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Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? (1Corintihians 3:16)

Remember, to be carnally-minded is death, and to be spiritually-minded is life eternal. (2Nephi 9:39)

Carnally minded means reading ancient spiritual scriptures LITERALLY.

Carnal versus Spiritual Understanding. Speaking in very general terms, there are two opposing ways to look at things. Again, the phrases "carnally minded" versus "spiritually minded" are sometimes used. Other times, words such as "external" versus "internal", or "profane" versus "holy" are used.

Those who have a tendency to view things in a carnal fashion usually see things on a outward or literal level. The perceptions are filtered through the senses rather than the spirit. This is as a result of fallen man being of a carnal nature, or a creature of the senses who, by virtue of partaking of the Tree of Knowledge, believes that all things can be judged outwardly.

An illustration of judging things outwardly, or by the senses, is portrayed in the conversation of Jesus with Nicodemus, a religious leader who sought Jesus by night… "Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? How can these things be?" (See John 3:1-12).

Being born again

Bill Donahue of Hidden meanings


The Kingdom within you is the child within that will come forth and direct your life.

The child is born of a virgin consciousness through meditation. In Matthew 1:23 it says, "behold a virgin shall conceive". This child will certainly be the source of new direction in a New Age.

As Isaiah 9:6 says " For unto us a child is born and the government will be upon his shoulders".

Now the wonder of this truth:

Matthew 18:5 says " whoso receives one such little child in my name receives me". The word "name" means way. Jesus way was practicing the single eye of Matthew 6:22. This is discovering the inner Kingdom of Luke 17:21 which says, " the Kingdom of God is within you."

In other words, the Jesus way was through meditation. And as He said, " whoever receives the child of meditation receives me.

There is the secret of the second coming of Christ. The birth of the inner child of promise.

Can you understand ?. The child within is the impulse of new thought, new understanding. It is born of virgin consciousness,

In other words, it is born into the mind when there is a purging of thought. Every child of promise in the Bible was born to a woman who was barren or virgin.

Sarah was barren and gave birth to Isaac. Rebekah was barren and gave birth to Jacob Rachel was barren and gave birth to Joseph The wife of Manoah was barren and gave birth to Samson Elizabeth was barren and gave birth to John the Baptist Mary was virgin and gave birth to Jesus.

Why ?

The child of promise can only be born to a barren or virgin womb. The mind that is barren of thought.

That is the virgin womb of consciousness and from that womb will the child of promise, be born.


Contrary to the "Born Again" believers this does not mean that simply by saying some words you will receive salvation. The direction in the Bible from Jesus Christ says just the opposite.

Its quite a thing for your salvation to depend on believing that Jesus resurrected from the dead when you consider the fact that Jesus could not convince His disciples of such a fact. They lived with him on a daily basis, yet when the resurrection took place not one of them showed up.

But lets look at this Born Again Doctrine.

1. You must confess Jesus as Lord.

In Luke 6:46 Jesus asks the following question, "Why do you call me Lord and not do what I tell you to do".

The serious problem with the Christian approach to salvation is that the basis for the result is your words. The fact on the other hand, is that reciting something cannot bring salvation from anything.

Notice in the above scripture Jesus asks why we do not do what He tells us to do. The Biblical fact is that He never told us to confess anything.

Speaking, as you know, is not doing. 1 Corinthians 4:20 puts it this way." The Kingdom of God is not in word but in power".

Jesus never said that salvation could come from uttering words or making statements as preachers have said for years. In fact Jesus said just the opposite.

Matthew 7:26 "Everyone that hears these sayings of mine and does them NOT shall be likened unto a foolish man who built his house on sand. The storm came and the house fell."

Matthew 7:24 "Whoever hears these sayings of mine and DOES THEM is like a wise man who built his house on rock and when the storm came it fell not.

Now let us see what Jesus did tell us to do in order to gain salvation. Matthew 6:33 Seek first the Kingdom of God.

Where did He say we could find the Kingdom of God ? Luke 17:21 The Kingdom of God is within you

How did Jesus say we could find the inner kingdom ?

Matthew 6:22 "If your eye be single, your body will fill with light".

The statement of Jesus that if you practice the single eye, your body will fill with light, is instruction that we must meditate.

So there we have the fact that if we are to find salvation Jesus must be Lord. Jesus in turn says that he can only be Lord if we do what He says to do.

What he says to do is meditate. Thus salvation is available to those who obey Jesus Christ and meditate.

The book of Hebrews follows this same line of reasoning and eliminates the Christian theory that salvation comes to those who utter some words.

Hebrews 5:9 "He became the author of eternal salvation unto all of them that OBEY him.

The key phrase is "that obey Him".

His instructions in Matthew 6:33 were to Seek First the Kingdom of God. His direction in Luke 17:21 was The Kingdom of God is within you.

Thus we see the true meaning of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Obedience to practice the single eye and find the Kingdom of God within ourselves.


Millions of people are hooked into the bondage of tithing. Giving 10% of their money to ministers and evangelists under the threat of ancient law.

The Apostle Paul made it very clear that this is wrong.

Tithing speaks not of the 10% from a persons wallet. It speaks of the 10% from a persons mind. Tithing means giving the 10% or the left side in meditation so that one will awaken the right side.

Let us look at the writings of Paul in the Bible. Here Paul himself questions the whole horror of unholy hands in peoples pockets.

Hebrews 7:11 " If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (forerunner of the current clergy), what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchizedek ?. (Melchizedek is divine consciousness, Christ consciousness.)

So here Paul is saying that if the rules of religion could bring one to perfection, there would be no need for Christ. He is directly assaulting the ancient rules and the particular rule that he questions in Hebrews 7, is tithing.

Hebrews 7:12 " For the priesthood being changed there is made of necessity a change also of the law. "

Here Paul says, we learn to leave the human priest and follow the divine inner priest. Thus the law of tithing must change from physical to consciousness.

Now here is the direct reference to tithing and a statement. that we totally have misunderstood its implications.

Hebrews 7:8 And here men that die receive tithes, but there he received them of whom it is witnessed that he lives.

There it is. You are not to tithe to mortals who run religious institutions.

You are to tithe to that which lives eternally. The Christ, the divine consciousness. And you tithe consciousness by doing two things that Jesus ordained and that Christianity refutes.

l. Matthew 6:22 Practice the single eye, meditate.

2. Matthew 6:25 to 6:33 Take no thought, meditate: When you take no thought you are 'tithing, you are giving up the 10% or the left side of the brain.

Yes you must tithe. You must give up the 10% or left side of the brain in meditation.

Then you will find blessings from the East, from the right side. You will sit at the right hand of power.


Unfortunately this is a very misguided opinion that comes from many people in the fundamentalist movement. But the position that they put forth concerning opening ones mind to demons goes directly against the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What are we doing when we enter into meditation ?. We are seeking direction from the universal God. That which flows from the higher consciousness above the thoughts of the carnal mind. If we are thus asking direction from "God ", who is within us, does it add up that we could possibly receive demons or devils instead.

In Matthew 7:10 Jesus says, " If you ask your father for a fish he will not send you a serpent".

Thus we are left with a decision. Shall we trust Jesus who obviously understands the power within, or should we trust fundamentalists who obviously do not.

The Bible symbolically portrays negative and hurtful thoughts as serpents and scorpions. Those thoughts which are so damaging to us.

A fundamentalist is afraid of these serpents and scorpions. These thoughts which they refer to as devils and demons. But what did Jesus say.

Luke 10:19 " Behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you." That seems quite clear.

The power of the enemy, who is the enemy.? We are told in Romans 8:7 who the enemy is, " the carnal mind which is not subject to Gods law, neither can it be."

When you enter into yourself you are entering into the Kingdom of God. Fundamentalists who do not agree with the teachings of Jesus Christ , frighten people away from this wonderful secret which is only attainable through meditation.

Jesus refers to all people who turn others away from entering within themselves in meditation. Luke 11:52 " you have taken away the key of knowledge, you entered not in yourselves and them that were entering in, you hindered."

And where is the Revelation of who dwells in that inner place attainable only through meditation ? John 14:20, " at that time you will know, I am in the Father, you in me and I in you.

If we will trust Jesus and turn our backs on religion, we fill find the Kingdom Of God within us, and the planet earth will become the planet heaven as was originally intended.

The following is a work by Bill Donahue of Hiddenmeanings


Being Born Again is the foundation of Christianity. But if we look closely at the Bible we will see that the Christian idea of being "born again", and Jesus idea of being "born again", are two different things.

One interesting fact that we come across in looking at this-subject is that Jesus never told His disciples that they must be, "born again".

He told this only to the religious, never to His disciples.

What is the commonly held procedure of "Born Again Christians", concerning achieving this second birth.? The basis of the belief comes from Romans 10:9, "If you shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

Let us keep that scripture in mind as we look at how Jesus used the "born again" experience as a teacher.

In John 3:3 Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be "born again".

If we use the commonly accepted procedure for achieving this second birth, Nicodemus would have had to confess Jesus Christ as Lord.

How could Nicodemus possibly do that when in John 5:30, Jesus said of himself, "of my own self I can do nothing". How could Nicodemus possibly give lordship to someone who said that he could not do anything ?.

The second part of the commonly held "born again" procedure, is that one has to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead.

Nicodemus could not possibly qualify because Jesus was not dead yet.

So here is Jesus telling Nicodemus that he must be "born again" , yet fundamentalist Christians have devised procedures of achieving that second birth that Nicodemus could not have possibly used.

Let us move on and consider another interesting aspect of salvation by the second birth which as you know promises eternity simply by saying words and trying to believe in a resurrection concept.

You are asked to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, and this is considered an essential part of being "born again" and being "saved".

Jesus told his disciples that he was going to rise up on the third day. Its in the Bible. How much faith did the disciples of Jesus have. Did they believe.?

According to the Bible, when the resurrection occurred, not one of them showed up. Yet your salvation is based on a story that is over 2000 years old and totally remote from any historical record.

So according to the Bible, the ones who lived the closest to Jesus and were with him almost constantly, did not have faith enough to believe in resurrection from the dead.

According to the Bible in 1 Corinthians 15:50 the Apostle Paul makes a statement that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, and that corruption cannot inherit incorruption.

The Apostle Paul evidently does not believe in the possibility of a physical resurrection from the dead. l Corinthians 15:42 Paul says, "so is the resurrection of the dead, it is sowed in corruption, it is raised in incorruption.

"The physical body does not rise from the gave. Yet you are expected to believe in a physical resurrection as part of your salvation procedure, even though Nicodemus could not have possibly followed the procedure to attain the "born again" experience that Jesus ordained.

Well we have spent some time in discussing the procedures that many Christians have adopted to gain salvation and have the "born again" experience.

The procedure as we have outlined requires one to speak some words and believe some specific things about Jesus.

There is nothing more required. But that is where it comes completely in conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus never said that one could attain salvation by believing or saying anything. He was very specific.

Luke 6:46 Jesus says " why do you call me Lord and not do what I tell you to do." So here we see that Jesus expected action on our part. But what action was He looking for.?

In Matthew 6:22 he said that we should practice the single eye. We should meditate above the thoughts of the mind.

In Luke 11:52 he said that we should seek within ourselves. We should meditate.

In Matthew 6:25 to 6:33 he said that we should take no thought. We should meditate above the thoughts of the mind.

In Matthew 6:5 he said that we should pray by entering the closet and closing the door. An eastern expression for meditation.

All of the things that mainline Christianity say are occult and evil are the precise things that Jesus required of us if we were to experience salvation.

This is quite an amazing thing because the commonly held belief of this day is that salvation and being born again is totally dependent on our uttering some words and holding some beliefs relative to resurrection, yet in the book of Hebrews it again says just the opposite.

Hebrews 5:9 says " He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that OBEY him. There's the key. Obedience to His teachings takes one into the higher realm of consciousness where salvation occurs.

So what can we make of the fact that Jesus was telling Nicodemus that He had to be . "born again". Given the facts as we have studied them here, how could he possibly become "born again".?

Jesus was telling Nicodemus that he was too religious. He had so many beliefs and opinions that the only way He could find the Kingdom of God was to be physically born again and be free from those religious beliefs.

He had to experience physical rebirth so as to have another chance to be born again spiritually. Religious people today are exactly the same.

Their religious beliefs do not include the single eye meditation as Jesus taught it. Thus they have to be set free by a new birth. Their current beliefs do not allow them to obey Jesus. They instead give their allegiance to their religious affiliations.

Nicodemus did not understand what Jesus was talking about. Neither do the religious people of today.

For this is an earthly, physical, birthing experience. How do I know that this is an actual physical rebirth that Jesus was referring to when he said " you must be born again"?

In John 3:12 Jesus makes it very clear when He says to Nicodemus" If I have told you of EARTHLY things and you believe not, how shall you believe if I tell you of heavenly things".

The earthly things Jesus had just told Nicodemus of were the need for a physical Born Again experience so that in a new physical life one may be unburdened from the rules and guilt of religion so as to be free to experience a new spiritual birth.


How we have turned our backs on the Arab nations. We have decreed to ourselves the heritage of the Judeo-Christian ethic. Yet there is a grave error that we have allowed, and have instead , set ourselves as antagonists towards the Muslim faith.

The ancient scriptures were clear that it was the "firstborn" who was to receive the inheritance. The "firstborn", who was to receive the blessing.

Well, Ishmael who became the father of the Arab people was the "firstborn" of Abraham. But because of a hatred between Sarah and Hagar, Ishmael was sent away. The inheritance that was rightly his, was denied.

So Abraham was not sacrificing his "firstborn" during the Isaac incident on the mountain. That is why his hand was stopped.

For the firstborn represents the physical, that which comes after it, is the spirit.

If "God" had allowed the killing of Isaac, it would have resulted in the killing of the spirit and not the flesh.

Ishmael is that part of all of us that roams the desert of the mind and fights to overcome the wild things of the lower nature.

He was the firstborn and as says," all the firstborn, whatsoever opens the womb among the children of Israel, both of men and of beast, it is mine. Exodus 13:2

Now the argument may be made that Ishmael was the firstborn of Abraham and Hagar and not of Abraham and Sarah. But the biblical firstborn is from the father.

Thus Ishmael is the firstborn.

If indeed Ishmael is the firstborn, we must rethink our heritage and the rightful place of the Arab nation. But first we must understand our own roots, for we obviously do not.


This is the foundation of Christianity. The entire basis of belief centers around the physical return of Jesus Christ to this earth where He shall rule and reign for a thousand years. But the teachings of Jesus say just the opposite.

In Luke 17:20 and 21, Jesus makes it very very clear, "the Kingdom comes not with observation". That means that the Kingdom cannot be seen.

How can a religion that has world wide outreaches miss a fundamental truth which is put forth by the one they proclaim to be Lord.? Jesus follow that statement with another truth that explains why the Kingdom cannot be seen. "because the Kingdom of God is within you".

Today the essence of the Christ mind is being felt by people all over the world. Of course mainline religion looks at them as people who belong to cults or people who have wandered away from true doctrine.

These people are experiencing the second coming of Christ exactly as it was taught in the Bible. The people who refuse to understand the principle of Christ consciousness, are missing the whole thing.

In Matthew 17, Jesus talked about the fact that the prophet Elijah returned in the body of John the Baptist and people did not recognize him.

In the exact same way Christ is returning in the minds of people all over the world. The religious fundamentalists miss this second coming because they are looking for a physical person to literally drop out of the sky.

How did Elijah return ?, inside of a human being. Sounds like reincarnation, it is. And in Matthew 17:11 and 12, Jesus states that he would come again the same way that Elijah did, within another person. You and me.

They did not recognize Elijah within John the Baptist and they do not recognize Christ within you and me. The reason is that they have turned their back on the teachings of "their Lord".

How did Moses return ?. He went to the mountain top, saw the promised land and died right then and there. Martin Luther King went to the mountain top, saw the promised land, and died right then and there. How many recognized Moses in Martin Luther King, very few.

It is also noteworthy that Jesus did not leave to the imagination the place of his return. John 14:20 " at that time you will know, I am in the father, you in me , and I in you.

It should also be noted that as Christians are waiting for Jesus to set up his Kingdom on this earth that in John 18:26 He said, " my kingdom is not of this world". That should settle the matter, wouldn't you think ?

By Bill Donahue of Hidden Meanings


In carnal versus spiritual understanding, there is really a fundamental difference in basic philosophy. Carnal man works from the outside in; Spiritual man works from the inside out.

Carnal man is always looking for things outside of himself and is thereby always trying to improve his outer environment, thinking that this will bring him happiness. He has a tendency to externalize everything. He feels that outward saving ordinances and performances like those done in temples must be of the utmost importance over everything else.

Spiritual man realizes that the inner cup (his soul) is to be cleansed first, then all things will be added. So, he internalizes (meditates) the search for that which is thought to be found externally by carnal man. Spiritual man understands that all ordinances are only outward symbols of what should have already occurred within himself. But, to him, it is the inner counterparts of the outer ordinances that are most important.

Thus, to carnal man, ‘being born of the water’ is a dunking process. To spiritual man it is the rebirth of the inner self or soul. The carnal man never understands the parable and the allegory, to him that kind of language is of the devil, he wants things easy as in a literal reading, however the spiritual man sees the scriptures as pure spiritual science written as a language for the soul in allegorical fashion. The bible was written for latter type.

To a carnal man, the temple takes on an undue importance that overshadows other things. He sees it as an important place that he must go. He attends regularly to do work for his kindred dead, but does not realize that it is he himself who is found among the (spiritually) dead or that the work he does in the temple is more for his own benefit than for his ancestors. He speaks of the temple often, hangs pictures of it in his home, and gets angry when others do not show as much reverence for the building as he does.

Spiritual man realizes that the temple edifice is no more than a symbol of himself and that he is a walking temple of God as said in the scriptures (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:16). Spiritual man realizes that God can create a building much more grand than the best built by human hands.

But, to create a son of Man is much more difficult and that this is the work of creation and Glory of the Fathers. He respects the building, but sees it as a symbol of himself and does not revere it excessively. He loves others, despite their words or actions, because he sees them as God’s grandest creation (true temples). Spiritual man is a temple that is built without hands.

At some point in his worldly experience, carnal man will begin to realize that he is mistaken in his perception of the temple being a man-made structure (a building) and will begin to realize it is "made without hands." At this time, he may even think that he has found the full truth, but it is not over yet because he may still labor under many of his former misconceptions. In realizing that he is the temple spoken of, carnal man may begin to think that the true temple must be his physical body.

However, at this point carnal man is still caught up in the forms, though he doesn't yet know it. Ultimately, time, sad experience and careful consideration of the idea will bring him to an understanding of his error in identifying himself with his physical body. He will begin to realize that he is not the body, therefore the temple, which is said to be him, must be something else that is in the body. As he does this, he will begin to revisit questions that he once considered solved such as asking who is he.

Carnal man sees the creation parable (in the endowment) little more than a historical account of the creation of the earth outside of him and how man came to be. He sees the fall of man as a literal event caused by eating from a certain tree that was prohibited. He sees the way back to God in the context of all the things that he must DO rather than what he must BE.

Spiritual man realizes that all that is taught in the endowment is about he, himself. He realizes that he is the man Adam spoken of in the creation story. On a deeper level of understanding, he understands that man is a trinity composed of body, mind, and spirit, and realizes that Adam represents an aspect his own mind and that Eve represents another aspect of his mind/self, the emotions or spirit.

He sees that this is why Eve must be subject to Adam because the body must be subject to the spirit, otherwise there is death. He understands that God is a part of this trinity and that he (Adam; the spirit) can hear his voice if he will just pay attention and listen.

Carnal man perceives the signs and tokens given in the endowment as grand secrets that are given to the elect of God and feels that he himself is one of these elect. He thinks that he must protect the signs and tokens from being divulged on the peril of his own life because it is the mere knowledge of these secret signs and tokens will allows one to pass by angels and gain entrance into heaven. He cannot understand what will happen to others who know the signs and tokens, but received them from another place without having attended the temple. He thinks that these impostors will somehow be sifted out from those who received the signs and tokens legitimately.

Spiritual man realizes that the signs and tokens have a deep spiritual meaning and that they are a mirror of what he should be doing. He realizes that the mere knowledge of them exalts no one. He knows that it is his state of being and his relationship to God is what is symbolized by the tokens. He knows that he is not to reveal an improper state of being (of being in true fellowship with God) to the world (by his actions).

Carnal man sees the true order of prayer as an outward rite that he is convinced will surely make his voice heard by God, despite the Bible admonishing you not pray in public and use vain ramblings. He ignores the warning given in the endowment that when Adam speaks aloud and calls upon God, that Lucifer shows up and responds "I hear you!" Which means the fallen spirit into the physical body.

Spiritual man realizes that the true order of prayer is symbolic of what occurs within himself when he enters within himself in meditation and silences the inner world, for a period.

He knows that Peter represents the voice of his spirit and that Adam and Eve (in the circle) represent his mind and emotions. He realizes that he must retire to the secret place (Meditation in darkness) for prayer (Matthew 6:6) and that when his spirit and body become one and are united in prayer/meditation after the true order, then it is heard by God!

Carnal man lives in fear of the bogey man, and that some on high will punish him if he steps out of line. He believes that when times get tough, he can save himself by his external preparations (eg. food storage), but is always fearful (rightfully so) that he has not prepared enough. He suspects that the ‘holy place’ spoken of by Jesus (Matthew 24:15) means a place in the temple (man made building), but he cannot fathom how all can get crowded into the temple when the Abomination that makes Desolate appears.

Spiritual man lives by wisdom and knowledge and finds that perfect wisdom casts out all fear. He knows that true peace begins within himself and that the ‘holy place’ spoken of is his own mind. He does not fear what happens externally, because he knows that whatever happens will be for his own profit and learning. He takes no thought (meditates on the silence of the interior) for the morrow, but relies totally on God (Matthew 6:25-34).

Carnal man is continually trying to subdue the world around him and is thereby continually at war with it. He believes that he must tame the hostile world over which the Father has given him dominion. He is always searching for new knowledge that will help him accomplish this and in so doing, he is "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." (2Timothy 3:7)

Carnal man is always searching for heaven, but never seems to be able to find it, he no inkling as to where it really is. He is confused when others cry "Lo here... here is the kingdom of heaven!" But, carnal man eventually chooses one of them and becomes convinced that the way he has chosen is the correct one and that all others are in error. He trusts in the arm of the flesh and never finds heaven because he looks in the wrong place.

Spiritual man realizes that the creation parable teaches him that the new earth over which Adam is given dominion symbolizes his own renewed mind. He realizes that he has been given dominion to overcome the "lusts of the flesh" and make his world (body) a celestial abode. When others cry "Lo here", he is unmoved, for he does not seek externally for the kingdom of God, for he realizes that it is found within.

He comprehends the words spoken by Jesus that "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:20-21). He searches diligently in the correct place (WITHIN, as Jesus said) and ultimately finds what he seeks.

Carnal man thinks that life is a test and has a destination. He is seldom happy or truly joyful because of stressful thoughts that arise of his own potential failure of failing the test or not arriving fully at the destination.

Spiritual man realizes that life is a training process and a journey. He knows that none can fail at training and thereby finds great joy in the experience of life. He finds that this is one of the keys to finding eternal joy and happiness in progression that extends much beyond this life and is eternal. Thus, spiritual man ultimately finds God and enjoys life eternal.

Blood Sacrifice, Circumcision, and Destroying the Enemies of God. Nearly all are familiar with accounts of animal sacrifices, circumcision rites, and neighbor-killing of the Old Testament. Of course, these were the rites carried out by a fallen and lost people rather than the opposite. One might wonder how these could be considered "holy acts" in any sense at all. What appears to be explicit instructions (commandments) by God to "sacrifice the beast" were taken by the fallen Israelites to literally mean the slaying of innocent animals rather than the slaying of the beast within man.

The rite of circumcision was applied literally to cutting of foreskins (of innocent children no less) rather than being taken to mean to circumcise the (profane) heart and mind. The slaying of ones enemies was made into a literal process of complete genocide on the (so-called) outward enemy rather than being understood as a symbol of the enemy that exists within. Carnal man is always looking everywhere but within himself for the problems he encounters in his sojourn. It is often someone else who is most innocent that is caused to suffer for this lack of understanding.

Of course, the Old Testament also records that God did not favor the Israelites for their misdeeds, reading their Books Literally and killing literal beasts instead of those that inhabit the interior of mans minds.

When God proclaimed to the Israelites that (your) " burnt offerings are not acceptable" (Jeremiah 6:20), the usual reaction from fallen carnal men is that they were not performing the act in the proper and acceptable form.

Despite the clear rejection of animal sacrifices by God (cf. Isaiah 1:11-15

"To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the LORD: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats Bring no more vain oblations your hands are full of blood."), carnal mans usual response is to renew his effort to get it right next time, even though he ends up mistakenly doing what he has been doing all along. What got carnal man into trouble is what keeps him in trouble.

At the risk of belaboring what should be obvious and being too repetitive, lack of understanding is really what it is about. In focusing on the outer image (the literal), carnal man lives out his existence (in the present time and place) in darkness (outer darkness). Of course, the phrase "outer darkness" is a redundant (two witness) phrase, since "outer" (which means "carnal", "sensual", "devilish", "profane", etc) is also synonymous with "darkness".

Carnal man thinks that the important battles are to be fought against a supposed enemy that is outside of himself.

As a result, he is always killing his neighbors and neglects the most important task of purifying himself (from within). He doesn't realize that the most difficult and rewarding battles he is to fight will be within his own soul/mind and the beast that is to be slain (in acceptable sacrifice) is within himself. As a result, he goes on being his-own-worst-enemy and keeps failing to offer the acceptable sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

Despite his best efforts at better performance (more perfect obedience), he keeps finding that what he does brings the same result as it did the first time. He remains in his own self-created ego lone and dreary world of "outer darkness" until he finally reaches a frustration point sufficiently high that it breaks his pride and vanity.

In the process, he fights the well talked-about, but little understood, "battle of Armageddon" in his own soul until the Christ reigns victorious. This is the ultimate path walked by carnal man which purifies him. There will be an event come up in his life that causes him to reach the end of his rope. Ultimately, this strips him of pride and vanity and renders him as teachable as a young child. This is the very thing that happened to Abraham as told in the story of acceptable sacrifice.

The Old Testament: stories of imperfect men becoming perfected. Before turning directly to the story of Abraham and the sacrifice, it may be helpful to mention something which should be obvious to all those who read the Old Testament, but appears to be not universally understood as it would seem it should be.

There is a tendency by many to justify early misdeeds of Old Testament men like Jacob and Abraham because they were (became) men "holy and acceptable before God." There is a tendency to justify their former misdeeds as "Godly", rather than see these as imperfect men who overcame their shortcomings. One would wonder if our own past misdeeds are justified when we are perfected.

One should recall that Abraham made war on his neighbors, killing and stealing from them (even paying tithing on stolen goods to Melchizedek), and that he took a slave-wife (concubine), Hagar, as a direct manifestation of his (and Sarah's) lack of faith that she would bear "a holy son". The fact that Abraham (Abram) was paying tithing to Melchizedek at that time in his life proclaims the preparatory gospel law rather than a perfected one (of consecration).

The greatest aspect of the life-stories of individuals like Abram (Abraham) and Jacob (Israel) is that they were able to overcome their shortcomings and become holy (whole) men. Like that of Jesus, it is the example (pattern) for us to understand and follow in the present time and place. One might search introspectively to ask what part of Abram's (or Jacob's) life is one living (being) at the present moment.

With these ideas in mind, now let us finally turn directly to the story of Abraham and the slaying of his "only son" in acceptable sacrifice.

What did Abraham really slay in sacrifice? The story of Abraham's sacrifice (test) is recorded in Genesis 22. Abraham is told to take his "only son", Isaac, and to make the sacrifice. Of course, carnal man is quick to take the things he hears from God and use them to decorate his own tree of knowledge. A carnal man, in his error, thinks he knows (understands) what is being communicated to him.

Carnal man would have likely followed through and killed Isaac, but not so for Abraham. Carnal man, who sheds the blood of (innocent) animals in (mock) sacrifice, not understanding what it is about, often goes on to graduate to human sacrifice (like what was done to Jesus).

The sacrifice is on the INTERIOR it takes place within ones own consciousness.

One might wonder first how Isaac is Abraham's "only son", since Abraham is also the father of Ishmael. Since Isaac is (literally) not an "only son", then Isaac cannot be (literally) what is meant to be slain.

A man always holds within his mind and heart those things that are most important to him. In the case of carnal man, it is his own unholy and vain creations rather than the things of God. These are the metaphorical "only son" (the most important creation) of fallen man that must be laid upon the altar in sacrifice before the temple is purified, the ego aspect of our nature must be sacrificed and a ram (christ energy) must take the place.

And what is the most important creation (only son) in the mind and heart of carnal man? It is his own beastly nature, his own carnal and vain self, his own outward ego, the "man of sin" that sits in the temple of God (the brain) showing forth (usurping) that he is God. This "man of sin" is "now revealed" (to Abraham's understanding)(cf. 2Thessalonians 2:3-4) by the angel who calls forth from heaven (" the kingdom of heaven is within you" Luke 17:21). And the angel who spoke to Abraham from heaven is no other than the Christ himself.

In the Genesis story of Abraham, this "only son" the ego, (the vain an proud mind) caught in the thicket (frustration) by the horns (symbol of christ power). Abraham (the intellect), sacrifices his "only son" the ego, his most important creation, finally realizes what is happening. He is stripped of his pride and vanity and recognizes this ram as the power from above that must be in place of the ego (his son)

That which was placed first has become last and that which was last is now occupying the rightful place.

Abraham (the higher intellect) has become a holy (whole) mind, having made the acceptable sacrifice, his ego nature. He has finally come to understand (comprehend) what God had been saying to him for so long, that the enemy is within you, that the House of the Lord to be cleansed is synonymous with the Temple of God, that the Lord will come quickly to His Temple.

And it is all about you (the House/Temple of God) in the present time and present place. Bring me you first born (the physical/ego nature), and sacrifice it unto god at the later of the mind in meditation, and god will replace it with a ram, the symbol of Jesus, who is the lamb of god that takes away the sins (lower emotions) of the world.

The mistake of viewing the scriptural parables as history has already been covered, so it might not be productive to cover it again here. Briefly, this idea is that scriptural parables are about the present rather than the past. In terms of the Creation Parable, we are mislead in our belief that it is a literal story (a history) of a past event, past place, and past people. However, it is much more profound when these scriptural stories are seen as a symbolic devices which describe what is going on now rather than what went on in another place and time.

In expecting an outer reward for good works, carnal man becomes a gainsayer. He might even proclaim that what he expects as reward is eternal, but there is remains a tendency to view the reward in terms of what's material. This mistaken view is despite carnal man's own belief that everything that has a beginning, also has an end. If something is eternal, at least in the popular sense of the term, then it must exist now, otherwise it isn't eternal.

Thus, carnal man has the tendency to expect a reward which he feels he has earned. Moreover, this reward is viewed in terms of outer things and outer experiences. He hopes for a time when he will have more possessions, more free time, more power over others, more notoriety, more children, more knowledge, more authority, and that he will be the envy of his peers.

Although these things can be gained by effort, struggle, and work (as well as by subterfuge), they are all counterfeits of something that they are meant to symbolize. These things are not lasting and carnal man will eventually find frustration in trying to hang on to them. He might be able to enjoy worldly possessions for a time, but physical death will always part him from this gain. Such a loss, and it's accompanying frustration, will eventually bring carnal man to the realization that is needed for him to seek for something else.

The Language of Symbol

In order to comprehend meaning behind parables, it is helpful, at least at first, to begin speaking a new language. This new language is that of symbolic metaphor. It might be rightly said that the Adamic tongue is a language of symbol. Symbolic metaphor is the language out of which the meaning of Creation Parable emerges.

Every night an important event happens. Man retires to his bed to rest. It is out of these rest periods that something meaningful happens, dreaming. These dreams might often appear to be bizarre imaginations having little consequence or meaning in the so-called real world, but they might be far from that. To understand the purpose and meaning of dreams, it is first necessary to look into the language of symbol. Unfortunately, carnal man has lost the ability to speak that language.

It gets worse when carnal man begins to view his so-called waking existence as the only one that has meaning for him. God often speaks to man in his dreams, but it appears that no one is listening. That's because there is a lack of ability to understand symbol. The odd thing is that man has lost this ability to understand meaning as a result of becoming lost in the outer material world. Thus, meaning has become lost because what is meaningful is lost in what appears to be meaningful. However, it is not that the meaning is lost at all. Rather, it's that carnal man has become lost. As a result of being lost, the meaning is become lost to him.

In looking at the biblical Parable, it might be important to start looking at what the symbols mean in regard their re-presentation. These parables and their symbols are often taken superficially. But, there needs to be a step taken beyond the superficial Ironically, that is an integral and redundant message of all biblical alleegory and Parables.

It is the carnal man/woman that goes to physical man made churches and temples, it is the spiritual man/woman that seeks to enter within the temple that is waiting on the INSIDE.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? (1Corintihians 3:16)

WHERE? IN YOU, then why do you go to physical man made buildings?

One may notice that the Jews at the time of Jesus were expecting a Messiah to come and redeem them from their enemies. Generally speaking, they missed the advent of Christ because they were looking for a material deliverer rather than a spiritual one. These Jews had the same Old Testament scriptural record that we have today. They missed the mark because they were unwilling to look deeper for the "hidden" meanings that were behind the literal.

More specifically, the Jews at that time looked at the same story of Moses as we do and expected a Messiah identical to Moses, someone who would lead them out of (material) bondage to the Romans. But, material freedom does not mean spiritual freedom, as the allegory of Mosiac deliverance shows.

In reality, a Messiah to the Jews would be one “like unto Moses”, not identical to him, who would come and teach the true deliverance from Rome (a spiritual one). However, we might notice that our modern view of the (second) advent of Christ is not much different from that of the Jews of old. That is, Christians today expect a Messiah (identical to Moses) that will physically and literally lay waste to those who hold us in bondage.

One should ask plainly whether that is the way of Christ. To be a conquer by force? On the contrary, the words of Jesus were that he (Christ) came not to destroy men, but to save them. The destruction that is to take place is the carnal man, and the enemy of god satan himself, which is the ego, and it's 900 chariots of iron.

One should notice that when an enemy is overcome by force, the victory is only temporary. It only lasts as long as the enemy remains in subjugation to the victor. When that enemy gains strength, then he will rise again. On the other hand, if an enemy is conquered by unconditional love (charity) and long suffering, he will stand beside the victor forever. The vanquished will never need to be kept in subjugation. These were the teachings of Christ. Think long on this. There are many deep meanings here that few have considered, nor often has entered into the heart of man. Dear reader, are you beginning to see what you may not have considered?

“Mythology allows us to reconnect with dimension beyond ordinary time,” he writes. “In this moment in history, consumer values dominate the media. Ancient stories give us a chance to visit with eternal characters involved in primal adventures. This can provide perspectives that go beyond trendy concerns with possessions or appearance.”

This is one way the angels speak to us,” “The pass key is receptivity. If we can be open to this divine flow and reflect on the meanings it presents to us, the inner life is greatly enriched.

“It is then that we have found the lost coin.”

Joseph Campbell

"I am God, the God of your father. Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there. I will go down to Egypt with you, and I will surely bring you back again. And Joseph's own hand will close your eyes." (Gen. 46:3,4)

Literal or Allegory?

In many ways, the life of Jacob (Israel) is all about each of us. It is about our life and our life's journey. That journey is aimed at realizing (real I) the reality (Israel) within us. Carnal man often misses the deeper meanings because he is so rooted in the surface things that he knows no other existence. He does not know himself. In this usage, the term "self" does not apply to the outward (lower) false self, but rather to the true (inner) self that is often hidden deep within us. We sometimes call this the (light of) Christ, the mind of God, or the part of man that is God.

This true self is often placed rearward in a place of dishonor in the earth (body) of natural (carnal) man who judges the world exclusively through the physical senses and caters to their demands. Carnal man lives by the outward senses and knows little of the true self (God) that lives within. His life's journey is to come to a realization of this inner being and to manifest it in this physical world by casting off the usurper (carnal self) that sits in the (body) temple and proclaims itself God.

In realization of the true self (God within), he becomes one with God. He is said to "know" God. This is what Jesus meant when he said that the Kingdom of Heaven "cometh not by observation, but is within" and that eternal life is to "know God, the higher state of consciousness".

One might notice that there is a great curse built into scriptural teachings that come in the form of parables and paradoxes. Yet, this curse is also a great blessing. Carnal man, who filters everything through the outward senses, rarely looks beyond the literal meanings. Outward meanings are often erroneous and are said to be carnal, sensual (of the worldly senses), or profane.

However, one eventually understands that these too are a great blessing, just as the ground was cursed for the sake (ie. a blessing) of Adam. One reason is because these profane understandings provide the enmity (dissatisfaction) that ultimately lead one to search for things deeper. If one could find satisfaction in the profane, then one would never seek the spiritual.

Although Jesus spoke to all in parables, he often expounded the meanings of the parables privately unto his disciples. This by itself is another parable. It is symbolic of the Spirit (Christ) within each of us that gives the individual the key to all mysteries.

When one begins to realize that words are symbols, and symbols are higher communication, then one begins to emerge from the state of mind that holds him in bondage. Eventually, he even sees beyond words as language and ultimately realizes that all truth is symbolized in the very creation that surrounds us. Ultimately, one realizes the source of all and comprehends all mysteries. Yet, they are only mysteries because we don't understand the obvious.

Satan is the Ego

What if what really happened in the Garden of Edan is this:

There were people there, but there was only Oneness w/ the Absolute, and no Ego.

Well, somehow, somewhere down the line, some being got so caught up in thoughts ...that an ego formed. And this ego came up with the brilliant idea to create ego in all beings, therefor also making them trapped in this limited self created, self perpetuated construct.

The ego is the most brilliant impostor to ever exist!!!!

So the cause or hate, fear, war, destruction, murder is all the cause of this ego complex which originally started maybe millions/billions of years ago and was spread through out the cosmos!!!

So the whole while you are wondering who the enemy is when the whole time the enemy is that aspect about you that is wondering who the enemy is. Hidden within yourself!!!

Freud said that the Ego is sort of the result that emerges as the Id and the Superego battle over dominion of the human being's response to internal and external stimuli. The Id - in Freud's analysis - better characterizes the carnal, self-centeredness of a Satan persona. Not the Ego. The Ego is sort of the truce agreement between the Id (devil) and the Superego (angel) within the dualistic human mind. That makes the Ego pretty much human in every respect.

The ego is just death trying to be alive, stop over complicating it! All of this other stuff is just a bunch of wordplay and nonsense. The ego is death telling you that you are not enough alive so you must change something to feel more alive rather then just being which is life.

In the Garden of Edan, there was an ego less label-less state. There was only Oneness.

In that state there is no separating dualities such as good and bad, tall and short, man and women as its all relative.

Plus when you study enlightenment, they say it is ego death which results in absolute freedom and the experience of absolute nonduality.

Perhaps God saying he is a jealous God, was just the author's own limited perspective being embellished into the story.

It would be the most craziest thing ever, to be born pure, then to put on a satan-esque false identity that is the cause of the experience of separation, war, murders, rapes, etc.......

Imagine that

What must be understood is that the ego before the fall and now is only the consciousness of the person has of itself—individuality, it has nothing to do with Satan, which is a metaphysical technical term that is one of the five negative energy formations [ archetypes] that came into maturation after the fall of man, they are:


Satan or Shaitan is the aspect of this evil lower-archy that designates or means: the perversion of natural inclinations

These 5 negative archetypes are responsible for ALL the suffering and evil on this planet!

Bill Donahue of Hidden Meanings


It is amazing to me just how clever the ancients were in hiding deep metaphysical truths from those considered to be the profane.

Those who considered the outside as the source of truth rather then the inside.

Consider the Book of Exodus. Here "God" tells Moses, " Throw down your rod and it will become a serpent".

Moses throws down his rod and lo and behold it becomes a serpent.

Magic ?, no, its simply a beautiful part of the New Age known as Kundalini.

The rod is your spine, the symbol of your dominant lower flesh that is about to be converted to the source of divine power.

By throwing down the rod means that you no longer place your dependence on the authority of the flesh or lower mind.

You enter into meditation and as you do you are throwing down dependence on the physical and placing your dependence on the spiritual.

When you do that, the spine then becomes the center of the spiritual energy, symbolized by the serpent.

Take no thought. Cut off your dependence on the lower self, and the spiritual energy (the serpent) will awaken from her slumber and rise to the Pineal Gland where all things will indeed become new.

Well, Moses, you have your instructions, cast down your rod and let the serpent rise.

From Bill Donahue at Hiddenmeanings


Jesus makes the statement in scripture that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is interesting to note that this was translated out of the Greek and the word for heaven in Greek is Ouranus.

Thus the prophecy certainly has been fulfilled in this Age of Aquarius. The Kingdom of Uranus is truly at hand.

Speaking of the stars. The Bible says in Genesis 1:14." Let there be lights in the heavens, and let them be for signs.

So above so below, as the physical sun moves from winter to spring, so in you the energy must rise from the solar plexus to your pineal gland.

So that you may experience the springtime of your soul.

This is the way the universe set it up for you, so you are shown on a yearly basis what you must do, incredible as it sounds.

The sun begins its journey from Virgo the Virgin

ISAIAH 7:14 The Lord himself shall give you a sign . Behold a Virgin shall conceive.

The Sun enters the constellation Crux (The Cross). This occurs on Dec. 21. The shortest day of the year.

now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.

The Three Days and Three Nights in The Tomb. The Winter Solstice. The Sun is entombed in the bowels of the earth, Dec. 22,23 and 24.


There shall be no sign given but the sign of the prophet Jonah. As Jonah was in the whale 3 days, so shall the son of man be.

Dec. 25th. By the trajectory of the earth, the Sun is born. Born out of the solstice to rise in glory.


For unto us a child is born.

Born in a Manger. The Sun is born between the horse and goat, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Thus it is born in a stable.

LUKE 2:7

She brought forth her first born son and laid him in a manger.


Thirty years after his birth, Jesus entered the water of the waterman John the Baptist. Thirty days after Dec. 25th, the Sun enters the sign of the waterman. Aquarius.

LUKE 3:23

Jesus himself began to be about 30 years of age.

MATTHEW 3:13 Jesus came to Jordan, unto John to be baptized.


After being in the water, Jesus selected his disciples from the Fisherman make fishermen. The Sun moves into the sign of the fish. Pisces.


Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.


Jesus becomes the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. The Sun enters the sign Aries. The Lamb which takes away the of God that takes away the cold winter.

JOHN 1:29 Behold the lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world.


Jesus rises to sit at the right hand of the Father. In the Northern hemisphere the Sun moves to the eastern sky or the right side and summer man sitting on the right side and summer comes

MATT 26:64 You shall see the son of man sitting on the right hand of power


The sun concludes its journey, in the sign of the Lion, Leo. Jesus becomes the Lion of Judah.


Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah.


Where but in a stable would one fine the horse and the goat. That is where the Sun is born out of the solstice.

Between Capricorn and Sagittarius. Between the horse and the goat. So it becomes obvious, God's son/sun must be born in a stable.


The winter solstice ends on December 25th.

It is then , that through the trajectory of the earth, God's Sun is born out of the solstice to rise into the heavenly place of the Lamb, Aries.

It happens on December 25th. God's Sun has always been born on December 25th.

The ancient people who existed before organized religion knew this. That is why we have adopted " their day".


All of the God men of ancient religion and myth are born of virgins.

This is because in September the Sun of God is born out of the constellation Virgo to begin another spiritual cycle through the Zodiac.

Thus as we partake in virgin consciousness through our meditation, the child within is born.

So above so below

How can we Biblically prove that this did not happen ?

We have all been taught that Jesus was led outside of the walls of Jerusalem to Golgotha. To a hill called Calvary, and there the deed was done.

(Keep in mind that Golgotha means skull, and the allegory is clear that the crucifixion is one of consciousness.)

But anyhow, we all have sung the songs and read the stories of Calvary’s hill where Jesus was crucified.

But what is this ???

Revelation 11:8 " And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.!"

Sodom and Egypt ?, what happened to Calvary ?.

Here the Bible is making it clear that crucifixion is spiritual, and also that Sodom and Egypt is the place.

The place of crucifixion is the place of bondage of the mind (portrayed by Egypt as it was in Exodus, the flesh pots of Egypt) and Sodom, the symbol of the lower physical body.

That is crucifixion. The Sun must go through the southern cross on December 21 st on its way to touch the Lamb Aries and bring forth the spring.

The solar energy in you must go through the meditational cross of crucifixion so that it may rise to the Pineal gland and bring forth the spring time of your life. Behold, all things have become new.

What about the resurrection of Jesus, is LITERAL, despite the bible admonishing us NOT to read it Literally, if it is symbolic, what is it symbolic of?

Christ is referred to as "the divine principle in every human being."

"He who strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the 'sepulchre' of his sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him."

"We shall see what is called symbolically 'the birth of the Christ,' or the second birth, taking place in many lives, producing on earth a large group of the spiritually new-born. They will be those who have brought together, consciously and within themselves, the two aspects of soul and body.

Bill Donahue of Hidden meanings

Gospel of Thomas

"These are the obscure sayings that the living Jesus uttered and which Didymus Jude Thomas wrote down. And he said, "whoever finds the meaning of these sayings will not taste death." (GS-380/1)

Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you." (tr. by Pagels-70)

If the kundalini energy stays pent up in your solar plexus your whole life, it will kill you spiritually and all those around you, why? because if this energy which is the divine serpent, Jesus, Lucifer, Satan etc.. does not rise up the spine it will bite, and it will empower the lower emotions, and that's SIN. The emotions is SIN, nothing else.


"Look not lo here nor lo there, for the kingdom of god is WITHIN you" says the bible.

If it is within you, and IT IS, that is also where this mystical heaven is located as well, WITHIN you.

If heaven is WITHIN, then why do look WITHOUT?

Yoga means the yoking or union of the brain-mind to a higher source. Through daily meditation the atoms of the physical and superphysical bodies become sensitized to more spiritual levels of divine power.

Texts on yoga give information on the chakras, which are psychospiritual centres along the human spine. Meditate on the fact that you are a spiritual universe called the microcosm. Every human being on Earth is so constructed. There is only one universal religion.

There is only one God. You, as a Monadic Son or Daughter of God, are a divine being. This requires Self-Realisation. You are Gods in the becoming, as one spiritual Brotherhood.



The crucifixion of Christ took place at Golgotha, which means the "place of the skull". That means inside your head. Christ was crucified with two thieves. These three crosses form the 12 zodiacal quadruplicities of cardinal, fixed and mutable signs. You will find the fixed signs of the zodiac listed in detail in Revelation in the Bible.

The zodiac is represented in you by the 12 cranial nerves. The planetary centers run down your spine and are specific to the Seven Churches of Asia in Revelation.

Your Soul was crucified when it entered your physical body. Like the Sun in Winter it was shorn of its power. The Greeks called the body the "soma" or tomb of the Soul. Their word for the body is "soma." Your task is to bring the Soul back to life. For this you need esoteric instruction in a School of the Wisdom.

"He was crucified, dead and buried."

This refers to the state of the Soul in your body during your current life. To recover your Soul powers it is necessary to purify and raise the vibrations of your physical and superphysical bodies. So do not pollute the body with tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.

The lower energies go down into Egypt and then have to be transmuted and raised up the spine from the generative center of Yesod to Tiphareth in the heart (Sun-Christ).

This is precisely the reason for the Sol-lunar symbolism of the Eucharist. What you are being asked to do is to effect an alchemical marriage on a non-physical level as an interior spiritual experience.

"He rose again from the dead."

You must follow the path of Christ and all other saviours who met and triumphed over crucifixion in the body. This entails control over emotional states and purification of the mind.

Read all carefully below

The Veil of Allegory

Maimonides speaking of the Book of Genesis said, "We ought not to take literally that which is written in the story of Creation, nor entertain the same ideas of it as are common with the vulgar.

If it were otherwise, our ancient sages would not have taken so much pains to conceal the sense, and to keep before the eyes of the uninstructed the veil of allegory which conceals the truth it contains."

Jerome said, "The most difficult and obscure of the holy books contain as many secrets as they do words, concealing many things even under each word."

Mosheim said that all the Fathers of the second century attributed a hidden and mysterious sense to the words of Scripture.

Origen asked, "What man is so simple as to believe that God, as a gardener planted a garden in the East? That the Tree of Life was a real tree which could be touched, and of which the fruit had the power of conferring immortality?"

This tree mentioned by Origen is the kabalistic Tree of Life or spine in man. Immortality is achieved by the raising of consciousness (in terms of vibrational frequencies) from the Lower Self to the Higher Self, represented by Tiphareth, the heart centre on the middle pillar (spine) of the Kabalistic Tree of Life.

The Mysteries of the Kingdom (I Corinthians)

What man knoweth the things of a man save the Spirit of a man which is in him. (2.11)

We speak not in the words man's wisdom teacheth but which the Holy Ghost (as Light) teacheth. (2.13)

We speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world unto our glory. (2.7)

We speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world. (2.6)

Let a man so account of us as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. (4.1)

Judge nothing until the Lord comes, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and will make manifest the counsels then shall every man have praise of God. (4.5)

These things I have in a figure (or symbol) transferred to myself (Paul) and to Apollos (Sun-Monad). He will come (illuminate the Lower Self) when he shall have convenient time. (16.12)

The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. (2.14)

We have the mind (Higher Mind) of Christ. (2.16)

Hebrews 66 If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.

Do you understand what this means to crucify God Afresh, it means that if you take the Bible Literally instead of spiritually, you crucify god afresh, and it an OPEN SHAME, do you see?

What this means is that the religion of Jesus in its original form was one of spiritual transformation and those who willfully sin after coming to the knowledge of the Gospel message, crucify the Son of God afresh.

Matthew 23:34 Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city: The city is always the brain, in Bible symbology.

Where was Jesus crucified, according to the Bible, NOT religion!! Emphasis added!!

Revelation 11:8 "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." (Did you just read that") The Bible says that our lord was crucified in a place SPIRITUALLY called SODOM and EGYPT.

Did any person of religion ever tell you this? NO! Is the answer, because they dont' know. WHY? Because they don't read their Bibles, instead they go to CHURCH, the FALSE one I might add.

The real Church is MEDITATION, this is the secret.

"I make darkness my secret pace" "Be still and know that I am God"

"Go into thy closet (yourself) and pray to the father in secret"

Sodom and Egypt represent that BARREN place within us, the mind being controlled by the three lower forces, The PHYSICAL, the EMOTIONAL, and the The INTELLECTUAL. Sodom and Egypt are just symbols of living life at the Gut level, animal mind instincts.

BABYLON is another symbol, that the ancient writers used to describe the desolation, apart from god, or the higher mind.

You have TWO minds, a LOWER mind, and a HIGHER mind. This is the duality of nature, the yin and yang of life.

In the Bible, God wants the lower animal nature to rise to the brain, to receive the Universal COSMIC consciousness. But few ever make it, because it requires one to enter into MEDITATION. And shutdown the thoughts of the mind. "I have given man the mind of an ANIMAL, until SEVEN times passes by for him" Says God.

These three HORSES, represent the EGO mind which consist of the physical (pale horse), the emotional (red horse) and the intellectual nature (black horse). The mind that is in the WORLD. The Bible says you are to be in the WORLD, but not of the WORLD.

Galatians 6:14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. Emphasis added!!!!

Galatians 524 "And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Lusts are things of the physical world.

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Romans 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. Sin is the God of the moon, it means living off of your EMOTIONAL nature, which causes all the trouble on this planet.

JESUS NOT RESURRECTED (LITERALLY) yet each of us can raise the Christ WITHIN.

Chapter 14/19


After the due greetings of "Shalom", Jesus begins calming the disciples' fear for taking him to be a ghost. He says:

"Behold (have a look at) my hands and my feet, that it is I myself (I am the same fellow, man!): handle me and see; for A SPIRIT has no flesh and bones, as you see me have.

(Do you see now, that the resurrection, is not a LITERAL death, but a death of the OLD nature, the Old man.The OLD PERSONALITY, controlled by the lower OLD man, a RENEWING of the mind.

And he showed them his hands and his feet."

Luke 24:39-40

What was the man trying to prove? That he had been resurrected from the dead. That he was a spirit?

What has the demonstration of hands and feet to do with resurrection? "It is I MYSELF!" Can't you see, you fools!?

"For a SPIRIT " any spirit, has "NO flesh and bones, as YOU see ME have!" This is an axiomatic, self-evident truth.

You do not have to convince anybody, whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Atheist or Agnostic. Everyone will acknowledge without any proof that A SPIRIT HAS NO FLESH AND BONES!


"He was crucified, dead and buried." "And arose from the dead"

Furthermore a "spirit" cannot consume food.

Jesus ate a piece of broiled fish with his disciples after His resurrection from The Tomb (Luke 24:42-43). ]

The tomb in mythology is the place of incubation for the soul, in it's lower life, inside the physical body (tomb).

Fish is a SYMBOL of the SPIRIT, to eat FISH, means to be consuming things of the higher SPIRITUAL nature, higher thoughts etc....

And further more the LITERALISTS is left with a paradox, "Flesh and Blood CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of God" So what do you do with that? Jesus cannot go bodily to any place called haven, because God does NOT allow flesh and blood there. So I ask you then, WHERE did Jesus go???? The answer is he went WITHIN. "look not lo here nor lo there, for the kingdom of god/heaven is WITHIN you!

Well that settles it once and for all, at least for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.

They (Religion/Christianity) missed the whole thing, because they are yet to Carnal to grasp Spiritual TRUTHS! While the Carnally minded Christians look OUTSIDE of them selves for the power of Christ, which never will come in one hundred trillion years, the Spiritually minded person understands Christs statements to seek WITHIN, and that's what they do, they seek within and take no thought in MEDITATION, as Jesus instructed.

Deuteronomy 30:11 we find:

"For this law that I enjoin on you today is not beyond your strength nor beyond your reach. It is not in heaven, so that you need to wonder, "Who will go up to heaven and bring it down to us, so that we may hear it and keep it?"

Nor is it beyond the seas, so that you need to wonder, "Who will cross the seas for us and bring it back to us, so that we may hear and keep it?" No, the Word is very near to you, it is in your mouth and in your heart for your observance."

How could it be any more clear? Jesus says that those who say the kingdom of heaven is in the sky - those who take the letter of the law and squeeze the life out of - will be sorely disappointed because the birds will get their first. Those who think it is in the sea, perhaps in some dark place where we must retreat in order to find it, are also sadly mistaken. The kingdom-consciousness is not measured in miles, but in heartbeats, for it's right there, inside.

Jesus' message goes unheard when people insist that the main part of Christianity is for one to be saved and then to wait until a future time when the Kingdom of Heaven is lowered down from the sky like theater scenery. Anyone can say, "Lord, Lord", that takes no effort or talent whatsoever. But for the Christian mystic, the kingdom unfolds within us and is made by our actions in meditation, taking no thought.

This is your LIGHT (soul) that has descended into the tomb of matter (the physical body). The body (or animal) mind has to be symbolically crucified, so that the soul can rise from the dead animal personality controlled by the three lower forces, the lunar triad, or the physical, the emotional and the intellectual.

No it's not a miracle, it's simply a spiritual fact and practice called kundalini yoga.

The movement of the soul energy through each evolution of the seven chakras. Then there will be no more hell hounds on your trail. You will have risen from the dead (symbolically and literally).

A renewed mind or consciousness. Touch me feel me, see it's me, I'm the same physically, but not mentally. I have undergone a change, a transformation.

This what the whole of the crucifixion story is about. The renewing of your mind. From the dead animal mind, to the cosmic mind of Good.

Religion has corrupted this wonderful truth, and kept the real meaning from you for a thousand years. But now you know the truth, there is nothing to believe, you just read the truth, so it's not a matter of faith of any kind of belief, but KNOWING.

If it can be shown, by clear and indisputable evidence, that the history of Jesus Christ (as commonly received among Christians) is a forgery and a fiction—that he was not the son of a virgin called Mary, the wife of Joseph the carpenter, who conceived through the power of the holy ghost, and ceased not to be a virgin even after she had become a mother—that he did not converse with the Jewish doctors in the temple—nor preach to the populace in Jerusalem and elsewhere—nor perform miraculous cures—nor hold communion with the devil—nor, in point of fact, do any one act that pious enthusiasts and ignorant devotees have ascribed to him.

And further, that neither a god nor a man called Christ was crucified by Pontius Pilate, the Procurator, and therefore could not by possibility have arisen from the dead three days after an event which did not happen, and ascend into heaven, as is vulgarly supposed,—if, we repeat, it can be clearly proved that the foregoing assertions about the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, are indicative of the movement of the sun through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, not fictions stolen from the mythological fables of ancient nations,—but mythology derived from ancient sources, the SUN-GOD story as told in all of the earlier myths.

The cunning priests and mythmongers have always sought to ensure that their unfortunate followers remain morally infected and spiritually befuddled. To this end they have plagiarized and rescripted the sacred Hermetic and Astrological canon. Although their manifesto, the Testaments, are garbled and illogical when read literally, few are bothered to search for the true spiritual meaning.

As long as the desired effects are elicited the mythmongering is zealously endorsed. The compilation, instead of being used for proper spiritual growth, should be flung into consuming fires, as they are uselss, and only keep the spirit in bondage to the world systems. Those of us and those in bygone years who decided to refute the matter were brutally tortured and murdered. Today, they are ridiculed, branded, condemned as sinners, and ostracized.

The compilers of the Old Testament…knew well that the language of the Initiates in the days of Moses was identical with that of the Egyptian Mythology– Madame Helena Blavatsky

Michael Tsarion

The Christian "faith" is the paramount demonstration in all the world's life that to try to dominate humankind by a religion divorced from philosophy is to take the path leading straight to wreckage. History records that fearful wreckage - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The terrible craze that was caused by this perversion of the ancient wisdom has sown the germs of insanity broadcast, and half-filled the world with pious lunatics for whom it offers no cure – Gerald Massey

All mythologies find their explanation in this starry language, and every religion is founded upon the movements of our solar system. The rise and fall of empires and races of men are written in its pages - Thomas H. Burgoyne (The Light of Egypt: or The Science of the Soul and The Stars, Vol. II)

The religious focus of the earliest known civilizations was on the sky, which was universally known to be the home of the “gods.” The sky covered the Earth, and so was called “heaven,” which means a “covering”. The myths were intimately tied to the stars through the constellations, for many myths ended with the hero being placed among the stars in the sky, a process called catasterization. Thus a constellation was said to be the image of the hero, or heroine, who had been taken to live among the gods, and be immortal – Harry Dale Huffman (End of the Mystery)

Whether the origin of the zodiac is Aryan or Egyptian, it is still of immense antiquity. Simplicius (sixth century AD) writes that he had always heard that the Egyptians had kept astronomical observations and records for at least 630,000 years. Diogenes Laertius carried back the astronomical calculations of the Egyptians to 48,863 years before Alexander the Great. Maritanus Capella corroborates the same by telling posterity that the Egyptians had secretly studied astronomy for over 40,000 years before they imparted their knowledge to the world - J. Lewis (Astronomy of the Ancients)

The entire Bible story was first written in the stars and then transferred to scroll.

The alternative is to believe a literal interpretation, and the bible calls that the LETTER that KILLS the spiritual understanding.

The Christian Church has left a legacy, a world view, that permeates every aspect of Western society, both secular and religious. It is a legacy that fosters sexism, racism, the intolerance of difference, and the desecration of the natural environment…Christianity has helped to create a society in which people are alienated not only from each other but also from the divine – Helen Ellerbe (The Dark Side of Christian History)

"The more you talk, the more likely you are to sin.

If you are wise, you will keep silent."
Proverbs 10:19


The Bible is not God's word, God does not write books, never did, never will. God is the mysterious force behind gravity, dark matter and the expanding Universe, she is Mother Nature and all ideas of God resonate from our primitive attempts to understand lightening, earthquakes, avalanches, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, glaciers, you KNOW, NATURE !!!

Every Primitive culture, and even the Greeks, Egyptians, etc. struggled to understand how the world could be so cruel and tough on them, they looked to a higher power for answers, hmm, hasn't changed much, the ignorant and stupid religious idiots still blame God for Katrina, the Mississippi, etc. Some things will never change, you couldn't get these idiots to pick up a book if their life depended on it, unless it was the HOLY BIBLE, a concoction of some of the most misunderstood mythology on Earth.

So, God, she don't write books. And, every religious text has been "revealed" to some power and control hungry freak who managed, as the first cro-magnon shaman who first came up with the idea, managed to realize he could control others if he alone had the pipeline to God.

Well, once a human parrots some so called revealed words than they are no longer God's words but the words of a human, a power hungry mortal asshole who wants to control others and not pull their own weight, eventually they all become pedophiles, and worse murderers who drown, torture and burn at the stake in the name of "God".

Religions speak like the viruses they are, there were thousands of Christians sects until, with the help of the eastern Roman emperors in Constantinople one sect, which would become the Catholic Virus, the worst in history, began to kill the others off to consolidate POWER, and burned the Library at Alexandria, destroying much of the knowledge of Antiquity.

Religion is for the worthless, weak, the scared, the ignorant and the just plain stupid, wake up idiots, you can Google and Wikipedia anything now and see what the smartest people in the world have to say, don't have to listen to the Hagees, Grahams, Faldwells or other power crazed hypocrites have to say about anything and they don't know anything except how to fleece you for you dollars and molest your kids at least Rev. Ike said it right back in the day why wait for pie in the sky, you can have your cake right now! Repent!!! I say.

Well, judging by intellectual capacity, I guess the religious fundamentalists could technically be classified as mineral or vegetable.

God save us from religious nutters, stupid politicians, greedy lawyers and part time philosophers.

A bullet` (religious person), doesn't ask for the I.Q. of the person who fired it, nor does it give a hoot who the target (you or I) is.

The notion that you are either a sheep or a sheep herder is complete nonsense. As is the link to an individuals I.Q.

Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and that village idiot in the White House are just a few examples that dispel the fallacy that a sheep herder is in any way linked to a high I.O.

Various forms of psychosis and general mental disorders, of which delusions of grandeur is a prominent factor, are more indicative of 'sheep', who, under normal circumstances, could not survive in a sheep environment because of their own deficiencies, yet who by means of sheer ruthlessness, opportunity, sheer chance, family-ties or other favourable factors, suddenly find themselves as the head sheep herders.

We who see, are to awaken those around us, to plant seeds of truth so they may ascend, the human body a trap to some, to others a great suit to wear, we all shall lay it down at our feet in the end, walk away from our former selves.

Religion replaces inner-faith or belief in oneself for a product "sold" to you by an external entity. It is the institutionalisation of faith. it is the institutionalisation of God.

Where the Hell do all dirt groveling idolaters and imaginary god worshippers get off even claiming to serve god

Having met god and knowing him so well I'm sure no one will be surprised when he turns out to be fictional or heaven forbid abstract and unlike anything our small minds could imagine or comprehend.

I'm actually hoping that if there is a "GOD" he will be so pissed off at all the dirt groveling god worshippers that he gives them what they imagine.

A boring heaven for people who never ate fish on a Friday, where they can grovel and worship all they want for the rest of eternity and a terrible hell for people who did eat the fish.

Carlin describing the Fundie-mental-ists

"When you're born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat." - George Carlin

You're a fundie-MENTAL-ist IF

your sole purpose in life is to serve as an warning to others.

you've ever uttered the phrase, "Why don't we just bomb the sons of bitches."

you're a pro-lifer, but support the death penalty.

And you are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

10 You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of yours.

9 You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people evolved from other life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt.

8 You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a Triune God.

7 Your face turns purple when you hear of the "atrocities" attributed to Allah, but you don't even flinch when hearing about how God/Jehovah slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in "Exodus" and ordered the elimination of entire ethnic groups in "Joshua" including women, children, and trees!

6 You laugh at Hindu beliefs that deify humans, and Greek claims about gods sleeping with women, but you have no problem believing that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, who then gave birth to a man-god who got killed, came back to life and then ascended into the sky.

5 You are willing to spend your life looking for little loopholes in the scientifically established age of Earth (few billion years), but you find nothing wrong with believing dates recorded by Bronze Age tribesmen sitting in their tents and guessing that Earth is a few generations old.

4 You believe that the entire population of this planet with the exception of those who share your beliefs though excluding those in all rival sects - will spend Eternity in an infinite Hell of Suffering. And yet consider your religion the most "tolerant" and "loving."

3 While modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have failed to convince you otherwise, some idiot rolling around on the floor speaking in "tongues" may be all the evidence you need to "prove" Christianity.

2 You define 0.01% as a "high success rate" when it comes to answered prayers. You consider that to be evidence that prayer works. And you think that the remaining 99.99% FAILURE was simply the will of God.

1 You actually know a lot less than many atheists and agnostics do about the Bible, Christianity, and church history - but still call yourself a Christian.


Are you among the millions who need threats of punishment, hell and damnation to keep you on the spiritual path?

Are you among the millions who see Devils and evil forces behind every rock, tree, face, sign, song, concept or change?

Are you among the millions who use your ideals, beliefs, and spirituality to judge, compare, condemn and evaluate your neighbors and associates?

Are you among the millions who would martyr yourself, your loved ones, your children's happiness and welfare, your nations' people, to sacrifice and suffer in a present life in hopes of gaining some reward in a future life?

Are you among the millions who need a personality cult, with some personality, deity or teacher to idolize, bow down to, to hang your soul upon in hopes of being blessed for your submissive groveling?

Are you among the millions who seek security through systems and teachings that ask you to believe without question any activity, book, method or personality who claims by Its own authority and that of Its followers to be the only answer, the only truth, the final word of wisdom?

Are you among the millions who would condemn, hurt, or kill your fellow humans If they threatened your beliefs, which teach you not to condemn, hurt or kill your fellow humans?

Are you among the millions who seek reassurance for your beliefs and attempt to avoid any information that leads to questioning or doubting your beliefs?

If the above apply to you, then you just might be a completely brainwashed Fun-Duh-mental-ist

An standing card carrying member of the Jesus cult, a totally unenlightened ignorant, superstitious, banal, bald headed member.

"Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treads out the corn"

Oh, but they will never understand.


Taken from an Internet forum

With my comments.

Their willful ignorance of the Bible combined with their two faced idealism to preach it, has made us sick, hasn’t it? For nearly two thousand years Biblicists have been lecturing people on the importance of adhering to the Bible’s teachings on ethics, manners, and morality. They quote Jesus and Paul profusely, with a liberal sprinkling of Old Testament moralism. The problem with their approach lies not only in an oft- noted failure to practice what they preach, but an equally pronounced tendency to ignore what the Bible itself, preaches.

Christians practice what can only be described as “selective morality”. What they like, they cling to and shove down other’s throats; what they don’t like, they ignore vehemently. That which is palatable and acceptable is supposedly applicable to all; while that which is obnoxious, inconvenient, or self-denying is only applicable to those addressed 2,000 years ago.

Their hypocrisy is so rampant that even the validity of calling oneself “Christian” is in question. I see so many people enjoy quoting the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and some of Paul’s sermons, but don’t even PRETEND to heed other, equally valid, maxims. Hypocrites of the highest order.

The Christian attempts to put prayer into schools run directly counter to biblical teachings. Jesus said prayer should be a private affair devoid of public display: "And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by men.

Truly, I say to you they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room (or closet.) and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret" (Matthew 6:5-6 RSV).

Biblicists violate this on a regular basis and have no intention of correcting their behavior.

Public prayer forces the peers of school children to jump on the band wagon and pray. We are all aware that the church is simply a business which employs tactics similar to that of tobacco industries in recruiting consumers. Get the kids while they are young and vulnerable so that they become donating members of the church when they reach adulthood.

I find it humorous that other businesses warn their consumers on the package that it is dangerous to one’s health while Churches don’t put warning labels on the bible for the pornography and immorality it contains.

The psychological damage organized religion causes is notably prevalent. Cancer from smoking and cirrhosis from drinking is JUST AS HARMFUL as the psychosis believers develop concerning reality. The “I see demons” complex is more rampant in Christians then it is in acid dropping space cadets. I am not saying this as a joke. There are literal studies done on this topic and they are in accordance to what I am conveying here.

Christians always use the excuse that the above mentioned verse is some how “metaphorical” yet they take Paul’s maxim that men should pray with their heads uncovered very seriously. I assume this is generally followed because removing one’s hat isn’t particularly inconvenient.

"Any man who prays or prophecies with his head covered dishonors his head" (1 Corinthians 11:4 RSV).

My comment


The head is a symbol of the mind and intellect, the intelligence which distinguishes man.

To cover the head in this verse means one that refuses to operate his thoughts from the higher intellectual state, as opposed to the emotions (woman), that must be kept covered up. If the higher intellect does not function in your daily life it brings dishonour.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou hast anointed my head with oil; my cup runneth over" Ps. 13:5

"your enemies are of your own house" (mind) Jesus in Psalms

The self hath prepared for the ego the fruits of life experience to be the food of the soul, while desires (enemies) have become inoperative. The Higher consciousness bestowed upon the aspiring mind, and wisdom (oil/chrism from the brain) filleth thee with understanding.

My comment

Veil or covering

A symbol of the higher mind inaccessible to the lower consciousness (emotions).

The veil of the higher mind which separates the lower self from Buddhi can never be raised by the mortal self, only when the mortal (physical) has put on immortality (the higher self) will the beautiful maiden (spiritual nature) be revealed to the risen soul on the bridge, of the higher mind.

On the other hand, Paul’s tenet that women must keep their heads covered with a veil during prayer is quite inconvenient and, for this reason, has either been rationalized away or ignored, although it is no less binding than any other moral law in the New Testament: “but any woman who prays or prophecies with her head unveiled dishonors her head.

My comment

Same thing here, the emotions (woman) must be cutoff (veiled).

For if a woman will not veil herself, then we should cut off her hair: but if it be disgraceful for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her wear a veil (1 Corinthians 11:5-13 RSV)

This is what happens when you read any spiritual LITERALLY instead of understanding the symbols.

“Even apparently innocuous beliefs, when unjustified, can lead to intolerable consequences. Many Muslims, for instance, are convinced that God takes an active interest in women's clothing. While it may seem harmless enough, the amount of suffering that this incredible idea has caused is astonishing.

The rioting in Nigeria over 2002 Miss World Pageant claimed over two hundred lives; innocent men and women were butchered with machetes or burned alive simply to keep that troubled place free of women in bikinis.

Earlier in the year, the religious police in Mecca prevented paramedics and firefighters from rescuing scores of teenage girls trapped in a burning building. Why? Because the girls were not wearing the traditional head covering that Koranic law requires. Fourteen girls died in the fire; fifty were injured. Should Muslims really be free to believe that the Creator of the universe is concerned about whether or not someone wears a rag on their head or not? Sam Harris (2006)


The Bible calls that the "letter that kills"

It sure does, it Kills both spiritually and physically, the Quran is a symbolic book just like the bible, those fanatics take their book LITERALLY, and our fanatics take our book (the bible ) literally! And everyone suffers, because those that in power and make rules and laws, and do so based on MYTHOLOGY, and thereby destroying innocent lives.

Although beliefs might start off as fads, rumors, stories and the like, they can balloon out of control. A certain critical mass is reached when the populace as a whole no longer question the belief and it is at this point that it becomes a dangerous piece of dogma: unquestioned. All beliefs should be questioned continually, for fear that they will become monsters, blinding people not only to greater truths, but to moral truths as well.

Atheists and scientists do not kill each other over their beliefs. The adherents of superstring theory have never killed

My comment

In this verse the emotions must be cut or shaved, subdued within the mind.

"Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?" (l Corinthians 11:14).

My comments

Hair in the Bible is a symbol of power.

Remember when Sampson's seven locks of hair was cut off he lost all of his strength, the hair that was symbolically cut by Delilah (the lower desire nature) was spiritual power, not actual physical strength as movies portray.

In other instances in the bible long hair is a symbol of the physical body with all of it's desires and passions, like Esau in the Esau Jacob story of birthright exchange Esau's body was hairy, meaning that the physical nature was overpowering the spiritual nature.

So in the above verse; if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?" (l Corinthians 11:14).

Man is a symbol of the lower mind united with the desires and affections of the lower nature.

In other words if the man (lower mind) is in operation within the metal faculties, the power to this lower mind must be cut short (no long hair).

It's talking about body hair like Esau (the physical), which is a symbol of the lower beasltly nature or Fleshpot of Egypt.

Hair on the head is a symbol of spiritual strength growing out of the higher mind, this is good and desirable hair, that no razor shall touch.


How many freaked out long-haired, bible thumping Jesus freaks do you know? Well they have no understanding of biblical mythology and symbolism anyway.

Perhaps this is just my experience, but I can name 12 such individuals off the top of my head. Surely, you can recall at least ONE LONG-HAIRED CHRISTIAN. The stereotypical version of CHRIST HIMSELF! Think of the numerous statues and pictures Christians adore depicting the lord appearing as that which he detests. One can not stop and wonder at the absurdity of this.

Another tenet clearly prohibits women from being ministers or otherwise speaking in church (“Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak” 1 Corinthians 14:34). It’s difficult to see how Paul could support the current movement to ordain women. Why, Jesus would shit himself knowing that an ATHEIST WOMAN, has managed to get herself legally ordained.

Ever watch these Christians on television and notice how their bowed heads uniformly shake amen while some evangelist goes on and on in prayer for an hour? Well, repetitious and monotonous praying is in violation of Matthew 6:7. “But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.”

Here is perhaps the mother of verses ignored: “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1) and “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged, condemn not and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven” (Luke 6:37).

I have yet to meet a Christian who has not judged. The whole Christian world is chalk full of judges, juries, voters, employers, teachers, etc. which are all constantly judging others.

Biblicists are not allowed to call anyone “father” (“And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven” (Matthew 23:9). Not only is this rule ignored on a DAILY BASIS, but Catholicism uses “father” as a specific title.

My comments

Father is a symbol of the life force from above active within the psyche, the higher mental faculties, this higher state of consciousness resides in heaven (a higher state of mind) within you, one who has received the higher consciousness within themselves.

The Father below is a symbol of the lower father ego (earth), ye shall not call this lower part your father, because he is the devil, the father of lies, you are instead to keep focused on the higher consciousness above, the real father.


Jesus is quoted many times in the Bible saying that a believer can ask for anything through prayer and receive it. He even goes so far as to say that mountains and trees can be thrown into the sea simply by praying for it. This is clearly a lie, and can be proven to be a lie by any believer. Simply pray for me to be converted to Christianity right away. Or better yet ask God to move the mountains behind my house.

My comment

Prayer is meditation, and the asking is in silence, by taking no thought, as god knows what you have need of before you ask, taking no thought brings spiritual higher wisdom, NOT material physical things. That's the corruption of religious training and indoctrination.

And Jesus answered and said to them, "Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, `Be taken up and cast into the sea,' it will happen. "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." (Matthew 21:21-22 NAS)

My comment

Mountains are symbols of spiritual hurdles, they are things that are a barrier to the mind that is reaching for perfection, the mind stays living in the five sense and desire nature (mountains), but in the silence of meditation, taking NO thought, the mountain (desire and sense) is removed, and cast away into the sea ( a symbol of of the bitterness of the lower desire and turbulent mind).

Book of Job vol 1

"for what is denoted by the title SEA, but this world's bitterness, in the destruction of the righteous"

Psalm 33:7

"for the lord gathereth the waters of the SEA as in a skin, when disposing all things with a wonderful Governance (the new world order). He restrains the threats of the carnal (ego), pent up in their hearts, thus the lord treads upon the waves of the SEA". "for when the storms of persecution lift up themselves, they are dashed in pieces in astonishment at his miracles"

Everything has a wonderful meaning, but NOT if you read ancient texts LITERALLY!, that's the Letter thet KILLs, as Paul said.

Those silly Christards will believe anything, there are blinded by their EMOTIONS ( waves of the sea) (SIN).

The Number Forty-Two

The number forty-two is a number connected with Antichrist. An important part of his career is to last for 42 months (Revelation 11:2, 13:5), and thus this number is fixed upon him. Another number of Antichrist is 1260, and this is 30 x 42 or NINE.

Its factors are six and seven (6x7=42), and this shows a connection between man and the Spirit of God, and between Christ and Antichrist (the ego nature):

Forty-two stages of Israel's wanderings mark their conflict with the will of God.
Forty-two young men mocked the ascension of Elijah to Elisha, 2 Kings 2:23, 24.

Being a multiple of seven, it might be supposed that it would be connected with spiritual perfection. But it is the product of six times seven. Six, therefore, being the number of Man, and man's opposition to God, Forty-two becomes significant of the working out of man's opposition to God.

There may be something more in the common phrase about things being all "sixes and sevens." They are so, indeed, when man is mixed up with the things of God, and when religious "flesh" engages in spiritual things

In Gematria

In gematria it is a factor in the number of Nimrod's name, which is 294, or 42 x 7. It will be often found as a factor in the Antichristian names.

The Lord sends bears to kill 42 children for making fun of someone:

2 Kings 2:23-24 Elisha went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head.

And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty-two children of them.


2 Kings 2:23-24 Elisha (the higher mind) went up (up to the higher state of consciousness) from thence unto Bethel (the house of the lord): and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children (misguided lower nature thoughts, egoic thinking) out of the city (the brain), and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head.

Baldheadness is a symbol of the lack of power, either higher spiritual power or egoic power over the mind and thoughts, as hair grows out of the head, in this case the ego is acting upon the mind in a negative way, as having bad thoughts and cursing the higher rational mind for not having hair, egoistic power in it's function.

But the higher rational mind (Elisha) calls out to the lord (the higher consciousness)
And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord.
And there came forth two she bears out of the wood ( a symbol of the astral plane, or desire, being the plane of the lower nature/wood, the physical brain, where your consciousness is active), and tare forty-two (opposition to God, Forty-two ) children of them.

The two she bears are symbols of the power of the lord, and tare up these 42 (negative thoughts/children).

Two she bears, bears are symbols of great power and in this case it is the great power of the higher over the lower nature, but why two.

Two is a symbol of the manifestation, the one becoming Two spirit and matter, also of the relative , the opposites, the higher and lower, good and evil, etc..

Two is symbolic of the union of Christ, who is both god and man, and therefore the union of god and man. TWO is also a symbol of the union of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Why she bears and not male bears?

She represents the emotional nature of the mind (the left), which is to transmuted to it's higher state (the right). The lower nature being ready to be delivered up, the lower nature becomes fructified of the higher spiritual or higher consciousness.

She was used by the writers to signify that the lower emotions will be killed out, even though these bears were sent from God/the Lord from above, it's symbolism to get you to understand that when the lower emotions are active within your conscious awakened state, there will nothing but trouble and strife in your life, until God sends forth the TWO SHE BEARS, to do battle with the lower mind (42 of them/symbolic of lower ego thinking).

Children put to the sword

Children are the offspring of the lower mind, the lower emotional, misguided thoughts, they must be run through and put asunder.

Six (the lower mind) plus seven (the seven chakras), the six is under the seven, and the numerology 6x7 is the writer saying that the mind is divided, it does not function at the higher mind quality, 42 is a symbol of this lower mind in duality. 42 also equals SIX, again showing the nature of the number in Biblical texts, six being man (the lower animal mind quality).

Man (mind) was created on the sixth day. The creation story making reference to the mind and the number six.

Man is a symbol of the lower mind united with the desires and affections of the lower nature, eating from the tree of good and evil, the mind in duality.

"Let us go down and confound their language" said God in Genesis 11:7

The language is confounded to all, who do not understand how to interpret the bible correctly, they will argue and bicker back and forth, and they will never agree on what a verse or story really means, and then fighting breaks out amongst the various Christian denominations, but when read symbolically and NEVER literal, then understanding comes.

Also the internal language that takes place between the cells of the body, get mixed signals (confounded/confused) from the mind, when the mind is serving both god (higher ideals) and mammon (the lower senses) at the same time. You can't serve two masters, it's either the higher father or the lower father.

You get sick, because there's no INTERNAL harmony within your body.


Do you believe that this is a hotdog?

Faith: Why Religious Beliefs Are so Vehemently Defended

Atheists and scientists do not kill each other over their beliefs. The adherents of superstring theory have never killed opposing theorists, and Lamarckian Evolutionists never killed any Darwinian Evolutionists on account of their beliefs.

Newton and Einstein may have disagreed, but they refrained from violently attacking each other's followers. Like them, Arius and Athanasius disagreed over theory in the 4th century, although in their case it wasn't physics, but about the nature of Christ. The Arians and the Nicene Christians, however, soon ended up damning each other to hell because of the other's "wrong" beliefs, and then resorted to murder, aggression and burning until the Arians had been wiped out. Well, that is one way to settle a theoretical dispute. But why is it the religious way?

There is something about religious beliefs that leads to violent intolerance. I think it is this: the beliefs that you cherish, but which you think are maybe silly or untrue, are the beliefs that you will defend most irrationally and most aggressively. It's a defense mechanism, it is there to protect the EGO.

Rather than subject silly beliefs to the rigors of debate and questioning, it is easier to claim outrage and act aggressively when dodgy beliefs are challenged. This is why scientists, who want to learn which theories best describe the truth, actively engage in debate without ever, in history, killing each other over their differences with other strands of scientists.

Even standard sociological inquiries about beliefs and the history of beliefs can be found offensive simply because the attempts to rationally describe beliefs requires questions to be asked about how the beliefs work.

“The sociologist of religion may also offend a person's religious sensibilities by subjecting his or her beliefs to rational scrutiny.”
"Gods in the Global Village" by Prof. L. Kurtz (2007)

Beliefs destroy truth at every turn, to believe something really means that you DON'T KNOW, to know does not require belief, it requires understanding the truth.

A commentator said to me that it would do no good to eradicate religion. He said "then they'd just kill each other in the name of something else. Like which football team they support!". I still think we would be better off. Football teams do not claim to be divinely inspired. They do not force upon people any particular intellectual framework, nor link it to moral theory. Under footballism, people are still free to inquire about the world with a free mind.

The fact that religions claim divinity, that they claim absolute truth and link morality, society, authority and philosophy all into one whole, makes people more likely to fight and die for them. What is so weak about religious beliefs that they require defending with such bloodshed? It is this: People would rather cling to wishful thinking and false hopes, rather than face the complex realities of life. Simple answers appeal to people more than complicated scientific ones.

Because religious people secretly doubt their beliefs, they do not permit their beliefs to be calmly questioned. They fear that their beliefs will unravel. Instead, they declare that faith is greater than intellectualism (in other words: they want to continue believing even though the evidence is against them).

They declare that it is offensive to question their beliefs. They declare that questions are wrong! And if you persist in your questioning as a person about their silly belief that Noah put 2 of every animal on earth and seven of the clean ones, those that took a bath, on a small boat about the size of the average cruise ship , they'll declare you an intolerant bigot. If two such groups of faithful people meet, the consequences are dangerous for all in their midst. The starting point of this slippery slope was when individuals ceased to allow their beliefs to be calmly debated and questioned.

You can't put aged old wine (spiritual wisdom) into new bottles (young minds) that aren't ready for truth, because the it will break. Wineskins hold wine, wine is a symbol of higher spiritual truth. they will never receive it, and it only bring stress and hardship for both.

Let them go on believing, you go on evolving! They have shutdown their own evolution concerning the their own consciousness, so be it.

Their LEFT foot is stuck NINE inches in mud, and they cannot be helped, because they have 900 chariots of iron weighing them down.

Some of will get the above statement, some will not.

Religious Fundamentalism

It is easy to see how the acceptance of ideas and the interpretation of personal experiences without taking due heed for the way our brains can trick us, is a combination that can lead communities down paths away from normal society. Some groups become suicide cults, others remain as fundamentalist cells within mainstream religions, or sometimes become religious groups in their own right.

It is dangerous when their beliefs become seen as unquestionable because they happen to be part of a religious worldview. Sam Harris in his book against religious fundamentalism and extremism (2006) warns that when we place someone's opinions beyond criticism because they are sacred to them, we place that person beyond rehabilitation to common sense.

Harris argues that the blame doesn't only lay with the fundamentalists themselves, but with the majority of non-extremists who sit in the middle ground, facilitating an environment where crazy beliefs can foster without question. In all communities that place large parts of their mythology into a "holy", "sacred", "unquestionable" or "god-given" category, a large space is created for more extreme beliefs to take hold in the same categories, and lead the community down some potentially dangerous paths. The way to end all this is to put an end to the idea that religious beliefs should not be routinely questioned, everything should be questioned, especially religious beliefs above all.

There is a constant need for us to question our own beliefs, and the beliefs of those around us. It creates a healthy atmosphere of skepticism and intelligence, and prevents people from coming to unreasonable conclusions. The way our brains work mean that we frequently misinterpret events and data, and in particular, we always think there is more rationality and evidence for our beliefs that there really is. This all matters because when beliefs become unquestioned, a community can become increasingly divorced from reality.

It is how religious cults are formed. In extreme cases this leads to complete social rejection and the possibility of suicide cults, as has been seen many times in history. These groups always start out with borderline, but common, beliefs and slowly become more delusional over time. All these groups lacked an instinct to ask questions.

It is religion that gains most when people cease asking deep questions about beliefs, and it is truth that suffers most. In the name of truth and common sense, do not let even trivial-seeming beliefs take hold without double-checking them, because once beliefs are trivialised, a slippery slope can take you down into madness! As we have seen in the world since the beginning of religions.

The fig tree that withered

The fig tree is a symbol of the physical body (and the tree of life/spine), a fig blossoms on the INSIDE. the fig tree that withers away is a symbol of the OUTER man/woman, who's soul withers away, but when the spiritual person raises their consciousness, then the soul blossoms on the INSIDE. It's all on the INSIDE, but few who know this great truth.

Because religion focuses on outer things (literal events, the literal resurrection and so forth), their fig tree is withering, and Jesus curses this tree, because it produces no fruit (spirit).

The withered fig tree ( a symbol of the tree of life, the spine) stands for the lower nature operating the senses and mind, corrupting this tree, can never of itself bring forth the fruit, the fruits of the spirit.

Our "lower" mind is closely connected with our physical brains and is molded by the experiences we have in life; so it is also called the "empirical" mind and is part of our personality, thus varying with every person. Our "higher" mind, on the other hand, is what Kant called the "pure reason" and the Greeks "nous"; it is anterior to our personal, empirical mind and is essentially the same in structure for all human beings.

The difference between the "lower"and "higher" minds is roughly parallel to the Jungian distinction between our personal conscious and the collective unconscious. Another way to put it, is the difference between Jesus/god and the devil, yin and yang etc...

The human mind dominated by animal instincts, or at best by logic and reason, cannot know God. It operates in the region of duality, and although it may obtain an intellectual conception of Him it sinks down and evaporates before the vision of non-duality.

If the lower mind can only operate in duality, and God is One, how can he be known? Behind the lower mind, so to say, and obscured by the unrest and activity of the lower mind, there is a super-conscious mind, the enlightened intellect—the faculty of spiritual perception—and when the lower mind has been stilled by discipline of the teacher within (meditation), this higher faculty can be WON.

"The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real. Let the Disciple slay the Slayer." "Slaying" is, of course,a metaphor. The mind "slays" because it tricks and misleads us through its conditioning (especially, according to the Whorf hypothesis, by the language we speak). To "slay the slayer" is to trick the trickster by meditative mindfulness.

The Personality consists of:

Meshac, Shedrach and Abednego (the physical, the intellectual and the emotional nature) in the Biblical story in the book of Daniel, that are thrown into the furnace heated SEVEN times.

1. The Physical body

2. The emotional body (also known as the astral or desire body)

3. The lower mental body (the rational mind/intellect)

In a fully developed personality, three vehicles are synthesised into a harmoniously working unit (the unified mind). This means that there is an alignment of the mind and the feelings/emotions, so that our outer actions are expressed in a balanced manner from the inner higher principle.

It is the goal of every spiritually active and aspiring person to create such an integration of lower and higher self, for it is then only with the correct alignment of forces WITHIN that consistent Soul contact can occur. This only happens when one has raised the energy of creation (the kundalini) up their own spines and then the integration occurs, at the RIGHT hemisphere of the brain (the holy of holies).

The individuation of the lesser ego is a major step in personal evolution. More and more are making the actual link between the lower and the Higher selves as the awakening to what is now termed the Rainbow Bridge, the soul’s ascension to the highest god principle, active in the fully awakened mind.

When we speak of the personality, or lower self, we refer to an entity composed of three vehicles of consciousness; the physical body, the emotional or astral body, and the lower mental body {the rational, logical mind}. ~Vehicle~ implies the structure of matter which conveys the more subtle life energy or consciousness. Thus, we could compare a vehicle (chariot) to a thought, and consciousness to the energy which that thought contains.

Now you know why the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita refer to Chariots, because these books are referring to thoughts that roam the mind.

In the Bible they are Chariots of IRON, and sometimes NINE hundred of these Chariots. "And God cannot remove the Chariots of Iron from their cities"

Because they are too heavy, they weigh NINE hundred lbs. And God hasn't been on a good exercise program, so his muscles have atrophied, therefore he cannot lift them.

Only YOU can remove the NINE hundred chariots of IRON, in the bible IRON is a symbol of THOUGHT, only by entering into meditation and shutting down the thought process, can you remove the Vehicles or Chariots that roam the mind unchecked, by a delusional driver (YOU), then God can find you, and when he finds you, he will do the following to you.

Isaiah 13:15-18 If God can find you, he will "thrust you through," smash your children "to pieces" before your eyes, and rape your wife. Here God will rape your wife after killing your children and running you through.

The important thing to remember is that these vehicles/chariots/thoughts and their planes of consciousness, are actual centres of force within the body and brain. These centres, are affected by, and correspond to the planets, signs and vibrations which constitute other centres of force. The inter-connections between these energies are the core of esoteric astrology. When one has been able to manifest these energies in their fullest strength within themselves, in their brains, then one has brought down heaven/the new Jerusalem.


Hosea 13:16 Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up. Gods commandment mind you!

2 Kings 8:12 "You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground, and rip open their pregnant women." This is God's commandment mind you. Rip open pregnant woman, wow! What A god! My god! can you believe that? Holy mackerel!

Deuteronomy 28:53 And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the LORD thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, therewith thine enemies shall distress thee. here god commands children to be eaten.

Isaiah 13:16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished. Gods commandment again!

Psalm 137:8.9 O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. God said We should be happy to dash the little one against stones.

WOW! quite a cruel God, and Christians believe this without hesitation, because they are yet too carnal to realize that these are SPIRITUAL statements and not LITERAL.

Duet: The LORD shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish.

Holy Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick, his daddy is in bad need of anger management classes, he will smite thee with a consumption, man I can't wait to use that one the next time someone tries to mess with me, that's bad, and with a fever as well, if I tell someone that it should stop them dead in their tracks for sure. And even a blasting and mildew, holy cow, imagine that a mildew, wow! great stuff their God. Can't wait to use that line on the next person that tries to start a fight with me, thanks for the lesson.

Yep I believe it, every word of it.

BUT WAIT ! It says

EZ:20 Then said I, Ah Lord GOD! they say of me, Doth he not speak in parables?1 Cor. 3:2

'Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom. We impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God. YES HE DOES!!!!!

Oh ! these are parables and hidden wisdom, Mythology, now I get it.

Why then hasn't religion told me this, why hasn't your average soap box tv evangelist or corner church, black collar wearing minister told us this?

Because they havnt a clue, they've scarcely even read the bible, so how could they possibly know, much less teach you anything?

Look around at the insanity that pervades the world and you will see what the scripture meant when it said, be not a minister of the letter , for the letter kills.

Its Mythology, just that religion and your local church never told you. Because they haven't a CLUE!!!! Why don't they have a clue?

Or did they give us a red herring?

This is also true of the Koran, hindu scriptures, zoroasterism and the rest, with the exception of zen, but buddhism also has elements of mythology in its teaching, but it is mostly mind science.

The bible verses that show that God either killed or had someone else kill children, friends, non believers, non jews etc. are to numerous to list, their are hundreds of such scriptures through out the old testament, But you have been shown ample proof, that God speaks in parables.

God likes to conceal his words, and have you search it out, God speaks in dark sayings etc. So the question is not whether or not all of these statements are literal or symbolic, because its very clear that they are SYMBOLIC statements.

But the real question is what do these SYMBOLIC statements mean.

Sample as how to interpret ancient biblical MYTHOLOGY!

"There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys, an whose emission was like that of horses." Ezekiel 23:20

Holy cramin donkey kongs and horse cock, what's that doing in your bible? Lets not forget to have our children read the Old testament, we wouldn't want them to miss this wonderful piece of poetry, now would we.

"She" is the mind. The mind lusts after the lower physical things. The genitals represent life, creation, origins. The genitals of the lower are brutish and stubborn (donkey).
They are the kinds of thoughts that will not follow the higher. They stay where they are. The emission means the seed that enters "her". Its life is brutish and stubborn but its origin is the horse which is the carrier to heaven. The horse is always used to transport the Gods to heaven, like Pegasus.

The heaven however is the mind that is controlled by the stubborn brutish nature. The combination of the two is a person who is very stubborn and brutish but takes charge and directs things from the lower or physical nature.

Religions are the last vestige of the primitive, unenlightened, superstitious and
ignorant of the world.


Religion  all religions  create a world of make-believe. Nothing in religion is related to objective reality, to science, to real life. Every religious idea you have goes on only in your head. Every bit of religion is subjective, not objective. No prayer you ever said, no outcry you ever made to god has ever been heard or answered.

The bible says that the mark of the beast in revelations is the number of a man. The human body is made up of carbon, carbon 12 to be exact, and it is made up of 6 electrons 6 protons and 6 neutrons. 666.

You see its the physical that is the beast, its the physical that's caused all the wars and all the killing, not the spiritual. The flesh truly is the beast, because its the lower nature, that old dragon the Satan.

 But when you meditate you rise above the flying things of the mind (iron chariots) and the creeping things of the subconscious, you touch the lamb, the pineal gland and are united with your true family of life and light, which takes away the sins of the world (the lower emotions)

And you overcome Satan (666) which is the Ego centered physical, symbolically meshec, shedrac and abendego of the bible. Here the carbon based unit melds into one spiritual or electron unit and sees god face to face. And your life is preserved.

Jesus is 888 in Greek gematria, it means the Sun

The oxygen molecule which is spiritual, or electromagnetic is made up of 8 electrons, 8 protons, 8 nuetrons you can call toll free by dialing 888 or 800, 800 in Greek gematria means Lord Lord jesus is available by calling 800 or 888 there's no Charge!

You don't have to give any money to anyone, but you do have turn over your life's savings of fifthly lucre to god. Lucre in the bible is another symbol for Money, and Money in the Bible is a symbol of the Lower Mind. So give god all of your money (lower ego mind) and all of your possessions (sense desires of the flesh and false intellectual property), and then you can enter the kingdom of God, but NOT until then.

Give your money to God, not the church or TV evangelists. When you do that, you are just making someone else rich off your hard labor, and in God's eyes that's the greatest SIN of all.

They (religious people, have DUPED you, your entire life), concerning the greatest book of enlightenment ever written in the history of the world.


Get to those phones, we have prayer counselors standing by, get your credit cards ready, and our prayer staff will pray for you, so that god will send out a great healing and bless your life, hallelujah! Amen brother! We need that $5.000 warrior right now, be the first to send in $5.000 and win a special seat in gods kingdom, right next to his Sun Jesus, at his right side.

WOW! How does anyone buy into that crap, it just boggles the mind.

The teachers, even of Christianity are, in general the most ignorant of the true meaning of that which they try to teach. There is no Book of which so little is known as the Bible.

 To most who read it it is as incomprehensible as any fantastic myth, The Bible expresses in an veiled manner, only understood by initiates of the mystery schools, The doctrine of Moses and the prophets are identical with that of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and other myths.

The Hebrew books were written only to recall to memory the truths, thus was a second bible born comprehended by the Christians: a collection of monstrous absurdities, if read literally.

Paul even says it

The initiate Paul gives a number of clues about this hidden wisdom. In writing to the church at Corinth he says: ''I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not ready for it, and even yet you are not ready.'' (1 Cor. 3:2)

''Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom. We impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glorification.

Are you ready for (solid food) or the secret hidden knowledge?

If so, as Paul Harvey would say: now you know the rest of the story, or you will!
You have just been shown, the truth, that the Bible is not a literal book, but rather a mystical and metaphysical one, filled with mysteries and fantastic accounts, yet religions and people the world over still read it literally. Why?

 Because they have no common sense and have not read the verses that say don't take this stuff literally, all things are an allegory, and I the lord speaks in parables, and don't be a minister of the letter, etc. etc. If the people don't have time to read their Bibles due to a lack of time and are solely relying on the church, then ultimately its the Church's fault, its the fault of religion, for not telling you these great truths.

They go to their seminary schools, and ministry schools and spend years supposedly reading and studying their Bibles ad nauseam, yet are you telling me, with all that reading and studying they have not read these verses and understand that the bible is mythology. Well my my, I Just cant believe that

The hours and hours they supposedly spend studying their bibles, and they have not uncovered these things, or do they know the truth and purposely hide it from you, for the purpose of financial gain, control and power I prefer the latter, because if I can uncover these things, then they can too.

You see what happens when people read the bible literally, they believe that some god actually required the shedding of blood to appease it, imagine that, an all knowing, omniscient, omnipresent, God or creator would require such a thing.

Its preposterous and ludicrous to imagine that a supreme being would require that his only son be killed for the sake of saving mankind. Its even more ludicrous that people would actually believe such a thing. If he was all powerful and knowing, then why would he even require such a thing.

Unless of course its mythology, then anything can happen, myths are filled with gods killing and smiting the lesser peoples of the earth, That's because the myths are trying to tell you something about your nature, but didn't actually happen.

The great stock market crash of 1929

Oct 29, 1929

10-29-1929 added up equals SIX, mans number.

You see what happens when MAN/SIX is in charge.

The new consciousness that will rise out of this lower mind world, will begin at the beginning of the age of Aquarius.

It officially begins on 12/21 2012 (the first day of the winter solstice) which equals 11 and reduces to 2

at 11:11 PM which reduces to 4

Add them up and wala, SIX again.

But if you add them this way 11+11+11 you get 33, the number of vertebrae that make up the spinal column, and then of course that reduces to SIX.

But the man with the pitcher of water will clean out the leaven of the SIX, making it SEVEN, the number of chakras to be opened on your spine.

According to the Mayans we will enter the SIXTH age of consciousness renewal, Or the sixth sun, could the number SIX be referring to the sixth age of man?

The seventh age will not come for another 25,920 years, a Platonic year or great year.

What do you make of that? It may be nothing, just something to consider.


This anomaly called Christianity has been responsible for the complete destruction of the ancient text called the Bible, which is really MYTHOLOGY describing the enlightenment process written is metaphors and deep symbolism

The Jesus character is a type of pattern to follow, it is YOU who are supposed to be the Christed one, not some man coming back on a white horse, with a sword sticking out of his mouth, it is YOU!

They have convinced you that the bible is a literal book, and a snake had a concersation with a woman, and that a man had an intelligent conversation with a donkey, and that some man had to die for your sins, all of it, every bit of it is ancient MYTHOLOGY and nothing of the kind ever happened in the history of the world.

Like Shakespeare’s tide, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune, but, omitted, casts all the rest of life in shoals and quicksands, the wreckage of the Esoteric Gnosis in the centuries following Plato’s day, culminating in the debacle of all philosophical religion about the third century of Christianity’s development and ushering in sixteen centuries of the Dark Ages, has thrown all religion out of basic relation to true understanding and caused it to breed an endless train of evils, fanaticisms, bigotries, idiosyncrasies, superstitions, wars and persecutions that more than anything else blacken the record of man’s historic struggle toward the light.

The present most frightful of all historical barbarities owes its incidence directly to the decay of ancient philosophical knowledge and the loss of vision and virtue that would have attended its perpetuation.

What, then, must be the importance of a book which restores to the scriptures of ancient wisdom the lost light of their true original meaning?

Ancient philosophy taught that the true path of evolutionary growth was to be trodden by an effort that united the forces of the spirit with those of the world, the lower disciplined by the higher.

The whole gist of the Esoteric Doctrine was the study and mastery of the powers engaged in working out the evolutionary advance, so that the aspirant might be able to align his cultural effort in consonance with the requirements of the problem and the end to be achieved.

The planisphere or chart of the heavens was doubtless the first of all Bibles, pictorially edited.

Not quite simply and directly but intrinsically, all Bibles are amplifications and elaborations of the original volume of ideography first written on the open face of the sky, charted in the zodiac and heavenly maps, and later transferred to earth and written in scrolls and parchments.

Man was instructed to fashion his new body of spiritual glory "after the pattern of things in the heavens," the heavenly or zodiacal man.

And a graph of the structure and history of this celestial Personage was sketched by the enlightened sages in the configurated star clusters.

Man’s own small body is a replica of this body of God, made in its image and likeness. The vast frame of Cosmic Man was outlined in the scroll of the heavens, the solar systems and galaxies being living cell clusters in his immense organism.

It must prove to be so conclusive an evidence that Biblical theology rests more solidly than has ever been believed on zodiacal backgrounds that its presentation will be admittedly a matter of great moment.

One of the great keys to Bible meaning is the series of the four "elements" of ancient mythicism: earth, water, air and fire.

The body of the physical or natural man was conceived as being composed of the two lower, earth and water, while air and fire, representing mind and spirit, commingled to make the higher or spiritual man.

Jesus’ statement to Nicodemus, then, could have been rendered, "born of water and air."

And John the Baptist uses three of the four elements when he states that he, the forerunner of the Christos, and therefore a type of the lower natural man, indeed baptizes us with water (omitting earth), but that there cometh after him one higher than himself who shall baptize us with the holy spiritus (air) and with fire.

So man is born as natural man on the west, to be regenerated as spiritual man on the east. Spirit’s descent on the west makes it man; its resurrection on the east, like the summer sunrise, makes it deity again.

This is the death and resurrection of the god in all religions. It is incarnation and return to spirit. It is the descent of the Messiah into Egypt and his exodus back to Canaan.

This city of the body/brain, where the sun of soul sank to its death on the cross of matter, to rearise in a new birth, was called the city of the sun, or in Greek, Heliopolis, but in the Egyptian, ANU.

"And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified."

There is enough in this verse to confound the entire schematism of Christian theology as historically based.

It implies a clear refutation of the whole Passion Week and Good Friday ritual, as commemorative of "history."

Jesus, so it says, was not crucified in an earthly Jerusalem, but only in a spiritual one, the name of which is indifferently Sodom or Egypt, the latter not even the name of an earthly city, but of a country! Jesus crucified in Egypt!

And what becomes of the Gospel "history"? It is left to take its only true place, which is among the sacred myths!

The crucifixion was, on the authority of the Bible itself, a spiritual and not a historical transaction.

T. J. Thorburn, author of a work aiming to invalidate the mythical nature of the Gospels, reveals the perplexity as well as the ineptitude of orthodox scholars in the face of the ancient trick of uranography and allegory:

The old masters of religious science were not in the habit of speaking "precisely"; they spoke under the forms of figure always.

They could not suspect that their indirect poetical method would so outrageously befuddle modern "intelligence."

The Biblical title Israelites is a spiritual designation purely IS RA EL, and is wrongly taken in the sense of the name of an ethnic group. "
IS RA EL Isis, RA ELohim

female, male, manifested god WITHIN

My people of Israel" or "the children of Israel" of the Hebrew deity are just the divinized humans, mortals who have put on the immortal spiritual nature, men graduated into Christhood, a spiritual group in the early Mysteries. Gentiles were those who were not yet spiritually reborn.

The word comes from the Latin and Greek roots, "gen," "gent," meaning simply "to be born."

They were those born as the first or natural man, but not yet reborn as the spiritual Christ.

It can be given no ethnic reference. The name "Israelite" is obviously compounded of "Is," abbreviation of Isis, or Eve’s original name, Issa (See Josephus); "Ra," the great Egyptian solar god, male and spiritual; and the Hebrew "El," God.

Our earthly task, according to St. Paul, is to link together the two natures in "one new man," bringing to an end in a final "reconciliation" "the battle of Armageddon," the aeonial warfare between the "carnal mind" of the animal and the spiritual mind of the god.

The soul is here in body to discipline the latter by the inculcation of habits of rectitude until the animal learns to use the powers of mind. Tutoring the animal, the soul at the same time achieved its own higher schooling in deific unfoldment.

This interlocking of the two grades of life in one organism must be constantly kept in view if the proper study of religion is to be made. No organic evolution can proceed from one kingdom to another without the deploying of the mental resources of a superior kingdom in aid of the level below it.

The story most properly begins with what is called in theology "the descent of the gods." Traditional lore is replete with legends of the "expulsion of the angels," "the fall of Lucifer and his hosts," "the fall from heaven," and the more philosophical "descent of the soul." The life FORCE within you, Jesus, lucifer, Satan etc...

“Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him, and say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal. I will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses, and horsemen, all splendidly clothed, a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords. Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya are with them, all of them with shield and helmet; Gomer and all its troops; the house of Togarmah from the far north and all its troops—many people are with you.”‘” (Ez 38:2-6)

God of Egypt, Ra, landed at Heliopolis with his seven souls before the pillars of Shu and Tefnut were set up. (See "The Gods of the Egyptians," Vols. I and II, E.A. Wallis Budge). Alexander the Great set up the iron gates which forever held back Gog and Magog, the savage Gods of the Sycthians who from the shores of the Caspian Sea would sweep southward conquering and slaughtering the peoples of Canaan, Syria, Mesopotamia, etc. (See "Alexander the Great," E.A. Wallis Budge.)

Freud said that the Ego is sort of the result that emerges as the Id and the Superego battle over dominion of the human being's response to internal and external stimuli. The Id - in Freud's analysis - better characterizes the carnal, self-centeredness of a Satan persona. Not the Ego. The Ego is sort of the truce agreement between the Id (devil) and the Superego (angel) within the dualistic human mind. That makes the Ego human in every respect.

What must be understood is that the ego before the fall of the light into the animal body wass only consciousness itself, Satan which is a metaphysical technical term that is one of the many negative energy formations [ archetypes, of various mythologies] that came into maturation after the Divine EGO fell (came into the physical body to animate it, they are:

Iblees, Satan, Dajjal-Antichrist Gog, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, Put, Cush and Tubal
to name a few, they are the barbarians from the NORTH, north in metaphysics is the Emotional nature, the lower negative emotions devoid of rational thinking.

And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the North, A GREAT CLOUD, and a fire INFOLDING itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof, as the colour of amber (the resinous, life-giving, inward substance of a great Tree), out of the midst of the Fire.

Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of Four Living Creatures. And this was their appearance; THEY HAD THE LIKENESS OF A MAN...(Ezekiel 1:4,5). It is YOU!!

Satan or Shaitan is the aspect of this evil lower-archy (lower mind or first three chakras of the body), that designates or means: the perversion of natural inclinations

These negative archetypes are responsible for ALL the suffering and evil on this planet!

Anti-Christ is the ancient word for the psychological person-ality, the self created psychological person that the inner self become identified with and assumes to be.

The Greek concept of Anti-Christ is described a NARCISSUS the one who thinks one is the center of all things and SEPARATE and INDIVIDUAL, a separate being, subjective. (Greek mythology)

Anti-Christ was referred- to by St. Paul as the outer man, the man of dust. The man born of woman (the emotions) as opposed to the man (or woman) BORN AGAIN as SPIRIT, which is, God-Self-Realization, Heaven the second man. The Heavenly man etc etc.

The Anti-Christ is not a physical person that never dies. The Anti-Christ is the ego-I that always feels that GOD is a SEPARATE being from one’s self.

And as you have heard that the Anti-Christ is coming, even now many Anti-Christs have come, by which we know that is the last hour. [I john 2:18]

The Anti-Christ or, the psychological person-ality was called the demiurge by the Greeks and Gog and Magog (the male and female) psychological person-alties that the inner self (the real eternal spiritual you) become identified with and believes itself to be. This down fall or mistake of consciousness is called original sin.

The Anti-Christ is any person who has lost God-Self-Realization and therefore lives as, the small self and not as the universal self.

When the soul identifies with the body-brain it becomes Anti-Christ awareness or ANTI-SPIRITUAL, Anti-Self-Realized, Anti-Atonement, Anti-Buddha, Anti-Tao, Anti-Nirvana, Anti-Samadhi, and Anti-Humane.

An Anti-Christ states that intellectual reasoning is superior to spiritual intuition. An Anti-Christ thinks self-awareness is egoic self awareness. To KNOW THY SELF means to know one’s SPIRITUAL self. i.e., To be IN a state of spiritual self awareness.

The word anti-Christ can be used to indicate the direction, activity or process in which a single individual or all of society is moving toward consciously.

These are Psycho-logical person-alities

That keep self in bondage, such as these personalities are derived from external sources. Rather they are derived from within when "I" is identified with body-mind and FALLS and is become as asleep (think Lazarus).

When we ask Who Am "I" What is the nature of "I" then like Narcissus we may awaken and see we are looking at self and no longer an ego Identification.

The Ego Mind Gog, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal

When we were first created on ngc4555.

Our experience of the universe was undifferentiated.

There was no space or time, as there was no "where" or "when".

There was no concept of duality, only an awareness of "The One"

There was no separation between people and things.

There was no sense of "I" or "you", "mine" or "yours".

In the "Garden of Eden parable" there was (unity). And the "Serpent" (the voice of the Ego) bids us to eat "fruit" (the fruit of our pleasure, to experience life) and thus we gained the "knowledge of good and evil" (the awareness of "Duality"). This was the beginning of what is called the fall, when we (the soul) fell into these flesh pots of Egypt, the ego was born. The rift had begun, and over time became only greater, as one defying choice led to another and another... further and further into the density and duality, as our conscious awareness of the "Universal Mind" waned.

The prodigal SON/EGO

When the ego realizes its own powerlessness, and sees itself running your life into the ground (destroying you and everything and everyone around you), when you (the ego) have finally reached bottom and the only place you can go is up, only then is the ego ready to surrender and ask for and receive help from the Higher Power (higher self/god), the teacher will appear, and begin to uplift the soul/mind to it's higher aspect during the act of meditation. The life force will begin to become active within your psyche.
Then you will begin to unload the baggage from that Camel you have been riding your whole life.


The best way we can ever hope to directly inter-face and inter-act with what is real in this very moment is to not be prejudiced, tainted, or influenced by that “stuff” we hold in our minds, known as "baggage". Over lifetimes of journeying through many lands, we have accumulated much "baggage", helpful at times, most of it is now outmoded and obsolete yet we are still carrying it around (and it is the camel with 900 lbs of iron).

Within every "bag" comes a number of multi-colored (some very dark) reading glasses, and an instruction manual on how to function in "this" particular situation or "that". Some baggage has a name on it that says "relationships", others "belief systems", another "thoughts" and so on. When we come into a new situation, we can't help but bring out our "baggage", pull out our glasses and consult our manual.

Some people are very comfortable and feel safe with all this paraphernalia - it gives them the belief that their lives are organized and they can make sense of reality and what’s what - knowing the boundaries on how to think, feel, and act in every situation. Many are so deathly and fearfully attached to their stuff they won't part with it for anything.

In fact, many people are even interested in accumulating more stuff -Look around at all the things people have - it’s all a reflection of their inner. The difficulty arises when, in addition to all your baggage, the people we interact with also bring their baggage, glasses, and manuals - so instead of interacting directly with that other person, it all filters through this other stuff. When you realize that most of your relationships are based on "stuff", it can be very sobering.

Once you are free of more and more stuff (via the healings) perhaps you will begin to see that what you thought was reality, is like nothing it appeared to be: The people who we felt and thought we knew are nothing like we earlier perceived. The truths we earlier believed in are empty shadows - mere reflections of something else or outright lies.

Underneath the surface, there exists layers and layers of diverse consciousness and vibrations whole worlds invisible to the material eye multi-dimensional beings behind beings wheels within wheels spinning agendas, desires and determinations plans cast eons ago unfolding in the now and eternal future. And we think we know what truth is?

By meditating and taking no thought we will clear enough of our personal baggage so that we can directly experience who we really are (the true inner self), stripped of all of it's coats and cloaks, false persona (ego) then we can find the golden apples.

This how Jesus saves, he said come to me, my burden is light and my yoke (yoga) is easy.

Jesus is the great EGO slayer

But HOW does Jesus take away all this mental baggage (iron chariots) , that's bogging you down into depression?


The life force that is inside of you which is actually the electro magnetic life force is called Jesus.

It is the force of the Sun.

It is the force that operates out of the solar plexus which is the place of the sun.

How do I know that Jesus is the inner life force that operates within each of us.

John 14:20. At that day you shall know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.


If you wish Jesus to be your Lord then you must do the things he says to do.

He also has a priority attached to the list of his instructions.

What is the top priority. And what are Jesus' instructions that must be obeyed?

1.Matthew 6:33. But seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

YOUR QUESTION: Where do I look ?

2. Luke 17:21 The Kingdom Of God Is Within You

YOUR QUESTION: How do I do this ?

3. Matthew 6: 22. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light.

YOUR QUESTION: I stimulate the single eye, the pineal gland, is there anything else ?

4. Matthew 6:25. Take no thought for your life

In other words go into meditation and separate from human thought

5. Mark 13: 37. And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

Watch yourself. Meditation

And how did Jesus say, our pastors, and preachers and Biblical teachers have messed us up ?

Luke 11:52. Woe unto you, lawyers!( teachers of Biblical law) for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in you hindered.

Matthew 23:13. But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees,( religious teachers) hypocrites! for you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for you neither go in yourselves, neither do you allow them that are entering to go in.

As you can see, what Jesus taught was Eastern meditation.

Finding the Kingdom of Heaven within yourself, practicing the single eye, separating from thought, watching.

And he came against those who instructed in religious law (lawyers) and the preachers of the day, scribes and Pharisees, by saying that they kept people away from the Kingdom by not going in themselves and not allowing others to go in.

Exactly the same sin that Christian fundamentalists commit today.


Now how many Christians who claim Jesus died for their sins and claim a place in heaven because of that, are prepared to take Jesus up on his word that he is not their Lord unless they do what he says which is to go into Single Eye meditation , and finding the God force within themselves.

Just about none.

The truth about Easter is a reverence for nature.

A harmony with nature both vegetation and animal.

Accepting that one will not do harm to any part of creation, vegetation or animal.

Obedience to Jesus Christ to seek within oneself, practice the single eye, separate from thought, and watch.

Such is the nature of things, and the failure to obey these teachings is why the planet earth seeks the return of the controlling light from above to end the reign of the lower light which has polluted and destroyed life upon this wonder called Gaia.


No,There's not really an Easter bunny, it's a symbol of fertility, for obvious reasons.

Do you see, Do not PRAY in physical temples made with hands, in churches, on TV, for they have their reward and it's not of god, but of MEN.

We are not to have reverence these FOOLS with their smoking voodoo boxes and fancy chalices, funny hats, (Phylacteries) and plaster saints and gods, neither shall you exalt one of these.

Matt 23:13 " woe to you scribes and pharisees, for you shut up (lock people out) of gods kingdom, for you neither go IN YOURSELVES, and neither do you teach the people to GO IN. For you cross sea and land to make a single convert, and you make the new convert twice as much a child of hell as yourselves, you blind fools.

Pretty strong words from Jesus HUH? If you allow them to convert you, you will become TWICE the child of HELL as they are. Jesus said it, not me.

27 " Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which on the outside look beautiful, but inside they are full of the bones of the dead and of all kinds of filth. So you also on the outside look righteous to others, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

Religious fervor is the root of all evil in the world, the background of all wars.

The history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, is made irrelevant by the rise of scientific method, and its application to psychical phenomena, beginning in 1892 by the British Society for Psychical Research.

The scientific study of mysticism and symbolic messages from the depths of Self has only begun well begun by William James the philosopher and by C. G. Jung the psychoanalyst.


Luke told us of that widow's son being raised up.

In John's gospel, Jesus brought a friend of his, called Lazarus, back to life after he'd been "dead" for four days. Why bother? The corpse would be in the first stages of rot.

And if Lazarus and his family were so important to Jesus that he wouldn't let him die, why didn't we hear anything else about them? People like to believe that a composting body was miraculously given new life.

But really, it was another tomb-related ritual incident. Lazarus was "dead" (locked in a tomb) (the physical body). and Jesus went to help him finish whatever he was doing.

When they were heading for Lazarus' home, Thomas (one of the apostles) said to Jesus, "Let us also go, that we may die with him." (John 11:16). How can you go die with someone LITERALLY! do you see?

What kind of death would Thomas be looking forward to? When Jesus arrived he went into the tomb, and Lazarus came out with him.

A ritual was being completed and for some reason Jesus had to be there to help. The apostles, or at least some of them, may have been looking forward to going through this same ritual. That was why Thomas said "Let's go die with him."

It means to die to the world as a type of Buddha, as Paul said "I die daily" how can Paul die daily in a Literal sense, of course he can't that's just silly, but he (you) can die daily to your lower self by entering within yourself in the act of silent meditation. That's the death that the Bible is talking about. The death of the EGO.

There is no reason to believe in a messiah. The whole idea was developed by the Israelites to build hope for THEIR great future. But the idea has no power if people don't buy it and here is the genius of Judaism: pretty much everybody has fallen for it.

Anyone in the world who believes in One Supreme God has fallen for the whole ruse.

But read the small print. It just happens that this One God has a Favorite People, a people who will be raised up to dominate all others. They are called Is Ra El

And this One God happens to hate all other peoples. His plan is to kill or enslave everybody except his favorites. This is how the Creator of The Universe behaves?

And now we are to believe that this One God had One Son, who he sent to Earth to take human form for a little while JUST SO THAT HE COULD BE KILLED AS A SACRIFICE TO HIS OWN FATHER! This is the genius of Christianity: they've convinced people all over the planet that this surreal, brain-twisting whimsy really happened.

We desperately accept fairy-tale answers to philosophical questions, answers that have no substance or proof, and which guarantee power only for the sellers of the answers.

Why do we do this? Jesus' message to other Jews was: Don't just accept the answers you're handed. Question them. Find your own way.

And by the way, Buddha said the exact same thing!

Literal resurrections are left for the banal, ignorant superstitious Carnal minded masses, those funny-mental religious nutters.

The Resurrection is YOUR very own soul from it's lower state in Spiritual Egypt to it's highest god conscious state (The crown Chakra). Jesus is just the pattern life, the entire Bible and all those crazy stories are about YOU and what goes on INSIDE of your head.

It's a psychological handbook for enlightenment, using a mythological Character named Jesus Christ to describe YOU! Jesus is the lower part, and Christ is the soul risen through the seven seals or chakras, your personal Armageddon.

The symbolism of the origin and growth of the soul, the descent of the spirit into matter in the process of involution, followed by the ascent of spirit from matter in the process of evolution. the symbolism of the five planes of being, and of the higher and lower natures, and of the four soul-bodies, the symbolism of the struggle in the soul/mind between the Divine principle or self and the lower principle (ego). not self.

Jupiter (mind) would take metis to wife (emotions), and as soon as he found her pregnant (pregnant is a symbol of things being born out of mind, in this case, jupiters wife represents the lower emotions, sin, so the mind must eat, consume this lower thinking), eat her up, where he also conceived, and out of his head (mind/thought) brought forth pallus (lower thoughts) armed. Pallus represents the egoic lower mind that is armed with all kinds of vileness, notice it was Jupiter himself that brought forth this wicked thing (pallus), from his own head (mind), because of dwelling in the lower emotions instead of the higher emotions. So he ate her.

The myths of olden time are ALL discussing the state of the MIND.

Moral lessons a very different from spiritual truths, it is spiritual truths that mythology is used to convey the timeless. Mythology is the language of the soul and of the mind.

CAMPBELL: That's also inward. But the main thing for people today are these religions of contemplation and meditation recognizing within you the powers that are those of the gods. You know, all the gods are simply projections of human potentialities. They're not out there. They're in here. That word, "The kingdom of heaven is within you," is a good word. And who's in heaven? God is. So where is he? Look in here. You have two kinds of religion that which is addressed outward like that, and that which is turned inward, here.

MISHLOVE: I've noticed, though, that the boundaries seem to be becoming more and more fuzzy in today's world. For example, the TV evangelists all the time seem to be talking about God speaking inside of them, and to the people in the viewers.

CAMPBELL: Well, good for them. I haven't heard them, and that's not the message I've heard when I have heard them. I've heard them saying it's in this book you know, the big black book.

MISHLOVE: I've heard it in a funny context.

And god did confound their language

"Let US go down and confound their language.", Gen11:7. Yes, lets give them METAPHORS that they can't understand my words, because of the chariots of iron in their cities.

Most take this to mean the beginning of different languages and geographic colloquialisms, but figures of speech (including metaphors, parables, allegory and dark sayings) is really what is meant by confounding their language, it means that when one reads the bible LITERALLY, there will be nothing but mental gymnastics between different groups, no one will ever agree as to what the bible is saying, that's what is meant by "confounding their language". It is only when read spiritually that the one gets the real meaning of the message.

So the Lord did confound their language, and that's when they left off building the tower and scattered into all the world; presumably to speak Chinese, Sanskrit, Swahili, etc. The narrative is curtly brief at this point, and doesn't furnish any details, so we can only surmise that they woke up one morning and couldn't make out what their neighbors were saying. Great shades of Pentecost!

We often think of an allegory as simply a symbolic or figurative story. That's correct as far as it goes, but many in the religious hierarchy are determined to discredit allegories by proclaiming them as "something which isn't true" likening it to a fable. Actually, the symbolic story is just a figurative way of telling a spiritual truth.

Figures of speech, like metaphors or parables, often say things which aren't literally true, and allegories are in the same class. The symbolic story may use outrageous or incredible features to describe an spiritual understanding.

When I first read about the 700 wives and 300 concubines of Solomon, 1K11:3, it seemed to be an artificial and hyperbolic work of fiction. Especially since the numbers add up to an even 'thousand', and because the numbers "3" and "7" are used symbolically in other passages. God is not a man that he should lie, but is He allowed to round off numbers?

Poor Solomon! Did he ever have a moment to call his own, do you think? How did he ever find time to do all that mining and building, romancing all those women and still serve as king? Could he call all those women by name, I wonder?

Of course it's allegory steeped in traditional numerology and gematria.

"The foolishness of God is wiser than men", and "God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise", 1Cor1:25.

CAMPBELL: It's certainly there, but not in the language that says it's only for this group, or in this group. I've been interested all my life in what we might call comparative mythology. And you see that what these people are saying in that language, these people are saying in this language, and they're getting mixed up, simply because their language is different. If you go into a bakery shop and say you want pain, they'll say, "Oh, we don't have that." But you're asking for bread, which is what they have. And that's the way it is, across the lines.

Now, I suppose one could say the prime, great example is the contrasts and affinities of Buddhism and Christianity. The idea of Buddha consciousness is that all beings are Buddha beings, and your whole function in meditation and everything else is to find that Buddha consciousness within and live out of that, instead of the interests of the eyes and ears. Do you understand what I mean?


CAMPBELL: These can distract us from our own true, deepest being and purpose. And the goal of meditation is to find that inside, and then let that take control. Translate that into Christianity, that is finding the Christ in you. And it's exactly the same idea, and here they call it Christ consciousness; there they call it Buddha consciousness.

Well, the figures that represent the two ideas are quite in contrast, in that the Buddhist imagery concentrates on the pacific aspect, you might say you know, having found peace within and serenity.

Whereas the Christian, with Christ crucified, concentrates on the heroic attitude of living life which is tearing you apart, and finding the one within you, in the midst of the turmoil of the world. You have that in Buddhism also, in the idea of the Bodhisattva the one who has found the eternal within himself, and recognizes it in the world.

And so they have a beautiful term: joyful participation in the sorrows of the world. You accept the sorrows for yourself and for the world, in the realization of what the radiance is that a well lived life can bring forth out of this. These are the same things one in the active, you might say tragic, aspect, and the other in the serene, fulfilled aspect.

MISHLOVE: It would seem as if paying attention to myths in this sense really brings out many subtle and deep emotions that we might not otherwise

CAMPBELL: Oh, listen, the way this hits deep, you see it all over the place. I've taught in a college for thirty-eight years, and this is my subject. And I've seen what it does. Students come in with their religions, and then you let them know what the religions are really talking about, and boy, something happens.

MISHLOVE: In your most recent book, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, you seem to be suggesting that all of our science, all of our astronomy for example, is our modern myth, and that this too exists inside of us, the whole universe.

CAMPBELL: I would say that all of our sciences are the material that has to be mythologized. A mythology gives the spiritual import what one might call rather the psychological, inward import, of the world of nature round about, as understood today.

There's no real conflict between science and religion. Religion is the recognition of the deeper dimensions that the science reveals to us. What is in conflict is the science of 2000 B.C., which is what you have in the Bible, and the science of the twentieth century A.D. You have to disengage the messages of the Bible from its science.

MISHLOVE: Scientific context.

CAMPBELL: The context that science is out of. For instance, the theme that constantly occurs to me in the Roman Catholic religion it is dogma to believe that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended bodily to heaven, and that his mother, Mary, in sleep ascended to heaven. OK?

MISHLOVE: I've seen it in television shows. They show him rising up.

CAMPBELL: And you know that going at the speed of light they would not be out of the galaxy yet. And you know what it means for a physical body to go up into the stratosphere.

MISHLOVE: So it's a great mistake

CAMPBELL: The image, the mythic image, does not fit the contemporary mind. So the message can't get into the contemporary body. You've got to translate these things into contemporary life and experience. Mythology is a validation of experience, giving it its spiritual or psychological dimension. And if you have a lot of things that you can't correlate with contemporary nature, you can't handle it.

Ye are builded together as an habitation of God through the Spirit. (Eph. 2.22) We have a building of God eternal in the heavens. (II Cor. 5.I) Ye also as lively stones are built up a spiritual house. (Pet. 2.5)

Except the Lord build the house their labour is but vain that build it. (Ps. 127.1) His hands have laid the foundations of the house. (Zech. 4.9) Ye are the temple of God. The Spirit of God dwelleth in you. (I Cor. 3.16) Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. (I Cor. 6.18-19)

It is Vein when you go to church and try and build gods temple in an OUTER sense, but unless the LORD build it, WITHIN you!

His hands have laid the foundations of the house



Where was Jesus crucified, according to the Bible, NOT religion!! Emphasis added!!

Revelation 11:8 "And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified." (Did you just read that") The Bible says that our lord was crucified in a place SPIRITUALLY called SODOM and EGYPT.

The street is the lower self or lower mind in the first three chakras of the body.

The dead bodies are symbolic of the dead animal personality that lives in (Egypt), the sense and desire nature only, devoid of spiritual aspirations.

Did any person of religion ever tell you this? NO! Is the answer, because they don’t' know. WHY? Because they don't read their Bibles, instead they go to CHURCH, the FALSE one I might add.


Sodom and Egypt represent that BARREN place within us, the mind being controlled by the three lower forces, The PHYSICAL, the EMOTIONAL, and the The INTELLECTUAL. Sodom and Egypt are just symbols of living life at the Gut level, animal mind instincts.

BABYLON is another symbol, that the ancient writers used to describe the desolation, apart from god, or the higher mind.

You have TWO minds, a LOWER mind, and a HIGHER mind. This is the duality of nature, the yin and yang of life.

In the Bible, God wants the lower animal nature to rise to the brain, to receive the Universal COSMIC consciousness. But few ever make it, because it requires one to enter into MEDITATION.

And shutdown the thoughts of the mind. "I have given man the mind of an ANIMAL, until SEVEN times passes by for him" Says God.

These three HORSES, represent the EGO mind. The mind that is in the WORLD. The Bible says you are to be in the WORLD, but not of the WORLD.

Galatians 6:14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world. Emphasis added!!!!

Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Did you just read that, this is key, he said I am crucified with Christ, YET I LIVE.

Yes! because the process is something you go through while alive in your present physical body.

Romans 6:6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

Sin is the God of the moon, it means living off of your EMOTIONAL nature, which causes all the trouble on this planet.

SO! SIN is the EMOTIONS, the lower emotions, those emotions that hurt others and cause Gnashing of teeth (bad karma).

Galatians 524 "And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts." Lusts are things of the physical world.

The real Church is MEDITATION, this is the secret.

"I make darkness my secret pace" "Be still and know that I am God"

"Go into thy closet (yourself) and pray (meditate) to the father in secret"

The human skull and crossbones seem a rather odd Easter symbol. Its use in Christian art stems from the biblical passion story. Jesus, bearing His cross, was led to a small hill called Golgotha, which is Hebrew for "Place of a Skull."

There He was crucified between two thieves. (the two physical eyes) [Mt 27:32-44; Mk 15:22-23;

John 19:17-18] Christian legend states that Golgotha was Adam's grave and the cross was set on top of his skull and bones so that the blood of Christ might flow down upon them cleansing his descendants from original sin, born into the emotional body.

The skull resting below the cross also represents the belief that Christ was victorious over death The Calvary It is a large rock rising out of the ground, called also Golgotha, in Hebrew it means the the place of the skull.

The word Calvary has it's root in Latin; the word calvaria, means SKULL in Latin. There’s all the references one needs to understand that the resurrection takes place in the human SKULL.

It's in your head, your SKULL. Where the real crucifixion takes place.

Golgotha (skull) Calvary (skull), what more do you need?

NO church will ever teach this, except that you find the Christian village Church or the Denver spiritual community.

TV Evangelists prostitute and use Gods name in vein for purely monetary gain for THEMSELVES only. The teach the Bible LITERALLY, against the very god that said "All things which are an allegory" and "Don't you understand the DARK sayings of old" which are mythological statements and "Don't be a minister of the LETTER (LITERAL), because the LETTER (literal reading KILLS) the spiritual understanding.

Your choice is to follow those blind guides or follow the Bible yourself, and meditate as Jesus and the Bible says to do, and find the KINGDOM that Jesus said is WITHIN, not anywhere OUT THERE.


When in a moment of high dudgeon, exasperation or exhausted patience at someone’s despicable conduct we cavalierly consign his immortal soul to Dante’s Inferno, we should be told that our mode of redress is silly and ridiculous beyond measure, since both he and we are already in that dark and gloomy underworld of theology.

There is no sense in urging a fellow mortal to go to a place when he is already there. The present writer could, with full legal equity, claim an international copyright on the idea, now to be proclaimed for the first time authoritatively, that in plain cold fact, devastating to the canons of theology, but nevertheless irrefutable, that no one can go from this earth to hell, or ever will go there.

This declaration is not thrown out in either scurrility or buffoonery. It is meant to be asserted as literal truth, and, as will be shown, is demonstrated as true by the simplest and most inexpugnable logic. One can not go to a place where one already is. One has to be elsewhere to go to a given place.

And this fact and this logic can now bring to this world release and relief from the most frightful of its theological nightmares over the centuries by shattering forever the baneful religious superstition that a human soul can go to hell.

Because, as better scholarship now clarifies it, all the souls now inhabiting physical bodies on this earth are already in hell.

It can now be heralded to the four quarters of the world that this earth is the only hell ever contemplated in the minds of the sage writers of the ancient sacred Scriptures of the world, and therefore hell is not to be found or located anywhere else.

For better or worse, for good or ill, we are all right now in hell; and it is only a matter of our education, our understanding, our culture or our self-discipline whether we are enjoying what can legitimately and not too irreverently be called a hell of a fine time or making a devil of a bad go at it.

As God the Father never designed that his children should fall into a region where pain and misery are suffered gratuitously or out of relation to purposed beneficence, it has to be presumed that our sojourn in this hell has been contrived in cosmic counsels to bring us joy and eventual bliss . For all religions in their highest and sanest presentments consistently affirm that felicity is to crown earth life.

Hell has been loaded with opprobrium and infamy only because we have been misled to believe it is some other place far worse than this world.

It is now possible, with all good grace, for us to extend to all our fellow inmates in this limbo of a false theology the wish and hope that they are enjoying some felicity without having to wait for transferal to the celestial Paradise.

With metaphor shifted a bit to match another Biblical symbolism, we may heartily wish each other a "whale" of a good time in Hades, since in the Jonah and other "fish-stories" that one finds in ancient sacred lore, it was in the belly of the whale that Jonah (the divine element in man’s nature) spent his three days and nights in hell.

For he exclaims: "Out of the belly of Hades have I cried unto thee, O God." Holy Scripture does not inform us whether he enjoyed his unique voyage across the sea of life in this extraordinary mode of transportation, but at any rate it landed him safely and perhaps triumphantly on "that farther shore."

On a naïve and somewhat superficial view it may be considered unfortunate that instead of a "whale" of a glamorous time in this belly of Hades, millions have had or are still having a "wail" of a deuced bad time.

But, as all experience undergone by the souls of God’s children in any sphere may legitimately be considered educative, being in the nature of strains and stresses calculated to lead all lives upward to enhanced happiness in a progressive evolution, the lament over our enforced session at the wailing wall of this life on earth can be happily mollified by amended philosophical considerations.

It seems now and forever incredible that the whole grandiose structure of the wondrous ancient arcane science of the soul, the unified physical and spiritual evolution of man to grades of higher consciousness, has been wrecked for any sane comprehension by a thing seemingly so minor and inconsequential as the misconception of the use of symbolic imagery and the play of poetic fancy in analogical depiction of truth.

Yet, categorically and bluntly stated, such has been the case in the greatest miscarriage, defeat and debacle of human intelligence in the field of religious philosophy in all the ages.

The place or region in which theological ineptitude located the two states of conscious being, happiness and misery, universally presumed the one or the other, to follow this life on earth, has been psychologically determinative of the mental health, or conversely, of the insanity and hypnotic hallucination of millions of earth’s inhabitants over the ages.

This essay is conceived in the spirit and with the motive of awakening the slumbering mind of the Occidental world to the sobering realization that its dominating Christian religion has almost from the moment of its inception nearly twenty centuries ago located its predicated heaven and hell in a time and in a world both completely amiss from their proper locale and proper period.

It can now be proclaimed as an incontrovertible fact that this religion of the West, so presumptuously vaunting itself as superior to all others, has perpetrated the crassest asininity of all religious history in both mistiming and misplacing the hell, or dark underworld of its Scriptures and its theology in a totally different world from the one which the knowing authors of the world’s sacred scripts intended to be understood.

In fact its theologians and interpreters have ridiculously mislocated their hell! They have thrust it from that area of life to which it was meant to appertain in the esoteric formulations of ancient religious literature clear over into another world, a limbo concocted by the lurid theological imagination out of the elements of misinterpreted Biblical representation.

Missing entirely the real world to which the hell experience of souls rightly appertained, they have fantastically fabricated an utterly spurious hell for which their Scriptures, when read with full comprehension of their deeper meaning, offer not a line of warrant.

This incredible blunder came in consequence of the entanglement of several threads of meaning flowing forth from the misinterpretation of one single term of symbolic reference and import in that language of recondite semanticism in which all those revered texts of Holy Writ were indited.

(The loss of knowledge of this form and method of ancient Biblical writing was the initial cause of the total gross misinterpretation of the Scriptures.)

The continued mistaking of the pristine purport of the spiritual allegories plunged the exegetists into the fatal error of misplacing in part the heaven, and wholly the hell experience.

And this was primarily due to their failure to retain, or to apprehend at any time, the cryptic connotation of that single word of key significance in the symbolic lexicon of antiquity.

That word now looms up in the recovered science of arcane wisdom as the most strategically important in the entire dictionary of theology. It is the word "death", with its correlative terms "to die" and "the dead".

The initiated ancient Egyptian hierophants, the learned Hebrew tanaim and later the Church’s own Alexandrian Fathers, notably Clement and Origen, and above all Philo, the Jewish philosopher of the first Christian century, all declared that underneath the literal surface meaning of the Scriptures astute intelligence could discern a far more subtle significance, hidden by allegorical cleverness under terms of common usage.

As physical and material things must at any rate be used to adumbrate all spiritual conceptions and verities, the veiled language of symbolism employed objects and phenomena to pictorialize their abstract and recondite mysteries of the spirit.

So it was that the sage authors of sacred books used the term and concept of physical death, the demise or decease of bodily life, as at once both the cover and the revelation of another death, not of body, but of soul, which was the cardinal principle of understanding in their sacred "science of the soul".

Pledged on penalty of death in their Mystery Associations not to betray the secrets of their esoteric knowledge, their veiling of true sense under an outer physical fact was in this case most crafty, for the very paradoxical reason that they here attributed death to that one element or component of man’s constitution which can never suffer death, the soul.

Bodies die, but souls do not. Upon separation of soul and body, so the Scriptures tell us, bodies return to dust, but souls return to God who gave them.

Lets look at a few scriptures.

Proverbs 15:24, the way of life is ABOVE to the WISE, that he may depart from hell beneath.

Can you imagine that, you can escape hell according to the bible.

That's because it's a state of consciousness, it's referring to the higher mind ABOVE, overcoming the emotional body, described as below. The higher mind, the higher thoughts free us from the fear of the lower nature.

You've always been taught that when you go to hell, they chase you with pitchforks, bit that's not what the bible says, they made that up to scare people.

28 samuel 22:6 The sorrows of hell surround me.

This guy is alive, see!!

Do you see that, this guy is saying that the sorrows of hell surround him, and he's obviously alive, and not dead, do you see that it's not any place you go when you die physically.

In other words aye yai eye already, what's going on, I don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out.

Psalm 86:13 For great is your mercy towards me; you took my soul from the lowest hell.

Do you see?

He's alive, and yet his soul was in hell.

You can think of tragedies that people have experienced, think of the people in Iraq and the living hell that we have created for them.

Jonah 2:2.1 I cried to the lord because of my trouble, and he heard me, out of the belly of hell I cried, and you heard my voice.

So! do you see what I'm saying these are all biblical scriptures, and as you can see that you are taught that people go to hell when they die, and it's not true.

It's a place that you occupy while you're alive, and many of you have experienced this psychological place called hell, and you know it exists right here on this planet.

But you can leave there, Proverbs 15:24, the way of life is ABOVE to the WISE, that he may depart from hell beneath.

Which means that when you dwell in your meditation, you're taken into the higher realms of the mind, you then depart from the hell of the lower material mind.

So hell is a concept of the mind, as all things are a concept of the mind, the concepts of the mind that create material things in the physical reality, as you are reading this you are sitting in a chair, and at one time that chair was just an idea is somebodies mind, it didn't even exist in the physical form, and then he drew a picture in his mind and there it is.

Everything is created out of the mind and that includes heaven and hell.

Look at the thoughts of the people that flew planes into the world trade center, they created hell.

Look at the thoughts of all the men of this planet that have used their lower minds to create a living hell for some country or tribe somewhere on this planet.

The mind creates these conditions, plane and simple.

I think, therefore I create hell, I think therefore I create heaven, it all depends upon yours and theirs thinking, what is the nature of the thoughts in yours or their minds?

So what does it mean?

Our kindness can bring heaven, or our violence and cruel thinking can bring hell. It's a simply a construct of the MIND.

YOU SEE, how religion has lied to you?

"The kingdom of god is inside you and all around you, not in mansions made of wood and stone Cleave a (piece of) wood: I am there. Raise up the stone, and ye shall find me there. "

Gospel of Thomas

To transcend thinking and to allow the unfoldment of the higher consciousness, one must go into meditation and shutdown all thoughts.

Heaven bound, or hell bound, it's all just a matter of mind and conditions.

This is the key!!!

Now that you have that KEY, what will you do with it?

"Don't be a minister of the letter" "All things which are an allegory" "Don't you understand the dark sayings of old" mythology "Ah! doesn't he the lord speak in parables" the old testament "There is a veil over the old covenant when it is read" Mysteries, secrets, and so forth. Parables, symbols, allegory, metaphor, all of it, mythology.

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