout the Bible which are claimed to be teaching total depravity are actually teaching it. Rather they are teaching total depravity of the lower NATURE or EGO. Wise sages of the east have it right when they speak of the "WRATH OF KNOWLEDGE."

 This is the "wrath" that will eventually slay us. It will slay our lower EGO nature! When Revelation 6 speaks of the "wrath of the Lamb," the common, orthodox, fundamental understanding is UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE. The Lamb of God is NOT going to kill anyone! The reason that Revelation depicts peoples of the world to be fearful and hiding themselves in the dens and calling for the rocks to fall and cover them, etc. is NOT because God is going to slay them.

THEY FEAR WHAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. The lower EGO nature is HELL-BENT on maintaining its original status ... it refuses to go down without a fight ... an all-out battle. I have come to realize that this is what the entire Book of Revelation is about ... HIGHLY metaphoric language describing the personal inner battle between the higher divine nature and the lower EGO nature ("Satan") of man. Satan IS the lower EGO nature in man...

This is the "Battle of Armageddon." This inner battle is constantly taking place in individual souls. It has NOTHING to do with anything else. It is the battle between your divine nature and Satan ... and since Satan is the lower EGO nature in man, it is an INNER occurrence and nothing else. It is something that EVERYONE goes through if they are to rise to Christ/God consciousness. 

Our lower EGO self (small "s") identifies with the world. Our higher self (Capital "S") is the reflection of God inside of our being. This is our "BRIDGE" to God-Consciousness. (The UNCLEAN shall not walk thereon ... it can only be thread on by the "wayfaring fools" who are rising above the lower nature and EGO). This is the eternal "I AM" consciousness in all of us ... the observer or witness of our thinking and of our lower ego self. It is what remains conscious between our thoughts ... the gap or space wherein no thinking or mind activity occurs.

This "I AM" consciousness is what never dies because it is eternal energy. It is rarely even acknowledged (except in the East) because it is constantly overwhelmed and smothered by Satan (lower nature; ego). Once we begin to truly overcome the "flesh" (lower nature thinking, ego, etc.) we begin to become more and more aware of this higher Self ... this eternal "I AM" consciousness between our thoughts. This is why mediation is so EXTREMELY important, yet it is utterly rejected by the orthodox fundamentalists. They have no idea that it is taught in the Bible in many places.

They actually teach and preach AGAINST it ... which is one of the very worst things that they could ever do because they are, in actuality, shutting up the Kingdom of Heaven to others: As Jesus said in Matthew 23:13 "But woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in." Remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you. This means far more than simply head knowledge or even "heart" knowledge. 

Jesus said in Matthew 6:22 "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." If we understand this literally or physically, what could possibly be of importance here? Rememberr that the flesh profits NOTHING, it is the SPIRIT that quickens. contrary to popular (Western Orthodox) belief, this is speaking about the spiritual or Third Eye.

 If it remains "single" (focused; clear) then your whole body shall be full of light. In other words, it is something that will happen WITHIN you. This can only happen through true mediation. What may that be? Your whole body shall be FULL OF LIGHT! Remember that "God is LIGHT" (1 Jn. 1:15). 

Mediation is the ultimate form of prayer and it is the ONLY way that we can literally perceive God. Just look at where Jacob was when he "saw" God "face to face:" "And Jacob called the name of the place PENIEL (Peniel as in Pineal gland): for I have seen God FACE to FACE," (Gen. 32:30). When Jesus says to enter into your closet to pray, He is speaking of going WITHIN oneself. 

Little do orthodox fundamental Christians realize the divine, untapped potential that they each personally possess and have lying dormant ... just waiting to be activated. They don't realize it because they have been taught that they, in the TOTALITY of their existence, are nothing but "dirty rotten filthy sinners deserving of hell." This is NOT the case. It is a warped version of the truth. We ARE blind, miserable, naked "sinners" (spiritually UNCONSCIOUS) deserving of "hell" (hell is another subject) insofar as the "TOTALITY" of our LOWER nature is concerned. There is only one way to be freed from the lower nature: by rising to the higher INNER LIGHT (The only consciousness or reflection of God). 

We are "sinners" because we "miss the mark" (definition of sin). Because of our lower nature we are spiritually unconscious (dead). Therefore we are not yet deserving of "heaven" (PURE consciousness) or able to obtain it. But remember this is speaking ONLY about our lower animal ego nature. We still have our "sleeping" higher Self intact ... waiting to be activated. It is only a matter of time before the inner battle begins for each and every one of us who feels this calling. 

This comes as a GREAT SHOCK to Christians, but the Bible teaches reincarnation throughout. Why shouldn't it when the Bible is in harmony with the rest of the ancient wisdom writings of the East? They ALL teach it. REINCARNATION IS THE SOLUTION TO MUCH OF THE MISUNDERSTANDING BY WESTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS.

Revelation 3:12: "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go NO MORE OUT..." Otherwise we continue to "go out" over and over and over again. We must continue, in order to be purged and refined in the fire until we finally overcome. Christianity is NOT a one lifetime thing. NOT AT ALL. Even Jesus himself had to overcome: Revelation 3:21: "Him that ovecometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I ALSO OVERCAME, and am set down with my Father in his throne."

Being cast into "outer darkness" is being cast back into another lower incarnation. OUTER DARKNESS is the opposite of INNER LIGHT. Remember that "if your eye be single then your whole body shall be full of LIGHT (GOD)" This is the INNER Light because, as Jesus says. "The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you." The person who has not yet experienced this INNER light (true Christ consciousness) is living in OUTER DARKNESS.

In conclusion, I just want to say that (AS FAR AS MY OWN UNDERSTANDING AND BELIEF GOES) none of the "end time" events recorded in the Bible are going to be manifested in any way whatsoever as Church creeds have taught. I'm talking about ALL mainline church doctrine and creeds. they do not understand just how symbolic and metaphorical ALL the scriptures really are. Especially the Book of Revelation! We have to realize that they are all METAPHORS. 

The language of the Second Coming is extremely symbolic ... even in the Gospels. The earthquakes and the lightning which shines from the East to the West, etc. all are metaphors having to do with the SPIRITUAL shaking WITHIN OUR SOULS as we become ILLUMINATED in Christ Consciousness. The Eastern sages and yogis understand many of these verses far better than orthodox Christians. Many of these terms have been around for centuries before the Bible was even written. 

The Bhagavad Gita, in its account of the warrior Arjuna and his dialogue with Lord Krishna (a representative of the only true Inner Light), has MANY parallels with the Bible. The Bhagavad Gita opens or begins on a battlefield as Arjuna, in total anguish, begins to question his spiritual guide Lord Krishna for answers to fundamental questions of life. BUT, the Bragavad Gita is NOT what it seems to be on the surface. Not at all, as many devout Hindus will admit. (It's the same problem as with orthodox Christianity ... a lack of understanding metaphors.) 

This great battlefield setting, supposedly at the very dawn of Indian history, is the perfect setting or backdrop for what is really being taught here ... THE WAR WITHIN THAT EVERY HUMAN BEING MUST EVENTUALLY WAGE. Just as the Tao Teh Ching means "THE WAY" (also, the truth and/or life), so also does Hindu's Lord Krishna (Crishna) represent The way,The Truth and The Life. 

Christian missionaries to India always accuse Hindus of worshipping a multitude of "gods." They do not understand that many of these various statues that they see in India simply represent a particular aspect the one true God.

There is nothing to get freaked out over. It would be like the U.S. having statues to represent various aspects of the Christian God ... maybe a statue here or there of an "angry" God ... another one of the "loving" sides of God. Yet another one of, say, a jeajous God and so on. Even an "all-seeing" God with many eyes could be constructed. It wouldn't mean that the U.S. is worshipping some alien, freakish God. Orthodox fundamental Christians simply need to go into silence ... begin earnest meditation and observe and WATCH.

One final example: All through the incredible Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says "I am the Way" and "Come to Me." In the Holy Bible Jesus made the same statements a number of times. Lord Krishna and Jesus spoke similarly because both are pictures of one coming as the infinite Power in finite forms.

Jesus says: "And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee, for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee; for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell."

In the Bhadavad Gita we see a very detailed explanation for what Christ has stated here. In verses 58-70 of the second chapter, Lord Krishna says "All senses (Indriyas) have love affairs with sense objects. 

Just like a tortoise withdraws its limbs into its shell when it perceives danger, so too do wise men withdraw their senses from sense objects when they see that the senses are losing themselves in the sense objects." So we see that without the proper control of the senses, nobody can realize the Absolute Truth. 

 Can you see the "Eastern" wisdom in the words of Jesus Christ? It's NOT a matter of which one has more followers ... or which kind of a redemption scenario was presented, etc. etc. These ideals are ALL of the lower "Satanic" EGO nature.


CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHICH THEY ALL SPOKE. It is a matter of truly understanding that "the flesh profits NOTHING" ... we are beings of LIGHT ... WE ARE ALL (POTENTIALLY/ULTIMATELY) CONNECTED TO THE ONE GREAT SOURCE OF LIGHT.

 "God" - realization is what the Bible truly teaches. 

This also comes from other sources throughout recorded history ... and not just "religious" sources. "God-realization" is Self-realization. I don't mean "self" as in the lower, physical or form nature. Of course not. 

 I mean "Self" as in higher "I AM" consciousness which lies dormant in the unenlightened, un-liberated, un-awakened, or "unsaved" masses of the earth. THIS IS WHAT TRUTH IS ALL ABOUT.


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